Southampton County War of 1812 Musters


Of Captain Littleton Lanier's Company, from the Second Regiment, Virginia Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. William Allen, in the Service of the United States, from the 1 st to 11 th September, 1814.

Littleton Lanier, Captain Walter Blunt, Ensign

John Jarrad, Sergeant

John C. Owen, Sergeant Gilliam Fletcher, Corporal Jessee Hargrave, Corporal Johnson Atkinson, Private James Birdsong, Private Nelson Bryant, Private Bumwell B. Bryant, Private Zachariah Bains, Private Richard Booth, Private Littleberry Clarke, Private John Clarke, Private Charles Christian, Private Cary Cotton, Private Charles Davis, Private William Davis, Private Richard Ellis, Private James Fason, Private

Geo. Hargrave, Private John Hargrave, Private David Hargave, Private Geo. Helvin, Private

Henry Hobbs, Private Robert Hite, Private

Samuel W. Judkins, Private Caleb Jones, Private Warren Murphy, Private Henry Underhill, Private

Robert Rochelle, Lieutenant Joseph Jarrad, Sergeant Thomas Peete, Sergeant Augustine Shands, Corporal Geo. Birdsong, Corporal Micajah H. Adkins, Private Thomas Birdsong, Private Benjamin Birdsong, Private Frederick Bryant, Private Benjamin Bains, Private Geo. Blow, Private

Edmond Barrett, Private Frederick II. Clarke, Private Robert B. Cooper, Private Zenos. Chappell, Private Pleasant Cotton, Private Samuel Davis, Private William B. Ellis, Private Micajah Ellis, Private Thomas Graves, Private Robert Hargrave, Private Joseph Hargrave, Private Geo. Hullcome, Private Gilliam Harmp, Private Willie Hines, Private

Geo. Judkins, Private Thomas B. Jarrad, Private Jessee Little, Private

James Scoggin, Private


Of Ensign Kenner W. Cralie's Company of Infantry of the Thirty-seventh Regiment, Virginia Militia, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas D. Downing, in the Service of the United States, from the 1st day of October 1814, when last mustered, to the 31 st of December, 1814.

Kenner W. Cralie, Ensign Meredith Barnes, Sergeant Vincent Bames, Sergeant Presley Hudson, Fifer

George C. Ashbum, Private Mottrom Bearcroft, Private Samuel Bames, Private

Daniel W. Beacham, Private Samuel Clarke, Private

William B. Fisher, Private Randall Headley, Private

James Harding, Private Matthew Hamson, Private Charles Kent, Private

Vincent Kinkham, Private

Peter McClanahan, Private Alexander Newsom, Private William Rochester, Private Thomas Vanlandingham, Private Samuel Winstead, Private

John Winstead, Private

James Oldham, Sergeant John C. Hudson, Sergeant John Kent, Drummer

John Anderson, Private Richard Bearcroft, Private Bushrod M. Beacham, Pvt. Presley Blincoe, Private Richard Bmer, Private William R. Fallen, Private George II. Headley, Private Richard Holliday, Private Samuel Hudson, Private Willis Jones, Private Richard Knott, Private Leroy P. Leland, Private Richard McClanahan, Pvt. John Redman, Private Henry Trayers, Jr., Private Armistead Vanlandingham Holland Winstead, Private Benjamin R. Williams, P~.


Captain Z. U. Crittenden's Company- One Hundred and Ninth Regiment

Edm'd Henley, Ensign

James Miller, Private


Of Captain Richard B. Kello's Company, of the Sixty-fifth Regiment, Virginia Militia, in the County of Southampton, called into the Service of the United States under the general orders of the 26th of August, from 29th August to 13th September, in the year 1814.

Richard B. Kello, Captain George B. Cobb, Lieutenant Jesse Bailey, Ord'ly serg't John Nicholson, Sergeant William Love, Corporal William Bowden, Corporal Robert Wellons, Drummer Lenard Atkins, Private

John Bristen, Private

Orson Branch, Private Lemuel Beale, Private Bailey Bryant, Private

Elijah Beale, Private

Willis Brown, Private

James Calthorpe, Private Cooper, Cawling, Private Elisha Darden, Private Jeremiah E. Edwards, Private Jesse Gardner, Private William Hancock, Private Jordan Jones, Private Ichabod Johnson, Private John Norsworthy, Private Benj. C. Hancock, Private Martin P. Stephens, Private Benj. Travis, Private

Henry Vaughan, Private James Willis, Private Benjamin Wilson, Lieutenant Samuel Summerell, Ensign Lewis N. Branch, Sergeant Joseph Joiner, Sergeant

John Newman, Corporal Nathaniel Barham, Corporal Joseph Fowler, Fifer

Green Adams, Private

Jesse Branch, Private

George Branch, Jr., Private Dixon B. Bass, Private Joshua Bryant, Private

Elias Bracy, Private

Burwell Branch, Private

John Cooper, Private

John Davis, Private Humphrey Drewry, Private Tyler Edward, Private

Robert Hart, Private

Joseph Hariss, Private

Irajah Johnson, Private

John Linter, Private

William Pierce, Private Talton Scot, Private

Brittain Travis, Private Dawson Vaughan, Private Bartimeus Wellons, Private

Will add to these as I find more information

Cliff Hedgepeth