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By Emory L. Hamilton

Possible Origin of Name

The "Doomesday Book" of earliest records of land owners and lessees of Hartfordshire, England, gives the name of "Dode" and a son, "Alcynius Dodesone", tenant-in-chief. From this early English source the name Dodson
very easily and naturally follows. The name therefore may be either Celtic or Anglo-Saxon, as it is difficult to determine from this earliest record.




Simon Dodson


Simon Dotson, progenitor of the Dotsons of Wise, Russell, and Dickenson Counties, emigrated to the area from Patrick County, Virginia. He was a descendant of Charles Dodson of old Rappahannock County, Virginia. In  early colonial records we find that Charles Dodson took a lease of land in old Rappahannock County on July 8, 1680. Later in 1692, Rappahannock County was subdivided into Essex and Richmond Counties, and Charles Dodson owned land in both counties, but resided in North Farnham Parrish in Richmond County, where he became a large land owner. The will of Charles Dodson was dated January 11, 1703, and proved February 6, 1705, wherein he names wife, Ann, eight children. Among these children was a son Thomas Dodson, born May 15, 1681, died in Richmond County, November 20, 1740. His will dated February 17, 1740, proved March 2, 1740, names wife, Mary, and nine children. It is the children of this Thomas Dodson who went to Southwest Virginia, settling in  Pittsylvania County prior to 1776. Many of his descendants in time spelled their name "Dotson". The Dodsons of Pittsylvania, Halifax, Patrick and Henry Counties all trace their ancestry through Thomas Dodson back to Charles  Dodson of old Rappahannock County, Virginia.  The writer has not been able to recover the names of the parents of Simon Dotson, but it is assumed, without factual proof that he was the son of one William Dodson, a Revolutionary War soldier.

Simon Dotson was born in 1761, and died at his home on Guest River (someplace between Ramsey and Tacoma, Wise County, Virginia) on May 30, 1849, at the age of 88 years . The earliest record found for him was on October 31, 1807, when he, his wife Phoebe, and a Mary Dotson joined the old Stoney Creek Baptist Church in Scott County, Virginia. It is not known who this Mary Dotson was. Certainly she was too old to be his daughter. Most likely she was his sister. On May 1, 1847, a Primitive Baptist Church was organized at the Glades (now Wise, Virginia), and Simon Dotson became one of the first Deacons of this Church. While this Church is no longer in existence, the records are intact, and it is from these old records that the age and death date of Simon Dotson were recovered.

Simon Dotson was married in Patrick County, Virginia, March 29, 1794, to Phoebe Hollingsworth, daughter of Thomas Hollingsworth; and officiating minister was the Rev. George Dodson.  Soon after his marriage we find where Simon Dotson was starting out on his own by purchasing land in Patrick County, Virginia, in April 1795, from one William Reed, and selling the same tract of land in 1802, to William Webb. It is believed that about this date he emigrated to Scott County, Virginia, settling on a tributary of Stock Creek, near Natural Tunnel. About 1820 he sold his land on Stock Creek to his son-in-law, Schuyler Hamilton, and removed to what is now Wise County, Virginia (then Russell County) settling on Guest River, between Ramsey and Tacoma. An absolute date of his settlement on Guest River has not been stablished, but it is logical to assume that it was about the time he sold his land on Stock Creek. 

The writer was told by Patton Dotson, grandson of Thomas Dotson, and great-grandson of Simon, that his grandfather, Thomas Dotson was living on Guest River at the time the great hurricane hit Wise County to the north of the County seat of Wise. Patton stated that his grandfather, Thomas Dotson told of going to the area to look over the damage two or three days after the hurricane struck, and that he was a boy of seventeen years; thus placing the date of the hurricane in 1821, and proving that Simon Dotson was in Wise (the Russell) County at that date, since his son Thomas was born in 1804.  It is interesting to note that this particular section of Wise County is still called "the Hurricane."

As further evidence of establishing Simon Dotson's early residence, I quote from Russell County Court Records the following:
"At a term of court held for Russell County, Virginia, September 1, 1829: "An application of Elijah Beverly, Sr. and others who filed their petition praying for a new road from Simon Dotson's on Guesses River to Freeman Beverly's grist Mill on said river, and it is ordered that Ruben Steele, John Stanley, Simon Dotson, and William Dotson (Simon's son), be appointed to view the ground, etc."

This order established the beginning of the present highway leading from Norton to Coeburn, long before either town existed.
At a term of court held in Russell County, June 4, 1833, Simon Dotson was allowed $5 for a wolf scalp. In early days it was a custom for courts to set a "bounty" on wolves, and other marauding animals to eliminate their destruction.  The burial place of Simon Dotson and his wife, Phoebe, is not definitely known. The older section of the Laurel Grove Cemetery at Ramsey, near Norton, Virginia, was the original burying ground of the Hamilton family; descendants of Simon Dotson, and his daughter Mary Dotson Huff, along with her husband were buried there in 1862; so in all probability Simon and his wife also sleep in this cemetery.  The 1820 census of Scott County shows that Simon Dotson had at that time eleven children at home, but this is not all his children, since certainly his oldest daughter, Susanna was married to Schuyler Hamilton at this date and there might have been other older children married.

Children of Simon and Phoebe Dotson:
1. Susanna Dotson married Schuyler Hamilton
2. Artie Dotson married Jacob Butcher
3. Lydia Dotson married (1) Ely Hall (2) James Roberts
4. Elizabeth Dotson married Robert Beverly, Sr.
5. William Dotson married (1) Mary Hutchinson (2) Cecelia Plummer
6. Thomas Dotson married Abagail Hillman
7. Daniel Dotson married Nancy Robinson
8. James O. Dotson married Elizabeth Bush
9. Mary Dotson married Charles Huff
10. Andrew Jackson Dotson married Jane Matney
11. Benjamin Dotson married Nancy Chase
12. Annie Dotson married Hardin Dale

Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth Dotson


No. 1 - Susanna Dotson (1795-1871), oldest child of Simon and Phoebe, was born in Patrick County, Virginia and married Schuyler Hamilton (1787-1861). They settled at Ramsey, near Norton, Virginia, where they reared their large family and both were laid to rest in the old part of the Laurel Grove Cemetery. Family tradition has always stated they had a family of 17 children, two of whom died in infancy and 15 of whom grew to adulthood, married and left descendants. The writer has been able to recover the names of only 14 children.

Schuyler and Susanna Dotson Hamilton were in all probability married in Russell County, Virginia, but the marriage records having been destroyed when the Russell County Courthouse burned, no hope of ever recovering the date of their marriage can be held out. They settled at Ramsey prior to 1815, and the earliest record found pertaining to Schuyler in the Russell County records is dated 1809.
Their children were:
1. Nancy Hamilton married Elijah Beverly, Jr., lived in Dickenson County, Virginia, except for brief time after 1858 when he sold his land in Dickenson County and moved to Wyoming County, West Virginia, where they lived until after the Civil War, then returned to Dickenson County. Both were buried on the farm on Cranes Nest where they made their first home. The Beverlys of Dickenson County, Virginia, Mingo and Wyoming Counties, West Virginia, are descendants. Their children were:
1. James Harmon Beverly (1834-1900), married Susanna Powers
2. Rebecca Beverly (1835-?), married Joseph Stanley
3. William Walter Beverly (1836-1921), married Elizabeth Gentry
4. Schuyler Beverly (1840-1921), married Lydia Blessing. Lived and died in Wyoming County, West Virginia.
5. Nathan Beverly (1841-?), married his first cousin Mary "Polly" Beverly, daughter of Freeman and Unicy Ramsey Beverly. This couple separated and Nathan died in Texas.
6. Alexander Beverly, was a Confederate prisoner during the Civil War, finally exchanged and died shortly after arriving home. Was buried on Huff's Creek in Wyoming County, West Virginia, near where his parents lived at that time.
7. David Crockett Beverly (1845-?), married Susanna Hatfield. David was a Confederate veteran and lived on Indian Creek, in Wyoming County, West Virginia.
8. John Maynos Beverly (1857-?), married Margaret Stanley. No further data on this couple.
9. Sarah Beverly married William Rife. Lived in Wyoming County, West Virginia. No further data.
10. Mary "Polly" Beverly married James Lambert. Lived in Pike County, Kentucky until they reared their family, then returned to Dickenson County where they lived until death, and both are buried on the old homestead farm of Elijah Beverly, Jr. No further data on this couple.
11. Phoebe Beverly married Floyd McCarty and lived in Wyoming County, West Virginia.
12. Malinda Beverly married William Crabtree. Lived on Long's Fork in Dickenson County, Virginia.
No. 2 - Phoebe Hamilton (1815-?), daughter of Schuyler and Susanna, married Elder William Huff, Jr. -Primitive Baptist preacher. This couple first settled at West Norton, and while living here (then Scott County) a church was organized in 1852 at their home called the Little Stone Gap Primitive Baptist Church. This church was later moved to Esserville where it is still active and the oldest continuous church in Wise County.
This couple moved to Knott County, Kentucky prior to the Civil War, and the old Stone Coal Baptist Church on Carr's Creek in Knott County was organized by Elder Billy Huff and is also still active today.
Their children were:
1. Susanna Huff (1857-1931) married (1) Nathan Sturgill (2) Andrew B. Smith
2. Malinda Huff (1843-1927) married Wesley Madden
3. Anna E. Huff (1845-?) No further information
4. William Huff (1860-1949) married Susie Madden
5. Robert Huff (1855-?), no information
6. Charles Huff married Elizabeth "Betsy" Boggs.
The descendants of this family all live in Kentucky.

No. 3 - Nathan Hamilton (1818-1884), son of Schuyler and Susanna, married Sephronia E. Hutchinson (1821-1883). Lived and died on Bold Camp, near Pound, Wise County, Virginia and the Hamiltons, Adams, Qualls, and others are descendants, as are the Hamiltons of Chehalis, Washington. Their children were:
1. Mary "Polly" Hamilton (1846-1851)
2. Susan Caroline Hamilton (1847-?), married Thomas Hopkins
3. Sarah Jane Hamilton (1849-?), married John D. Hibbitts
4. William A. Hamilton (1851-1933), married Margaret E. Gibson. Lived at Chehalis, Washington
James Hop Hamilton (1853-1925), married Sarah Ann Neil
6. Robert P. Hamilton (1855-1931), married Leah Jane "Jennie" Graham. Lived at Chehalis, Washington
Willie Ann Hamilton (1858-1942), married Martin L. Gilliam. Descendants live in Washington and Oregon.

No. 4 - Malinda Hamilton (1819-1890), daughter of Schuyler and Susanna, married James Stidham. Lived and died on Black Creek, Wise County, Virginia.Their children were:
1. Susan Stidham, no data
2. David M. Stidham (1846-?), married Lee Anna Wampler
3. Rebecca Stidham (1848-1874), married John Sturgill
4. Schuyler Stidham (1850-?), married Caldonia Parsons
5. Jane Stidham (1853-1856)
6. Malinda Stidham (1854-1938), married Joseph F. Parsons
7. Willie Ann Stidham (1857-1905), married George Countiss
8. Phoebe Stidham (1858-?), no further data.
Descendants are Stidhams, Parsons, Countiss, Sturgills, Shorts and others, many of whom still live in Wise County.
No. 5 - Sarah Hamilton (1822-1882), daughter of Schuyler and Susanna, married George Buchanan (1818-1883). This couple lived and died near Darwin, in Dickenson County, Virginia. Their children were:
1. Silas P. Buchanan (1846-1930), married Martha Keel (1849-1930)
2. Nancy E. Buchanan (1848-1931), married Spencer Mullins
3. David Nelson Buchanan (1851-1899), never married
4. Schuyler Buchanan (1853-1905) married Mellie Johnson
5. James M. Buchanan (1855-1898)
6. Temperance Jane Buchanan (1858-1880), never married
7. Susan Buchanan (1860-1912), married John Trevitt
8. Malinda Buchanan (1862-1823), never married
9. Esau Buchanan (1864-1944), married Parthena Sluss
Many descendants of this couple reside in Dickenson County. Dr. John C. Buchanan of Wise and Dewey Buchanan of Coeburn, are descendants.

No. 6 - Robert Hamilton (1824-1862), son of Schuyler and Susanna, married Melissa Wheatley, and moved to Knott County, Kentucky, prior to Civil War. Joined the Confederate Army, sent back to Virginia and died from sickness in Scott County, Virginia, in 1862. His descendants live in Knott County, Kentucky. One of his grandsons, the late W. C. Hamilton was Commonwealth Attorney at Mt. Sterling, Kentucky in the 1940's. Their children were:
1. Susan Hamilton (1847-1888), married (1) William B. Smith (2) Robert Pigman
2. John Hamilton (1848-?), married (1) Sally Franklin (2) Frances Willoughby
3. William Schuyler Hamilton (1850-1924), married Mary Frances Smitty.
4. Lucy Hamilton (1852-1917), married (1) John Adams (2) Jason Craft. The Strange family of Pound, Virginia, are descendants.
5. James Hamilton (1852-?), lived in Menefee County, Kentucky. No further data.
6. Davis Hamilton (1863?-1944), married Dolly Stacy and lived in Menefee County, Kentucky.

No. 7 - Lewis Hamilton (1825-1896), son of Schuyler and Susanna, married in Floyd County, Kentucky
in 1846 to Sarah Hatfield. Lived and died on Black Creek, Wise County, Virginia. Both buried in Huff Cemetery
on Black Creek. This was the great-grandfather of the writer of this history. Their children were:
1. Samuel Hamilton (1848-1898), married Rebecca Boggs (1849-1922)
2. Nelson Hamilton (1850-1891), married Annie Stidham
3. Nathan Hamilton (1852-?), married Elizabeth Sturgill
4. Susanna Hamilton (1853-?), married Hugh Boggs. Had no children.
5. Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Hamilton (1855-1934), married James "Jim" Sergeant. Had no children.
6. Minerva Hamilton (1857-died young)
James Hamilton (1860-?), married (1) Virginia Gilley (2) _____
8. Jane Hamilton (1865-?), married John Hall
9. William Hamilton (1868-?), married Rachael Clark and lived in Kentucky.
Most of Lewis Hamilton's descendants live in Wise County, Virginia, and Kentucky.

No. 8 - Minerva Hamilton (1829-?), daughter of Schuyler and Susanna, married Ellis Dean (1819-1895). At one time they lived near Wise, and Ellis Dean died in Wise County in 1895. Nothing is known of whereabouts of descendants. Their children were:
1. Martha Ann Dean (1847-?), married William Sergeant
2. Malinda Dean (1852-?), married William Mullins
3. Mary E. Dean (1856-?), married Napoleon Freeman
4. Sarah E. Dean (1859-?), married John Dean of Scott County, Virginia
5. Jasper Dean (supposedly died in Texas)
Alpha O. Dean (1864-?), no data.

No. 9 - Susan Hamilton (1832-?), daughter of Schuyler and Susanna, married William Thomas Huff (1835-1886), and lived on Black Creek where both are buried in the Huff Cemetery. Wamplers, Bakers, Thackers, Countiss and Huffs are among the descendants in Wise County. Their children were:
1. John Huff (1853-?), married Serilda Cooper. Lived in Lee County, Virginia.
2. Elizabeth Huff (1855-?), married Wilson Wampler
3. Rosanna Huff (1856-1886), married Ira Baker
4. Andrew Jackson Huff (1858-?), married Mary Francis Gilley
5. Loucinda Huff (1861-?), married Press Thacker
6. Susan Huff, married James Countiss. Settled on Black Creek and later moved to Missouri.
7. William Patton Huff, (1867-?), married Linda Boggs. Lived at West Norton.
8. Martha Emeline Huff (1875-?), married Arch Ison, and lived on Powell River.
9. James Monroe Huff (1875-?), married Ida Thacker. Lived on Powell River near Dorchester.

No. 10 - James Hamilton (1833-1862), son of Schuyler and Susanna, married Mary C. Wheatley (1833- 1911), and settled on Rocky Fork of Guest River. During the Civil War the "Bushwhackers" stole horses belonging to him, and he, along with Granville Carter, followed them to present site of Norton and he was killed from ambush. Their children were:
1. William Nelson Hamilton (1854-1924), married Sallie Ann Creech (1857-1932). These were the parents of the late Wade Hamilton of Wise, Virginia.
2. John R. Hamilton (1855-1923), married Sarah Stallard. Lived on Bold Camp (near Pound).
3. Malinda Hamilton (1852-1930), married Daniel Bolling. Lived at Flat Gap and were parents of the late Jessee O. Bolling, Sheriff of Wise County.
4. Nancy Louemma Hamilton (1859-1928), married William Bolling. Lived at Flat Gap and have many descendants in Wise County.
5. James M. Hamilton (1863-1933), married Margaret Bolling. Lived at Wise, Virginia. Parents of Miss Verta Hamilton of Wise and the late Burleigh Hamilton, Commonwealth Attorney for Wise
No. 11 - John Hamilton (1835-?), son of Schuyler and Susanna, married Rebecca Wells (1833-1882). Lived near East Stone Gap, Virginia, and the Hamiltons and others of that area are his descendants. Their children
1. William Hamilton (1852-?), married Mary Jane Jones
2. Nelson Hamilton (1858-1937), married Sylvia Jones
3. Schuyler Hamilton (1860-1926), married Clarinda Gilley
4. Lewis Hamilton (1861-1911), married Mary Jane Orender
5. Melvina Hamilton (1856-?), married Isaac Day
6. Susan Hamilton (1863-1891), married James Orender
7. Minerva Hamilton (1874-1883), died young
8. Henry Hamilton, no dates
No. 12 - Elizabeth Hamilton (1820-?), daughter of Schuyler and Susanna, married Hezekiah Vanderpool.
It is said they first settled near Norton, later moving to Bold Camp and from there to Knott County, Kentucky. Little is known of this branch of the family. Their children were:
1. William H. Vanderpool (1839-1855)
2. Nathan H. Vanderpool (1840-?)
3. Schuyler H. Vanderpool (1841-?)
4. Robert Vanderpool (1843-?). This child married Nancy Jane Bentley at the home of Nathan Hamilton on Bold Camp in 1888.
5. Louisa Vanderpool (1845-?)
6. Jacob Vanderpool (1847-?)
7. Isaac Vanderpool
8. Viney Vanderpool
No. 13 - Andrew Jackson Hamilton (1836-?), son of Schuyler and Susanna, married Jemima Wells (1840-1902). Buried in Beverly Cemetery in Hurricane, near Wise. Some of the Hamiltons of Norton, Virginia, and those of Cabool, Missouri are his descendants. Their children were:
1. Robert S. Hamilton (1860-?), married Alpha Thacker
2. Nancy Hamilton (1861-?), married John Cowden
3. Henry Hamilton (1867-1951) married Mary Jane Lyons
4. James Floyd Hamilton (1871-?), married (1) Ada Miller (2) Molly Angeline Corn. Lived at Cabool, Missouri
Hanley Hamilton (1868-?)
6. Minerva Hamilton (1872-?)
7. Mary Arintha Hamilton (1875-?), married (1) William Huff (2) James Rachael
8. Harvey Thomas Hamilton (1879-1960), married (1) Edna E. Beverly (2) Emily Dotson
9. Jonah A. Hamilton (1883-?), married (1) Stella Miller (2) Clara Ray. Lives at Cabool, Missouri
No. 14 - Nelson Hamilton (1838-1889), son of Schuyler and Susanna, married Loucinda Moore and lived at Esserville, Virginia. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery at Esserville. Their children were:
1. Emily "Sis" Hamilton (1863-?) Married (1) Ison Adams (2) ______ Lindsay
Robert J. Breckenridge "Bud" Hamilton (1865-1941), married Sarah Baker. Grandparents of Robert "Bob" and Charlie Collins of Norton and Wise, Virginia.
3. Ephraim Patrick Hamilton (1866-?), married Susanna Wampler
4. Jessee Hamilton (1869-?), married Jennie Brown
5. Ida Hamilton (1871-?) Married Jessee Wells
Eliza Hamilton (1873-?) Married Martin V. Wells
Susan Hamilton (1875-1962), married William Bradley Kinder. Lived at Big Stone Gap,Virginia
8. Lillian Hamilton (1877-?), married Sam Garwood
9. Nannie Hamilton (1879-1932), never married

No. 2 - William Dotson , son of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married (1) in 1829 to Mary "Polly" Hutchinson, and had 3 children by her. After her death he married Cecelia Plummer Horton (1821-1888). The widow of Madison Horton, and daughter of William and Rebecca Jones Plummer who came from Ashe County, North Carolina.
William Dotson's birth date is given as August 6, 1803. He died September 26, 1893. This birth date does not agree with his age of 94 recorded in the old Death Register at Wise Courthouse. If he was age 94 at death this would place his birth in 1799 instead of 1803.
He first settled on Bear Creek near Ramsey, Virginia, but about 1840 moved to Bold Camp where he spent the remainder of his life.
Many of the Dotsons of Bold Camp and Wise County are his descendants. Joe N. Dotson of Wise being a great-great grandson, as is Earl Dean. Children by his first marriage were:
1. Henderson H. Dotson (1830-1916), married Susan Skeen
2. Emanuel Hopkins Dotson (1837-1923) married Mary Ann Hibbitts. Many of his descendants live in Dickenson County.
3. Sarah "Sis" Dotson, married Dr. John Wesley Hillman (1825-1897).
Children by his second marriage:
4. William Patton Dotson (1850-1917), married Margaret E. Gilliam
5. Nathan Alexander Dotson (1854-1921), married Jane Swindall
6. Thomas Benton Dotson (1859-1845), married (1) Mary Alice Freeman (2) Ida Fleming
7. Daniel Alvin Dotson (1862-1937), married (1) Martha Swindall (2) Minnie Quillen
8. Mary Helen Dotson (1852-1916), married William Nickels
9. Phoebe Elizabeth Dotson (1857-1928), married Wilburn Killen
10. Cecelia Emeline Dotson (1864-1936), married Dale Carter Dean

No. 3 - Artie Dotson, daughter of Simon and Phoebe Dotson. No birth or death dates known for Artie Dotson, although she must have been one of the older children of Simon and Phoebe. She had a son Lewis Mitchell Dotson, born in 1819 and died in Floyd County, Kentucky, January 6, 1903. He married Elizabeth Langley (1819-?) whose mother Delila Roberson Langley, wife of Joseph Langley, was a sister of Judge William Roberson the first Presiding Justice of Wise County. The descendants of Lewis Mitchell Dotson are a large and respected family of Floyd County, Kentucky.
Artie Dotson married Jacob Butcher, who had first married Hannah Beverly in 1812. They first settled on Butcher's Fork in Powell Valley, later moving to Johnson County, Kentucky where their descendants are legion.
Their children were:
1. Nancy Butcher married George Wells
2. James Butcher married Mary Baker
3. Phoebe Elizabeth Butcher married Andrew Jackson Webb
4. William Butcher (1822-1897) married Mary Wells
5. Hanna Butcher married Grenville Ward
6. Henderson Harman Butcher married Jane Collins

No. 4 - Lydia Dotson, daughter of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married in Scott County, Virginia, in 1826, Ely Hall. It is said that this couple separated, and that Lydia moved to Pike County, Kentucky, where she later married James "Jimmie" Roberts and lived on Spurlock Fork of Beaver Creek. Children of Lydia and Ely Hall:
1. Daniel Hall married Cinda Ramey and lived on Dan Hall Mountain, from whom the mountain got its name.
2. John Hall married Ann _____, lived on Dry Fork.
3. Harvey Hall married (1) Mary Roberts (2) _____ Rowland (3) Isabelle Wheatley. Lived at foot of Guest Mountain near Coeburn.
4. Ely Hall, (1843-1914), married Rilda Elam. Lived in Carter County, Kentucky, but returned to Wise County shortly before death and is buried in the Pete Hall Cemetery, near Coeburn.
5. Henry Hall died unmarried
6. Dicy Hall married Daniel Ramey. Lived at Coeburn and buried in Coeburn Cemetery.
7. Mary "Polly" Hall married James Martin. Buried in Freeman Beverly Graveyard near Coeburn.
8. Loucinda Hall died young.

No. 5 - Elizabeth Dotson (1800-1883), daughter of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married Robert Beverly, Sr., (1806-1876). This couple first settled on Guest River near Ramsey; later built a home at the Duke Osborne place near Wise; and still later settled in the Hurricane where they lived until death. All the Beverly family of Wise are their descendants. Their children were:

1. Robert Beverly, Jr., (1828-1907), married Mahala Gilliam (1833-1907).
2. William Lane Beverly (1835-1933), lived at Gate City.
3. George Washington Beverly (1835-1921), married (1) Rebecca Miller (1824-1869) (2) Martha Miller (1844-1886)
4. Hiram Beverly married in Kentucky. No data.
5. Simon Beverly (1840-?), died young
6. Jane Beverly married William Baldrich. No data.
7. Sarah Margaret Beverly married James Vanderpool. No further data.

No. 6 - Thomas Dotson (1804-1890), son of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married in 1832 to Abagail Hillman (1809-1884). Settled in Hurricane and many of his descendants live around Wise. The children were:
1. Andrew Jackson Dotson (1833-1928), married Elizabeth Stallard (1835-1918)
2. Sarah Ann Dotson (1835-1891), married Daniel Holyfield (1835-died during the Civil War)
3. Mary "Polly" Dotson (1838-?), married Albert Hill, Lived in McMinn County, Tennessee.
4. Phoebe Dotson (1839-1868)
5. William H. Dotson (1837-1869), married Jane Horton (1843-1902)
6. Simon P. Dotson (1844-1927), married (1) _____ Caudle (2) Elizabeth _____
7. Rachael Elizabeth Dotson (1852-1904), married James Powers (1851-1933)
8. Lucy Dotson (1856-?) No further data.

No. 7 - Daniel Dotson, (1808-1873), son of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married Nancy Roberson (1807- 1884), daughter of Judge William and Nancy Hutchinson Roberson. Lived on Bold Camp and the Dotsons of Pound and Dickenson County are descendants. Their children were:
1. William J. Dotson (1830-?), never married
2. Simon Dotson (1832-?), was killed at his home near Dungannon, Scott County, Virginia, by a raiding party while home on furlough during the Civil War. He was married in 1854 to Sarah Alley.
3. Rev. Matthew S. Dotson (1832-1885), married Virginia Jane Gentry. Was a Methodist minister and lived and died in Dickenson County, Virginia.
4. Mary Dotson (1837-?) Married William McFall. Lived at Clintwood, Dickenson County, VA.
5. James N. Dotson (1839-?), married Nancy Elizabeth Roberts (1846-1907). Lived at Clintwood, Dickenson County, VA
Cecelia Dotson (1841-?), married James Cantrell and lived in Oklahoma.
7. Martha Dotson (1843-?), married Mitchell Hill. Lived at the old Dan Dotson home place on Bold Camp.
8. Emily E. Dotson (1847-1923), married James Harvey Long. Lived at Clintwood.
9. Marcus Lafayette Dotson (1850-1923), married (1) Letha Hylton (1868-1890) (2) Minnie E. Boggs (3) Rosa Mullins. Was the father of the late W. W. G. Dotson, Commonwealth Attorney, Wise County.

No. 8 - James O. Dotson (1814-?) Son of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married Elizabeth Bush, daughter of Austin Bush, Sr. Lived at South Clinchfield and the Dotsons and others of Russell County are descendants. Their children were:
1. Patsy I. Dotson (1835-?), no further data
2. John Dotson (1836-?), no further data
3. Stephen Dotson (1838-?), no further data
4. Eliza Dotson (1839-?), married Alexander Hall. Lived at Castlewood, Russell County, VA
. Austin Dotson (1840-?), married Priscilla Keser
6. Harriett Dotson (1843-?), married Jasper Artrip. Lived at Artrip, Virginia
Mary Dotson (1845-?), married William Combs. Lived at Finney, Virginia.
8. Sarah Dotson (1847-?), married Samuel Kelly. Lived at Cleveland, Virginia.
9. Jane Dotson, married Andrew Kiser. Lived at Carterton, Virginia

No. 9 - Mary "Polly" Dotson (1817-1877), married Charles Huff (1812-1862), son of William and Sarah Joseph Huff. Lived at Ramsey, Virginia, and both buried in the old part of Laurel Grove Cemetery. Their children were:
1. William Huff married Lavina Wells
2. John Huff married Rachael Wells
3. Loucinda Huff married James Hunsucker
4. Phoebe Jane Huff married John Freeman Beverly
5. Elizabeth Huff married David Courtney
6. Sarah "Sally" Huff married Alexander McFarland. Some of her descendants live in Johnson County, Kentucky.
7. Julia Huff married Thomas Jefferson Baker

No. 10 - Andrew Jackson Dotson (1818-?), son of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married Jane Matney (1816-?). This couple lived at Esserville, near Norton, Virginia when Wise County was formed in 1856, at which time he became the first Sheriff of Wise County. He was Deputy Sheriff in 1850, and Constable in 1851, 1852 and 1854 while Wise was still part of Russell County.
This couple seem to have left Wise County in the 1860's, but where I have been unable to determine.
Among their children were:
1. Thomas Dotson, born in Kentucky in 1839, which shows that his parents must have formerly lived in Kentucky.
2. Ann Eliza Dotson (1841-?) Married William Maston Davis in 1868. Mrs. E. J. Prescott, formerly of Big Stone Gap was a descendant.
3. Nancy T. Dotson (1842-?)
4. Sephronia C. Dotson (1845-?)
5. Mary "Polly" Dotson (1847-?), no data.
6. Sarah E. Dotson (1850-?)
7. Martha Jane Dotson (1856-?)

No. 11 - Annie Dotson (1813-?) Daughter of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married Hardin Dale (1803- 1899) son of Arthur "Arter" Dale. Settled in Hurricane, near Wise, and resided there until death. Their children were:
1. Wilson Dale married Didamia Collier
2. William L. Dale married Mahalia Gilliam, daughter of William E. Gilliam
3. Noah Dale married Matilda Welch
4. Caroline Dale married Ben F. McLemore
5. Martha Dale married John B. Gilliam
6. Loucinda Dale married William Holyfield
7. Margaret Dale married Ira Gilliam

No. 12 - Benjamin Dotson (supposed, but not proven) son of Simon and Phoebe Dotson, married Nancy Chase in Scott County, Virginia, February 5, 1825. No further data on this couple.

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