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Books For Sale

Books for Sale

To order any of these publications please send the item numbers and names of the publications desired along with check payable to:

Orange County Historical Society, Inc.
130 Caroline St.
Orange, VA 22960-1533

Postage & Handling: $2.75 for the first book and $1.25 for each additional book; $2.00 for the first pamphlet and $1.00 for each additional pamphlet marked with asterisk (*)

Virginia residents please include sales tax.

Society Members receive a 10% discount.
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Payment may be made by credit card!

Please email us with your Name, address, phone number, your book order, Name as it appears on the card, Card number and expiration date.

You may also call us to place your order at 540-672-5366


*Remembering: A History of Orange County, Virginia.
by Frank S. Walker, Jr.

The first comprehensive history of Orange County in 100 years! Reviewers claim the book is "carefully researched" and "scrupulously documented." It is also fun to read.
$30 + $1.35 Va. tax.if ordering form Virginia. [Item No. W225] 

wpe04539.gif (163976 bytes) A Different Window...a different victory
The Civil War records, diaries and letters of Captain Z. T. Ross, Co. B, 13th Virginia Infantry Regiment and a history of Company B. (softcover, 217 pp.) 1999 reprint
$17.95 + .80 Va. tax [Item No. W201]
wpe20607.gif (30163 bytes) Orange County Land Patents
by Ulysses P. Joyner, Jr. The second edition of Mr. Joyner's book detailing the original land patents in present day Orange County. Includes maps of the patents and cross-indices. Also, included is background information on the Virginia patent system. (softcover, 62 pp.)
$12.50 + .56 Va. tax [Item No. W202]
wpe73963.gif (49907 bytes) The Clerks of Orange County, Virginia
by Ulysses P. Joyner, Jr. Brief biographies of each of the Clerks of Orange County including miscellaneous data on the evolution of the Virginia and Orange County judicial systems. Lists of the holders of other county offices are appendixed. (softcover, 44 pp.)
$6.95 + .31 Va. tax [Item No. W203]

octonia.jpg (3243 bytes)

The Octonia Grant: In Orange and Greene Counties
by J. Randolph Grymes, Jr. The history of a 24,000 acre land grant and the search for the boundary stone marked with a cross atop a figure eight. Illustrations, maps, full index. (softcover, 139 pp.)
$14.95 + .67 Va. tax. [Item No. W204] 
wpe71706.gif (51075 bytes) Antebellum Orange
by Ann L. Miller. The Pre-Civil War homes, public buildings and historic sites of Orange County, Va., covering over 175 buildings and sites, with over 150 illustrations, plus maps, full index.. (hardcover, 197 pp.) 
$27.50 + 1.24 Va. tax [Item No. W205]
wpe80652.gif (28165 bytes) Orange County Road Orders, 1734-1749
by Ann B. Miller. Transcriptions of transportation related orders naming many of the inhabitants of Orange County, old roads and place names. (softcover, 323 pp.) 
$25.00 + 1.13 Va. tax [Item No. W207] 
wpe65957.gif (29600 bytes) Orange County Road Orders, 1750-1800 
by Ann B. Miller. Continuation of the series begun with Orange County Road Orders, 1734-1749. (softcover, 394 pp.) 
$25.00 + 1.13 Va. tax. [Item No. W208] 
wpe77892.gif (114067 bytes) The Diary of Fannie Page Hume, Orange Virginia, 1861
The diary of a young Orange woman at the beginning of the Civil War (softcover, 91 pp.) 
$5.00 + .23 Va. tax. [Item No. W209] 

wpe10166.gif (276685 bytes)

The Fanny Hume Diary of 1862: A Year in Wartime Orange, Virginia
The diary of a young woman caught in the midst of the Civil War. This diary is well documented with over 300 footnotes explaining the people and events noted, as well as providing background information on her family and community (softcover, 236 pp.) 
$14.95 + .67 Va. tax. [Item No. W210] 
Orange Virginia: Story of a Courthouse Town
by William H.B. Thomas. A short history of the Town of Orange from its founding in 1749 to the early 20th century. (softcover, 89 pp.)  
$7.95 + .27 Va. tax. [Item No. W211] 
*Orange Courthouse, 1861-1865: Orange in the Civil War
A compilation of official records regarding Orange County in the Civil War and men who served from the area. (softcover, 46 pp.)  
$4.00 + .18 Va. tax. [Item No. W212]
*A Guide to Historical Research in Orange County, Virginia
by Ann L. Miller. A guide to county records and research sources for 
Orange County, (softcover, 31 pp.) 
$4.00 + .18 Va. tax. [Item No. W213] 
*Occasional Papers #1: A Select Bibliography on Orange County, Virginia
(softcover, 16 pp.)  
$3.00 + .14 Va. tax. [Item No. W214] 
*Occasional Papers #4: The Rapidan Mound Revisited
Archaeological explorations at a pre-historic burial mound. (softcover 42 pp.) 
$3.00 + .14 Va. tax. [Item No. W215] 
*Probated Wills: Orange County, Virginia, 1861-1865
Compiled by James W. Cortada 
$4.00+.18 Va. Tax  [Item No. W216] 
ambrose cover1.jpg (54456 bytes)

The Short Life and Strange Death of Ambrose Madison
Ambrose Madison (ca. 1696-1732), Grandfather of President James Madison. Born into a well established Tidewater Virginia family, Ambrose Madison built a rising career as a planter, merchant, entrepreneur and county official before moving westward into the fertile soil of the new Piedmont frontier�to the land that would later become his family�s Montpelier plantation. But his ordered and ambitious life was cut short by an early and violent death. Ambrose Madison was just establishing his family at his new plantation in the summer of 1732 when he was killed by slaves�the first documented murder victim in the region.

Here, for the first time, the scattered remaining records concerning Ambrose Madison are brought together to reconstruct not only much of the life, but also the death of this previously little-known figure�a nearly three-century-old murder mystery.
$11.95 + .54 Va. tax [Item No. W200]

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