These Revolutionary War Pension applications may be found as images at Heritage Quest. Access can be gained to Heritage Quest at many public libraries. Mr. C. Leon Harris has worked many hours to provide us with a transcription of these images. Some are difficult to read. If you have a patriot that you don't see here, please transcribe the pension application and send it along. I'll post it. This is a work in progress, so bookmark this page so you can check back ocassionally.

[Abednego Hodges S38037] [Joseph Hundly S5581] [Jesse Byrd]

[Samuel and Sarah Northcutt Cochran W280] [Thomas and Mary Davis Craig W3954] [William and Sally Campbell W6617]

[Elizabeth Beheler Pharis widow of Amariah Pharis W5541] [AbrahamAbshire S6459] [Benjamin and Francis Hurtwill Ray W5657]

[Charles and Patty Rives Lumsden W8067] [Chattin and Mary Greer Pollard W4] [Elisha Adams S12903] [James (Ray) Wray s5971]

[John Campbell S9160] [John and Sarah Wright Vier or Viah W3896] [Moses Greer S8609][Moses Greer's grave marker photo provided by Ilieta (Sissy) Chitwood

[Isaac DeHaven S8318] [Jacob McNeil S5745] [James Young S7998]

[Joel and Milly Brizendine Ashworth W10290] [William and Anne Preston Smith W10257] [John Gibson S13153]

[John Huff S5590 Additional info and photo from Janice Smyth: John Huff is buried at the Pigg River Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Swenfeld Rd., Franklin Co., Va. His headstone states: John Huff, Pvt. Capt. Henderson's Va. Co., Rev. War. 1763- 1840.]Photo

[John Law S8809] [John Wright S6449] [William Brizendine S6752]

Martel and Elizabeth Bacon Lesueur W8035

Grave marker as pictured on WDBJ7 TV on 7/6/2007 at the antique shop

It is with great pleasure that I am able to post this photo here. On November 12, 2007, this marker was placed back in Franklin County where it should be.


Dedication Photo provided by Anthony Chitwood

Philemon and Frances Penick Sutherland W6609

Lewis Davis S8280

Jonathan Prater S7340

Joseph Green S37959

Ann Guthrie French Widow of Daniel French R14291

Leonard and Sally Hutts W550

James Gardner R3909From Debbie: James Gardner married Tobitha Martin. Veteran of the Revolutionary War, from Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots: Hillsville VA 56: Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.2,Serial: 11999; Volume: 8 - Also "In 1777 James Gardner enlisted in the American Revolution from New York...........he later moved to Grayson County Virginia." from Records of Carroll County, Virginia; published by Gateway Press, Inc. Photo

Margret Pearce Harvey daughter of John Pearce W5527

Martin and Susana Roberson Woody W3912

William and Anna Chappel Drake W8675

William Adcock S37648

Walter Bernard S6634

Thomas Hale S37975 Thomas Booth S10383

Sterling Cooper S9206

Stephen King S5551

Richard and Polly Haislip Dale W25515

Richard Richardson S45882

Richard Pugh S38319

Philemon Saunders S31347

Nathaniel Dixon S8330

MatthewFarmer S16790

Martin and Susana Roberson Woody W3912

James Young S7998

Peggy widow of James Wright R11901

Abraham Sink S6103

Adria Dudley English Kemp widow of William English W7970

Betsy Arthur Bowles widow of George Bowles W5046

Henry Law S31196

Josiah Woods R11831

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