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Bible Record for Surry County Families of Thompson, Wills and Wilson

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title page 1
Bible Title Page
title page 1
New Testament Title Page
Thompson Information, see (1) below
Wilson and Wills, see (2) below
Thompson Births, see (3) below
Langley Crafford Wills, see (4) below
(1) Thomas M. Thompson the
son of Sym Thompson &
Sarough his wife was born
Sept 10th 1792
Nancy Thompson his wife
Daughter of Matthew Thomas
& Ann his wife was born
March 15th 1789
(2) Lelia Wilson her Book
given by
Langley C. Wills
May 3, 1806
(3) Lelia Wilson Daughter
of John Wilson & Eliz.a C
Wilson his Wife was born
the 6th June in the Year of
our Lord 1803
John Thompson son of Thos.
M Thompson & Nancy his
Wife was born July 1st
In the year of our Lord
1813    Sym Thompson
The son of Thos M. Thompson
Was born May 11th 1815
Sarough Eliz.a Thompson
Daughter of Thos M. Thompson
& Nancy his wife was born
May 4th 1819
(4) Langley Crafford Wills
His Bible
bought of Robt. McIntosh
& Co. Price 6/0

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