1888 Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer and Business Directory


Population 1880--White 12,466; colored 4,227--total 16,693
County seat, Christiansburg, Population 768
Vote of county November 2, 1886--Democrats 487; Labor, 726
Value real estate 1886: $1,950,954.70
Value of personal property: $540,929.00
Tax real estate: $7,805.70
Tax personal property: $2,164.29
Capitation tax: White, 2,089; colored 434.
Montgomery was formed in 1776 from Fincastle which had been previously erected in 1772 from Botetourt but which was extinguished in 1776 by the division of its territory into Washington, Montgomery and Kentucky counties. Craig County bounds it on the north, Floyd on the South, Roanoke on the east and Giles and Pulaski on the west. Much of the county is mountainous, but that portion susceptible of cultivation is very rich and productive, and yields fine crops of corn, oats, wheat, the vegetables and the dairy and orchard products. The county is watered by the New river and the headwaters of the Roanoke, and traversed by the Norfolk and Western railroad, which furnishes transportation to the markets of Lynchburg, Norfolk and the North through its eastern connections, and Memphis, Louisville, Cincinnati and the South through its western connections. Christiansburg the county seat, is a station on the Norfolk and Western railroad and is a growing and thriving town of 1,000 population, surrounded by a rich country. The Montgomery Female College, one of the finest institutions of learning in this healthful section of the State, is located here. The principals have associated with them a corps of most talented and experienced teachers, and advantages are offered here second to no other college in the State. Blacksburg, a prosperous and healthy town of 700 is the seat of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, which has been endowed by the general government by liberal donations of public lands, and is the recipient annually of a munificent appropriation by the government of the State. Central City (Lovely Mount P.O.,) on the Norfolk and Western railroad, twelve miles west of the courthouse is a thriving town of 1,300 inhabitants. The machine shops of the Norfolk and Western railroad are situated there. The minerals found in the county are iron ore (brown hematite), copper, pyrites, gold in gravel, lead ore, coal and millstone. There are several mineral springs in the county, the principal of which are! the Montgomery White, the Yellow Sulphur and the Alleghany Springs. The county has an area of 386 1/3 square miles, or 247,298 acres, and the land has an average assessed value of $7.88 per acre.

Post Offices

Alleghany Spring- C. R. Colhoun
Bennett's Mill - M. D. Bennett
Big Spring Depot- A. J. Deyerle
Blacksburg--A. T. Kiester
Centre Mills - Mrs. H. L. Sale
Childress' Store - J. E. Howard
Christiansburg - R. M. Gardner
Cowan's Mills - John T. Cowan
Lester - Amanda A. Lester
Long's Shop
Lovely Mount - A. Robinson
Montgomery Springs
Price's Forks - J. W. Olinger
Riner - John R. Charlton
Vicars Switch
Yellow Sulphur Springs


The Circuit Court of the Fourteenth Circuit meets at Christiansburg on the 10th May and 26th November.

Judge: Henry E. Blair
Clerk: B. W. Hines

The County Court meets on the Tuesday after the fourth Monday in each month.

Judge: Geo. G. Junkin
Clerk: R. T. Ellett

County Officers

Sheriff: Samuel C. Barnett
Treasurer: James C. Haynes
Surveyor: Wm. J. Hall
Commissioners of Revenue: A. B. Smith and Stephen E. Roone
Commonwealth's Attorney: C. A. Heermans


L. A. Buckingham, Childress' Store; N. R. Slanger, Wm. Songer, Blacksburg; J. T. Miller, Christiansburg; T. W. Jones, Ronald; J. J. Helvey, Price's Forks; J. D. Peters, Lovely Mount; E. H. Taylor, Shawsville

Attorneys at Law

Cassell, G. E. - Lovely Mount
Heermans, C. A. - Blacksburg
Hoge, B. Lacy - Ronald
Junkin, George B. - Christiansburg
Phlegar & Johnson - Christiansburg
Pierce, Wm. M. - Christiansburg
Ronald, C. A. - Blacksburg
Sullivan, T. E. - Christiansburg
Taylor, J. C. - Christiansburg


Snider, J. W. - Christiansburg


Conway & Hubbert - Blacksburg

Cabinet Makers Chiles, J. M. - Christiansburg
Hickok & Bro. - Christiansburg

Coach and Wagon Builders

Croy, D. A. - Blacksburg
Minnick, Samuel J. - LaFayette
Mitchell, Thomas - Big Spring Depot
Pedigo, J. W. - Blacksburg
Tate, Nicholas - Bennett's Mill
Wimmer, F. P. - Alleghany Springs


Hickok, Robert E. - Christiansburg


Foote, J. W. - Christiansburg
Lester, D. D. - Christiansburg
McElrath, Wm. - Blacksburg
Miller, J. W. - Blacksburg
Scott, John F. - Childress' Store


Bower, S. E. - Lester
Richardson, John - Lester
Simpkins, L. C. - Vicar's Switch


Conway, W. B. & Co. - Blacksburg
Henderson, W. F. - Christiansburg
St. Clair & Hopkins - Lovely Mount
Wilson, W. A. & Co. - Christiansburg
Wilson & Noel - Lovely Mount

General Merchants

Altizer & Co. - Riner
Black & Payne - Blacksburg
Blake, R. A. - Montgomery Springs
Campbell & Co. - Big Spring Depot
Chumbley & Einstein - Lovely Mount
Colhoun, C. R. & Co. - Alleghany Springs
Crute, S. L. & Son - LaFayette
Cummings, F. D. & Co. - Big Springs Depot
Deyerle, A. J. - Big Springs Depot
Epling & Bro. - Lovely Mount
Fulwider & Smithe - Lovely Mount
Gardner, G. W. - McDonald's Mill
Graham, Aaron - Christiansburg
Hatcher, R. E. - Ronald
Hatcher & Walters - Shawsville
Helm, J. W. - Shawsville
Helms, J. T. & Co. - Big Spring Depot
Henderson & Linkous - Big Spring Depot
Howard, J. E. - Childress' Store
Jarrell, Gibson - Christiansburg
Johnston, Mosby & Co. - Christiansburg
Linkous, John M. - Vicar's Switch
Lucas & Croy - Lovely Mount
Lybrook, Wm. M. - Blacksburg
Lyle & Co. - Blacksburg
McDowell & Jones - Lovely Mount
Montague, J. K. - Christiansburg
Peters & Co. - Blacksburg
Price, Erastus - Price's Fork
Price, J. B. - Price's Fork
Price, M. S. & Helvey - Price's Fork
Price, Steward - Price's Fork
Rayburn & Barnes - Alleghany Springs
Roberts, G. E. & Son - Lovely Mount
Robinson, A. - Lovely Mount
Sarvay, W. G. - Blacksburg
Sites, A. B. - Bennett's Mills
Spindle, T. W. & Bro. - Christiansburg
Taylor, John L. - Ronald
Tyler, George - Lovely Mount
Wilson, A. B. - Fagg


Tallant & Co. - Christiansburg


Alleghany House--Mrs. S. M. Kent - Ronald
Alleghany Springs -- C. A. Colhoun, manager--Christiansburg
Central, S. G. Farley, proprietor - Christiansburg
Central, G. W. Wilson - Blacksburg
Central Park Hotel - J. A. Noell, proprietor - Christiansburg
Deyerle, A. J. - Big Spring Depot
Green, S. F. - Lovely Mount
Kent, Ann, Miss - Lovely Mount
Montgomery - Wm. F. Stone - Christiansburg
Montgomery White Sulphur Springs - Montgomery Springs
Sumpter, J. W. - Big Spring Depot
Western, John W. Lester, proprietor--Blacksburg
Wilson House - J. W. Davidson - Ronald
Yellow Sulphur - Ridgway Holt owner and proprietor--Yellow Sulphur Springs

Insurance Companies -- Fire

Virginia Fire and Marine--Judge John Gardner, agent--Christiansburg
Virginia State - Judge John Gardner, agent-Christiansburg

Iron Founders and Machinists

Zink, A. J. & Son - Christiansburg

Livery Stables

Yost, James C. - Christiansburg
Grissom, M. S. - Blacksburg
Hatcher, Charles - Ronald


Cook, M. A., Mrs. - Blacksburg
Rhodes, C. J. Miss - Blacksburg
Smith, A. M. Miss - Christiansburg

Mills--Corn and Flour

Alleghany Springs Co. - Alleghany Springs
Bandy C. - Centre Mills
Cowan, J. T. - Cowan's Mills
Crisman, G. - Christiansburg
Epperly, J. P. - Big Spring Depot
Evans, J. M. - Montgomery Springs
Gardner, Charles - McDonald's Mills
Guerrant, William G. - Pilot
Hilliard, Lewis - Shawsville
Konode, J. P. - Blacksburg
LaFayette Mills - LaFayette
Lawrence, S. B. - Christiansburg
Luster, A. W. - Blacksburg
Pepper, J. E. - Big Spring Depot
Price, Crockett - Price's Forks
Sublett & Dooley - Alleghany Springs
Wade, H. D. - Christiansburg
Walters, J. M. - Christiansburg
White, H. - Centre Mills
Whitlock, James K. - Bennett's Mills
Wilson, A. B. - Blacksburg
Williams, Charles H. - Christiansburg
Wilson, Eleandria - Montgomery Springs
Zink, A. J. & Son - Christiansburg


Alleghany Springs Co. - Alleghany Springs
Allen & Bros. - Lovely Mount
Bandy, C. - Centre Mills
Correll, George - Christiansburg
Cowan, J. T. - Cowan's Mills
Crisman, G. - Christiansburg
Davis, _________, LaFayette
Evans, J. M. - Montgomery Springs
Garnard, George - Christiansburg
Guerrant, Wm. G. - Pilot
Hale & Price - Blacksburg
Haynes, J. C. - Ronald
Hilliard, Lewis - Shawsville
Hurt, R. M. - Price's Fork
Kanode, J. - Blacksburg
Lorentz & Sullivan - Christiansburg
McDonald, George - McDonald's Mill
Martin, Moses - Lester
Martin & Camper - Bennett's Mills
Pepper, J. E. - Big Spring Depot
Sites & Carper - Bennett's Mills
Slusher & Keister - Alleghany Springs
Walters, J. M. - Christiansburg
Weaver, John - Christiansburg
Wilson, Eleandria - Montgomery Springs
Zink, A. J. & Son - Christiansburg


Dudley, J. L. - Montgomery Springs


Pepper, J. E. - Big Spring Depot
Price, S. J. - Price's Fork
Robinson, G. W. - Bennett's Mills
Webster, G. A. - Alleghany Springs


Blacksburg Coal Mining Co. - Blacksburg
Blinss & Buck - Bennett's Mills
Kinzer & Schafer - Blacksburg
Myers Bros. - Christiansburg
Price, J. B. - Vicar's Switch
Price, Zachariah - Price's Fork


Montgomery Democrat - G. A. Sullivan, editor - Blacksburg
Montgomery Messenger - ______ Caldwell, editor and proprietor - Christiansburg
Southern Evangalist, monthly - Rev. S. R. Preston - Christiansburg

Painters--House and Sign

Barnitz, Price T. - Christiansburg
Johnson, E. M. - Christiansburg
Jones, D. T. - Blacksburg


Johnston, J. H. - Christiansburg


Johnston, J. H. - Lovely Mount
Black, K. - Blacksburg
Conway, W. B. - Blacksburg
Cushing, W. R. - Big Spring Depot
Davidson, W. J. - Big Spring Depot
Davis, J. S. - Riner
Edmondson, Wm. H. - Christiansburg
Ellett, R. T. - Blacksburg
Evans, J. T. - Christiansburg
Farmer, J. W. - Lovely Mount
Foote, J. W. - Christiansburg
Gibson, Thomas - Lovely Mount
Henderson, Wm. F. - Blacksburg
Hines, B. W. - Pilot
Johnson, E. - Riner
Lester, A. A. - Christiansburg
Loving, Joseph F. - LaFayette
Moore, L. B. - Lovely Mount
Ribble, H. D. - Blacksburg
Smith, A. J. - Lovely Mount
Scott, John D. - Price's Fork
Stone, James L. - Childress' Store
White, Isaac - Shawsville
Wilson, W. A. - Christiansburg

Quarries - Slate

Price, M. S. - Price's Fork

Saddle and Harness makers

Dunklee, Charles H. - Christiansburg
Olinger, John - Price's Fork
Spickard, John C. - Blacksburg


Montgomery Female College -- Mrs, E. T. Baird and Rev. J. H. Baird, principals--Christiansburg
Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, General L. L. Lomax, president- Blacksburg

There are seventy-seven white and nineteen colored public schools in this county. Superintendent R. B. Richardson, Shawsville


Graham, Aaron - Christiansburg

Sewing-Machine Agents

Cooper, A. C. - Christiansburg

Stoves and Tinware

Effinger, W. F. - Blacksburg
Tallant & Co. - Christiansburg


Miller & Johnson - Christiansburg


Camper, Andrew - Montgomery Springs
Camper, John L. - Blacksburg
Harvey, Thomas - Blacksburg
McDonald, Edward - McDonald's Mills
Price, George - Christiansburg


Barton, S. O. - Blacksburg
Chiles, J. M. - Christiansburg
Evans, T. B. - Blacksburg
Hickok & Bro. - Christiansburg
Horton, B. F. - Riner
Oakley & Son - Lovely Mount
Pepper & Blunt - Big Spring Depot
Wimmer, F. P. - Alleghany Springs

Watchmakers and Jewelers

Haley, Henry V. - Christiansburg
Walters, H. D. - Christiansburg

Principal Farmers

Alleghany Springs--J. Hugh Bennett, E. H. Taylor, C. H. Barnett, Alleghany Springs Co., J. H. Sublett, J. Humphries, J. R. Crocket, Thos. M. Barnett, J. M. Sisson, Capt. Hy S. Smith, J. E. Shoemaker, Jno. W. Hensley, Jno. H. Moses, S. C. Barnett

Bennett's Mill--Giles Mc. Bennett, John Brown, Sr., James C. Brown, Giles J. Henderson, John W. Barker, John L. Atkins, Peter Holly, Mark Sarver, William Whitlock, John Buck, Henry Buck, Henry Brown, James E. Whitlock, Robt. L. Brown, William Lee, James A. Smith, Harvey B. Morton

Big Spring Depot--W. J. Biggs, John Wertz, John W. Barnett, Col. D. Edmondson, Col. H. A. Edmondson, Major W. M. Ellis, J. L. Ryan, A. T. Eskridge, John H. Northcross, W. D. Kirkwood, C. F. Blount, J. P. Epperly, A. Gross, John Barnett, Samuel Maddox

Blacksburg--H. C. Preston, W. B. Preston, W. A. Bell, F. F. McDonald, W. R. Cary, J. M. Thomas, Giles J. Henderson, William G. Hall, W. H. Palmer, A. B. Dundas, S. W. Fisher, Michael Kipps, R. R. Linkous, E. J. Linkous, Henry Earheart, J. M. Evans, John H. Price, John H. Slusser, JAmes P. Slusser, A. Crumpacker, Crocket Price, Daniel Keisler, Christopher Kestro, James C. Martin, D. C. Slusser, G. D. Thomas, L. M. Scheaffer, J. C. Spikard, Edward Block, James P. Broce, S. R. Broce, G. T. Broce, L. M. Broce, C. M. Broce

Centre Mills--Daniel Shelor, John Hoge, P. B. Sale, Milburn Whitt, H. Whitt, Ham Whitt, Joe Shelburn, James Coffer, James Peterson, Joseph Shanklin, WIlliam Peters.

Childress' Store--N. B. Harvey, Millard Harvey, John Lucas, Rice M. Lucas, F. S. Roop, Harry Roop, B. F. Hawly, A. R. Hall, J. D. Hall, G. F. Hall, Jordan Trolinger, T. L. Howard, R. M. Howard, Gorden Doffin, W. J. Hall, W. D. Smith, J. A. Calfee, H. C. Meredith, John D. Scott, Evans Reed, C. D. Lucas, J. H. Simpkins

Christiansburg--H. K. Gibson, F. T. Gearheart, L. Gearheart, M. Grim, S. H. Garnand, George Garnand, J. T. Hight, J. A. Hudgins, P. Haymaker, W. J. Hall, J. C. Kinser, Thos. Montague, E. Moore, T. W. Miles, George Miles, Geo. Palmer, P. S. Parrish, J. E. Perregoy, John Peterman, P. W. Reed, M. Ratcliff, J. A. Rader, A. D. Simpson, H. G. Simpkins, J. W. Albright, M. Bridges, R. S. Bain, W. G. & E. S. Bradbury, D. W. L. Charlton, J. P. Charlton, J. S. Childress, Joseph Craig, G. Chrisman, C. Chrisman, Jos. Chrisman, Jas. Carty, E. Conrad, Wm. Conrad, Wm. Davis, Sr., Wm. Flagg, James Flagg, Joseph Fisher, H. M. Fowlkes, Wm. Flannagan, Wm. J. Shelburne, Floyd Smith, Wm. Sullivan, J. J. Shumaker, Ennis Thompson, Thomas Thompson, J. P. Turnip, L. D. & R. P. Woolwine, Philip Woolwine, John M. Walters, Jas. Walters, R. C. Walters, J. B. Wirt, Wm. Wirt, A. J. Zink

Cowan's Mills--Jno. T. Cowan, John Albert, Jas. E. Albert, Paris N. Albert, Wm. Palmer, Rufus Albert, Riley Albert, Ezra Snider

LaFayette--Taylor Bros., J. G. Gordon, S. W. Thomas, Samuel Watterson, John W. Thomas, B. F. Thomas, B. H. Mansfield, John W. Perdue, J. R. Perdue, Emanuel Perdue, J. W. Reeve, J. W. Butt, J. W. Cook, W. E. Reeve, G. W. R. Heslip, A. J. Heslip

Lester--Charles D. Lester, Joshua Lester, A. M. Lester, Gideon Simmons, John Richardson, G. D. Lester, Stephen Bishop, Lafayette Graham

Lovely Mount--Stocton Heth, J. L. Radford, Mc. Inge, J. N. Kinzer, Jas. Zoll, J. J. Wall, Alonzo Wall, J. H. Carper, Beverly Carper, Malind Carper, M. Gibson, Thomas Gibson, John M. Hage, Isham Maness.

McDonald's Mill--M. M. McDonald, Chas. H. Bennett, Zack Gallion, Harvey Gallion

Montgomery Springs--James C. Laine, J. W. Rumburge, J. T. Laine, J. J. Johnson, J. M. Evans, B. F. Jennings, C. E. Gilmore, Fleming Kerby, J. W. Kerby, Wm. E. McDaniel, Abraham Sublett, Alsop Wright, John E. Pannell, Alex Gilmore

Pilot--A. L. Dobbins, Silas Lawrence

Price's Forks--George Evans, Floyd Wall, Paris Wall, John Helvey, Wm. R. Perfater, Zack Price, James Carder, Peter Price, Samuel Smith, Strother Heavener, John W. Brown, James B. Price, Cloyd Otey

Riner--H. M. Fowkes, C. D. Crammer, Wm. Altizer, J. B. Lucas, Capt. W. T. Smith, Floyd Dobbins, James M. Hawley, Charles H. Thompson, J. D. Flathery, J. D. Simpkins, W. T. Simpkins, Giles Lester, C. W. Surface, David Riner, Thomas Riner, Joshua Lester, J. R. Charlton, W. A. Stump, W. G. Turner

Shawsville--J. L. Ryan, Rob. R. Ryan, Louis Hilliard, H. Crockett, Jos. Deyerle, Isaac White, John Jewell

Vicar's Switch--H. C. Barnett, H. S. Keister, C. L. Simpkins, Col. I. E. Eskridge, H. Hornbarger, C. Hawley, W. H. Harman, L. Harman, G. T. Linkous, Pem Charlton, D. L. Charlton, Han Harman, W. S. Simpson, C. M. Carden, J. Rogers, Sr.