Cumberland, VA Surnames

Cumberland County
Researcher's and Surname's

Researcher Years Surnames
Carolyn S. Faris   Amos
Donald Boatright   Boatwright
Carolyn Ericson   BRADLEY
Linda   Carter
Donna M. Hull   CHAFFIN
Judith Lamb   Charlton
Donna M. Hull   EDWARDS
Carolyn S. Faris   Faris
Dan Flippen 1850 through 1880ís Flippin
Staci Haden   Haden
Harry S. Hamilton prior to the 1850s HAMBLETON
Cheryl Holland 1790 HOLLAND
Donna M. Hull   HUCKABY
Donna M. Hull   HUGHES
James Spence   Ligon
Arthur Raine,Jr   Raine
Carolyn Ericson   RHODES
John Robinson late 1600s and 1700s Robinson
Ginger Vance   Rutherford
Donna M. Hull   SELF
Donna M. Hull   THOMAS
Betty Ravenholt   Thompson
Don Trent   Trent
Donna M. Hull   WALTON
Donna M. Hull   WARRINER
Donna M. Hull   WINFREY

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