1860 Census of Buchanan County, VA
1860 Census of Buchanan County, VA
transcribed by Vicky Cheatham

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Anderson, Catharine
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Crissa
Anderson, Cynthia
Anderson, Haza
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, John
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Matilda
Anderson, Rinda
Anderson, Sally
Belcher, Almeda
Belcher, Henderson
Belcher, Infant unnamed
Belcher, John
Belcher, Louisa
Belcher, Lucy
Belcher, Mary
Belcher, Moses
Belcher, Rachel
Belcher, Thompson
Blair, Alexander
Blair, Andrew
Blair, David
Blair, Elihu
Blair, Elijah C
Blair, George W
Blair, Jacob
Blair, Jacob
Blair, Jane
Blair, John
Blair, Mary A
Blair, Nancy
Childress, Charlotte
Childress, Jesse
Childress, Jesse
Childress, Jessee
Childress, John W
Childress, Margaret
Childress, Nancy
Childress, Sarah
Childress, William
Church, Abagail
Church, David
Church, Jacob
Church, Joel
Church, Mary J
Church, Nancy
Church, Sarah
Church, William
Clevinger, Christopher
Clevinger, Frederick M
Clevinger, General T
Clevinger, James
Clevinger, John
Clevinger, John O
Clevinger, Levi
Clevinger, Lewis A
Clevinger, Lorenzo D
Clevinger, Louisa D
Clevinger, Mary
Clevinger, Robert O
Clevinger, Squire H
Clevinger, William H
Coleman, Abraham
Coleman, Milly
Colley, David
Colley, Didiona
Colley, Emily F
Colley, James
Colley, Joseph
Colley, Joshua
Colley, Mary
Colley, Solomon
Colley, Thomas
Counts, Aley
Counts, Catharine
Counts, Elihu K
Counts, Elijah S
Counts, Isabel
Counts, Jonas W
Counts, Joshua
Counts, Margaret
Counts, Martha
Counts, Noah
Counts, Noah
Counts, Richard S
Counts, Stephen D
Deel, Alexander
Deel, Banjamin F
Deel, Benjamin F
Deel, David
Deel, Elenor
Deel, Elitha
Deel, Eliza
Deel, Franky
Deel, George
Deel, George
Deel, George W
Deel, Henderson
Deel, Henry
Deel, I Ellison
Deel, Isaac
Deel, Jacob
Deel, James H
Deel, Jeremiah
Deel, John
Deel, John W
Deel, Joshua
Deel, Joshua
Deel, Lucretia
Deel, Mary
Deel, Michael
Deel, Michael
Deel, Patsey
Deel, Polly
Deel, Prisa
Deel, Prudence
Deel, Sally
Deel, Sally
Deel, Sally
Deel, Sarah
Deel, Sylvia
Deel, Willeby
Deel, William
Deel, Willoughby
Diel, Charles A
Diel, David
Diel, James H
Diel, John H
Diel, Mary
Diel, Noah
Diel, Richard
Diel, Sally
Duncan, Jane
Dyer, Ailsey
Dyer, Elizabeth
Dyer, George
Dyer, Hannah
Dyer, Louisa
Dyer, Mary L
Dyer, Nancy
Dyer, Nicy
Dyer, Ritter
Dyer, Simpson
Elswick, John
Elswick, John L
Elswick, John W
Elswick, Joseph
Elswick, Joseph
Elswick, Lewis
Elswick, Lewis
Elswick, Lucinda
Elswick, Mary
Elswick, Miles
Elswick, Nancy
Elswick, Priscy
Elswick, Tabitha
Elswick, Thompson
Elswick, Wiley
Elswick, Winney
Epling, Ballard
Epling, Darcus
Epling, Elizabeth
Epling, Elizabeth
Epling, Henry
Epling, Hiram
Fullen, Cristenon
Fullen, John
Fullen, Thomas
Fuller, Catherine
Fuller, Charlotte
Fuller, Critia
Fuller, Didema
Fuller, Elijah
Fuller, Elizabeth
Fuller, Francis
Fuller, George
Fuller, Harrison
Fuller, Harvey
Fuller, Henry H
Fuller, Jacob
Fuller, James
Fuller, Jefferson
Fuller, John
Fuller, John H
Fuller, Joshua
Fuller, Lucretia
Fuller, Lucretia
Fuller, Lydia
Fuller, Margaret
Fuller, Mary
Fuller, Nancy J
Fuller, Polly
Fuller, Rosealina
Fuller, Sarah
Fuller, Susannah
Fuller, William H
Guinino, Andrew
Guinino, George W
Guinino, Hezekiah
Guinino, Lisha
Guinn, John
Guinn, Patsey
Hunt, Elizabeth
Hunt, Henry
Hunt, Hezekiah
Hunt, Lazarus
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, Rodah
Hunt, Sarah
Hunt, Susannah
Johnson, Alexander
Johnson, Eleanor
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Huldah
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, Loueasy
Johnson, Louisa
Johnson, Matilda
Johnson, Sally
Justice, Richard
Lee, James ?
Lee, John W
Lee, Mary
Lee, Nancy
Lee, Richard
Looney, Didema
Looney, John W
Looney, Joseph
Looney, Lucinda
Looney, Mary
Looney, Vicy
Luster, Alexander
Luster, Almeda
Luster, Charity
Luster, Cindesta
Luster, Doss
Luster, Elisha
Luster, Fredrick
Luster, Henry H
Luster, Jacob
Luster, James H
Luster, Jane
Luster, Joseph
Luster, Levi
Luster, Lucy
Luster, Malinda
Luster, Mary
Luster, Mary
Luster, Matilda
Luster, Michael
Luster, Milbern
Luster, Miles
Luster, Priscy
Luster, Riley
Luster, Sarah
Luster, Sarah
Luster, Sarah
Luster, Vina
Matney, Elizabetts
Matney, Joseph
Matney, Walter
Matney, William
McLaughlin, James
Mullins, James
Mullins, James
Mullins, John
Mullins, Mary
Mullins, Mary
Mullins, Preston
Mullins, Richard
Mullins, Sally
Owens, Cindata
Owens, Lorenzo D
Ramey, Analiza
Ramey, Andrew
Ramey, Charles
Ramey, Cristinor
Ramey, Elizabeth
Ramey, Emily
Ramey, Francis
Ramey, Infant unnamed
Ramey, James
Ramey, James S
Ramey, Jane
Ramey, John
Ramey, John
Ramey, John H
Ramey, Joseph
Ramey, Louisa
Ramey, Margaret
Ramey, Martin
Ramey, Mary
Ramey, Mary F
Ramey, Miles
Ramey, Nancy
Ramey, Nancy
Ramey, Nancy
Ramey, Pricey
Ramey, Pricey
Ramey, Priscey
Ramey, Sarilda
Ramey, Sylvester
Ramey, Thomas
Ramey, Willilam
Rasnick, Elijah L
Rasnick, Infant unnamed
Rasnick, Polly
Rasnick, Susanah
Rasnick, Sylvia
Ratcliff, Jasper
Ratcliff, John
Ratcliff, Matilda
Ratcliff, Patsey
Ratcliff, Rebecca
Ratcliff, Richard
Ratcliff, Sarah
Ratcliff, Wilborn
Rose, Archibal
Rose, Elizabeth
Rose, Elouisa
Rose, James
Rose, John
Rose, Joseph
Rose, Joseph
Rose, Margaret
Rose, Margaret
Rose, Margarett
Rose, Rebecca
Rose, Samuel
Rose, Samuel
Rose, William
Rotan, William
Runnions, Aaron
Runnions, Brigette
Runnions, David
Runnions, Elizabeth
Runnions, George
Runnions, Sarah
Shortridge, Arminda
Shortridge, Elijah
Shortridge, George
Shortridge, Ruth
Shortridge, Simion
Shortridge, Smith
Stilton, Angeline
Stilton, Charles
Stilton, Charles
Stilton, Charlotte
Stilton, Christopher
Stilton, Christopher
Stilton, Cynthia
Stilton, David
Stilton, David
Stilton, Elias
Stilton, Elijah
Stilton, Elizabeth
Stilton, Elizabeth
Stilton, Elizabeth
Stilton, Garrett
Stilton, Huldah
Stilton, Jacob
Stilton, Jane
Stilton, Jefferson
Stilton, John
Stilton, John
Stilton, John E
Stilton, John O
Stilton, Letta
Stilton, Mary
Stilton, Mary
Stilton, Mary
Stilton, Mary A
Stilton, Mathew
Stilton, Matison
Stilton, Nancy
Stilton, Nancy
Stilton, Nancy
Stilton, Nathan
Stilton, Preston
Stilton, Richard
Stilton, Rosina
Stilton, Sarah
Stilton, Sarah
Stilton, Vicy A
Stilton, Walter
Sutherland, Daniel
Sutherland, Elizabeth
Sutherland, Ezekiel
Sutherland, James
Sutherland, James
Sutherland, John
Sutherland, Margaret
Sutherland, Nancy
Sutherland, Noah
Sutherland, Orpha
Taylor, Abraham
Taylor, Barbran
Taylor, Drewry
Taylor, Flanor
Taylor, John W
Taylor, Levi
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Wesley
Taylor, William
Watkins, John N