Cemetery Readings By Genevieve Starkey

Cemetery Readings given to us by Genevieve Starkey

All assistants have been given credit for their help within each cemetery

Agee Cemetery

Agnew Cemetery

Akers Cemetery

Akers Graveyard

Akers - Turman Cemetery

Akers - Weeks Cemetery

Albert T. Slusher

Aldredge Cemetery

Alexander Graham Cemetery

Altizer, Charles Asa

Altizer - Elkins - Alley

Anderson - Mills Cemetery

Andrew Jackson Rutrough Cemetery

Andrew Naff Cemetery

Barton Cemetery

Basham Cemetery

Beckner Cemetery 1

Beckner Cemetery 2

Benjamin or Chris Dodd Cemetery

Big Oak Cemetery

Bishop - Gardner Cemetery

Blackwell Cemetery

Blue Ridge Cemetery

Board Cemetery

Bolen Cemetery

Camp Creek Church Cemetery

Cannaday Family Cemetery

Cara Simmons Cemetery

Cemetery on Thunderstruck Road

Cemetery on Franklin Pike

Charles & Violet Turner Cemetery

Charles Marion Pugh

Charlie Reed Cemetery

Claytor Lesuar Cemetery

Cockran Cemetery

Col. Jacob Helms Cemetery

County Line Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Craig Cemetery

Dodd & Hylton Cemetery

Dulaney Cemetery

Eli Blackwell Cemetery

Eli Board Cemetery

Epperly - Ballinger Cemetery

Finney Family Cemetery

Fleming Cole Cemetery

Franklin Pike Cemetery

George T. Dickerson Cemetery

George W. Thompson

Gill Cemetery

Goodykoontz Cemetery

Hale Family Cemetery

Oliver Perry Slusher Cemetery

Old County Line Cemetery

Old Pate Cemetery(Franklin County)

Pate Cemetery

Perdue Cemetery

Peter Cannaday Cemetery

Peters Family Cemetery

Pilot Cemetery(Montgomery County)

Pleasant Cole Cemetery

Pine Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Poff Cemetery

Poor Farm Cemetery

Powell Cemetery

Price Cemetery (black)

Prillaman Cemetery

Proffitt Cemetery

Puckett Cemetery

Radford Cemetery

Red Oak Grove Cemetery

Richards Cemetery

Roundtop Cemetery

Samuel P. Rakes Cemetery

Schilling - Huff Cemetery

Shank Cemetery

Shelor Cemetery

Simmons Cemetery

Simmons - Booth Cemetery

Simpson Cemetery aka Barlow Cemetery

Sisson Cemetery

Slusher - Emberson Cemetery

Slusher - Jones Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Sowder Cemetery

Sowers Cemetery

Spangler Cemetery

Spangler - Lampey Cemetery

Stonewall Cemetery

Sumpter Cemetery

Sumpter - Dickerson Cemetery

Sutphin Cemetery

Sweeney Cemetery

Sweeney - Strickler Cemetery

T. Alfred Yattes Cemetery

Valentine Thrash Cemetery

Samuel L. Vest Cemetery

Via Cemetery

Wade - Slusher - Cemetery

Thompson Cemetery

Underwood Cemetery

Valentine Thrash Cemetery

Vaughn Chapel Cemetery

Vest Cemetery

Walton Cemetery

Weddle Cemetery

Weddle - Whitlow - Wickham Cemetery

West Cemetery

White Rock Baptist Church Cemetery

Wispering Pines Cemetery

Whitlock Cemetery

Whitlock -Rutrough - Richards Cemetery

Will Pugh Cemetery

William H. Harman Cemetery

Williams Cemetery

Wilson Cemetery on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Wilson Cemetery

Wood - Perdue Cemetery

Woodward Cemetery

Yates Cemetery

Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery