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Orphan Photos

Scott County Historical Society

Scott County, Virginia

Orphan Photographs

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From time to time, we all come upon old photos with no identification shown.
Are they family?  How closely related are they?  What occurred in their life?
If you have photos you would like help with, submit them here for posting and hopefully help in their identification.  Be sure to include any information known and  contact information.

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wpe2.jpg (22560 bytes) Looking for verification.
Believed to be Hiram K. Starnes (1820-1890).  The photo is from the home place in Scott County, but wasn't clearly identified.  It is framed similarly to a portrait of his wife, Margaret (Peggy) F. Carter Lark Starnes.  It was the second marriage for both.  Hiram's first wife was Mary Darnell.  Hiram is my paternal g-g-g-grandfather.
Laura Quillen Hobbs, [email protected] 
wpe1.jpg (54499 bytes)
In doing some genealogical research I have found this photograph. I know that the woman on the far right of the group is Elizabeth Head (1880 -1946)- she eventually married Abner G. Williams. She's the daughter of James Monroe (AKA Sonnie or Sonny)Head and Louisa (Johnson) Head.
The family origins were in Scott County, Virginia; eventually they moved across the line into Hawkins, Tennessee. I am submitting this photograph to both sides of the state line in hopes that perhaps someone can help me identify the rest of these people. I do not know for certain who any of the others are.
I suspect the man may be Elizabeth's father (James) the other ladies may be a sister (Lucy), and perhaps a wife Cornelia Bradley(whom he married, after Louisa died) holding their infant child Alley. These are just speculations, I do not know; I do know that the one woman is indeed Elizabeth as described above. If you see fit and can post them on your websites, I would be interested in finding out if anyone might have a clue. Thanks.
If anyone has information, please contact Patrick Terry,  [email protected] .
wpe4.jpg (26898 bytes) Identified as Marcus Pomeroy Taylor, husband of Eliza M. Spivey by Linda Medlin, [email protected] 

Patty Dronfield

Believed to be Taylor and/or Starnes family photos.  Click the thumbnail to view the photos.
If you have any information on any of the photos, please contact Gary Frazier at [email protected] .
wpe1.gif (253576 bytes)

This is the baptism of Laura Eunice Bloomer, my great aunt.. I'm pretty sure the man on the right is 
my grandfather,  Grady William Bloomer. Can anyone help me out with the other people? I would appreciate any help.
If you have any information on this photo, contact Tammy Bloomer Apling at [email protected] .

wpe1.gif (204564 bytes)

I found this picture in my Moms pictures. No one in my family know who these people are. My mom Evalee( Allen) Smith was born in Wise Co. But was raised in Scott Co. She was related to the Bellamy, Kerns, Jennings, Hill, Snowden. I was hoping someone would recognize these folks.
Thanks , Karol Smith
If you have any information on this photo, contact Karol Smith at [email protected] .

Possibly Midway School Confirmed as Midway School by Linda Medlin, [email protected].  The fifth boy from the left on the front row is Linda's father, Harvey Kenneth Culbertson (1918-2001); this would date the photo as c. 1925.
On the back of one of the photos is the name 'Virginia Overby'.  It is not know if this is the name of a teacher or one of
the students.  If you have any possible information on these photos, please contact Jim Stallard at
[email protected]
wpe1.gif (321937 bytes) wpe3.gif (255922 bytes)
Willen Photos

image0-1.jpg and image0-3.jpg - The photos were originally in the possession of my aunt, Loretta Strong Lane, daughter of William Carter Strong and Lottie Rolston Gilliam. I'm guessing the pictures were taken around 1880-1900 time period - could have been a little later. My research on the photo by "A. W. Judd, Chattanooga" has indicated that Mr. Judd started his photography business in Chattanooga after the Civil War and that he traveled from Canada to Texas taking pictures. His business was established in Chattanooga in 1877. I'm hoping that the man in the picture is my great grandfather, William Cabell Rives Strong, b. 31 Mar 1839. I have never found a picture of him, so I don't have anything to compare it to.

3 men in the picture (image0-5.jpg). This picture was also in the possession of my aunt, Loretta Strong Lane. The man on the left seems to look similar to some of my ancestors. I am wondering if this man could be William Cabell Rives Strong (my great grandfather.

If you can identify anyone in any of these photos, please contact Wima Willen at [email protected]

Image 0-1
wpe1.jpg (50402 bytes)
Image 0-3
wpe3.jpg (58360 bytes)
Image 0-5
wpe5.jpg (61606 bytes)

Center: Joseph J. Addington (teacher, postmaster, member of Va. Assembly)

Right: Possibly a Strong

42 unknowns

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Unknown Quillin Photos

These photos along with others were given to me by Josephine Virginia (Holdway) Moore of Wilmington, Del in the mid 1990s. Virginia was knowledgeable about the family of Ezekiel and Martha (Martin) Quillin who lived on Clinch Mountain near Antioch Church. Many of the identified photos that she gave me were part of the Ezekiel and Martha Quillin family, and some of these may also be in that family. A good guess is that these photos are of people who lived in the Snowflake - Big Moccasin Creek - Clinch Mountain area of Scott Co, VA.  If you can identify any of the people in the photos, please contact Don Lane at [email protected] .


wpe15.gif (185988 bytes)

This photo was made by my father C. Kermit Fraley of Dungannon.  It could have been made in Tazewell Co in the early '40s but more than likely in or near Scott Co.  If anyone can provide information in regards to the photo or locality, please contact me at [email protected] .  Thanks, Carol J. Fraley Laferty.

wpe1.gif (71474 bytes)
wpe3.gif (127882 bytes)

Photos are from the John Morgan Legg 1856-1937 and May Polly Martin 1857-1878 family Bible.
John and Mary were married
21 March 1878 at Three Forks of Pond River, Virginia in  Scott County .
They were members of the
Primitive Baptist Church .  They lived for many years in Rye Cove.
Current members of the Legg family descendents are not confident as to who are in the photos.
The persons do appear to be of John and Mary Legg based on photos of them in later life.
Any information much appreciated. E-mail Wes Bell at  [email protected] .

wpe1.jpg (37998 bytes) Possibly a Giddings.  Photo is from Scott County connections in Utah.
Send any information to Jim Stallard at [email protected] .
wpe2.jpg (66175 bytes) "Some Scott County cousins would like help in identifying the three boys in this tintype. We suspect that the boys could be from the Peters, Lane or McConnell families. It is presently in the possession of a descendant of Noble Burkhardt Peters and his wife, Margaret Dell Lane, who lived in the Manville area of Scott County. If you recognize these boys, or have any thoughts on how we might identify them, please contact Cindy Penley at [email protected].  Your help is much appreciated."
 wpe4.jpg (53151 bytes)

wpe6.jpg (85922 bytes)

"These pictures were in my grandmother's house and unfortunately were not labeled.  We believe these to be from her Scott County descendants; Webb, Bloomer, Roller, Bledsoe, Neely lines.  But then again, as genealogy research always surprises us, they could be from anywhere and anyone.  No bit of information is considered too small.  Any thoughts?  Contact me at my e-mail address: [email protected] .

Liz Cox
Arlington, Texas

wpe1.jpg (52845 bytes)

wpe4.jpg (144071 bytes)

Submitted by Tammy Hickam
The date on the bridge is 1921.  Does anyone recognize any of the bridge builders or know the location ?

Send any information to Tammy Hickman at [email protected]

wpe4.jpg (55702 bytes)  

Submitted by Joan Justice
Does anyone know this family or anyone in the photo?

Send any information to Joan Justice at  [email protected] 

wpe8.jpg (38109 bytes)  

Submitted by Joan Justice
Does anyone know this family or anyone in the photo?

Send any information to Joan Justice at  [email protected] 

wpeA.jpg (45244 bytes) Submitted by Joan Justice
Does anyone know the gentlemen in the photo?

Send any information to Joan Justice at  [email protected] 

wpeC.jpg (47249 bytes) Submitted by Joan Justice
What is the elusive Miss Dougherty's name?  Who are her parents?

Send any information to Joan Justice at  [email protected] 

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