Virginia Colonial
Militia Roster of Henings Statutes at Large
Cumberland County
(Volume 7)

Cumberland County , September 1758

Robt. Slaughter, Col.
Wm. Slaughter, Lieut.
Poindexter Mosby, Capt.
Chas. Yancy, Ensign


John Payton
Rich. Doggett
Hankison Read

John Parker
John Berry
James Corder
Wm Lightfoot
Thos. Ray
John Chisum
John Ballenger
Joshua Sherrill
Christopher Ziglar
John Field
Rueben Long
Mark Hardin
Thos. Slaughter
Wm. Underwood
Saml. Hensley
Francis Brown
Thos. Yeates Jr
John Bradley
Anthony Strother
John Morgan
Rich. Parks
John Peyton
Alex. Frazier
John Witherhead
Wm. Baker
French Strother
Edward Brown
Wm. Edwards
Edward Bush
Thos. Baker
Robt. Scott
John Care
Joseph Duncan
James Browning
Wm. Thornhill
John Anderson
Henry Stronsafer
James Story
John Faver, Jr
Wm. Wall
Wm. Poe
Wm. Collin
John Yancy
Oliver Towles
Francis JAcoby
Wm. Tutt
Saml. Pannell
Wm. Robertson
Geo. Goggins
John Banger
John Duncan
Nath. Parker
Wm. Day
Wm. Nalle Jr
John Shingleton
Peter Rucker
James Garrett
Chas. McQueen
Wm. Hopper
James Green
John Cox
John Pabley
Peter Fleshman
John Powell
Jacob Broil

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