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Surry County covers 306 square miles, has a population of about 6,800 people, and the county seat is the Town of Surry. Forestry and agriculture form the county's economic base; pines, peanuts, and pork (Edwards Hams, in particular). Dominion Virginia Power's Surry Nuclear Power Station at Hog Island is also very important to the county's economy. The Power Station is a major supplier of electricity to Virginia and North Carolina and contributes to the local economy with taxes and employment opportunities.

Southwark Parish is now Surry County's only Episcopal parish. Albemarle Parish was formed in 1738 and incorporated into Sussex County when it was made from the southwestern end of Surry in 1754. A register of births and deaths for Albemarle Parish has been published. The State Archives at the Library of Virginia has records from Methodist and Episcopal Churches and meetings of Friends (Quaker). Most of the county's seventeenth century court records have been abstracted and published.

Historic landmarks include the house at Smith's Fort on Route 31 and Bacon's Castle near Hog Island. Both are brick structures. Bacon's Castle dates from the seventeenth century, and the house at Smith's Fort probably dates from the early eighteenth century. They are owned by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) and are open to the public.

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Surry to Jamestown Ferry - Toll-free Information 1-800-VA-FERRY (1-800-823-3779) E-mail: [email protected] Get crossing schedule information on this 24-hour service that ferries vehicles across the James River between historic Jamestown in James City County and Scotland Wharf in Surry County.

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