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Russell Civil War Pension Applications 1900

Russell County Civil War Pension Applications 1900

This is a list of approved pension application from Russell County. Widow's pensions appear at the end.

Last NameFirst NameResidenceCo.RegimentAgeReasonYear
AlexanderR.P.LebanonG29th Va Inf64wounded in right thigh1900
AshbyJ.B.LebanonA23rd Va Battn74shot in thigh1900
AtkinsWilliam A.RockdellB34th Va Battn69general prostration1900
BarrettThomas G.GardnerF27th Va Regt62old age, rheumatism, kidney trouble1900
BosticWilliam F.Sword's CreekH29th Va Inf62exposure, rheumatism1900
BelcherG.W.H.RosedaleG29th Va Inf69age, bronchitis1900
BarteeJamesCastle's WoodsH34th Va Cav64old age 1900
BreedloveWilliamSword's CreekC37th Regt56typhoid, gunshot wound1900
BennettD.W.Elk GardenE45th Regt58old age1900
BaughJ.J.LebanonG29th Va Inf75old age1900
BridgemanWilliamHansonvilleD63rd Regt77old age1900
BucklesJames A.HansonvilleK48th Va Vols58gunshot wound1900
CacyN.B.Sword's CreekK22nd Regt61old age1900
CalvertH.A.Belfast MillsH45th Va Inf64old age1900
ClarkJamesHonakerH16th Regt64old age1900
CrueyC.J.Belfast MillsE30th Battn Inf63old age1900
CrossRobertBoltonC48th Regt60wound 1900
34th Va Battn77old age1900
I29th Va Inf58rheumatism, partial blindness1900
K22nd Va Cav55gunshot wound1900

FieldsM.C.LebanonG29th Va Inf61old age, liver disease1900
FletcherAbramLebanonG37th Regt60wounded1900
FieldsCummingsLebanonG29th Va Inf55wounded in leg1900
FranciscoB.F.BoltonD37th Regt60liver disease1900
FoglemanC.W. Sr.HansonvilleG29th Va Inf73old age, broken arm1900
FieldsRandolphHansonvilleA16th Cav70old age, rheumatism 1900
37th Regt62"white swelling"1900
GrubbJosephHansonvilleI51st Regt59partial blindness and deafness1900
HessHenry L.

63Age, exposure1900
HoltIsaacTumbaye?B37th Regt63loss of leg1900
HowingtonJosephHansonvilleE37th Regt71age, blind in one eye1900
JohnsonCharles WilliamLebanonI37th Regt61paralyzed hand1900
JohnsonHenry DickensonvilleH34th Cav65age1900
KendrickThomas A.RavenI22nd Cav53partial blindness 1900
LemonsL.H.Belfast Mills
22nd Inf60wound in left arm1900
LeeMathiasHonakerI37th Regt94old age, shot in leg1900
LittonJ.J.ClevelandG13th Battn54nervous prostration1900
McCloudJohnHonakerA16th Cav67exposure 1900
MarshalMathiasBelfast MillsD56th N.C. Regt59exposure1900
MutterHenryBelfast MillsB16th Cav63
under John McFarland63general health1900
PuckettJohn D.ClevelandE21st Regt57heart trouble1900
Roberson(Robinson)Thomas A16th Cav61age1900
RobbinsHiram S.RosedaleI37th Regt63brain fever1900
ScottWiliam M.

65age, exposure1905 application

78age1903 application
SeacattG.W. LebanonC37th Regt53knee injury from marching1900
SheppardJames H.HonakerB16th Cav58"gravell"1900
SmithThomas L.RockdellD1st Va Cav62gunshot in leg1900
SmithJames M.RavenE48th Regt82head wound1900
StatzerCharles M.BoltonC48th Inf57infirmity and rheumatism1900

61wound in hip1902 application
SullivanJ.H.LebanonI37th Regt61ankle wound1900
ScottRileyClydeC37th Regt63wounded1900
TerryJames M.NunleyA16th Cav65old age1900

loss of sight and age1905 application
WaldenL.J.W.RockdellC37th Regt57general infimity1900
Stuart Horse Arty from 61 to 63 then a detachment of the 3rd Regt Engineers62
WarnerThomasLebanonC2nd Tennessee56old age1900
WilsonG.R.Elk GardenC29th Regt68spinal trouble1900
WolfZenoBoltonG28th Regt55rheumatism 1900
WolfJames S.BoltonE50th Regt70age and loss of sight1900
WoodardJ.A.RockdellB48th Regt60general prostration1900
WysorJohn G.Sword's CreekB34th Va70sore leg1900
WilliamsA.M.Castle's WoodsH34th Cav64old age1900

Widow's Applications

Last NameFirst NameAgeResidenceHusbandHow husband diedCo.Regtwhere and when married
BalesElizabeth A.74HonakerEnoch G. Balesdied 1/1/90 at Honaker of consumptionG36th Vamarried in Bristol, Tenn in 1851.
GibsonvilleJ.W. Cumbowdied of comsumptionA16th Cavmarried 5/2/61
GarrettPauline70HansonvilleJohn F. Garrettdied in 1895G29th Infmarried in Russell in 1857.
HarrisMargarette E.
ClevelandThomas G. Harrisdied iof heart diseaseE37th Regt Volsmarried in April 1861.
HolmesSarah C.
BrewsterH.G.W. Holmes

48th Regt Volsmarried at Abingdon in 1857.
NunleyHenry Harmandied about 1871, 3 miles south of Lebanon, probably of consumptionA16th Regtmarried in 1839 in Russell
JacksonLeah J.55
Henry Jacksondied at Point Lookout of diarrheaB16th Regtmarried at Elk Garden
MarshallSusan L.85Belfast MillsRichard Marshalldied 7/15/98 wound in right legI52nd NC Regtmarried 1840 in Stokes County, NC, in Va since 1865
LebanonJohn Wyattdied 4/27/95G16th Cavmarried in Blountville, Tennessee
WhetsellAmanda P.
DickensonvilleMartin L. Whetselldied about September 1885 in Tazewell of paralysis
50th Regtmarried 7/11/44 in Smyth county, Va.

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