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My Special Thanks goes to these Look-up Volunteers.  They are the soul of a website like ours.  Their offer to do look-ups, sometimes to perfect strangers, breathes life into what otherwise would be nothing more than a inert bulletin board.

   A Note Concerning the 1890 Census:

                        written by Teri Pettit                [Editor's Note:  also, see more info in Floyd County Census Information]
Many researchers are not aware that in some counties, the census takers or county clerks made copies of the census before sending the originals in to Washington.  [I'm not sure if this was legal, but they did it.]  Since these local copies were not ever Census Bureau property, they were not microfilmed by the National Archives, and are NOT listed in indexes of surviving schedules.

In the Family History Center Catalog, they are typically listed under the heading for the county (unlike the official censuses, which are listed under U.S., Census.)

And lucky for us, one of the counties for which a local copy survives happens to be Floyd County, Virginia!  In this county, the 1890 census was copied and stored in the county courthouse.  It was transcribed and published in 1990 by Marjorie Flour Moore.

ONLY NAMES AND AGES were copied, the rest of the data columns were not.  Most critically for genealogy, the relationships, family numbers, and the breakdown into households was not indicated.

Also, the copy is partially alphabetized.  The clerk copying it made a section for each letter of the alphabet within each district, and then went through the original census, copying each line into the section for its initial letter.  The line order is strictly preserved within each letter, but this organization makes it impossible to tell which family an orphaned child was living with if they were living with a grandparent or other relative whose surname starts with a different letter of the alphabet.  This problem also makes it difficult to detect "in-laws" living with a married child or sibling.

In a section of consecutive entries with the same surname, the breaks between households can usually be inferred by a jump from a list of children in decreasing age to an adult.  However, this strategy may occasionally lump together separate households.  E.g., a male and female of the same generation and the same surname might be single or widowed adults living in nearby households, but be incorrectly assumed to be husband and wife.  There might even be dozens of families living between them, who were listed in a different alphabetical section.

When answering lookup requests from this book, I will therefore include surrounding entries of the same surname, and mention whether I had to infer the division into families.  It would also be helpful when making lookup requests if you could mention as much as you know about the ages, names of family members, etc., to help me identify the correct family.


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April 3, 2006

"Slow Road Home"
....a personal discovery and celebration of belonging in the
Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
by Fred Light
From the back cover of the book...
With a naturalist's curiosity, a photographer's eye, and the heart of one who knows that he is living at last where he belongs, Fred First, in Slow Road Home, invites the reader to join him on a field trip through time and place.
Following the sudden realization at fifty-four that his working life had left him unfulfilled in those needs that mattered most, First leaves that world behind. Tracking the quiet turns of solitude's seasons, these short essays capture the daily miracles of an extraordinary time in a beautiful place.
First finds himself home at last in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, and most especially, in one narrow valley along Goose Creek in Floyd County. Why, he wonders do some places call to us so strongly that we cannot ignore their pull?
What does belonging to place mean? Can it be felt fully apart from a reverence for and deep connection with the ordinary just outside the back door?
It is that connection you will find in the particulars here, in a book best read the way it was lived: slowly, a day, a moment at a time.

How to Order

Posted Dec. 26, 2005

"Christiansburg, Virginia: Small Town America at Its Finest"
Author Roy W. Kanode
Christiansburg is rich in history from the early pioneers who struggled against great hardships to make this town a better place to our community leaders just a few years ago. These men and women worked together in harmony and developed close relationships with friends and family. We will always be proud of their accomplishments, and the power of their stories is compelling. This large coffee table style book (8.5 x 11 inches) contains 350 pages, over 400 photographs and more than 70 old newspaper clippings. Early maps date back to 1826.



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The place to find new, used, out of print and just plain hard to find Genealogy Books

"Quesenberry Families with Roots in Southwest Virginia"
posted Nov. 28, 2005

My book "Quesenberry Families with Roots in Southwest Virginia" has been printed.  It has 1066 pages, soft cover, spiral bound, and will cost $59.95, book rate postage included.  The book covers various spellings of the name.
Betty Jo Quesenberry McDaniels
2566 Va. Beach Blvd.
Va. Beach, VA 23452

Floyd County Tidbits CD
posted May 30, 2005

The "Floyd County Tidbits" CD
Released on June 25, 2005
Cemeteries by Margarette Tynan & Rena Worthen, Vol. 1
Various other cemeteries
Birth Records 1853-1896
Death Records
SSDI births 1897 - 1912 (with some notes)
"The Recipe" by "Ole Paul"
Some Genealogy
Obits (lots of them)
Genealogy forms used in my class
Some school information
A list of Floyd County sheriffs by Gino Williams
Personal history by Wilma Padgett
A "Southern Language Lesson" by the VAFLOYD Mail list members
Tribute to Clyde Maxey
This CD is over 900 pages of Floyd County information
 $35.00 includes postage and handling
Check or money order should be sent to:
Rena Worthen
P O B 1002
Buchanan, VA 24066

"Eliza Jane Bowles Furrow Family of Montgomery County, Virginia".
(posted 11-19-04)

This is a small book but full of valuable genealogical information.  There is no index but a good table of contents.
The price of this book is $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.
Order from:
Sylvia Gearheart Albert
719 Deerfield Road
Troutville, VA 24175
telephone 540-992-3344

Cemeteries Floyd (Montgomery) County, VA
Burks Fork District

Compiled by  Phyllis Goad Phillips & Genevieve Cochran Starkey
A few of the names include
Alderman, Bolt, Dickerson, Harman/Harmon, Harris, Hylton, Keith, Pratt, Sutphin, Vaughn, Weddle & Weeks.
More than 100 cemeteries, including Topeco.
Soft bound.
$10.00 ppd
Order from:
Genevieve C. Starkey,
1668 Barberry Road,
Floyd, VA  24091-4155


some descendants  are wanting me to update my last Underwood book, THOMAS UNDERWOOD, 1650 IMMIGRANT(his descendants & their royal lines), but in order to do that the printer insist I have a minimum of
35 orders.

If you want this last Underwood book ,  please send a $20.deposit to me now.  If by chance, I do not get 35 orders, which seems unlikely, I shall refund your deposit.  The book will be $40.00 plus $2.00 postage.  As you can see I pay part of the postage. I am not making a profit but trying to get my publishing costs covered.

The book is  81/2 X 11, dark blue with gold title on front and spine, documented at end of each chapter, indexed, includes photos, wills, deeds, and marriage records when found .  Each allied family ( family of an Underwood grandmother by marriage)  has a chapter devoted to it as does each Underwood ancestor.  Written with interesting material, such as info on some of the Underwood accomplishments > >the frigate USS Underwood, Aunt Jemima ad, Underwood meatspread; it is not a book with just names and dates. This  book will be the last edition made even though I have said that before.  I am 81 years old and have other families that I want to continue  researching.

Billie Lewis
Contact me at usmcwr@gate.net

Hezekiah Sumner Book 

A book entitled: The Descendants of Hezekiah Sumner of Montgomery and Floyd Counties, Virginia by Peggy (Burton) Rich, Irene S. Underwood, and Betty Sumner Barrett.

Irene Underwood and Betty Sumner Barrett have completed Peggy Rich's book on The Descendants of Hezekiah Sumner of Montgomery and Floyd Counties, Virginia.  It is 434 pages, indexed, documented, current to March 2001 (if current information was made available) with 74 photographs, maps, wills, and articles about Floyd County, hardbound navy blue, with gold lettering stamped on the cover and spine.

Over 5,400 people, including births, deaths and marriages.  Sources are included.

There are only 20 copies of the book remaining.
At this time, there are no plans for additional publication runs.

The price of $41 includes shipping and handling

For more info, or to purchase, contact:
Irene S. Underwood,
1624 Tradd Court,
Chesterfield, MO 63017.

Genealogical Publishing Company, 1001 North Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202-3897

Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie MD 20716

Iberian Publishing Company, 548 Cedar Creek Drive, Athens, GA 30605

Mountain Press, P.O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-0400

Duncan/Young Families in SW VA. (2 vol. set )

Rigney Family in Floyd, Montgomery, and Carroll Counties, Virginia.

The Hatcher Families:
 A Compilation of American Records & Documentation, 1600s - 1900s
Compiled and edited by Nel Hatcher.

By Mary Frances Conner Williams, June 2000


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