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Volume 2, Number 4 - May 2000, page 2
James Atkins, Editor

Rogers Store Museum to receive state grant: We are pleased to announce that preliminary information shows the General Assembly and the Governor approved funding for the restoration of Rogers Store in the amount of $110,500.00. As soon as official notification is received the restoration project will begin.

This is exciting news, but now the real work begins. First, we must learn the rules and procedures of the grant in detail. We must have an architect to prepare plans and bid documents. The restoration work must be put out to bid, and then physical work will start. This process is necessary to insure a proper restoration and accountability of these public funds. Of course, cleanup and sorting of artifacts and the property will be done by members. We will need help.

Now another phase will begin. This grant is for matching funds. While the grant provides the funds to begin, the project described will require a total of $221,000.00. The total long range plan calls for around $450,000.00.

To date, the Society has not asked members for any funds beyond their dues. This will change. We will soon begin efforts to raise the remaining funds for the restoration. Members and friends whose interest and finances allow will be asked for special gifts to complete the project. All gifts are tax deductible. In addition, we will seek grants from foundations with a mutual interest in historic preservation.

Our Hidden History: Few know that the third and fourth homes documented as approved for preaching the Baptist religion in Virginia were in Surry County. The first two were in Prince George County in 1714. The first two Baptist ministers listed in the letter printed below were Robert Norton and Thomas Harrison. Robert Norton is well documented as a Baptist Minister in Virginia. Of Thomas Harrison we have no information as a minister other than the document below. A third early Baptist minister apparently died on the trip from England.

The forerunner of Mill Swamp Church in Isle of Wight County is also very early, and there is some controversy over which church was first.

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