Van Tassel Family History Home Page

Van Tassel Family History Homepage

"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

Van Tassel Family Ball Team - 1903

Welcome to the Van Tassel Family History Homepage! My name is Rick Van Tassel and I hope to create a gathering place for all VT's and cousins. I've managed to collect quite a bit of VT family history material and hope to post it here in the future.  

Pictured above is my GGGrandfather George Washington Van Tassel and his ten ballplaying sons. Included in the above photo are: (top row left to right) Grover, Jefferson (my GGrandfather), George W., Charles, William.  Second row: Levi, George, Paul, Seymour, John.  In front of the group is young Avery. A copy of this photo is now in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

This web site is dedicated to the many Van Tassel mothers who, because of European societal attitudes and laws introduced into America, could not aspire to a career--let alone leadership of their people as was possible in Catoneras' time and before.  Under those constraints, our mothers' feats should be considered nothing less than heroic.  They were the ones responsible for caring for the family and preserving family traditions.  They deserve a lasting tribute and Avery Tracy  Van Tassel (pictured above) expresses that tribute quite profoundly on the VT Memory page.

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George Van Tassel  - (son of Paul pictured above) "Author, inventor and controversial UFO advocate.  Some agreed, some disagreed with his philosophy.   None found him boring."

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  Thanks goes out to Guido Van Tassel of Belgium for providing this photograph.