Blue Ridge Agees: Descendants of John Agee Jr. and Sena Hylton of Patrick County, Virginia, by Robert E. Lewis


††††††††††† This book is a genealogical study of the descendants and ancestors of John Agee Jr. and Sena Hylton, who lived in the Patrick County, Virginia area in the period 1770-1850.It documents 1407 descendants of John and Sena and their families, covering eight generations to the present.The book also contains records of Johnís and Senaís ancestry.

††††††††††† The parents of both John Agee Jr. and Sena Hylton were early settlers in the area that became Patrick County, Virginia and John and Sena were each in the first generation in their families to be born in southwest Virginia. At least four of their children, Joshua, Nathaniel, Lucy (md. William Dillon) and Austin, raised their families in Floyd or Patrick counties, and many of their descendants today still live in this area of Virginia, or nearby in North Carolina.The authorís grandparents, who were descended from the oldest son, Joshua, were part of a small migration of Agee descendants and friends from Floyd county to Washington State around the year 1900.

††††††††††† Two other sons, Samuel and William took their families to Missouri in 1858.Many descendants of these families live there today and in Oklahoma and Texas.

††††††††††† In addition to providing genealogical details, the book is rich in source documentation and also presents biographical information where available.

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