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East Coast Telephone Company 1934 Directory
Names on the Claremont and Surry Pages

transcribed by Eve Gregory

Barn, The, Deal Adams, E C r, Elberon
Bateman, Mrs. Clara, r Spring Grove Avery, W L, store
Belding, O D r Bank of Surry County
Brandon Point Store, Deal Bell, H H r, Elberon
Burdick H C r Bennett, W F r, Elberon
Burgess, Hattie r Chappell, E R Store, Elberon
Burt W S, Lawyer Chappell, J I r, Elberon
Burt W S r [Circuit Court] Clerk's Office
Butt, Rev H Fairfield, 3rd RFD 5, Spring Grove Cockes, E O r
Butts, C M, store, Spring Grove Cockes, Ollie V, Elberon
Byrd, F Otway r, Upper Brandon Cox, Miss Bernice r
Carter, Mrs Arthur H r Cox, W H, Elberon
Chesboro, Mrs Hattie r Edwards, R L, store
Claremont Supply Co Edwards, S B r, Elberon
Cockes, Gen W H r Gardner, Mrs Eva r, Elberon
Cooper, W P r, Waverly rd H C Motor Co
Costenbader, W H r Huber, G S r, RFD Dendron
Daniels, Robt W r, Brandon James, A S r, Elberon
Ellerson, J M r, Ellerson James, J Harden r
Elliot, John r James, R W r, Elberon
Goodrich Ser Sta, RFD 5, Disputanta King, Percy C r
Harrison Grocery Co Knight, Dr B H r
Harrison, Miss Helen Lee r Laine, J H Jr r
Hayes, R B r, RFD, Disputanta Land, H C, store
Hoffman, F G r Lane, J B r, Elberon
Huber, J F, Spring Grove Laine, J H Sr, Elberon
Jones, H L r, Spring Grove Logan, E T r, Elberon
Jones, Walter H r Lyner, Miss Mary, Elberon
Jennings, Wallace r, Waverly rd Pittman, Mrs G H r, Elberon
Kimball, Mrs Edna r Richardson, P W r, Elberon
Lee, Franklin W r Rollings, J R r, Elberon
Leetz, Capt I C r, Brandon Rowell, C G r
Linzee, Mrs Nancy B Savedge, G L r, Elberon
Lovell, Walter J r Seward, Ashton L r
Marvel, Mrs Helen Seward, A B r, Elberon
Mills, L L r Seward, B A, Elberon
Miller, Clarence r Seward, C H r, Elberon
Oschner, A H r Spring Grove Seward, E R r, Elberon
Riggans, Mrs J T r, Waverly Seward, Mrs G W r, Elberon
Rogers, J H, store, Spring Grove Seward, H C r, Elberon
Rogers, J W & Sons, Waverly Seward, John T r
Rogers, J W r, Waverly Seward, J P r, Elberon
Savedge Grocery Co, Waverly Seward, R A r, Elberon
Sauer, C F Jr r Seward, W C r, Elberon
Seward, Hatcher S Seward, Dr W W phys r
Sprague, J M r Spratley, Mrs John, T RFD Elberon
Spring Grove Ser Station, Spring Grove Stallings, W W r, Elberon
Steere Drug Co Stringfield, S R r, Elberon
Steere, Dr. E. F phys Surry Auto Co
Stien [Stein], A K garage Surry Drug Co
Stien [Stein], Lewis E r Tynes, L L r, Elberon
Swanns Point Plantation, Spring Grove West, W L r
Tibbetts, Mrs Ella S r White, J L, RFD Elberon
Toner, B F r
Trueheart, H P r, Brandon
Winston, H V r
Winston, H V ofc
Wood Towing Corp, J Lew Martin, Agt
Worth, James B r

Notes: The small "r" after some names means "residence". Other abbreviations include "Agt" for "Agent", "ofc" for "office", "phys" for "physician", "rd" for "road", "RFD" for "Rural Free Delivery". Brandon, Deal, Dendron, Disputanta, Elberon, Spring Grove, Upper Brandon and Waverly are locations outside of the incorporated towns of Claremont and Surry.

Here are digital images of the directory Cover and the Claremont and Surry pages.
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