Infant son of
E. L. & J. Poore Loving
(Remainder Illegible)


3/25/2001 Inventory found this stone encased in the trunk of a 45 inch (plus) diameter maple. The stone is broken in half vertically and much of the inscription is hidden by the surrounding trunk. There is a small stone, probably a footstone, to the east of this headstone. The footstone is flush with the soil and is gouged and sheared from being run over numerous times by the lawn tractor.

4/2/2002 In September 2001, this tree lost large limbs during a storm. The city arborist decided the tree was dying and rotting and if not removed would only continue to threaten headstones with more falling limbs. Parks maintenance cut the tree leaving only a 3 ft tall stump encasing Julian. Once cut, the tree revealed it was hollow. Now, as the center of the trunk continues to deteriorate and the stump drys out, the crack in Julian's headstone is widening.

4/7/2002 A bit of sluething around the footstone revealed an inscription facing west reading J. B. L.

5/14/2002 A tree seedling has rooted in the vertical crack of this stone. If left unattended the seedling will cause further damage.


Julian's headstone is encased in a tree trunk hiding much of the inscription including date of death. City cemetery records record his burial as 1880. Julian is the son of Edwin Lunsford Loving (buried at Grave 3) and Julia Poore Loving. He is the great grandson (through his mother's line) of Thomas and Elizabeth Bankhead Magruder (Elizabeth is at Grave 6). Julian's paternal grandfather was Robert H. Poore, CSA, of Fluvanna County, Virginia. Robert Poore died on July 3, 1863 from wounds received during Picket's Charge at Gettysburg.

Edwin L. Loving and Julia Poore Loving lived in Richmond at that time of the June 1880 census for Henrico County, Virginia and the census lists Julian as 7 months old. He is the only child listed in the census for the couple. His father, Edwin, died just two years later in 1882 at the age of 33 and is buried nearby. His mother, Julia, married again to John Porter Yancey of Albemarle county and had at least one other child. There are no Yanceys found at Maplewood. Julia's burial location is unknown at this time.

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