Montgomery County, Virginia

1893 – 1894

Chataigne’s Virginia Gazetteer


Classified Business Directory


Wilton.-James Dillon, James Gemell, Charles Selby, E. S. Hurlay, Mc W. Tinsley, John W. Chowning, William L Kenard, George F Hurley, James Ludlay, John H Payne, John Snead, Joseph Clear, Jessie B. Morris, Thomas Sibley, Joseph Fears, C. L. Fears, W. C. Conrad.




Value of real estate 1892,                                           $2,341,213.00

State tax on real estate,                                               9,634.83

Value of personal property,                                        639,205.00

State tax on personal property,                                   2,582.25

Capitation tax,            White $2,563.00         colored,           427.00

Population, 1890,        White, 14,171; colored,          3,571


Montgomery was formed in 1776 from Fincastle, which had been previously erected in 1772 from Botetourt, but was extinguished in 1776 by the division of territory into Washington, Montgomery, and Kentucky counties. Craig county bounds it on the north, Floyd on the south, Roanoke on the east, and Giles and Pulaski on the west. Much of the county is mountainous, but that portion susceptible of cultivation is very rich and productive and yields fine crops of corn, oats, wheat, the vegetable and orchard products.

The county is watered by the New river and the head waters of the Roanoke, and traversed by the Norfolk and Western railroad which furnishes transportation to the markets of Lynchburg, Norfolk, and the north through eastern connections, and Menphis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and the south through its western connections, Christiansburg, the county seat, is a station on the Norfolk and Western railroad and is growing and thriving town on 1,000 population, surrounded by a rich county. Blacksburg, a prosperous and healthy town of 700, is the seat of one of the noblest institutions of learning in the state, the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. It has been endowed by the general government by liberal donations of public lands, and is the recipient annually of a munificent appropriation by the government of the State. While this is primarily a technical school, and the act of Congress requires that “the leading object shall be to teach such branches of learning as are related to Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts,” yet the same law is equally explicit in providing that scientific and classical studies shall not be excluded. Hence, as some literary studies are needed in any scheme of education for their training and liberalizing effect, no one is allowed to bear off the diploma of the college who has not made satisfactory progress in parts of the literary and scientific course. A view of the college buildings is presented elsewhere. The minerals found in the county are iron ore (brown hematite), copper pyrites, gold in gravel, lead ore, coal and millstone. There are several mineral springs in the county, the principal of which are the Montgomery White, the Yellow Sulphur and the Alleghany Springs. The county has an area of 390 square miles or 252,790 acres, and the land has an average assessed value of $9 per acre.



The Circuit Court of the 14th circuit meets at Christiansburg on the 10th of May and 26th of November.

Judge, Henry E Blair.

Clerk, B W Hines.

The Count Court meets at Christiansburg on Tuesday after the fourth Monday in each month.

Judge, Walter M Pierce.

Clerk, R T Ellett.


County Officers.

Sheriff, S C Barnett.

Surveyor, W J Hall.

Treasurer, James C Haynes.

Com. Attorney, J Hampton Hoge.

Com’r of Accts, W C Hagan.

Sup’ of Poor, J W Albright.

Sup’t of Schools, R B Richardson.

Com’rs of Revenue, Stephen E Boone, Kirkwood Bell.



Tosh Sesslar, Fagg; Geo H. Judkin, Christiansburg; A. J. Deyerle, Elliston; E. H. Wilson, Cambria; G. C. Otey, Prices Fork; W. H. Harman, Vicars; G. W. Badel, Blacksburg.



Flem Roop, Childress; Dan Hale, Blacksburg; C B Ernstein, Christiansburg; Jos. E. Pepper, Elliston.



H Clay Akers, Riner; J Harvey Lester, Elliston.


Radford City Officers.

Mayor, Hugh C Preston.

Treasurer, A Robinson.

Com. Attorney, S H Hoge.

City Sergeant, James Fisher.

City Pysician, Dr L B Moore.

High Constable, A T Caldwell.

Com’r Revenue, J W Hopkins.

Clerk of Council, R L Jordan.

Judge of Hustings Court, Geo E Cassell.

Clerk of Hustings Court, Arthur Roberts.


Common Council.

H P Briggs, Walter Roberts, E F Gill, R J Node, G T Kersley, W R Wharton, W J Kinderdine, John H Washington, H H Powers, C A Bickenkemper, Louis Harvey, Dr W W McElrath.



Alleghany Springs, E T Dooley.

Bennett’s Mill, G M BENNETT.

Big Tunnel, Geo W Jewell.

Blacksburg, C A Pugh.


Centre Mills, R P Lovell.

Childress, S G Palmer.

Christiansburg, (c h), Geo W Wilson.

Cowan’s Mills, John T Cowan.

East Radford.

Ellett, J H MOSES.



La Fayette, J W SNEDEGAR.

Lester’s,Amanda A Lester.

Long’s Shop, S T Harless.

McDonald’s Mill, G W Gardner.

Montgomery Springs, G W Oty.

Pilot, Mrs Bettie Guerant.

Price’s Forks, M S Price.

Radford, R H LYTLE

Riner, C B Turner.

Shawsville, J M Waskey.

Vicar’s Switch, ERASTUS PRICE.

Yellow Sulpur Springs, Ridgeway Holt.


Agricultural Implements.

Aringdale H L,                        Radford

Hatcher & Kipps,                    Cambria

Surface C W,                          Riner

Tallant & Co,                          Christiansburg

Zink A J,                                 Christiansburg

Zink S M,                                Christiansburg



Austin H N,                            Radford


Attorneys At Law.

Akers M T,                              Riner

Bain F B,                                 East Radford

Cassell G E,                            Radford

Green James,                           East Radford

Heflin & Dunlop,                    East Radford

Harlem Allen I,                       Radford

Heermans C A,                       Christiansburg

Hoge J H,                                Radford

Jenkins Geo G,                        Christiansburg

Longley H Jordan,                  East Radford

Marshall C E A,                      East Radford

Moore Thomas M,                   Christiansburg

Norfleet James M,                   Radford

Phleger & Johnson,                 Christiansburg

PETERS J D,                          East Radford

Pierce W M,                            Christiansburg

Ronald Chas A,                      Blacksburg

Swaine Lewis,                         Riner

TOMPKINS M H,                  Christiansburg

Vaughan W D,                        East Radford



Snider J W,                             Christiansburg



Rothstein Daniel,                    Radford



Bank of Blacksburg,               Blacksburg

Bank of Christiansburg,          Christiansburg

Bank of Radford,                   Radford

Exchange, S W Burton cashier,

                                                East Radford

Radford Loan and Trust Co,  Radford



*Perkins & Burl,                     Radford

Stovall J H,                             East Radford



Ross Charles,                          Radford


Booksellers and Stationers.

Pierce H G,                             Radford


Boot and Shoe Makers.

Crouch T E,                             Radford


Builders’ Supplies.


Kirk pres and genl mangr,       Radford


Building and Loan Associations.

Virginia Mutual Bldg and Loan Association, J Hoge Tyler pres, S W Burton sec and treas,                                                Radford



Dryfoos & Co,                                    East Radford

Labold & Price,                       East Radford

Nunley I G,                             East Radford

Wall J J & Bro,                        Radford


Carpenters and Builders.

Barnett Joseph,                       Riner

Butt J B,                                  Lafayette

Graham James M,                   Lafayette

Gray W W,                              Blacksburg

Harnell A A,                           Blacksburg

Horton B F,                             Riner

Leffler & Kirkbridge              Radford

Litton Paris,                            Vicar’s Switch

Mount & Jones,                       Radford

Narfater W R,                         Vicar’s Switch

Palmer S G & Son,                  Childress

Perfater---,                               Fagg

Ross Jeff,                                Alleghany Springs

Tilly J F Jr,                              Radford

Whitt G T,                               Centre Mills

Whitt Wm H,                          Centre Mills


Cattle Dealers.

Albert J A,                              Shawsville

Atkins J L,                              Bennett’s Mill

Childress James S,                  Christiansburg

Flanigan Adam H,                  Vicar’s Switch

Flanigan W F,                         Christiansburg

Gilmore H S,                           Long’s Shop

Hall J S,                                   Childress

Hall W J,                                 Childress

Harvey F,                                Childress

Heister Harman S,                   Vicar’s Switch

Henderson Eugene,                 Bennett’s Mill

Lester C D,                             Lester’s

Lester M A,                             Lester’s

Lucas J C,                               Childress

Price A E F,                            Long’s Shop

Roop F S,                                Childress

Turner W G,                            Riner


China and Glassware.

Adams W H,                           Radford


Cigar Manufacturers.

Davis & Goodman,                 East Radford


Cigars and Tobacco.

Montague J Keyle,                  Christiansburg



Givens J L,                              East Radford

McCulloch F C & Co,             Radford

Meals & Burke,                       East Radford

Simon P,                                  East Radford

Reveley G O & Co,                East Radford

Virginia Hard Coal Co,           Radford


Coach and Wagon Builders.

Bingham W C,                        Christiansburg

Croy D A,                               Blacksburg

Healey Wm,                            Fagg

Kaistar Lewis,                         Vicar’s Switch

Long Joseph,                           Long’s Shop

Marrow & Roop,                     Christiansburg

Minnick Samuel J,                   LaFayette

Myers John A,                         Childress

Page & Albright,                     Christiansburg

Popovitch Kileman,                Christiansburg

Robertson W D,                      Vicar’s Switch

Ross Charles P,                       Riner

Snider S T,                              Long’s Shop

Tate J W,                                 Bennett’s Mill

Whitlock Ferdinand,               Riner

Williams Geo T,                      Alleghany Springs

Wimmer F P,                           Shawsville

Wimmer & Ross,                     Alleghany Springs

Woolwine Chas,                      Christiansburg


Coal Dealers.

Kanode & Co,                         Blacksburg

Kipps & Linkous,                    Christiansburg


Commissioners in Chancery.

Dunlap Wirt,                           East Radford

Green James,                           East Radford

Hoge Samuel H,                      Radford

Walker G C,                            East Radford



Foote J W,                               Christiansburg

Lester D D,                             Christiansburg

Linkous Gordon,                     Vicar’s Switch

McElrath W W,                       East Radford

Miller J W,                              Blacksburg

Scott J D,                                Riner

Sproles FA,                             Radford



Lester John W,                        Blacksburg

Richardson C W,                    Lester’s

Richardson Geo,                     Riner

Richardson John,                    Lester’s

Simpkins L C,                         Vicars Switch



Charleton Robert,                   Riner

Hardwick & Bro,                    Blacksburg

Lawrence C & Son,                Riner

Lyle G W & Bro,                    Radford

Lyle & Carson,                        Radford

Lyle & Carson,                        East Radford

Radford Drug Co, Noell & Millner,

                                                East Radford

St Clair & Hopkins,                Radford

Thompson Hagan & Co,         Christiansburg

Wilson & Noell,                      Radford

Wygal W W,                           East Radford


Dry Goods.

Bonage H W & Sons,             East Radford

Buck Bros,                              East Radford

Harris & Boyd,                       Radford

Peters Bros,                             East Radford

Robinson A,                            East Radford

Tinsley J W,                            East Radford


Flour Dealers.

BENNETT G M,                    Bennett’s Mill


Furniture Dealers.

Adams W H,                           Radford

Hickock & Bro,                       Christiansburg

Luster & Co,                           Blacksburg

New River Furniture Co, M Reid mngr,

                                                East Radford

Tallant & Co,                          Christiansburg


General Merchants.

Barker WI,                              Radford

Barnett J W,                            Elliston

Beinkampen & Co,                 Radford

Black Alex,                             Blacksburg

Blake R A,                              Big Tunnel

Buck, Rudd & Co,                  Radford

Campbell Jos,                          Elliston

Charlton J R,                           Riner

Deyerle A J,                            Elliston

Eakin & Co,                            Blacksburg

Effinger & Bro,                       Blacksburg

Einstein & Croy,                     Radford

Ellett R T Jr & Co,                  Christiansburg

Epling & Bro,                          Radford

Gardner W W,                        Lafayette

Gladstone & Wade,                Radford

Graham Aaron,                       Christiansburg

Harding R Reid,                     Alleghany Springs

Harless ST,                              Long’s Shop

Heermans L E,                        Christiansburg

Harvey JP,                               Blacksburg

Hatcher R E,                           Cambria

Henderson J S,                        Elliston

Hickok R E,                            Christiansburg

JONES E S & CO,                 Radford

Lawrence C & Son,                Riner

Mortine J S & Co,                   Radford

Price Erastus,                          Vicars Switch

Price J B,                                 Price’s Forks

Roberts W R & Co,                Radford

Robinson A,                            Radford

Sheltman S,                             Christiansburg

SNEDEGAR JW,                   Lafayette

Spindle, Harless, & Stone,      Christiansburg

Tallant & Co,                          Christiansburg

Taylor John L,                         Cambria

Tyler Geo W,                          Radford

Wall WT,                                 Price’s Forks

Walters JW,                             Fagg

Walters JW,                             Cambria

Washington Geo,                    Cambria



JONES E S & BRO,               East Radford

McCormick & Bro,                 Radford

Martin WH,                             Radford

Peters Bros & Co,                   Radford

Reveley G O & Bro,               East Radford

Thomas C F,                            East Radford

Tilson J W,                              East Radford

Trevey & Bro,                         East Radford



Arringdale & Co,                    Radford

Luster A W & Co,                  Blacksburg

Radford Hardware Co,           Radford

Tallant & Co,                          Christiansburg


Hay, Grain, &c.

Harvey A L,                            Radford

Jordan WR,                             Radford



Alleghany House, Mrs Belle Jordan,


Alleghany Springs, C A Calhoun

                                                Alleghany Springs

Central Park, S G Farley,        Christiansburg

Commercial,                            Vicar’s Switch

Deyerle A J,                            Elliston

Green’s, F S Green & Son,     East Radford

Hotel Templeton, J L Eakin,   Blacksburg

Judkin House, W C Judkin,    Christiansburg

Montgomery White Sulphur,  Montgomery Springs

Ridgeway House, Miss Annie Ridgeway,


Virginia House, W F Palmer,  East Radford

Western House, J W Lester,   Blacksburg

Wilson House, Jno H Kipps,   Cambria

Yellow Sulphur Springs, Ridgeway Holt,

                                                Yellow Sulphur Springs


Insurance Agents.

Kearsley & Crockett,              Radford

Powers H H & Co,                  Radford


Insurance Companies-Fire.

Petersburg Savings and Ins Co,

  Kearsley & Crockett,            Radford

Virginia Fire & Marine,

  Kearsley & Crockett,            Radford

Virginia State, John Gardner,

  Agt,                                       Christiansburg

Wytheville Banking and Ins Co,

  Kearsley & Crockett,            Radford


Iron Founders & Machinists.

Radford Pipe and Foundry Co (The), Jas N Gamble presdt, J K Dimmick gen’l mngr, F E Weakley resd’t mngr                                                Radford

Palmer W B,                            Childress

Zink A J & Son,                      Blacksburg


Land Agents.

Barckley & Crockett,              Radford

Bennett J C,                            Bennett’s Mill

Hoge J Hampton,                    Radford

Kersley G T & Co,                  Radford

Scott J D,                                Lafayette

Smith W S,                              Riner

Strange N R,                           Blacksburg

Surface Chas W,                     Riner



Radford Steam Laundry, Sanborn & Caldwell,



Lime Manufacturers.

Kinzer, Shoeffer & Plunkett,  Vicar’s Switch

Pelton M C,                             Christiansburg

Plunkett H R,                          Blacksburg


Livery Stables.

Grissom M S,                          Blacksburg

Harvey A L,                            Radford

Jett & Evans,                           Christiansburg

Kipps & Trigg,                        Cambria


Lumber Dealers.


Reveley G O & Co,                East Radford

Kimball Geo B,                       Radford



Cook M A Mrs,                       Blacksburg

Smith A M Miss,                     Christiansburg


Mills-Corn and Flour.

Alleghany Springs Co,            Alleghany Springs

Bennett M D,                          Bennett’s Mill

Calhoun C A,                          Alleghany Springs

Centre Mills, M Whitt,            Centre Mills

Chrisman G,                            Christiansburg

Cowan J T,                              Cowan’s Mills

Dooley E T,                             Alleghany Springs

Evans J M,                              Montgomery Springs

Gardner Chas,                         McDonald’s Mill

Gasnand Geo,                         Riner

Gisiner T S W,                        Bennett’s Mill

Grayson James,                       Shawsville

Guerrant Wm,                         Pilot

Henderson G J,                       Bennett’s Mill

Hilliard Lewis,                        Shawsville

Huffman O H Mrs & W Seville,

                                                Long’s Shop

Kenode J P,                             Blacksburg

Lafayette Mills, Bandy & Harper,


Latimore Robt & Son,            Cambria

Lusters J L Atkins,                  Blacksburg

Martin W D,                            Elliston

PALMER S G & SON,          Childress

Pasegoy James,                       Riner

Pepper J E,                              Elliston

Perfater Chas,                         Fagg

Price Crockette,                      Vicar’s Switch

Rigby James & Son,                Cambria

Stump James,                          Riner

Wade H D,                              Christiansburg

Walters J M,                            Christiansburg

Whitlock J K,                          Bennett’s Mill

Zink A J & Son,                      Christiansburg



Alleghany Springs Co,            Alleghany Springs

Allen Bros.                              Radford

Bandy & Harper,                    Lafayette

Calhoun C A,                          Alleghany Springs

Camper R W,                          Blacksburg

Camper & Bro,                        Bennett’s Mill

Correll Geo,                            Christiansburg

Cowan J T,                              Cowan’s Mills

Crisman G,                              Christiansburg

Evans J M,                              Montgomery Springs

Garnard Geo,                          Christiansburg

Graham & Co,                         Alleghany Springs

Henderson’s Mill, Frank Henderson

                                                Bennett’s Mill

Hilliard Lewis,                        Shawsville

Kenode J,                                Blacksburg

McDonald Geo,                      McDonald’s Mills

Martin Moses,                         Lester’s

Murdock E,                             Vicars Switch

Palmer S G & Son,                  Childress

Reese & Perdue,                     Elliston

Robinson G W,                       Bennett’s Mill

St.Clair & Bandy                    Alleghany Springs

Stump James,                          Riner

Swaine & Phoris,                    Riner

Walters JM,                             Christiansburg

Weaver John,                          Christiansburg

Wilson Elcandria,                    Montgomery Springs

Zink A J & Son,                      Christiansburg



BENNET G M,                       Bennett’s Mill

Gisiner T S W,                        Bennett’s Mill

Humphreys J M,                      Bennett’s Mill

Kabrick I,                                Blacksburg

Martin W H,                            Radford

PALMER S G & SON,          Childress

Pepper S G,                             Elliston

Perfater C,                               Fagg

Pesegay James,                        Riner

Price S G,                                Price’s Forks

Robinson G W,                       Bennett’s Mill

Webster G A,                          Alleghany Springs



Bennett E H,                           Bennett’s Mills

Blacksburg Mining Co,           Blacksburg

Brush Mountain,                     Long’s Shop

Canode & Allen,                     Bennett’s Mill

Ekiss Lewis E,                        Long’s Shop

Hawley Steward,                    Vicar’s Switch

Kanode C P,                           Blacksburg

Kinzer & Schaeffer,                Blacksburg

Linkous & Kipps,                    Cambria

McCoy George,                      Long’s Shop

McCoy Moses,                        Long’s Shop

Myers W C,                             Cambria

Myers Bros,                             Vicar’s Switch

Price E,                                    Vicar’s Switch

Price Zachariah,                      Price’s Forks

Smith & Hawkins,                  Blacksburg

Whitaker Henry,                     Long’s Shop



Barnett, Spindle & Co,           Elliston

Bennett M D,                          Bennett’s Mill

Blair T C,                                Elliston

Caffee J A,                              Childress

Meredith H C,                         Childress


News Dealers.

Jenkins H,                               Radford

Radford News Co, J A Nabors mngr,

                                                East Radford



Montgomery Democrat, G A Sullivan agt (Tuesday),


Montgomery Messenger (Den,Friday),Tallant & Eoff props.


Radford Democrat (Dem),     Radford


Notaries Public.

Barclay W H,                          Radford

Vaughan W D,                        East Radford



Barnitz Price T,                       Christiansburg

Gardner E M,                          Christiansburg

McNamee & Hayslip,             Radford


Paints, Oils, &c.

Lyle & Carson,                        Radford



Darnell W W,                          East Radford

Jewell J H,                               Christiansburg

Johnston W A,                        East Radford



Black A J,                               Radford

Black K,                                  Blacksburg

Cannady C G,                         Elliston

Carrington Chas V,                 Alleghany Springs

Cowan H L,                            Radford

Davis JG,                                Riner

Edmondson W H,                   Christiansburg

Ellett R T,                               Christiansburg

Evans T J,                                Christiansburg

Farmer J W,                             Radford

Foote J W,                               Christiansburg

Henderson W F,                      Blacksburg

Hines B W,                             Pilot

James R B,                              East Radford

Johnson E,                               Radford

_acy H P,                                Christiansburg

McCandles W O,                    Alleghany Springs

Martin H B,                             Centre Mills

Moore LB,                              Radford

Ribble H D,                             Christiansburg

Robinson LB,                          Shawsville

Scott J D,                                Childress

Smith J S,                                Radford

Wilson W A,                           Radford

Wilson & James,                     Radford



Price M S,                               Price’s Forks


Real Estate Agents.

Barclay W H,                          Radford

Kearsley & Crockett,              Radford

Powers H H & Co,                  Radford

Robinson, Peters, & Co,         East Radford

Vaughan Howard & Co,         East Radford



Kent Bros,                               Radford



Radford Metal Roofing Co, C R Gilbert gen mngr,




Dunkle C H,                            Christiansburg

Early D H,                               Radford

Johnson H M,                          Bennett’s Mill

Myers Lee,                              Childress

Olinger John,                           Price’s Forks

Spickard John C,                     Blacksburg

Swaine L J,                             Riner

Tulzwarter Geo,                      Vicar’s Switch

Woolwine C R,                       Pilot


Sash, Door, and Blind Manufacturers.

RADFORD LUMBER CO, H L Kirk pres and gen mngr


Radford Mnfg Co, W R Kinsey sec,



Schools and Academies.

Belmont,                                 Vicar’s Switch

Blacksburg Academy,             Blacksburg

Montgomery Female College,

  E T Taliaferro,                       Christiansburg

Montgomery Male Academy,

  Mis M Hensten,                    Christiansburg

Virginia Agricultural & Mechanical College,



Sewing Machine Agents.

Shuler W A,                            Christiansburg


Stove Manufacturers.

Radford Stove and Range Wks,

  M C Jameson Jr rec’r,           Radford


Stoves and Tinware.

Effinger W M,                        Blacksburg

Mulcare T,                               Radford

Tallant & Co,                          Christiansburg



Hendry Thos J,                        Christiansburg

Miller & Johnson,                    Christiansburg



Camper A,                               Montgomery Springs

Harvey Thomas,                      Blacksburg

Linkous Garden,                     Vicar’s Switch

McDonald E,                          McDonald’s Mills

Price George,                          Christiansburg


Telegraph Companies.

Western Union, T E Howard mngr,




Kirby J M,                               East Radford

Roat B B,                                Radford



Camper Edward,                     Blacksburg

Evans T B,                              Blacksburg

Hickok & Bro,                        Christiansburg

Horton B F,                             Riner

Johnson & Co,                        East Radford

Lucus & Labrum,                    Radford

Myers John A,                         Childress

Oakley & Son,                        Radford

Pepper & Blunt,                      Elliston

Tallant & Co,                          Christiansburg

Whitlock F,                             Riner

Wimmer F P,                           Alleghany Springs


Watchmakers & Jewelers.

Haley Henry,                           Christiansburg

Kohlhousen T F,                     East Radford

Walters H D,                           Christiansburg


Wool Dealers.

Bennett G M,                          Bennett’s Mill

Hawley Mattie,                       Vicar’s Switch

Lawrence C,                            Riner

Slenker O G,                           Snowville


Principal Farmers.

Alleghany Springs – J H Sublett, E H Taylor, C H Barnett, H L Smith, C A Calhoun, J Whit Atkinson, Jesse Oty, J R Crockett, C D Cromer, Edward Atkinson, James Humphries.

            Bennett’s Mill – M M D Bennett, G J Henderson, J C Brown, C H Bennett, H M Johnson, T J Henderson, J L Atkins, G D Thomas, John Brown Sr, W H Creasey, John Buch, H Buch, Nash Henderson, J W Barker, J B Ruttledge, J K Henderson, R Lawrence, Eugene Henderson, James W Thomas, D H Brown.

            Blacksburg – A Crupecker, Ed Black, Stockton Heth, S C Hardwick, Jno Reynald, Wm Karr, A T Keister, Wm G Hall, Jno D Houston, Frank Wall, J P Slusser, J H Slusser, Thos J Henderson, J K Henderson, J B Rutledge, James Corper.

            Centre Mills – M Whitt, C W Carden, Wm H G T Whitt, Daniel Shelor, J B Whitt, J H Peterson, Wm Peters, C W Taylor, Millard Harvey, Mrs Mary T Hoge, W L Whitt.

            Childress – E H Bowyer, J A Coffee, Gordon Dobbins, Jacob Faris, Thos Gordon, George Garnand, B F Hawley, J D Hall, Jesse Hall, W J Hall, Ferdinand Harvey, N B Harvey, Millard Harvey, T L Howard, T S Howard, G T Kirby, Mount Lester, H C Meredith, W B Palmer, F S Roop, Harvey Roop, G E Reed, Jas C Lucas, R M Lucas, Jos Sarles, J J Trolinger, W D Smith.

            Christiansburg – Thos Francis, Jos Fisher, W C Charleton, Aaron Hughes, Wm Lonkenhoker, R C Walters, T J Montague, Thos Smith

            Cowan’s Mills – Jno T Cowan, John Albert, Jas E Albert, Paris F Albert, Rufus Albert, Riley Albert, Ezra Snider.

            Elliston – W J Biggs, John Wertz, J W Barnett, D Edmondson, W M Ellis, J L Ryan, A T Eskridge, J H Northcross, W D Kirkwood, C F Bount, J P Epperly, A Gross, John Barnett, Samuel Maddox.

            Lafayette – B F Thomas, H C Hatcher, D B Davis, J T Gordon, Samuel Watson, A J Duncan, Taylor Bros, D B Pulliam, F A Butt, J R Stover, C H Barnes, B H Mansfield, D W Burkett.

            Long’s Shop – A E F Price, John Albert, Moses McCoy, F M McCoy, J C Harless, Henry Whitaker, H M Albert, O R J Kuster, J R Harless, James Graves, Harvy Gilmore, Wm Dillion, M L Harless, G C Olinger, Thomas Gilmore, W J McCoy, James McCoy.

            McDonald’s Mills – M M McDonald, C H Bennett, Zack Gallion, Harvey Gallion.

            Montgomery Springs – J C Laine, J W Rumburge, J T Laine, J J Johnson, B F Jennings, C E Gilmore, Fleming Kerby, J W Kerby, J E Pannell, Alex’r Gilmore

            Pilot – J M Grey, J L Weaver, L Walton, Evans Woodburne, John Wright, Wm Dobbins, Frank Lawrence, W T Poff, C R Woolwine, Wm Epperly.

            Price’s Forks – Geo Evans, Floyd Wall, Paris Wall, John Helvey, W R Perfater, Zach Price, J R Carder, Peter Price, Strother Heavener, James B Price.

            Radford – Stockton Heth, J L Radford, Mc Inge, J N Kinzer, Jas Zoll, J J Wall, Alonzo Wall, J H Carper, Beverly Carper, Malind Carper, M Gibson, Thomas Gibson, J M hage, Isham Maness, W T Young Jr.

            Riner – C W Surface, W Thos Riner, David Riner, Geo W Thompson, Geo Williamson, Geo Weaver, W S Smith, W T Smith, A G Wells, C B Turner, W G Turner, Jos Feather, John A Garnand.

            Shawsville – J L Ryan, Rob R Ryan, Louis Hilliard, H Crotchett, Jos Deyerle, Jno Jewell, Jno White.

            Vicar’s Switch – Wall Flanigan, H S Kirbe, Henry Barnett, High Hamburger, Ham Harman, King Harman, E J Eskridge, Crotchett Hawley, D L Charlton, T S Charlton, William Harman, Gordon Linkous, Crockett Price, Lewis Simpkins, Wm Simpson, Weldon Linkous.

            Yellow Sulpur Springs – Jos W Johnson, Anderson Cupp, Jos Swinney, Jos N Jumell, Ham Jumell.