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Old Cabin Point Cemetery in Surry County, Virginia

These photographs were taken in June 2008 by The Reverend William B. Taylor, Jr., Rector at St. John's Episcopal Church in Hopewell.

Thank you, Mr. Taylor!

This cemetery is on land donated to the church in 1711 by the will of Benjamin Harrison. Members of the Harrison family originally were buried here, but they were removed later to the Harrison Cemetery at Brandon.

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The will of Benjamin Harrison of Surry County, Virginia, was signed on 16 April 1711 and presented in court by his executor, Nathaniel Harrison, on 8 February 1712.  In Item 5, he gave twenty pounds sterling "to buy ornaments for the Chappell and that my executor take care to provide them so soon as may be after the new Chapell is built ".   In addition, "my will is that five acres of my land be laid out where the old Chappell now stands and that it be held for that use for ever". (Surry County, Virginia, Deeds, etc. 1709-1715, p. 131)

The boundaries of this chapel and cemetery lot are shown on a 1949 plat of the land of J. S. Gwaltney (at left). The tract had shrunk from 5 acres to 4.4 by that time. (Surry County, Virginia, Plat Book 5, page 17)

The "brick church tract" was acknowledged in an 1899 deed from Samuel and Nellie Burt to Irving Barnes for 100 acres of land, more or less, described as part of the Sledge Tract and "commencing at a post of fence on the road running through the village of Cabin Point, thence straight with hedge row between the land of M. R. Burt and said S. H. Burt to the Montpelier line, there to corner. Thence from said corner south to a pine marked on the road known as the brick church road. Thence east with said brick church road to line of brick church tract. Thence with said brick church line round to said brick church road." (Surry County, Virginia, Deed Book 28, page 575-576)

There is more information about Cabin Point cemeteries and churches in Barbara's Hopper's Cabin Point The Forgotten Village. This book contains much interesting information about the Cabin Point area and can be purchased from the Surry County Historical Society's BOOKS page.

Cemetery Monument Photographs and Inscriptions

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EMMA V. PARKER 1862 - 1944 NANCY PARKER 1813 - 1888
CPcem5 CPcem6
MARY W. PARKER 1832 - 1898 J. JAMES PARKER 1817 - 1884
CPcem7 CPcem8
JAMES S. PARKER 1856 - 1921 CHARLES M. BUTTS 1881 - 1961 | MAGGIE M. BUTTS 1892 - 1964
CPcem2 CPcem10
ANNIE E. BUTTS 1858-1938 LOUISE BURT JULY 22, 1891 - APRIL 13, 1906
CPcem12 CPcem14
CPcem9 CPcem11
(transcribed 1989)
Charles Maddox Butts, Sr.
Co. F, 13th Virginia Cavalry C.S.A.
(transcribed 1990)
In Memory of James Caldwell
Died Jan. 23, 1860
Aged 32 years
Scottish Birth

(transcribed 1990, see note below)
In Memory of Wm. Emmet
Son of W. W. and M. A. Parson
Born August 20th 1854
Died July 23rd 1855

(transcribed 1990)
1817 - 1894
son of
Jarvice and Joyce Hundley Deal
A Confederate Soldier
Elizabeth Ann Wilson Deal
1802 - 1873
daughter of William and Sarah Delk Wilson
Married Jacob Parsons
May 4, 1825
Married James Deal
Oct. 29, 1839

(transcribed 1990)
My Son
Born August 1st, 1836
Died June 24th, 1855

(transcribed 1990)
In Memory of
Born Dec. 13, 1824
Died March 29, 1834

Note: 1989 transcriptions by Doris Stone and 1990 transcriptions by Eve Gregory. Doris Stone also found a bond dated 1 March 1852 for the marriage of William M. Parsons and Martha A. Clark and a bond dated 30 October 1851 for the marriage of James J. Parker and Mary W. White. Mrs. Stone said that John J. Deal was guardian to Martha Clark. (Source: private communication from Doris Stone to Eve Gregory)

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