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Newsletter and September 2007 Meeting Notice.

Please note that the meeting will be Monday, September 10, 2007, at 7:00 P. M. at the Surry County, Va. Recreation Center.

Our speaker at the September meeting will be our President, James Harrison. He will speak on black history and genealogy. Much research is being done in Surry County and around the country on this subject. Our excellent and complete records are a goldmine of knowledge on the subject.

new building
Our New Building Will Soon be Ready!

President's Report

Sharing Our Resources: It is a recognized fact that everyone who gives to a cause, be it time, talent or money, wants to see tangible results. People want to know it is their gift that makes a difference. Tangible results of your gifts toward the new Surry County Historical Society building are evident. First, in May 2006 we embarked on a capital fund campaign for this exciting project with a goal of $400,000 and soon after, accepted a challenge from an anonymous donor's to match all gifts up to $100,000. With the help of Society members, citizens, businesses and charitable organizations, we successfully met the challenge. Today, well over $300,000 in gifts and pledges for the project are in hand and the Funding Committee and others continue to work to secure the remaining gifts to complete the funding of our new building. We will need the support of all our members and friends to reach the final goal by the end of 2007. The second and very exciting, tangible result you can see on Bank Street - Our new Society Building under construction.

It is often difficult for people to support and contribute financial resources to ideas and concepts. A year ago, a building to house the Surry Historical Society was an idea, an idea that will increase our ability to research and to preserve the magnificent history of our beloved Surry County and its people. This vision included the positive impact of this new facility in the county, of research and educational opportunities for our youth, of serving families here and across the country with genealogical research, and providing resources for student interns. Many of us have embraced this idea and committed resources to making it a reality. The opportunities for historical research and preservation are limitless and our impact in the community boundless. We cannot adequately quantify the importance of this project nor can we quantify the contributions in service of faithful volunteers while we worked in less than adequate accommodations in the past.

As we strive to complete the present campaign, permit me to share some practical advice about giving to this capital fund campaign. The first bit of advice is to consider how you can be useful to this important project. Second, be clear about what your commitment is to historical preservation and research. What are you interested in and how much time and money will you commit? A more appropriate question for some is how much MORE time and money can you commit? Third, make a conscious decision about whether you want to be a part of this project, the development of a permanent home for the Historical Society. In reality, not everyone wants to be a part of this effort. That is not to say that they are not concerned about our county. Each of us must make a decision to choose to be a part of this project or not. Fourth, decide how you will be involved if you are not already. Perhaps you are seeking a deeper involvement. Will you be a leader and spokesperson for the Society, helping to keep people informed about the project and encouraging others to get aboard. Will you volunteer for activities supporting the project? Decide how you will be involved.

Finally, join us at the end of this campaign, in celebration of success of course, but also to review the impact of your support, volunteer service and leadership. You should feel your time, talent, and money are being used wisely and for the good of our community. This is an exciting time to be a part of something worthwhile.

Member Alert - Change in Rules for Charitable Giving in 2007

If you itemize deductions (Schedule A) for 2007, new IRS rules related to records of charitable giving are now in force. In the past, written records of gifts were required for gifts of $250. or more. Beginning in January, 2007, you must have written records of any contribution regardless of size to claim a deduction on your tax forms. To itemize your charitable gifts made in 2007 and beyond, you will need written communication from the charity that contains 1) the name of the group, 2) the date of the contribution and 3) the amount of the gift. This can be a written receipt or a letter. See IRS Publication 1771 for more detailed information. This can be found on the IRS Web site,

Fund Raising Update for our New Facility. WE NEED YOUR HLLP!

Our fund raising campaign for the construction of our future home is coming along quite well, but we are not at our goal. To date we are pleased to announce that we have raised approximately $325,000 towards our $400,000 goal. We want to thank the donors who have made a contribution towards our construction project.

If you wish to help us achieve our goal to make "The Home of Surry History" a reality, donations can be made payable to: The Surry Historical Society. Please note in the memo line of the check "Building Fund", and mail to:

The Surry County, Virginia Historical Society and Museums, Inc.
PO Box 262
Surry, Virginia 23883
Attn: Liza Drew, Treasurer.

Please help us make our goal soon! All contributions are tax deductible.


A very special meeting.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. William M. Kelso " Bill Kelso" as our speaker at a special meeting on October 29, 2007. Bill Kelso has directed the archeological research at Jamestown Island for the APVA, which has literarily rewritten our early history. Do not miss this opportunity to hear him tell us firsthand of this most important research. This joint meeting with the APVA will be at the Surry Recreation Center at 7:00 PM.

Bill Kelso has a masters degree from William and Mary College in Early American History and a PH.D. from Emory University. His extensive credentials include resident archeologist at Monticello, and Popular Forrest. He has lectured at UVA and has served as Adjunct Professor at William and Mary since 1995.

He came to APVA's Jamestown in 1993 as chief archeologist. The rest is history. The work of Dr. Kelso and his staff has rewritten our earliest history. The unfolding of this history continues. We are fortunate to have Dr. Kelso at this special meeting. Don't miss it!


Last chance to WIN!!! Last chance to win our 400th Commemorative 24kt. Gold US Mint Coin. Value $255.00 . Tickets will be on sale at the September 102' meeting of the Surry County Historical Society.

Chances are $.5.00 each and you receive an un-circulated Jamestown Quarter with each chance purchased. The drawing will be that evening. All proceeds benefit the Building Fund of the New Home of Surry County History.

An Added Resource: The Kornwolf book to be reprinted. Per information received from Carolyn A. Keen, Virginia Historic Houses at P. O. Box 2449, Suffolk. Va. 23432. Phone 9757-357-2173, the Guide to Buildings of and the American Revolution is being reprinted. This book, originally printed in 1976, has been out of print and in demand for years.

The few original copies that have hit the market recently have sold for as much as $200.00. His book contains 216 pages and 150 photos., is 8 1/2 x 11 inches. The price is $75.00 plus tax.

From our last newsletter. The picture of hardware from the Ca. 1737 home. This was attached to the outside of window shutters. It locked the shutter either open or closed.

Our ancestors used the device below approximately 100 years ago. What is it?


Answer in next newsletter. JEA.


The Surry County, Virginia Historical Society & Museums, Inc. Board of Directors

James M. Harrison President Surry, Virginia
Kent Harrell Vice-President Spring Grove, Virginia
Barbara Hopper Secretary Claremont, Virginia
Eliza Drew Treasurer Surry, Virginia
James E. Atkins Director Richmond, Virginia
Gordon W. Bohannon Director Surry, Virginia
Tarika Blizzard Director Hampton, Virginia
Eve Gregory Director Spring Grove, Virginia
*Amy Harte Director Surry, Virginia
Kenneth Holmes Director Carsley, Virginia
Barbara Moore Director Williamsburg, Virginia
Claude Reeson Director Spring Grove, Virginia
*Bess Richardson Director Dendron, Virginia
Troilen Seward Director Claremont, Virginia
*Kathy Thompson Director Dendron, Virginia
Phyllis Wacker Director Surry, Virginia

*Nominees for election to three-year terms for years 08/09/10

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