Pension Application of Martel and Elizabeth Bacon Lesueur: W8035

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Virginia  Franklin County to wit

            On this 18 day of February 1833 personally appeared before before the undersigned a justice of the peace for the County of Franklin and as such a member of the County Court of Franklin the same being a Court of record Martell Lesueur of the County aforesaid aged seventy one years of age who being duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following amended declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.

            That he was born in the County of Cumberland which has since been divided and the place is now in the County of Powhattan [sic: Powhatan] at Manaken [sic: Manakin] Town in the year 1761– that his age was registered in the Church of the Parish of King William. That he entered the service of the United States and served as herein stated under the following named officers. At the age of sixteen or seventeen he entered the service under Capt George Markham as a substitute for one Samuel Short and marched from Chesterfield to Portsmouth in Virginia where he served for six weeks. he does not now recollect so to state the particular year but says it was the same that Norfolk was burnt by the enemy [on 2 Jan 1776]. His company was verbally discharged & he returned home. in the course of the next summer he again entered the service as a substitute for one John Short under Capt Thomas Harris, and marched from the County of Powhatan to Williamsburg, then to York & thence to Hampton and continued to serve for ten weeks. he recollects that he was commanded by Gen’l Charles Scott & was principally employed in watching the enemies shipping  he was discharged & returned home where he remained until the following summer when he was drafted as a militia man and marched under Capt Robert Hughes from the County of Powhatan to Williamsburg. he states that there were but two or three companies together. he then marched to Beaver Pond, and served out his tour of three months. He remained at Home all the winter and the following summer, was again drafted and marched under Capt Edward Mumford [sic: Munford] to old James Town & was attached to the brigade commanded by Gen’l [not clear, but probably Robert Lawson] where he served for three months and was discharged. he returned home remained through the winter, and just after [Horatio] Gates’ defeat [Camden SC, 16 Aug 1780] he substituted for one John Clark in a company of light horse commanded by Capt Obediah Smith & marched to Hillsborough in North Carolina and served three months  he states that there were but few soldiers with the company which was principally employed in watching the motions of the tories and protecting the county against them – being discharged he returned home where he remained during the winter and in the following summer when he was drafted and marched under Capt Isaac Porter to West Hum [sic: probably Westham near Richmond] on James River. he states that the troops there were commanded by one Colo Davis. he served his tour of three months, when he was discharged and returned home the same fall Gen’l Cornwallis surrended his army [on 19 Oct 1781]. – He states that he never as well as he now recollects had any written discharge  if he had he has forgotten it. He declares that he cannot recollect the names of any other officers than those set forth. never anticipating that any benefit would be derived from any such matter he has unfortunately forgotten many particulars which might be of service. He cannot under take to rely upon his memory for many particulars nor to state any thing but such as he distinctly recollects & can safely state. He says that he has no register of his age. the only one that he knows of being that herein set forth – He says he is acquainted with the Hon’le N. H Claiborne, Jacob Prilliman, George Turner Esq. Daniel Prilliman, John Prilliman, Josiah Turner  Alexander Ingram and many others of the County of Franklin. To Rev John Turner & others of the County of Patrick. Peter Smith Esq a justice of the peace, and others of the County of Henry. He does not know any person now living by whom he could prove his services not having been in the County of Powhatan for many years. He says he removed from the County of Powhatan about forty years ago to the County of Charlotte in Va where he resided for several years. he removed then to the County of Henry. then to the County of Patrick. thence to the County of Grayson, & thence to the County of Franklin where he has been living eighteen years—

            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state or if any only on that of the State of Virginia.            [signed] Martel Lesueur


NOTE: On 1 March 1844 in Franklin County Elizabeth Lesueur, about 79, applied for a pension declaring that as Elizabeth Bacon she married Martel Lesueur in Chesterfield County on 10 June 1781 and that he died on 10 Aug 1843. The file includes a copy of the marriage bond of Martel Lesueur cosigned by Enos Ellison or Ellyson. Included with her application was a copy of the family record as follows:

Martel Lesueur was Born march 6th 1756

Martel Lesueur was Married to Elizabeth Bacon the 10th June Anno Dom 1781 &

his Children was Born as followeth Viz

1st. John Ludwell was Born the 22nd December Anno Dom 1782

2nd Polly was Born the 19th January 1784

3rd Patsy was Born the 18th February 1787

4th Betsy was Born the 5th March 1789

5th Lucy was Born the 9th April 1792

6th Moseley was Born the 2nd October 1795

7th James Washington was Born the 15th October 1798

8th Catherine Sally was Born the 8th April 1800

9th Dorothea Bacon was born October 2 1802

10th Grandason Bacon was born March 7 1805

It is with great pleasure that I am able to post this photo here. On November 12, 2007, this marker was placed back in Franklin County where it should be.


Dedication Photoprovided by Anthony Chitwood