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Freedmen's Bureau Marriage Certificates

Names of Colored Persons Married by Reverend L. C. Lockwood

Camp Hamilton, Va
Oct. 10th 1861
[Married] Near Seminary, Sept 29/61
Charles & Patsy Ann Smith Thomas & Mary Banks
Washington & Fanny Kirby William & Lucy Giles
William & Rosetta Randall Anthony & Jane Hawkins

Portions of the cover and first page of Rev. L. C. Lockwood’s report of Negro marriages performed by him at Camp Hamilton (Fort Monroe), Virginia in September 1861.

Married near Hampton, Sept 29/61
Peter & Judy Herbert Merritt & Aurelia Turner
John & Elvy Cheeseman Shadreck & Caroline Rodgers
Married at the Fort, Sept 22. [1861]
Moses & Mary McIntosh Isaac & Sarah Eli
James & Rachel White Henry & Rachel Holloway
Paul & Leah Patrick Morris & Caroline Colyer
Cyrus & Nellie Brown Richard & Nancy Jones
James & Emma Townsend George & Lavinia Marrow
William & Charlotte Johnson  
[Married] Sept 29. [1861]
Mark & Dematia Webb Immanuel & Susan Savage
Charles & Rachel Parker Harry & Nelly Jarvis
Peter & Eliza Wynder Edward & Emma Whitehouse
Wilson & Fanny Hope William & Melinda Shields
James & Celia Dennis Abraham & Kitty Smith
William & Ellen Francis  


Freedmen's Marriage Records for Gloucester County, Virginia

George Ashly, 30, single, born on Eastern Shore, Maryland, farm hand, parents unknown; Susan Lemon, 30, single, d/o Que and Francis Lemon. 4 children, his.

Vigil Bacheler, 27, single, born in North Carolina, farm hand, s/o William and Hannah Bacheler; Mary I. Cary, 30, widow, Ed and Mary F. Montegue, one children [sic].

James Banks, 33, single, oysters & farming, s/o Henry and Amy Banks; Lucy Ann Lewis, 25, single, d/o Soloman [sic] and Rebecca Lewis. 3 children.

Robert Baytop, 50, single, farm hand, s/o David and Fanny Baytop; Frances Roy, 50, widow, d/o George and Francis Reed.  1 child.

Edward Berry, 52, widowed, waterman, s/o John and Ann Eliza Berry; Mary Goleman, 23, single, d/o William and Nancy Goleman.  [Husband] has no children by her.

David Bird, 45, widower, farm hand, s/o Samuel and Betty Bird; Hannah Randall, 25, single, d/o David and Mary Randall. 4 children.

George Booth, 42, married widower, farm hand, s/o Milam and Milly Booth; Lucinda Richardson, 23, single, d/o Joseph and Mary Richardson.  [Husband] has two children which he recognizes as his.

Jack Booth, 59, widowed, farm hand, s/o Jack and Annie Booth; Betsy Morris, 39, single, d/o Grimes and Polly Morris. 2 children, his.

Thomas Braxton, 23, single, farm hand, s/o Henry Sears (white) and Margaret Johnson (col.); Elizabeth Burrel, 22, single, d/o Beverly and Cate Burrel. 1 child

Daniel Bright, 55, widower, oystering & farming, s/o Samuel and Sarah Bright; Fanny Olmstead, 35, single, King William [County].  No children.

Thomas Bright, 50, single, cook, s/o Barney and Molly Bright; Mary Weathers, 45, single, d/o William and Mary Amy Weathers. 12 children.

Taylor Brown, 25, single, farm hand, s/o Edmund and Becky Brown; Nancy Saws, 19, single, born in Lancaster [County], d/o Leroy and Connie Saws.  No children.

Alfred Burnett, 21, single, farm hand, s/o James and Mary Burnett; Eliza Jones, 21, single, [born in] Warren County, d/o William and Mary Jones.  No children.

Warner Burr, 53, single, farm hand, s/o Harry and Milley Burr; Susan Roy, 53, widow, Frank and Easter Talieferro. 2 children.

Beverly Burrel, 48, single, farm hand, s/o Robert and Margaret Jones; Catherine Jones, 39, single, d/o Robert and Lucy Jones. 7 children

Beverly Burrel, 27, single, farm hand, s/o Sam and Sophia Burrel; Maria Poole, 27, single, d/o William and Milly Poole.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (2).

James Burrel, 50, widowed, farm hand, s/o Phil and Sallie Burrel; Peggy Burrel, 38, single, d/o David and Fanny Burrel. One child.

John Burrell, 28, single, farm hand, s/o Philip and Sarah Burrell; Eliza Bird, 22, single, d/o David and Elsy Bird. 3 children.

Philip Burrel, 40, single, farm hand, s/o Philip and Sarah Burrel; Sarah Turner, 23, single, d/o Ben and Dolly Turner. 4 children.

Renten Burrel, 55, single, farm hand, s/o Billy and Venus Burrel; Esther Lewis, 50, single, d/o Fred. Lewis and Rebecca Stubbs.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (11).

John T. Caffrey, 24, single, [born in] King & Queen [County], farm hand, s/o John and Mary Caffrey; Rebecca Kelly, 24, widowed, born in Corinth [County], d/o Montagu [sic] Gressy (white) and Betsy Norris.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children.

Peter Carter, 45, single, farm hand, s/o Peter and Mary Carter; Caroline Nelson, 31, single, d/o Peter and Jennie Lancaster. Has 6 children.

Robert Carter, 26, single, oysterman, s/o Henry and Polly Carter; Charlott [sic] Dixon, 30, single, d/o Thomas and Sarah Dixon. 5 children.

Godfrey Chapman, 30, single, farm hand, s/o Godfrey Iberson and Katy Chapman; Nancy Driver, 30, single, d/o William and Easter Driver. 7 children.

Henry Chapman, 27, single, oysterman, s/o Robert and Betsy Chapman; Betsy Driver, 22, single, d/o Lorenzo and Sarah Driver.  No children.

James Chatman (col.), 23, single, farm hand, s/o James and Fannie Chattman; Margaret A. Ch West Curtis, 23, widowed, d/o Dick and Mary Curtis. 27th Feb [no year entered; information on children omitted]

Edward Churchill, 65, married before, farm hand, s/o Kit and Francis Churchill; Betsey Smith, married before, d/o Martha Smith, father unknown. 5 children.

Daniel Clayborn, 45, single, farm hand, s/o Manivin and Patty Baylen(?); Polly Wambley, 35, single, d/o Robert and Dolly Wambley. 9 children.

Anthony Cook, 32, single, oysterman, s/o Anthony and Milcy Cook; Lucy Ann Rowe, 19, single, d/o Moses and Nancy Rowe.  1 child.

Henry Cook, 66, widowed, farm hand, parents unknown; Peggy Johnson, 55, widowed, d/o Frank and Matilda Segar.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (4).

James Curtis, 25, s[ingle], blacksmith, s/o Dick and Mary Curtis; Susan Lomax, 24, w[idow], farm hand, d/o Maria and Jesse Cary.

Robert Curtis, 60, single, farm hand, s/o Charles and Mary Curtis; Maria Rowe, 52, single, d/o James M. and Rose Rowe.  8 children.

Thomas Davis, 42, single, farm hand, s/o John and Nancy Davis; Betsey Meigs, 42, widow, d/o Robin and Nancy Meigs. 5 children.

Littleton Dennis, 66, widowed, farm hand, s/o Littleton and Wuchly(?) Dennis; Sallie Jackson, 60, widowed, parents unknown.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (5).

Bill Devaul, 45, widower, farm hand, s/o Billy and Katy Devaul; Jane Stokes, 19, single (colored), d/o James and Fannie Stokes.  Married about Christmas 1865.

Addison Driver, 39, single, farm hand, s/o Samuel and Sarah Driver; Lizabeth Collier, 34, single, [born in] King & Queen [County], d/o Sarah Collier, father unknown, 4 children, all his.

Samuel Driver, 35, single, farm hand, s/o William and Easther Driver; Sarah Morris, 25, single, d/o Wade and Lucy A. Morris. 6 children.

Cain Ellis, 30, single, farm hand, s/o Frank and Maria Ellis; Fannie Washington, 19, single, d/o Essex and Fannie Washington.  Has six children, [husband] acknowledges 4 of them.

Charles Fields, 36, single, farm hand, s/o Amy Bean, father unknown; Fanny Dixon, 35, widowed, d/o John Stubbs and Betsy Dixon.  No children.

James Flemming, 28, single, oysterman, s/o Harry and Nancy Flemming; Lizzie Jones, 28, single, d/o Olmstead and Mary Jones.  Has two children (ack[acknowledges]) all.

James Fox, 55, single, farmhand, s/o David and Fannie Burrel; Sarah Robinson, 4035, single, d/o Peter and Martha Robinson.  Has 6 children.

Jerry Gregory, 56, single, farm hand, s/o Gilbert and Rose Gregory; Bethia Booth, 54, single, d/o Soloman [sic] and Lucy Booth. 4 children.

Jerry Gregory, 31, single, farm hand, s/o Jerry and Bethiah Gregory; Maria S. Lumkin, 18, single, [born in] King & Queen County, d/o Moses and Isabel Lumkin.  [Husband] recognize 4 children.

Dan Robinson Griffin, 56, single, farm hand, s/o Dan and Judy Griffin; Caroline Jones, 50, single, d/o Joe and Lucy Jones.  Has two children.

John Griffin, 68, widowed, waterman, s/o Robbin and Rachael Griffin; Seney Goleman, 31, widowed, d/o William and Nancy Goleman.  [Wife] has five children: 3 his, two the other husband's.

Eligah [sic] Harrison, 29, single, oysterman, s/o John and Dinah Harrison; Betty Hall, 22, single, d/o John and Tulip Ann Hall.  1 child.

George W. Holmes, 39, single, [born in] King & Queen [County], farm hand, s/o Moses and Easter Holmes; Judy Rowe, 24, single, [born in] King & Queen [County], d/o Jacob and Genty Rowe. 9 children.

Richard Hughes, 40, single, farm hand, s/o Billy and Betsy Minkins; Sillia Burrel, 35, single, d/o Major and Nancy Burrell. 3 children.

Frank Hukey, 75, widowed, farm hand, s/o Phil and Rose Hukey; Fannie Morris, 40, widowed, d/o Frank Mufus and Nancy Morris.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (3).

William Jamison, 33, single, waterman, born in James City Co., s/o William and Eliza Jamison; Mary Morrison, 40, single, d/o Phil and Betsey Morris. [Husband] acknowledges his children (5)?

W. Wise Johnson, 33, single, farm hand, s/o Phil. and Grace Johnson; Lucy Ann Robinson, 24, single, d/o Seth Robinson and Frances Cattlet.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (3).

Bob Jones, 35, single, farm hand, s/o Sam and Sophia Jones; Rosetta Jones, 30, single, d/o Dan and Milley Jones.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (4).

Charles Jones, 46, widowed, farm hand, s/o Richard and Venus Jones; Viley Payton, 34, single, d/o Jack and Grace Payton; April Feb 27, 18656.  [Husband] recognise [sic] 2 children.

Note: "King William Exchange" is written on record; unable to establish to which person it pertains.

Langman Keisey, 21, single, farm hand, s/o James and Nancy Keisey; Silliah White, 21, single, d/o Cleyborn and Caroline White.  1 child.

Bill Kemp, 46, single, farm hand, s/o Edwin Kemp and Esther Cook; Betsey Howard, 20, widowed, d/o Billie and Pollie Howard.  [Husband] acknowledges 1 boy by his wife.

Thomas Lemon, 25, single, farm hand, s/o Que and Fanny Lemon; Amanda Easton, 22, single, d/o William and Sarah Easton.  2 children, his.

Soloman [sic] Lewis, 55, single, oystering & farming, s/o Adam and Dafney Lewis; Rebecca Dobbs, 47, d/o James and Hannah Dobbs. 1 child.

Hiram Middleton, 26, single, [born in] Lancaster Co., farm hand, s/o Eligah [sic] and Dinah Middleton; Lucy Roy, single, d/o Francis Roy, father unknown.  Two children.

Tillion Montague, 4050, single, carpenter, s/o Que and Adi Montague; Catherine Reed, 40, single, d/o David and Emma Reed. Six children.

David Noggins, 37, single, farm hand, s/o David and Lucy Noggins; Susan Seigle, 38, single, [born in] Lancaster [County], d/o George and Dolly Seigle. 5 children.

John Olmstead, 40, single, farm hand, s/o John and Caty Olmstead; Caroline Washington, 40, single, d/o Joseph and Sarah Washington.  2 children.

Phil Palmer, 60, widowed, farm hand, s/o George and Trace Palmer; Becky Perrin, 48, single, d/o Agatha Perrin.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (5).

John Phillips, 65, single, [born in] King & Queen [County], farm hand, s/o Dawson Cook (white) and Fanny Phillips; Pelina Forests, 65, single, [born in] Matthews [County], d/o James and Tamer Forests. 8 children.

Charles Robinson, 25, single, farm hand, s/o Lewis and Polly Robinson; Susan Howard, 22, single, d/o Charles and Agnes Howard. 4 children, his.

Peter Ross, 45, widower, farm hand, s/o Daniel and Betsey Ross; Fanny Bird, 35, widowed, d/o James and Kesiah Harris.  [Husband has] no children by present wife.

Moses Rowe, 46, single, oyster man, s/o Jessie and Mary Rowe; Nancy Cook, 38, single, d/o Olmstead and Milly Cook. 4 children.

Nelson Scott, 26, widowed single, farm hand, s/o Abraham and Fannie Scott; Jane Burrel, 22, single, d/o Jim and Peggy Burrel.  Has 3 children.

Dan Seemer, 56, single, born on Queens Creek, farm hand, s/o Isaac Bright and Eve Williams; Lucy Brith, 40, single, d/o Robbin and Viney Williams. 

George Shackelford, 32, single, oysterman, s/o Neptune and Lucy Shackelford; Courtney Burrell, 33, single, d/o Samuel and Sophia Burrell. 5 children.

George W. Smith, 54, single, farm hand, s/o Lewis and Rebecca Currier; Rebecca Bently, 52, single, d/o Winter and Betsey Bently.  7 5 children.

Phil Tabb, single, farm hand, s/o Phil and Bettie Tabb; Mary Frances Davis, single, d/o Ann Carter, father unknown.  [Husband] acknowledges his children (1).

Seller Talieferro, 37, single, farm hand, s/o Philip and Caroline Talieferro; Mary Jane Talieferro, 23, single, d/o George Talieferro (white) and Judy Pointer. 5 children.

Eben Thomas, 45, single, farm hand, s/o Eben and Hersey Thomas; Liza A. Meigs, 35, single, d/o Peter and Jane Meigs.  [Husband] acknowledges 7 children now living.

Thomas Thompkins, 49, single, farm hand, s/o Francis and Nancy Thompkins; Lucy Roy, 45, widowed, d/o Phil. and Chloe Bright.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (3).

James Tyler, 66, single, farm hand, s/o John and Rebecca Tyler; Nancy Dennis, 50, d/o Lidlon and Phillis Dennis. 9 children.

Jim Walker, 35, widowed, waterman, s/o Jim and Lucy Walker; Rose Stubbs, 30, single, d/o Jack and Mary Stubbs.  Has no children.

James Wallace, 50, widowed, born in York Co., waterman, s/o Jeff. and Polly Wallace; Tischy Cook, 53, widowed, born in York Co., d/o Henry and Minny Taylor.  [Husband has] no children by her.

Toldin Wallace, 30, single, farm hand, s/o George and Seeney Wallace; Becky Morris, 46, widowed, d/o Phil and Betsey Morris.  Has no children.

George Walter, 25, single, waterman, s/o George and Teeney Walter; Elizabeth West, 25, widowed, d/o John and Sarah West.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (2).

Billy Ward, 52, single, carpenter, s/o Thomas and Susan Ward; Maria Lewis, 50, single, d/o Fanny Lewis, father unknown. 9 children.

Sam. Ward, 51, widowed, gardener, s/o Bob and Milly Ward; Betty Perry Jane Burnett, 40, widowed, [born in] Chesterfield [County], d/o Gil(?).  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (2).

George Washington, 24, single, farm hand, s/o Jerry Gregory and Winny Gregory Burrel; Leir Sears, 28, widowed, d/o Lewis and Martha Sears.  1 child.

Warner Washington, 37, single, house servant, s/o Newman Cooper (white) and Rose Booth (col.); Jane Carter, 36, widowed, [born in] Mathews [County], d/o Samuel and Molly Carter. 4 children.

John White, 58, single, carpenter, s/o Mary Griffin, [father not listed]; Susan Taliaferro, 46, single, d/o George and Eslsie [sic] Taliaferro.  [Husband] acknowledges all his children (4).

David Whiting, 41, widowed, farm hand, s/o Manuel and Sallie Whiting; Hannah Daboney, 22, widowed, d/o Franky Carnel, [father not listed].  Has one child.

Frank Whiting, 27, single, farm hand, s/o John and Mary Jane Whiting; Mary Ann Gregory, 22, single, d/o Jerry and Bethia Gregory. 2 children, his.

Jssie [sic] Whiting, 36, single, farm hand, s/o Richard and Judy Whiting; Judy Lancaster, 27, single, d/o William and Clara Lancaster.  [Husband] recognizes six child [sic].

**John Whiting, 35, single, farm hand, s/o David and Fanny Whiting; Maria Vaughan Deval, 33, single, d/o William and Jenny Deval.

Note: The following information was attached to the marriage record:

Maria daughter of Billie & Jany Deval was born July 17th 1833
Mary Liza daughter of Maria and John her husband was born April 13th 1856
Elsy Jane daughter of Maria and John her husband was born January 15th 1860
Kate daughter of Maria and John her husband was [born] June 25th 1861
John Henry son of Maria & John her husband was born March 15th 1863
Isabelle daughter of Maria & John her husband was born April 28th 1865

Dunmore Wyatt, 60, single, farm hand, s/o Thomas and Sarah Wyatt; Judy Brown, 40, single, d/o Edmond & Rebecca Brown. One child

Joseph Wyatt, 22, single, farm hand, s/o Thomas and Sarah Wyatt; Sarah A. Randall, 25, widow, d/o John and Tulip A. Hall.  One children.

George Yates, 37, widowed, farm hand, s/o Robert and Rachael Yates; Pollie Morris, 30, d/o Patsey Morris [father not listed]. Has 2 children.

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