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Chopawamsic Baptist Church Records

Cemetery was located just before the Reservoir a branch to the left that divides into two branches. John`s branch goes somewhat northwest and the  Chopawamsic goes somewhat southwest towards Bellfair Rd. Just before the Rd. and north of Chopawamsic close to Tolsons Mill and north of Embrey Chapel Baptist Graveyard is Chopawamsic Primitive Baptist Church and Graveyard. The church was torn down by the government when Quantico was established and the graves were moved to Cedar Run cemetery in Prince William county.

Photos of reburials in Cedar Run cemetery were taken by David E. Cann.


Contributed by: Homer Musselman
The following declaration, copied from the records at the Virginia State Library, was the genesis for the Chopawamsic Baptist Church:

"Here, in the Colony of Virginia firmly desiring to be constituted and established into a distinct church of the same denomination, faith and order and being at our request freely dismissed for that purpose from the church in Fauquier aforesaid. And appears by a letter signed by several members of that congregation ---- date August 9th, 1766. Hoping it may be to the glory of God and our edification, these subscribers in the presence of God solemnly unite as a religious body to worship him, to celebrate his ordinances, to manifest his truth and to promote his honor in the world....."

The declaration concluded:

That all disputes may as far as possible be avoided and peace, concord and unity maintained by the blessing of God for which we pray and in testimony of our union herein we have all set our hand this day of our constitution being the 22nd day of November 1766.

John Peck (Peak)  Mary Anderson
John Carney Mary Carney
Absalam Carney Richard Farmer
William Murphy Lan (little o) Murphy
Grace Fristoe Carty Mills
John Davis Robert Million
Ann Davis Heciah Million
William Fristoe George Williams
Ann Williams Joseph Williams
Daniel Fristoe R (little o) Fristoe
John Read Sary Brown
William Peak Sary Carney
Joshisa Carney James Peak (Peek)
John Bland Peter Smith
Fleming Smith John Fristoe
Francis Fristoe William King
John Taylor Elizabeth Taylor
Mary Fristoe Ann Murphy
Tylor Maugh John Hampton
Ann More Ellener Crimmon (Grimmon)
Betty Harper Peter Mauzy
----- Fristoe Elizabeth Reid
William Brown Chasity Reid
Margaret Hampton Catharine Smith
Charles Smith Thd (little s) Smith, Sr.
John Smith Thd (little s) Smith, Jr.
Daniel Smith Casina Davis
Richard Hazle Manoha Hazle
Elizabeth Smith Tho (little s) Jacobs
Sary White Margaret Bland
Margaret Bush

March 3, 1767

John Summers Elizabeth Summers
Lottis Bland Meriman Hasibay
Margret Waugh

 June 2, 1767

George Knight John Knight
Mary McCully Francis King
Elizabeth Knight Susanna Barker
Negro Nes

 June 4, 1767

Richard Kent Ann Kent
James Smith Ann Smith
Abera King Nancy King
Sary Summers Peter Cockrel
Daniel Misntush Elizabeth Roland

September 5, 1767

John Smith  Patrer W. Smith
Samuel Summers Eleas Maid
John Hoper Francis Coteral
Thezeah Summers Elizeth Williams
Sitha MacIntush Elizebeth Folkner

September 26, 1767

Thomas Bland Wm. Bird
Sary Wiginton Elizebeth Vicus
Hester Meculloch

November 24, 1767

Edward Williams Niclos Antherson

December 3, 1767

Magdalene Williams Lemimach (Jeremiah) Beck
Jemiah Williams Constant Peak
Negro Tom S(L)emimoh Summers

May 21, 1768

William Petty James Peters
Edward West Thomas Tathner
Thomas Randolph Obediah Calvert
Agnes Smith Elizabeth Smith
Barbery Anderson Lydoby Ward
Ann Chappile Lyddy Dowel

July 24, 1768

Jenatious West Lyddy Petty
Elizebeth Maully Elizabeth Richman

September 8,----

Elizabeth King Elizabeth Whobbney

March --, 1769

Thomas Thralkele Mary Thraldhel

July --, 1769

Spibby (Shibby) Stone Elizebeth Stone
Leanna Cohile-ott (lose)

November --1769

Phillis Stindy

May 1770

Pilsher Edward Moses Pilsher
Benj (high n) Threlkhila Jenny White
Negro Ned  --- Esau Sympson
Francis Barton Elizabeth Martin
Mulberry Criste

June 1769 ?

William W. West William Ball
Elizabeth West Lettis Sorther
Phillip Spiller Francis Mathes
Obed Colvert John Livingler
And Bland  Presilla King
Mary Colvert  Nergo Daniel

Chappawamsic May 1770

Sebunach Berry Elizabeth Peters
James West

September 23, 1770

William Smith Thomas Kindrel
Reuben Kenbrel Jos (high ah) Stone
Babordget Kindrel Negro Bet
Negro Moll

October 26, 1770

George Wells Alderson Weeks
Mary Fristoe Mary Wells
Leeamme Fry Milly Ashby
Elizabeth King

June 1772

Jeremiah More Nancy Ennes
Sary King Lechenak Christy

July 177-

Walter Ford

September 27, ----

John Edwards William More
Charles Yelton Negro Nat

April 29th by letter

Jonatham Latham

March 1773

Ann Johnson Molly Yelton

July 1779

Jezreel Elis

September 5

Negro Sary

August 6, 17--

James Bashus Alias Nailor

June 3, 17--


The old members removed and gone. This is to show what has been April 4, 1770. At a meeting held at Chappawamsic in Stafford County, William Fristoe was ordained a minister of the gospel by David Thomas and Richard Majoi, ministers in the Baptist Church.

1770 The Church, by election, hath called Brother Daniel Fristoe to exercise his gift in the sacred word of the ministry.

June 14, 1772. Daniel Fristoe was ordained at Chappawamsic, a minister of the gospel by Elders David Thomas and William Fristoe.


The Reverend Daniel Fristoe (December 7, 1739 - November 3, 1774) was born on Chopawamsic Creek. He was the son of Richard Fristoe, Jr. and Grace, his wife. He professed the Baptist Faith by baptism in 1755. He was ordained in 1771 and was minister at Chopawamsic Baptist Church. He married Mary Barker who was born September 11, 1735. He died testate in Stafford County and had seven children, viz: (1) Susannah (June 29, 1760 - July 18, 1821) who married first Edward Dulin and secondly Edmund Martin; (2) Lydia born November 17, 1761; (3) Mary born May 22, 1765 married Moses Daulton and moved to Mason County, Kentucky; (4) Thomas (November 27, 1767 - April 23, 1815) died testate in Stafford County leaving issue by his wife nee Lydia Wells, daughter of Carty Wells, Jr, of Stafford and Prince William Counties, Virginia, and Shelby County, Kentucky; (5) Tamar born January 17, 1770; (6) Ann (March 13, 1772 - October 3 0, 1817) married January 7, 1792 the Reverend William Grinstead (1772 - 1828) and moved to Mason County, Kentucky; (7) Catherine born June 19, 1774, married September 9, 1800 Rhodin Hord (1777 - 1822), son of Rhodin Hord (1740 - 1811) of Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties, Virginia, and his wife nee Sarah Hord who was his first cousin, Rhodin Hord died testate in Mason County, Kentucky, leaving issue four children. Mary (Barker) Fristoe married secondly George Williams, Senior, who died testate in Stafford County, July 4, 1791 leaving issue (1) Henry Williams born March 10, 1779, moved to Mason County, Kentucky, where he died testate, 1826; and (2) George Williams, born April 1, 1781 who also moved to Mason County, Kentucky. For an extended account of Fristoe family see Mrs. Lula Reed Boss in D.A.R. Kentucky Genealogical Records Report, Volume 3 (1960).

The Reverend William Fristoe was ordained in 1771 and became a noted Baptist minister. He was born March 29, 1747 and was the son of Richard and Grace Fristoe. He married Anne Barbee and left issue.

Source: The Register of Overwharton Parish, page 37, by George H.S. King

The church records recorded the death dates of some of their members and this information is as follows:

Alsop, Menissa P.
No date Mar 1864

Alsop, S. Mildred
No date Feb 21, 1877

Arrington, Mary E.
No date Jul 29, 1913

Arrington, Millie
No date Jan 25, 1894

Arrington, R. L.
No date Nov 8, 1916

Atchison, John
No date Apr 15, 1901

Barker, Susanna
No date Aug 1802

Bell, Catharine
No date Sep 10, 1859, 68 Yrs

Bell, Hannah
No date Mar 22, 1831

Bridwell, Catsy
No date 1822

Bruin, Elizabeth
No date 1806

Calo (Cato), Richard
No date 1815

Carter, Catharine
Maiden Name: Stark
No date May 7, 1868, 63 Yrs
Consort: William Carter
Parents: Jno. & Elizabeth Stark

Carter, James L.
No date Oct 27, 1901

Chancellar, Elizabeth
No date Oct 1856

Chesire, Jane
No date Feb 22, 1872

Chesire, Margaret
No date 1853

Cloe, Hannah K.
No date Apr 18, 1884

Combs, Sarah
No date Oct 18, 1872

Conway, Nancy
No date Aug 4, 1816

Copin, Cecelia
No date Dec 7, 1844

Copin, Moses
No date 1858

Davis, Barbara
No date Jun 12, 1898

Dick, Polly
No date Apr 11, 1875

Duvall, Caroline
No date Feb 2, 1911

Flatford, Nacissia
No date Jun 1906

Flatford, Robert
No date Oct 16, 1892

Franklin, Margaret
No date 1907

Fristoe, Lydia
No date Jul 19, 1830

Gallahan, Wm.
No date 1906

Gilbert, Me--phoimy
No date Sep 6, 1806

Goodwin, Margaret E.
No date Dec 15, 1915

Grayson, Alice A.
No date 1898

Grayson, Charlotte
No date Feb 21, 1874

Grinsted, James
No date Apr 6, 1807

Herdon, Catharine
No date Jun 1906

Herndon, Roy
No date Oct 23, 1898

Jacobs, Billy
No date Aug 16, 1806

Jacobs, Reuben
No date Apr 9, 1872

Keys, Verlinda
No date 1873

Larkin, Elizabeth
No date 1802

Lucket, Elizabeth
No date Sep 20, 1908

Lynn, Benson
No date 1858

Lynn, Elizabeth
No date Jun 1823

Lynn, Sarah
No date May 17, 1830

Mankey, Orillia
No date Dec 13, 1844

Murphy, Benjamin
No date May 22, 1887

Payne, Slaty
No date 1867

Riley, Fannie
No date 1895

Roles, Mag
No date Nov 1905

Shelket, Nancy
No date Dec 28, 1870

Simpson, Ann
No date Jul 1880

Stark, Ellen
No date Nov 7, 1892

Stark, Lucy
No date Aug 1863

Stark, Mary
No date Jul 4, 1884

Stark, Mary (Mrs.)
No date Apr 27, 1973

Starke, Elizabeth
No date Jul 1830

Tansil, George (Sr.)
No date Mar 3, 1871

Tansil, Sarah F.
No date 1876

Tebbz, Lydda
No date 1823

Tippino, John
No date May 24, 1875

Weedon, Elizabeth A.
No date Mar 5, 1879

West, Abbey
No date Dec 1, 1872

West, Jule
No date Sep 24, 1823

West, William
No date 1810

West, William W.
No date 1862

Wheat, Ann L.
No date 1868

Wright, Julia
No date 1913


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