Deed to Spangler Mill


Know all men by these present that I, Josiah Terry, of Boterot County in the State of Virginia, am held and firmly Bound unto William Logan of the county and state aforesaid in the full and just sum of four hundred pounds, good and lawful current money of Virginia to be paid to the above William Logan his heirs, Executors, Administrators, or Assignors in and upon the first Day of September in the year of one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine for which pay will and truly be made, I bind my Heir, Executors and Administrators firmly by those present in witness where of I have hither to set my hand and seal this twenty third day of November one thousand seven hundred and eithty seven.---
The conditions of this Obligation is such that if the above Josiah Terry do make or cause to be made unto William Logan his heirs, or assignors, a good and sufficient right to a certain Tract or Parcel of land containing forty eight acres together with the Mill and the Appurtenances there unto belonging, standing, and lying upon Pine Creek near the mouth there of in and upon the Day and Date above mentioned then their               ?                          remain in full force and Viture of Law.  Also the place whereon the said Josiah Terry now lives containing two hundred acres on which the said Terry has laid a state warrant the which he the said Terry makes good to the aforesaid William Logan together with the entry thereof, and likewise the above bounded Josiah Terry is to Deliver a certain Bond of Joseph Huff where in John Huff is bound as security the which bond mentions and obligates the said Joseph Huff to warrant and Defend the said land from all back Claims except Doctor Walker's right of the above bounded Josiah Terry do well and truly perform or cause to be performed all the articles of this obligation and, conditions these this to be Void after this date to remain in full force and Virtue of Law.---

Signed and Delivered
in presence of
Richards Randall                         Josiah Terry
Daniel Shelor

For Value rec'vd I do hereby assign over all my Rights and Tital of the Mill unto Daniel Spangler as Witness my hand this
11 Day of August 1792


John Goodson
                                         Wm. Logan
Martin Girnn

Jack Spangler
Ellicott City, MD