Montgomery County, Virginia

1884 - 1885

Chataigne’s Virginia Gazetteer


Classified Business Directory


Population in 1880 – White 12,466; colored, 4,227; total, 16,693.

County Seat, Christiansburg. Population, 766.

Vote of County November 6th, 1883: Democrats 1,393; Coalitionists, 1,299.

Value of real estate, 1883, 2,017,927 50

Value of personal property, 585, 397 50

State tax on real estate,            8,071  71

State tax on personal property 2,341  59


            Montgomery was formed in 1776 from Fincastle, which had been previously erected in 1772 from Botetourt, but was extinguished in 1776 by the division of territory into Washington, Montgomery, and Kentucky counties. Craig County bounds it on the north, Floyd on the south, Roanoke on the east, and Giles and Pulaski on the west. Much of the county is mountainous, but that portion susceptible of cultivation is very rich and productive and yields fine crops of corn, oats, wheat, the vegetable and orchard products. The county is watered by the New river and the head waters of the Roanoke, and traversed by the Norfolk and Western railroad which furnishes transportation to the markets of Lynchburg, Norfolk, and the north through eastern connections, and Menphis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and the south through its western connections, Christiansburg,, the county seat, is a station on the Norfolk and Western railroad and is growing and thriving town on 1,000 population, surrounded by a rich county. Blacksburg, a prosperous and healthy town of 700, is the seat of one of the noblest institutions of learning in the state, the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. It has been endowed by the general government by liberal donations of public lands, and is the recipient annually of a munificent appropriation by the government of the State. While this is primarily a technical school, and the act of Congress requires that “the leading object shall be to teach such branches of learning as are related to Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts,” yet the same law is equally explicit in providing that scientific and classical studies shall not be excluded. Hence, as some literary studies are needed in any scheme of education for their training and liberalizing effect, no one is allowed to bear off the diploma of the college who has not made satisfactory progress in parts of the literary and scientific course. A view of the college buildings is presented elsewhere. The minerals found in the county are iron ore (brown hematite), copper pyrites, gold in gravel, lead ore, coal and millstone. There are several mineral springs in the county, the principal of which are the Montgomery White, the Yellow Sulphur and the Alleghany Springs. The county has an area of 386 1/3 square miles or 247,298 acres, and the land has an average assessed calue of $8.15 per acre.



Alleghany Spring, W M BARNES.


Bennett’s Mill, M D Bennett.

Big Spring Depot, JNO W BARNETT.

Blacksburg, JOHN B HELM.

Centre Mills, B L AMMEN.

Childress’ Store.

Christiansburg (c h)

Cowan’s Mills.


Lovely Mount.

McDonald’s Mill, J W GARDNER.

Montgomery Springs, R A BLAKE.


Price’s Forks.

Riner, B F HORTON.



Vicars Switch, W D Robertson.

Yellow Sulphur Springs, Jasper N Jennelle.



The Circuit Court of the Fourteenth Circuit meets at Christiansburg on the 10th May and 26th November.

            Judge, Henry E Blair.

            Clerk, Chas I Wade.

The County Court meets on the Tuesday after the fourth Monday in each month.

            Judge, Chas H Miller.

            Clerk, Jno C Wade.


County Officers

            Sherriff, Saml C Barnett.

            Treasurer, C W Sullivan.

            Surveyor, Jno T Howe.

            Com’rs Rev, J W Snider, George W Wilson.

            Com’th Att’y, Jno Hampton Hoge.



Edward Baker, E F Gill, Saml Maddox, Blacksburg; L A Buckingham, Childress’ Store; J W Tinsley, Saml Waterson, Big Spring; E H Taylor, Alleghany Spring; George R. Evans, Price’s Forks; J Callison, R C Walters, McDonald’s Mills; C R Woolwine J H Silvers, Christiansburg; T W Jones, Bangs; G W Wall, William Songer, Auburn.


Attorneys at Law

Cassell G E,                Lovely Mount

Heermans C A,           Blacksburg

Hoge J H,                    Christiansburg

Junkin George G,        Christiansburg

Phlegar & Johnson,     Christiansburg

Ronald C A,                Blacksburg

Sullivan T E,               Christiansburg

Taylor J C,                   Christiansburg



Snider J W,                 Christiansburg



Montgomery Savings, of Blacksburg,

            Giles D Thomas, cashier, Blacksburg


Cabinet Making

Chiles J M,                  Christiansburg

Hickock& Bro,            Christiansburg



Frank M N & Co,        Christiansburg


Coach and Wagon Makers.

Croy D A,                   Blacksburg

Croy W D,                  Blacksburg

Haley Wm E,              Alleghany Spring

Minnick Saml J,          La Fayette

Mitchell Thomas,        Big Spring Depot

Pedigo J W,                 Blacksburg

Tate Nicholas,             Bennett’s Mill



Hagan Wm C,             Christiansburg



Lester D D,                 Christiansburg

Miller J W,                  Blacksburg



Simpkins L C,             Vicar’s Switch



Conway W B & Co,   Blacksburg

Wilson W A & Co,     Christiansburg


General Merchants.

Alitzer J H,                  Riner

Bibb Levi,                   Lovely Mount

Black & Payne,           Blacksburg

BLAKE R A,              Montgomery Springs

Campbell J S & Co,    Big Spring Depot

Christian W W,           Vicar’s Switch

Chumbley & Einstein, Lovely Mount

Conrad N,                   Blacksburg

Crute S L & Son,        La Fayette

Cummings R D & Co, Big Spring Depot

Deyerlie J W,              Bennett’s Mill

Deyerle W J,               McDonald’s Mill

Gardner G W,             McDonald’s Mill

Graham Aaron,           Christiansburg

Harman H,                  Bangs

Hatcher R E,               Bangs

Hatcher & Walters,     Shawsville

Helms J T & Co,         Big Spring Depot

Helm JW,                    Shawsville

Henderson J S,            La Fayette

Jarrell Gibson,             Christiansburg

Johnson E,                   Riner

Lybrook Wm M,         Blacksburg

Lyle & Co,                  Blacksburg

Montague J K,                        Christiansburg

Peters & Co,                Blacksburg

Price J B,                     Price’s Forks

Price M S,                   Price’s Forks


                                    Alleghany Springs

Roberts G E,               Lovely Mount

Robinson A,                Lovely Mount

Rosenfeld Jacob,         Christiansburg

Sarvay W G,               Blacksburg

Slusser S T,                 Blacksburg

Spindle S D,                Montgomery Springs

Taylor John L,             Bangs

Wilson A B,                Montgomery Springs



Fallen & Co,                Christiansburg



Alleghany House, Mrs S M Kent, Bangs

Alleghany Springs, C A Calhoun.

            Manager.                     Alleghany Spring

Central, S G Farley propr,       Christiansburg

Central Park Hotel, J A

            Noell propr,                 Christiansburg

John S M,                                Big Spring Depot

Montgomery Wm F Stone,     Christiansburg

Montgomery White Sulphur Springs,

                                                Montgomery Springs

Sumpter J U,                           Big Spring Depot

Sycamore Hotel, Adams & Jones,

                                                Big Spring Depot

Western, Wm Lewis, propr,    Blacksburg

Wilson House, J W Davidson, Bangs

Yellow Sulphur,                      Yellow Sulphur Springs


Insurance Agents.

Gardner John,             Christiansburg

Harvey J S,                  Christiansburg


Iron Founders and Machinists.

Zink A J & Son,          Christiansburg


Livery Stables.

YOST JOSEPH C,     Christiansburg




Livery and Feed Stable.


            The only first-class Livery Stable in Christiansburg. Carriages, Buggies and Saddle Horses furnished on shortest notice at reasonable rates.



Rhodes C J Miss,        Blacksburg

Smith A M Miss,         Christiansburg

Zink Annie Miss,        Blacksburg


Mills—Corn and Flour.

Bandy C                      Centre Mills

BENNET M D,           Bennett’s Mills

Cowan J T,                  Cowan’s Mills

Crisman G,                  Christiansburg

Depper J E,                 Big Spring Depot

Evans J M,                  Montgomery Springs

Grayson J H,               Centre Mills

Guerrant William G,   Pilot

Henderson Francis,     Bennett’s Mill

Henderson G J,           Bennett’s Mill

Hilliard Lewis,            Shawsville

Konode J P,                Blacksburg

La Fayette Mills,         La Fayette

Lawrence S B,                        Christiansburg

McDonald George,     McDonalds Mill

Otey Joshua &  Daniel, Riner

Prince Crockett,          Vicar’s Switch

Price Z,                        Price’s Forks

Stump James,              Riner

Stublet & Dooley        Alleghany Springs

Turner J,                      Lovely Mount

Virginia Agriculture & Mechanical

College Mill,               Blacksburg

Wade H D,                  Christiansburg

Walters J M,                Christiansburg

Whitt H,                      Centre Mills

Wilson A B,                Blacksburg

Williams Charles H,    Christiansburg

Wilson Eleandria,        Montgomery Springs

Zink A J & Son,          Christiansburg



Alleghany Springs CO, Alleghany Springs

Bandy C,                     Centre Mills

Childress T D,             Childress Store

Correll George,           Christiansburg

Cowan J F,                  Cowan Mills

Chrisman G,                Christiansburg

Davis,                          La Fayette

Depper J E,                 Big Spring Depot

Dooley E T,                 Alleghany Springs

Evans J M,                  Montgomery Springs

Garnard George          Christiansburg

Guerrant Wm G,         Pilot

Hale & Hardwick,       Blacksburg

Hale & Price                Blacksburg

Haynes J C,                 Bangs

Henderson Francis,     Bennett’s Mill

Hilliard Lewis,            Shawsville

Hurt R M,                   Vicar’s Switch

Jones S M,                   Big Spring Depot

Konode J,                    Blacksburg

Lorentz & Sullivan,     Christiansburg

McDonald George & Thomas,


Turner J,                      Lovely Mount

Walters J M,                Christiansburg

Weaver John,              Christiansburg

Wilson Eleandria,        Montgomery Springs

Zink A J & Son,          Christiansburg


Dudley J L,                 Montgomery Springs


Depper J E,                 Big Spring Depot

Hollingsworth C C,     Alleghany Springs

Kabrich Isaiah,            Bennett’s Mill



Blacksburg Coal Mining Co, H C

            Preston, prest, Blacksburg

Cromer John,               Vicar’s Switch

Kinger & Shcaffer,     Blacksburg

Myers W C G,             Christiansburg

Price J B,                     Vicar’s Switch

Price M S,                   Vicar’s Switch



Blacksburg News, C A Heermans,

            (Republican)    Blacksburg

Blacksburg Times, J B Lybrook,

 Editor,(Democratic)   Blacksburg

Montgomery Messenger (weekly)

 Bragg & Gardner, editors and

 Properties,                  Christiansburg

Southern Evangelist (The) monthly,

 Rev S R Preston, edr, Christiansburg


Painters—House and Sign.

Barnitz Price T,           Christiansburg

Johnston E M,             Christiansburg

Jones, D T,                  Blacksburg



Johnston JH,               Christiansburg



Black H,                      Blacksburg

Black K,                      Blacksburg

Conway W B,             Blacksburg

Davidson W J,                        Big Spring Depot

Eddie Joseph S           Christiansburg

Edmondson Wm H,    Christiansburg

Elliott R T,                  Blacksburg

Evans JT,                     Christiansburg

Farmer J W,                 Lovely Mount

Foote JW,                    Christiansburg

Henderson Wm F,       Blacksburg

Hines B W,                 Pilot

Johnson E,                   Riner

Lester A A,                 Christiansburg

Loving Joseph R,        La Fayette

Ribble H D,                 Blacksburg

Scott John D.              Price’s Fork

Stone James L,            Childress’ Store

White Isaac,                Shawsville

Wilson WA,                Christiansburg

Wysor -,                      Riner


Saddle and Harnessmakers.

Charleston John J,       Blacksburg

Denklee Charles H,     Christiansburg

Spickard John C,         Blacksburg



Lestor J L,                   Christiansburg

Noell I A,                    Christiansburg

Stone Wm E,               Christiansburg




Mrs O S Pollock principal,

(see adv)                      Christiansburg


Thos N Conrad A M president,

(see adv)                      Blacksburg

There are 73 white and 18 colored public schools in this county.

Superintend’t WA Havener,               Christiansburg



Graham Aaron,           Christiansburg


Sewing-Machine Agents.

Cooper AC,                 Christiansburg


Stoves and Tinware.

Effinger WF,               Blacksburg

Tallan & Co,                Christiansburg



Miller & Johnson         Christiansburg



Camper Andrew,        Montgomery Springs

Camper John L.           Blacksburg

Harvey Thomas,          Blacksburg

McDonald Edward     McDonald’s Mill

Price George,              Christiansburg



Barton SO,                  Blacksburg

Blont CF,                    Big Spring Depot

Chiles JM,                   Christiansburg

Evans TB,                   Blacksburg

Fulwider Robert          Big Spring Depot

Hickok & Bro,                        Christiansburg

Hirton F G,                 Riner


Watchmakers and Jewelers.

Haley Henry V,           Christiansburg

Walters HD,                Christiansburg


Wool Dealers.


                                    Big Spring Depot


Principal Farmers.

Alleghany Spring. – E H Taylor, E H Barnett, Thomas Barnett Sr, Jas H Sublett, Thomas M Barnett, J R & J H Crockett C I Smith, John W Hall. V T Conner. Thos Jewell, J Humphries, S C Barnett.


Bangs.-Thomas Wilson, Daniel A Brown


Bennet’s Mill.-M D BENNET, G J Henderson, John Brown, Croswell Henderson, John L Atkins, Thos Henderson, S L Johnson, James C Brown, Noah Henderson, Eugene Henderson, James Henderson, D C Moomaw, Wm Creacey, Henry Buck, John Buck, Abraham Crumpacker.


Big Spring Depot.- J H Northcross, J W Barnett, J B Wortz, W J Biggs, D Edmundson, H A Edmonson, C F Blount, George W Barnett, W D Kirkwood, Kader Biggs.


Blacksburg.-H C Preston, W B Preston, W A Bell, F F McDonald, W R Carey, J M Thomas, Giles Henderson, William G Hall, W H Palmer, A B Dundas, S W Fisher, Michael Kipps, R R Linkous, E j Linkous, Henry Earheart, J M Evans, John H Price, James P Slusser, A Crumpacker, Crocket Price, Daniel Keisler, Christopher Kestro, James C Martin, D C Slusser, G D Thomas, L M Scheaffer, J C Spickard, Edward Block, James P Broce, S R Broce, G T Broce, L M Broce, C M Broce.


Centre Mills.- John M Hoge, P B Sale, Daniel Sheler, Millburn White, H White, Joseph Shanklin, Wm Peters, James Peterson.


Childress’ Store.-Jno Lucas, Chas D Lucas, David P Hall, Thos B Hall, David Riner, Lewis Weaver, J H Simpkins, Harvey P Wilson, J J Trolinger, G  F Hall, Mrs Elrica Harvey, George E Lester, John M Hoge.


Christiansburg.-H K Gibson, F T Gearheart, L Gearheart, M Grim, S H Garnand, George Garnand, J T Hight, J A Hudgins, P Haymaker, W J Hall, J C Kinser, Thomas Montague, E Moore, T W Miles, Geo Palmer, P S Parrish, J E Perregoy, John Peterman, P W Reed, M Ratclif, J A Rader, A D Simpson, H G Simpkins, J W Albright, M Bridges, R s Bain, W G & E S Bradbury, D W L Charlton, J P Charlton, P S Charlton, J S Childress, Joseph Craig, G Crisman, C Crisman, Jos Crisman, Jas Carty, E Conrad, Wn Conrad, Wm Davis Sr, Wm Flagg, Jas Flagg, Jos Fisher, H M Fowlkes, Wm Flannagan, Wm Sullivan, J  J Shumaker, Ennis Thompson, Thomas Thompson, J P Turnip, L D & R P Woolwine, Phillip Woolwine, John M Walters, Jas Walters, R C Walters, J B Wirt, Wm Wirt, A J Zink.


Cowan’s Mills.-Geo McCoy, Jas R Kent, Elizabeth C Kent.


La Fayette.- Taylor Bros, J G Gordon, S W Thomas, Samuel Watterson, John W Thomas, B F Thomas, B H Mansfield, John W Perdue, Emanuel Perdue, J W Reeve, J W Butt, J W Cook, W E Reeve, G W R Heslip A J Heslip.


McDonald’s Mill.- Charles H Gordon, Peter Crumpecker, George McDonald, Edward McDonald, George Gallison, D C Moomaw, Dabney Burkett.


Montgomery Springs,- James C Laine, J W Rumburge, J T Laine, Wm H Laine, J J Johnson, C D Peed, J M Evans, B F Jennings, C E Gilmore, Fleming Kerby, J W Kerby, Wm E McDaniel, Abraham Sublett, Alsop Wright, John E Pannell, Alex Gilmore.


New River Depot, Pulaski.-Mick’l Gibson, G C Wharton, Thos Gibson, J H Harmon, S Heth McInfles, J L Radford, J H Simpkins, Jos K Shanklin, Hezekiah Whitt, Elijah Wall.


Pilot.-A L Dobbins, Silas Lawrence.


Price’s Forks.-Peter L Price, Geo R Evans, Harvey Gilmore, Allen Harless, S Heavener, F C Shell, W P Shell, AF Wall, Paris Wall, J Cromer, Harman, S Keiter, Jas B Price, Abraham Price, Saml Smith, C L Simpkins.


Riner.-C D Cromer, C W Surface, J F Lester, W T Smith, W T Riner, David Riner, W G Turner, A R Hall, T J Horton, J D Horton, Joseph Akers, D H Jewell, J H Altizer, W H Altizer.


Shawsville.-J L Ryan, Rob R Ryan, Louis Hillard, H Crockett, Jos Deyerle, Isaac White, Jno Jewell.


Vicars Switch.-H C Barnett, A H Flanagan, H S Kuster, H Hornbarger, C Hawley, L Harman, G T Linkous, A T Eskridge, W W Christian, William Harman.