1850 Southampton Free Census

The RootsWeb census files are easy to use once you understand their structure. There are six files that start with idx. these are indexes. The letters following idx tell you what letters are covered in each file. For example if you are searching for Jones, you would look in idx-i-od.txt. Everyone whose last name begins with I through od is in that file. When you open that file, it will be listed alphabetically and have a file name listed by that name. This is the file that has the listing. It is quite easy after you try it a few times. You can also use the search function in Wordpad to find a particular name.
1850 Southampton County Free Census

Other Southampton Census Images


These files are actual scanned images of the census and are not indexed.

Click on the file folder corresponding to the year of the census. Each gif file in the folder is numbered corresponding to the page number.

Census images

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