Irene Spangler Underwood Memorial

A tribute to Irene Spangler Underwood

July 31, 1946 - July 18, 2007

Irene's Obituary

Irene's Father provided by Jack Spangler

Irene's family provided by Jack Spangler

Photo provided by Allison Hall

Irene, Kent and me March 7, 2007 at Las Ventanas at our villa

Notes from friends

Irene was one of the most helpful people that I had access to on the Floyd Genealogy list..we corresponded often and she had a trove of old pictures, including old school pictures that she sent me..she visited me when she was part way through her chemo treatments and we had a good time....I will miss her a lot and my best wishes go out to her family

Ole Paul

I have fond memories of Irene. She visited me here in a local resturant where we had a wonderful meal, and she donated one of her books to the Fincastle Library. She was always at the top of whatever she did with excellence. She was most helpful to the other list members who had questions about ancestry. We will always remember her as a wonderful friend and VaFloyd Family member.