John Phelps Will  
Will of John Phelps
Goochland County Deeds and Wills Deed Bk. No. 5, 1745-1749 before the formation of Cumberland Co.

1747 - From Goochland County Deeds and Wills Deed Bk. No. 5, 1745-1749, p.389-390.:
 Will of John Phelps (x), of Goochland Co., sick, 
To my son, John, the use of the land where he (John) lives, next to John WOODSON and John PLEASANTS, and at his death to his son, John PHELPS.  
To my son, John, one negro woman Sarah. 
To my son, Samuel,  land where John STAFFORD lives and where George BUTS lived, next to WADSON(sic) and John PLEASANTS, [*note- this property is near the old Court House of the said county, but is in present day Powhatan Co.] and also to him negroes: Charles, Dick, Hanah, Cate, Peter and York; also 500 acres on Fleamon's Creek, 400 being part the plantation is on and 100 acres of the joining survey;  also items and livestock; 
To my son, William, all the rest of my land at Fleamon's Creek, being 560 acres held by him, and also land and plantation where I live at my wife's death. Also negroes: Franky, Harry, and Ned; items and livestock. 
To my grandson John PHELPS, 54 acres next to CARDWELL, TABORS, Horsepen branch & Col. RANDOLPH; also one negro Joe, when he comes of age. 
To granddaughter Mary PHELPS, one negro; granddaughter Sarah PHELPS, one negro; 
To Dorothy LEARWOOD, 1 young mare and 4 cattle.
To wife Margaret,  for life, 3 negroes: Thom, Jeney, and Robin, and then to my son William. The use of plantation where testator lives, &c &c;  the negroes given grandchildren to be in the care of William Phelps. 
Rest of my estate to my wife and son William.
Executors:  sons Samuel and William.  
Dated Feb 14 or 10, 1747; 
Wit: Wm. STONE, Joseph WOOD, James BARNES
Signed:  John (F) PHELPS
Recorded 16 March 1747
proved in Goochland March 1747.
Deed Bk. No. 5, 1745-1749 (Reel 2), p.389-390.  Will pro. 16 Mar 1747.

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