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Newsletter and March 2002 Meeting Notice.

Please note that the meeting will be Monday, March 18 at 7:00 P.m, at The Surry County, VA. Recreation Center. This change was made due to scheduling problems. The 2002 Celebration brings a full calender of 2002 special events. Watch for a listing later in the newsletter. These events will mean some changes of dates from our regular second Mondays throughout the year. Our May 2002 meeting will be on Monday, May 20 at The Surry County Recreation Center at 7:00 p. m.

Our speaker in March will be someone with no credentials and little experience, your president. The subject will be our property rights, and how we got them. When we talk about our property rights, most do not realize they all go back to the earliest land patents from the king of England. It is an amazing story, with many ramifications today. Believe it or not, some still sue over them today, and the Land Patents become the deciding document in the case.

Business. The Society has elected a nominating committee to nominate a slate of officers and board members at our May 2002 meeting. The nominations will be announced in our next newsletter. Nominations may also be made from the floor at our May meeting.

The Society also has appointed a bylaws revisions committee to review our bylaws. We are almost four years old, and it's time to review what works well and what does not. No major revisions are expected.

We continue to search for a new home when the Courthouse is enlarged. It would be great to have a permanent home on our property. It is going to take considerable funds which we do not have at this time, so we are looking at all options.

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources has released almost $40,000.00 for the restoration of Rogers' Store Museum. While this does not do all we had hoped for, it will be of great help in getting the store painted and preserved for future generations. Also, the Department of Historic Resources has sent in the application for national recognition of Rogers' Store as a historic property. When approved, it will have the same status as Smiths' Fort and Bacon's Castle. Also, on Feb. 20 the Surry County Board of Zoning Appeals approved an exception to the Agricultural - Residential zoning of the Store to that of a Museum.

Extra - Extra! "Old Surry" by A. W. Bohannan for sale!

Perhaps no book of Surry County history has been as popular as this book written by A. W. Bohannan and first published in 1927. Mr Bohannan was treasurer of Surry County for nearly fifty years and a great lover of Surry County and its history. He wrote of old homes, places, churches and events. As he roamed around Surry County he talked with the "old folks" and made notes of our oral history. Many had first hand recollections of the Civil War. From these conversations and his extensive research, this book was written. There was a second printing in 1957. For years it has been nearly impossible to secure a copy. The few that came to market were very expensive.

The Society is pleased to announce that Gordon W. [Bo] Bohannan and his family have just received the third printing of this book. It is hard bound, and unlike earlier editions, is indexed. Everyone who has Surry County roots, or a love of its history should have a copy. The Society is very pleased to offer it for sale. An order form is at the end of the newsletter. While they are available, get one for every member of your family. They make great presents. They will also be available for sale at our March 2002 meeting. ORDER FORMS

Surry to Surrey, Lets Roll!

Last Notice: This will be the last opportunity to sign up for the Surry to Surrey tour starting October 1, 2002. Quite a few have already signed up. We need more! Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit our namesake county in England. It will be an easy enjoyable trip, with friends and very experienced directors.

Send your applications to Allice Elmore, P. O. Box 227, Waverly, VA. 23890. Phone (804) 834-2446. E-mail is <[email protected]> Remember, to cover pre-existing medical conditions, travel Insurance must be purchased, if desired.

If you need an application, please call Allice or the Society at (757) 294-0404. You must act now, March 15, 2002 is the deadline.

New Memorial Authorized.

A memorial has been authorized by the US Congress to commemorate the role of black Union Forces in the War between the States in the battle of New Market Heights in eastern Henrico County. Completion of the memorial likely will take several years. Land has to be bought, design of the memorial authorized and built.

A number of Surry County soldiers were involved in these battles. One was Adam Boykins of Surry County, a slave who escaped and joined the Union Forces and fought in the battle of New Market Heights among many. He returned to Surry County where he lived a long and fruitful life. His grandson Clarence Fields has secured a grave marker from the U.S. government to commemorate his service. Clarence's wife, Lillie Fields, is a board member of the Society.

News from the Virginia Genealogical Society.

Its December 2001 newsletter had several articles and notes of interest to lovers of Surry County history.

John Anderson Brayton, 1503 Union Ave. Ste. 220, Memphis, Tenn. 38104 has two books of special interest Isle Of Wight County, VA. Deeds, Wills, Conveyances, Book A, at $10.00. This is a transcription with place - name index
and Colonial Families of Surry and Isle of Wight: Volume 6; Isle of Wight County, VA. will and deed Book 1 plus abstract deeds 1715, pages 1 - 32 , a lost volume. This book supposedly contains much information missed in earlier transcriptions. Cost is $30.00.

Recent accessions in the Library of Virginia in Richmond, VA.:

  • Baker family records transcribed by Lyndon H. Hart. 17 leaves, photocopies and transcriptions. Descendants of Henry Baker of Surry and Isle of Wight Counties. Includes a 1847 reminiscence compiled by Dr. Simmons Jones Baker.
  • Booth Family, 37 leaves, Descendants of Robert Booth [d. Ca. 1759] of Southampton County, with lines which settled in. Surry and Sussex Counties.

Letter from the Battlefield - Oct. 22,1863

The following letter was found in the large collection of loose papers of Mr. Thad Williams. It is a collection of private records of Travis W. Taylor of Surry County dating from 1811 through 1878 that he found decades ago in an attic of an old Surry County home, now destroyed. Copies of the papers have been put in the Society's collections. Captain Travis W. Taylor was the first Commander of the Surry Light Artillery, and many of the papers relate to his military service. The following letter from the collection may have been written by Capt. Travis W. Taylor, although the incomplete letter has no signature. Efforts are underway to determine the writer by comparing handwriting. It is an important record of Surry County's part in the war.

Camp 13th VA Cav
Near Beverly ford
Oct 22 1863
My Dear father
Again on this side of the
Rappahannock River I avail My
self of the verry first
opportunity - I have had for
the last three (3) weeks of
Writing to you and informing
you that the tempest of battle
has hurled itself around and
about me. I am perfect[l]y
safe. both my self & horse
Leaving our Camp at Orange on
last Friday week were moved up
the Rapidan and crossed the
River returning next day we
crossed at further down on
Sunday Morning & crossed over,

after a [living fright] at the
ford but which I was not
engaged And pursued the enemy
till we came to Brandy Station
when we made a charge on them
Our Regt charged a brigade of
the enemy without support and
the missiles of death [landed?]
around us. they stood for some
time when until we got in about
fifty yards of them they broke
and fell back on their
division. when we fell back
but Stuart Coming up in the
rear they left verry quick.
Strange to say we lost only one
man Kild in this [fight?]


The Surry County, Virginia 350th Anniversary Committee Proudly Presents: the 2002 calender of events.

Yes, 2002 is here and the celebration is underway. On Jan. 19th the kick-off celebration was held at Surry Parks and Recreation Center with Lieutenant Governor Timothy M. Kaine as keynote speaker. Well attended, the event was a great success.

Upcoming Events!

  • March 11 Speaker Series at Surry Parks and Recreation Center. 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
    Topic: Dominion Power Speaker: Mr. Richard H. Blount, II, Site Vice President - Surry Power
  • April 6 Concert by the D.C. Boys Choir. Free and open to the public. Founded in 1993, the D.C. Boys Choir has performed at The White House, New York, France, Austria, Switzerland and all over the United States. Concert will include contemporary, American jazz and classical selections. Location and time to be announced.
  • April 8 Speaker Series at Surry Parks and Recreation Center. 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
    Topic: Ferry System. Speaker: Mr. William A. Fox, Naval Architect and Program Manager with John J. McMullen Associates, Inc., Newport News, Virginia. Fox's article, "Ferries Forever: 75 Years on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry" appeared in the Winter 2000 issue of Steamboat Bill, a Journal of the Steamship Historical Society of America.
  • May 13 Speaker Series at Surry Parks and Recreation Center. 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
    Topic: Colonial Williamsburg Speaker: Mr. Rex Ellis, Vice-President for the Historic Area of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, Virginia. Mr. Ellis is a lecturer and author of seven books, including Beneath The Blazing Sun: Stories from the African-American Journey (1997) and With a Banjo on My Knee (2001).
  • June Garden Party Luncheon on the lawn at Bacon's Castle. 2:00 p.m. $$Fee to be announced. Semi-formal garden luncheon with big band music and nationally known keynote speaker.
  • July 17-24 Surrey, England Guests visit Surry, Virginia - under development.
  • July 20 & 21 Peanut, Pork, and Pine Festival at Chippokes Plantation State Park. Annual event hosted on the grounds. Theme for this year is Surry County's 350th Anniversary.
  • Sept. 9 Speaker Series at Surry Parks and Recreation Center. 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
    Topic: Hog Island Wildlife Management Area. Speaker: Mr. Mack Walls, Wildlife Biologist, Surry, Virginia.
  • Oct. 1-9 Surry to Surrey, England. Customized packaged tour to visit areas as related to Surry, Virginia! Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, palaces, fields of Runnymede, Canterbury, Stonehenge, Salisbury and much more. From Washington, D.C. to U.K. round trip package includes airfare, 7 nights hotel, breakfasts, 7 dinners, private transportation daily, tour guides, and entry fees to sites. Contact: Mrs. Alice Epes Elmore at (804) 834-2446 or by a mail: [email protected]
  • Oct. 14 Speaker Series at Surry Parks and Recreation Center. 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
    Topic: Agriculture & Forestry Speaker: TBA
  • Nov. 18 Speaker Series at Surry Parks and Recreation Center. 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
    Topic: Honor our Military! Coordinated with the American Legion. Speaker: TBA
  • Nov. 24 Sunday Interfaith Services. Churches throughout the county will offer special Sunday services giving thanks for this blessed community, its people, its history and its future.
  • Dec. 9 Speaker Series at Surry Parks and Recreation Center. 7:00 p.m. Free and open to the public.
    Topic: Religion Speaker: TBA
Other Projects and Programs
  • Essay Contests for all students in Surry. Prizes for all categories. Sponsors for prizes needed.
  • Automobile Decals for county. First time in our history the county seal is replaced on decals. The 2002 Surry County car decal, which goes on sale April 1, features the 350th Anniversary logo design.
  • Signs throughout the county and banners at the Scotland Wharf ferry dock. Thanks to the Virginia Department of Transportation for their cooperation and enthusiasm.
  • Virginia Legislative Resolutions sponsored by Delegate William K. Barlow and Senator Frederick M. Quayle presented in 2001 honoring Surry County's significance in Virginia's history. On display at all events.
  • County Resolution presented by the Surry County Board of Supervisors.
  • Bookmarks/rulers given to all students throughout the county featuring the celebration.
  • Oral history project with student involvement. To be coordinated with the Surry County High School in cooperation with the Surry County Historical Society.
  • 350th Anniversary Booklet available by summer of 2002. Brief overview of the county.
  • 350th Logo emblems on diplomas for graduating seniors of Surry County.
  • Commemorative items including T-shirts, lapel/cap pins, embroidered caps, embroidered polo shirts, bookmark rulers, aluminum signs, magnets and post-it notepads on sale throughout the year.
  • U. S. Postal cancellation stamps for special events.
  • Clean-up/Beautification Committee spruces up the county with landscaping and flowers.
  • Time capsule by December 31, 2002.
Visit us at:
Email us to get regular updates or answer questions: [email protected]
Mail: P.O. Box 387, Surry, VA 23883

Surry County, Virginia Courthouse Tract
Continued, by Dennis Hudgins

This is the second of my articles about the Cross-Roads or the current Surry Court House tract. The first article was included in our May 2001 Newsletter and provided the articles of agreement between Robert McIntosh and Josiah Savedge, entered into on 15 December 1800, with terms of agreement for a 20 year term to be computed from the 1st of January 1798. The conditions were for Savedge to dwell at the 3 houses he had built on a two acre lot on the north side of the road (a dwelling house, kitchen & smoke house), probably adjacent to McIntosh's tavern.

Also included in that article was the plat for the ten acre prison bounds. The term prison was also used in Surry records when referring to the county jail. The ten acre prison bounds should be truly defined as the debtors' prison bounds. It was originally planned to be just six acres. It is interesting that it was enlarged to ten acres to include the bower where Richard Mason, M.D., had a two acre lot (including an ice house, kitchen & probably a dwelling house). Information about Dr. Richard Mason was requested as early as 1935; see William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine Vol. XV, Second Series, January 1935 No. 1, pp.73-75. Mason must have been an interesting individual. The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond has a copy of his rare book.
Mrs. Norma Pennington sent us a copy of the Virginia Historical Society's catalog reference:

Rare Books SF2856 .M42 1833: Mason, Richard

The gentleman's new pocket farrier, comprising a general description of the noble and useful animal the horse: together with the quickest and simplest mode of fattening; necessary treatment while undergoing excessive fatigue, or on a journey; the construction and management of stables; different marks for ascertaining the age of a horse. Also, a concise account of the diseases to which the horse is subject, with such remedies as long experience has proved to be effectual / By Richard Mason, M.D., formerly of Surry county, Virginia ... Sixth edition, with additions. To which is added, a prize essay on mules; and an appendix, containing observations and recipes for the cure of most of the common distempers incident to horses, oxen, cows, calves, sheep, lambs, swine, dogs, &c. &c. Selected from different authors. Also, an addenda, containing annals of the turf, American stud book, rules for training, racing, &c. Richmond: Printed by Peter Cottom, 1833.

In the William and Mary Quarterly cited above and in the GUIDE TO THE BUILDINGS OF SURRY AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION by James D. Kornwolf, (Copyright 1977, Surry County 1776 Bicentennial Committee), there were references to the present Surry Courthouse plat at the crossroads in 1796. The correct date of the Courthouse deed & plat should be 28 February 1797 which is evident in the two deeds included below from Surry Deed Book 1 & Deed Book 3. The model for the new courthouse to be built by Robert McIntosh was agreed upon before the court session of 26 January 1796 [See Surry Order Book (1795-1800), Court Sessions on pp.69-72 & pp.93-96, Library of Virginia, Surry County Microfilm #34]:

[p.71 ] "At the instance of Robert McIntosh the Court having taken under consideration the building a Court house at the Cross Roads for the use of this County, to be performed by the said McIntosh agreeable to an Act of the last General Assembly for that case provided, are of opinion that the said McIntosh shou'd take a model of the present Court house, as well as to the size of it as to the form, except having two additional Windows, to be placed adjacent to the bench, which the said McIntosh agrees to put in at his own expence; it is thereupon ordered by the Court that the said Robert McIntosh govern himself accordingly."

However, that order for the model to be built was cancelled during the Surry court session of 26 July 1796 where [on p.95] it was
"Ordered that the former order made by this Court respecting the model of the Court-house to be built by Robert McIntosh at the Cross-roads be rescinded so far as to priviledge the said McIntosh to add two feet in lenth, to have four windows on each side, and a door on each side opposite to each other and to have no door below in the end nor windows."

Deed Book No. 1 (1792-1799) pp.457-459, This Indenture made the 28th day of February in the year of Christ 1797
between ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA his Wife of the county of Surry of the one part and
Gentlemen justices of the said county, now sitting and forming a Court for the same, of the other part
witnesseth that the said ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA, his Wife,
for and in consideration of the friendly respect and attachment which they have for the said county, and
also for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings to them the said ROBERT and MARTHA, his
Wife, in hand paid by the said WILLIAM BOYCE, WILLIS WILSON, JAMES KEE and BENJAMIN
EDWARDS BROWNE gentlemen Justices as afore said, at or before the ensealing and delivery of these
presentes (the receipt whereof is hereby adknowledged) they the said ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA
his Wife, have given, granted, bargained and sold and by these do give, grant, bargain and sell unto the said
WILLIAM BOYCE, WILLIS WILSON, JAMES KEE and BENJAMIN EDWARDS BROWNE justices as aforesaid and their successors
one certain lot of ground containing two acres (being a part of a tract of land known by the name of the Cross Roads situate lying and being in the said County of Surry) and bounded as follows, to wit,
A) beginning at a post near the salt house, thence S76E 315 links to
B) another post, thence S14W 630 links to
C) another post, N76W 315 links to
D) another post, N14E 300 links to
E) another, N76W 31 links to
F) another post, N14E 50 links to
G) another post, thence S76E 31 links to
H) another post and N14E 280 links to the beginning;

with all the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging
to have and to hold the said lot of ground and premises unto the said WILLIAM BOYCE, WILLIS WILSON, JAMES KEE and BENJAMIN EDWARDS BROWNS justice as abovesaid and their successors, so long as the said Cross roads shall be the place of holding Courts for the said county of Surry, to the only proper use and behoof of them the said justices and their successors for and during the period above mentioned
In testimony, whereof the said ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA, his Wife, have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written

Signed, sealed, acknowledged and delivered in presence of} ROBERT McINTOSH {Seal} MARTHA McINTOSH {Seal}
At a Court held for Surry County, February the 28th 1797
The afore written Indenture of Bargain and sale from ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA his Wife to WILLIAM BOYCE, WILLIS WILSON, JAMES KEE and BENJAMIN EDWARDS BROWNE Gentlemen Justices of the said County, was acknowledged by the said ROBERT and MARTHA to be their act and deed and by the Court ordered to be recorded - The said MARTHA being privily examined as the Law directs relinquished her right of dower in the Lands conveyed by the said Indenture which is also ordered to be recorded. Teste, JACOB FAULCON C,S.C. Examined

Deed Book 3 (1804-1811) pp.188-192
This Indenture made the first day of January in the year 1801
Between ROBERT McINTOSH of the county of Surry and MARTHA his wife of the one part, and DAVID PRICE of the same county of the other part Witnesseth that the said ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA his wife for and in consideration of the sum of £2,100 of Lawful money of Virginia to them in hand paid by the said DAVID PRICE (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) have bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain and sell unto the said DAVID PRICE his heirs and assigns all that certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the aforesaid county of Surry commonly call'd and known by the name of the Cross Roads land, and containing 200 acres be the same more or less and bounded as follows
A) Beginning at a Maple standing in a branch a corner tree between JOHN ELLIS, DAVID PRICE and JOHN WESSON, thence on the said WESSONs line of marked trees to
B) a pine standing on the north side of the road, thence down the road towards the Cross Roads on LANGLEY C. WILLS'S line to
C) a pine on the south side of the road thence by the said WILLS's line of marked trees to
D) a pine saplin in a branch a corner of the said WILLS and JOHN WESSONs line, thence on the said WESSONs line of Marked trees to
E) a red oak saplin a corner of said WESSON and JOHN PYLAND thence on the said PYLANDs line of marked trees to
F) a red oak saplin a corner of said PYLAND and SAMUEL ELLIS thence on the said ELLIS's line of marked trees to
G) a red oak a corner of said ELLIS and PYLAND thence on the said PYLANDS line of marked trees to
H) a pine a corner of said PYLAND and the Estate of WILLIAM EDWARDS decd. thence on the said EDWARDS's line of marked trees to
I) a corner by WILLS and BENNETT made by an old road and the road at present leading to the Court house thence up the said Road to
J) a branch thence down the said branch to
K) a pine a corner between WILLIAM BENNETT and WILLIAM ADAMS thence on the said ADAMS line of marked trees to
L) a pine a corner between the said ADAMS and JOHN ELLIS thence on the said ELLIS's line of marked trees
M) and down the branch to the beginning
together with all and singular the appertenances whatsoever to the said tract or parcel of land belonging or appertaining or with the same used or enjoyed, reputed, taken, or known as part parcel or member theeof, and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents issues and profits of the whole and every part of the same
Reserving to JOSIAH SAVEDGE the use of the houses and lot (now in the occupancy of the said SAVEDGE) for the term of twenty years from the first day of January in the year 1798 agreeable to written articles of agreement executed between the said McINTOSH and SAVEDGE and bearing date the 15th day of December last past which lot of Ground contains two acres only, and reserving the Surry Justices the right granted to them in two acres of ground by deed bearing date the 28th day of February in the year 1797
To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with the tenemants hereditaments and all and singular the premises with the appertenances known before mentioned or intended to be bagained and sold and every part and parcel thereof with every of their rights, members and appurtenances reserving only what is before reserved unto the said DAVID PRICE his heirs and assigns forever -And the said ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA his wife for themselves and their heirs or either of them and their heirs the said tract or parcel of land with all and singular the premises and appertenances before mentioned unto the said DAVID PRICE his heirs and assigns free from the claim or claims of them - the said ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA his wife or either of them then, as whereof their heirs and of all and every person or persons whatsoever shall, will and do warrant and forever defend by these presents - In witness wheref the said ROBERT McINTOSH and MARTHA his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written in the Indenture
Sign'd seal'd and acknowledged in presence of
Received the 1st day of January in the year 1801 of DAVID PRICE the sum of £2,100 in full of the consideration money within mentioned
Signed and acknowledged in presence of

The Commonwealth of Virginia to WILLIAM BOYCE, ARCHBALD COCKS, BENJAMIN E BROWNS, WILLIAM ALLEN, JAMES L LANE, BEVERLY BOOTH, JOHN NEWSUM, JOHN H COCKS, ARCHIBALD DAVID, JAMES SIMPSON JOHN JUDKINS, and WILLIAM SCAMMELL Gentlemen Justices of Surry county greeting - Whereas ROBERT McINTOSH Gt. and MARTHA his wife by the certain Indentures of bargain and sale bearing date the 1 st day of June 1801 conveyed unto DAVID PRICE the fee simple Estate in and to a certain tract or parcel of Land called and known by the name of the "Cross Roads" situate in said county And whereas the said MARTHA cannot conveniently attend our court of our said county to acknowledge the same - and to relinquish her right of dower in the lands conveyed thereby, therefore, we do give unto you or any two or more of you power and authority to receive the acknowledgment which the said MARTHA may be willing to make before you of the conveyance aforesaid contained in the said Indenture, which is hereunto annexed and we do command you that you do personally wait on the said MARTHA and receive her acknowledgment of the same and examine her privily and apart from the said ROBERT her husband whether she doth the same freely and willingly without the persuadion or th[r]eats of her husband, whether she in like manner relinquishes her rights of dower in the Lands conveyed by the said deed, and whether she be willing the same should be recorded And when you have received her acknowledgment and examined her as aforesaid that distinctly and plainly without del[a]y you certify us thereof in our same court under your hands and seals sending the said Indenture, and the writ Witness JOHN FAULCON clerk of our said court at the Court house the 28th day of August 1806 in the 31 st year of the Commonwealth. JOHN FAULCON C,S.C

In my next article on the Crossroads, I hope to include items on stage stables & overland express horseback and/or stage routes through Surry County. More information is needed on Alexander Quarrier, a famous Philadelphia coachmaker, who had moved to Richmond, Virginia, after the revolution. He was listed in Surry County Insolvent lists for 1799, 1801 & 1802 for not paying taxes on his 600 acres (probably in the western part of Surry along the stage road or near Cabin Point). However, this entry raises more questions:

Surry Deed Book 8 (1826-1830) pp.521-522
Indenture made this 25th of May anno Domini 1829
Between WILLIAM MAYNARD & MARY H. his wife of the one part
and ANANIAS CHAPPELL of the other part, all of Surry County Virginia
$45 - 45 acres, be the same more or less and bounded by the lands of ALEXANDER QUARRIER, AQUILLA BENFORD, THOMAS PETER and JESSE BROCKWELL - All of which will fully appear by referring to a Deed executed by ANDREW MOORE Marshal of the Virginia District to HENRY JOHNSON in the Year 1804
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of WM B. WELLONS as to WM CLEMENTS acknowledged by DAVID BOOTH & DRURY STITH Justices of the peace on 24 August 1829.
Filed for Record in the Clerks Office of Surry County the 24th August 1829. teste, JOHN FAULCON clk.

-- To be continued. --


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