Pension Application of Joseph Green: S37959

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris



District of Virginia, Franklin County, S.S.

            On this 3rd. day of March 1824 personally appeared in open Court Joseph Green, being a Court of Record, which proceeds according to Common law, keeping a record of all these proceedings, and have full power to fine and imprison, the said Joseph Green a resident in said County of Franklin and state of Virginia aged about seventy years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the Act of Congress of the 18th March 1818 and the 1st May 1820 and March 1 1823  that he the said Joseph Green inlisted for the term of two years in the Month of February [“15" apparently written over “in”] the year 1776 in the state of Virginia with Lieutenant Joseph Corn in the Company commanded by Captain Thomas Patterson in the sixth Regiment Commanded by several Colonels at different times in the line of the State of Virginia, on the sixth Regimental continental establishment, and continued to serve in said Corps for about one year, at which time Capt. Patterson died. the Company was then Commanded by Capt. Samuel Cabell and remained in the same Regiment as aforesaid until he was discharged from the said Service in February 1778 in the state of New Jersey, that he was in a battle between New York and Princeton, also at the Cannonading at Trenton, also at the taking of the Hessians at Trenton [26 Dec 1776]. Also in a battle on the Delaware below Philadelphia. Also at the taking of Burgoyns army [sic: Gen. John Burgoyne’s army at Saratoga NY, 17 Oct 1777]. And that he has no other evidence now in his power of his said services except his own Oath. And the Records of the War Department.

            And in pursuance of the act of the 1st of May 1820, I do solemnly swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by Gift sale or in any manner, disposed of my property or any part thereof, with intent thereby as to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an Act of Congress entitled an Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and Naval Service of the United States in the Revolutionary War passed on the 18th day of March 1818. and that I have not Nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities contacts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me Subscribed. I possess a piece of mountain land worth about forty Dollars also two horses worth thirty four Dollars. Also one Heifer  sixteen head hogs, and one sheep worth about fifteen Dollars  My Occupation is that of Farming at times when I am able  I am afflicted with Rheumatic pains which I Contracted in the Revolutionary army which disables me  I have seven in Family towit, my Wife named Sally aged fifty years  May Daughter Sally aged twenty eight, My Daughter Peggy aged twenty four, My Daughter Susannah aged twenty two  My Daughter Martha aged nineteen: my son Joseph aged sixteen, and an adopted Boy named Daniel Green aged eleven years. My age and inability to undergo labour subjects me to such Difficulties that I principally subsist on the Liberality of my family I therefore the aid of the General Government for my further support                      Joseph his X mark Green Sen.