Virginia Confederate Soldiers
Surnames T-Z

Additional information can be found about these soldiers from theVirginia Regimental Series.  Also soldiers often served in more than one unit, so research all entries by individuals with the same names.

Data compiled and submitted by Rhonda Roberson ©2001

Last Name First Name Unit
Tabb Robert M. 21st Infantry
Tabor Augutus 29th Infantry
Tabor George W. 29th Infantry
Tabor John A. 50th Infantry
Tabor Thomas E. 29th Infantry
Tackett David M. 64th Infantry
Tackett Dennis 64th Mounted Infantry
Tacy John A. Virginia State Line
Talbot C. H. Virginia State Line
Taliaferro John A. 29th Infantry
Talley William L. 21st Cavalry
Talley Daniel D. 21st Infantry
Talley Nelson F. 21st Infantry
Talley William J. 21st Infantry
Tally J 29th Infantry
Tankersley Edmund F. Virginia State Line
Tanksley George 64th Mounted Infantry
Tanksley William L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Tanner George W. Virginia State Line
Tanner John A. Virginia State Line
Tanner Joshua Virginia State Line
Tanner Lorenzo Dow Virginia State Line
Tanner Thomas Virginia State Line
Tanner R. J. 21st Cavalry
Tanner John M. 21st Infantry
Tanner Philip H. 21st Infantry
Tanner Samuel H. 21st Infantry
Tanner William 21st Infantry
Tapscott W. Virginia State Line
Tartar Rush 50th Infantry
Tarter Ephraim 51st Infantry
Tate Armstead J. 29th Infantry
Tate Elisha 29th Infantry
Tate James A. 29th Infantry
Tate John A. 29th Infantry
Tate Levi 29th Infantry
Tate Uriah 29th Infantry
Tate William 29th Infantry
Tate Charles C. 51st Infantry
Tate Elisha 51st Infantry
Tate Joseph M. C. 51st Infantry
Tate M. B. 51st Infantry
Tate Robert C. 51st Infantry
Tate Robert B. 51st Infantry
Tate William Hansom 51st Infantry
Tate Charles C. Virginia State Line
Tate James G. 64th Infantry
Tate John M. 64th Infantry
Tate James F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Tate James G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Tatum Augustus Randolph 21st Infantry
Tatum Vivian H. 21st Infantry
Tatum William B. 21st Infantry
Taylor Andrew J. 50th Infantry
Taylor Benjamin F. 50th Infantry
Taylor Charles S. 50th Infantry
Taylor Charles Scott 29th Infantry
Taylor Chester 50th Infantry
Taylor Frank 7th Cavalry-French's
Taylor Franklin 29th Infantry
Taylor Jacob 29th Infantry
Taylor Jacob 50th Infantry
Taylor James A. 29th Infantry
Taylor James L. 50th Infantry
Taylor James M. 29th Infantry
Taylor James Thomas 50th Infantry
Taylor James W. 50th Infantry
Taylor John W. 29th Infantry
Taylor Jonathan 29th Infantry
Taylor Red Top" 50th Infantry
Taylor Robert 50th Infantry
Taylor Samuel M. 50th Infantry
Taylor Smith S. 29th Infantry
Taylor Thomas 50th Infantry
Taylor William Thomas 29th Infantry
Taylor A. S. B. 51st Infantry
Taylor Benjamin 51st Infantry
Taylor Boswell 51st Infantry
Taylor Charles 51st Infantry
Taylor David 51st Infantry
Taylor Edward R. 51st Infantry
Taylor John 51st Infantry
Taylor John C. 51st Infantry
Taylor Noah 51st Infantry
Taylor Owen T. 51st Infantry
Taylor Tobias 51st Infantry
Taylor Zack 51st Infantry
Taylor Andrew N. Virginia State Line
Taylor Charles Virginia State Line
Taylor Cyrus Virginia State Line
Taylor Elem B. Virginia State Line
Taylor Frank Virginia State Line
Taylor Green (George) W. Virginia State Line
Taylor Henry Virginia State Line
Taylor J. P. Virginia State Line
Taylor Jack Virginia State Line
Taylor Jackson Virginia State Line
Taylor Levi J. Virginia State Line
Taylor Thomas B. Virginia State Line
Taylor William Smith Virginia State Line
Taylor William W. Virginia State Line
Taylor William Virginia State Line
Taylor G 21st Cavalry
Taylor J. P. 21st Cavalry
Taylor Samuel 21st Cavalry
Taylor William 21st Cavalry
Taylor Charles E. 21st Infantry
Taylor Clarence E. 21st Infantry
Taylor Edmond 21st Infantry
Taylor Edmund 21st Infantry
Taylor Edward "Ned" B 21st Infantry
Taylor James E. 21st Infantry
Taylor James E. 21st Infantry
Taylor James M. 21st Infantry
Taylor John H. 21st Infantry
Taylor Robert 21st Infantry
Taylor Robert T. 21st Infantry
Taylor William D. 21st Infantry
Taylor Charles H. 64th Infantry
Taylor Henry 64th Infantry
Taylor Isaac Thompson 64th Infantry
Taylor James 64th Infantry
Taylor Marshall 64th Infantry
Taylor Milo 64th Infantry
Taylor Samuel 64th Infantry
Taylor Sylvan S. 64th Infantry
Taylor Charles J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor Isaac Thompson 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor James 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor John 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor Marshall B 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor N. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor W. B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor William P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Taylor Alexandra 45th Infantry Battalion
Taylor Anderson 45th Infantry Battalion
Taylor Chester 45th Infantry Battalion
Taylor Green . 45th Infantry Battalion
Taylor Saunders 45th Infantry Battalion
Temms S. J. B. Virginia State Line
Temple Rod 21st Infantry
Templeton James R. 21st Infantry
Templeton Robert A. 21st Infantry
Templeton Samuel 21st Infantry
Templeton William E. 21st Infantry
Templeton William H. 21st Infantry
Templeton E 64th Mounted Infantry
Templeton John D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Tennant Alpheus Virginia State Line
Tennent Thomas M. 21st Infantry
Terrell William B. 50th Infantry
Terrell D. B. 51st Infantry
Terry Hiram 50th Infantry
Terry J. G. 50th Infantry
Terry Reuben P. 50th Infantry
Terry William 50th Infantry
Terry William 50th Infantry
Terry Henry C. 51st Infantry
Terry John J. 51st Infantry
Terry N. B. 51st Infantry
Terry Samuel M. 51st Infantry
Terry William A. 51st Infantry
Terry William R. 51st Infantry
Terry James K. Virginia State Line
Terry A(ACabud  45th Infantry Battalion
Terry James . 45th Infantry Battalion
Testerman Jesse 64th Mounted Infantry
Testerman Peter 64th Mounted Infantry
Thacker Madison 64th Mounted Infantry
Thacker Robert 64th Mounted Infantry
Thacker William 64th Mounted Infantry
Tharp Benjamin 64th Mounted Infantry
Tharp Jesse 64th Mounted Infantry
Tharp William 64th Mounted Infantry
Thart Zachariah Virginia State Line
Thayer Mortimer Virginia State Line
Thomas Andrew 29th Infantry
Thomas David Crockett 29th Infantry
Thomas David Crockett 29th Infantry
Thomas James 50th Infantry
Thomas James M. 29th Infantry
Thomas James M. 29th Infantry
Thomas John 29th Infantry
Thomas John 29th Infantry
Thomas John 29th Infantry
Thomas Levi D. 29th Infantry
Thomas Levi D. 29th Infantry
Thomas Robert 29th Infantry
Thomas Robert 29th Infantry
Thomas Samuel 50th Infantry
Thomas Samuel, Sr. 29th Infantry
Thomas Taylor 50th Infantry
Thomas Vincent H. 50th Infantry
Thomas William 50th Infantry
Thomas William E. 29th Infantry
Thomas William Henry 29th Infantry
Thomas William M. 50th Infantry
Thomas William R. 50th Infantry
Thomas Haston 29th Infantry
Thomas Lewis 51st Infantry
Thomas Lewis T. 51st Infantry
Thomas L. G. 51st Infantry
Thomas M. H. 51st Infantry
Thomas Nathaniel A. 51st Infantry
Thomas Peter J. 51st Infantry
Thomas Tazewell P. 51st Infantry
Thomas Andrew Virginia State Line
Thomas C. F. Virginia State Line
Thomas Charles Virginia State Line
Thomas D. R. Virginia State Line
Thomas Edmund Virginia State Line
Thomas Francis Virginia State Line
Thomas James Virginia State Line
Thomas John D. Virginia State Line
Thomas Joseph M. Virginia State Line
Thomas Moses E. Virginia State Line
Thomas Whitley Virginia State Line
Thomas Charles A. 21st Cavalry
Thomas Charles R. 21st Cavalry
Thomas James W. 21st Cavalry
Thomas Whitley 21st Cavalry
Thomas J. William 21st Infantry
Thomas Remby? 21st Infantry
Thomas W. S. 21st Infantry
Thomas William J. 21st Infantry
Thomas Charles 64th Infantry
Thomas George S. 64th Infantry
Thomas John 64th Infantry
Thomas Joseph R. 64th Infantry
Thomas Joseph R. 64th Infantry
Thomas Andrew 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas G 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas George S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas James S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas John 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas John 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas Joseph 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas Pleasant P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Thomas  Joseph P. 51st Infantry
Thomason Asa Virginia State Line
Thomasson James H. 21st Infantry
Thomasson John H. F. 21st Infantry
Thomasson William R. E. 21st Infantry
Thomblinson David Virginia State Line
Thompkins Pheocian L. 50th Infantry
Thompkins Robert L. 50th Infantry
Thompkins Robert S. 50th Infantry
Thompson Andreson Lindsey 7th Cavalry-French's
Thompson Creed F. 29th Infantry
Thompson Flemming 7th Cavalry-French's
Thompson George P. 50th Infantry
Thompson Isaac 50th Infantry
Thompson Nelson 50th Infantry
Thompson Presley C. 50th Infantry
Thompson Ruphus 50th Infantry
Thompson William H. 50th Infantry
Thompson Isam 51st Infantry
Thompson James B. 51st Infantry
Thompson James J. 51st Infantry
Thompson James L. 51st Infantry
Thompson Jehile 51st Infantry
Thompson Samuel 51st Infantry
Thompson William H. 51st Infantry
Thompson W. P. 51st Infantry
Thompson W. R. 51st Infantry
Thompson Aca C. Virginia State Line
Thompson Allen R. Virginia State Line
Thompson Andrew Virginia State Line
Thompson Calvary Virginia State Line
Thompson Cummings Virginia State Line
Thompson Jefferson Virginia State Line
Thompson John E. Virginia State Line
Thompson John Virginia State Line
Thompson Lesly C. Virginia State Line
Thompson Nathaniel A. Virginia State Line
Thompson O. D. Virginia State Line
Thompson P. Virginia State Line
Thompson R. A. Virginia State Line
Thompson Sanders Virginia State Line
Thompson Squire Virginia State Line
Thompson William A. Virginia State Line
Thompson William H. Virginia State Line
Thompson William P. Virginia State Line
Thompson William Virginia State Line
Thompson H 21st Cavalry
Thompson James C. 21st Cavalry
Thompson Nathaniel A. 21st Cavalry
Thompson Sanders 21st Cavalry
Thompson D. Bowly 21st Infantry
Thompson J. C. 21st Infantry
Thompson James L. 21st Infantry
Thompson George Washington 64th Infantry
Thompson Henry 64th Infantry
Thompson Isaac 64th Infantry
Thompson John  64th Infantry
Thompson John 64th Infantry
Thompson John 64th Infantry
Thompson Stephen B. 64th Infantry
Thompson William H. 64th Infantry
Thompson Wily V. 64th Infantry
Thompson Benjamin Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson D. S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson Francis P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson Henry P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson John 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson William 64th Mounted Infantry
Thompson William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Thorburn Charles Edmonston 50th Infantry
Thorn M. A. 51st Infantry
Thornburg Jacob A. Virginia State Line
Thornburg Jacob A. 21st Cavalry
Thornton Gordon Jefferson 50th Infantry
Thornton Jeremiah 50th Infantry
Thornton Peter Pinknam 50th Infantry
Thornton Peter Presley 50th Infantry
Thornton George D. 51st Infantry
Thornton Presley L. W. 21st Infantry
Throckmorton William C. 21st Infantry
Thurman Giles 50th Infantry
Tibbs Henry T. 50th Infantry
Tibbs John W. 50th Infantry
Tibbs William 50th Infantry
Tibbs A. A. 51st Infantry
Tibbs F. M. 51st Infantry
Tibbs John 51st Infantry
Tibbs Eugenius Virginia State Line
Tibbs Francis M. Virginia State Line
Tibbs Isaac M. 21st Infantry
Tibbs James . 45th Infantry Battalion
Tice Abner H. 21st Cavalry
Tice E 21st Cavalry
Tice Fleming J. 21st Cavalry
Tidmarsh Charles 51st Infantry
Tiffany Henry 21st Infantry
Tillen George 64th Infantry
Tillen Samuel J. 64th Infantry
Tiller Evan 7th Cavalry-French's
Tiller Evan Virginia State Line
Tiller Allen 45th Infantry Battalion
Tiller Anderson 45th Infantry Battalion
Tilley Joel F. 29th Infantry
Tillman Stephen A. 21st Infantry
Tilson John R. Virginia State Line
Tilson Harmon H. 21st Cavalry
Timmons Bernard H. Virginia State Line
Tincher Albert Virginia State Line
Tincher F. M. Virginia State Line
Tincher James Virginia State Line
Tincher Albert 21st Cavalry
Tiney N. C. 21st Infantry
Tinnell Frank 51st Infantry
Tinsley Edward M. 51st Infantry
Tinsley Stephen B. 51st Infantry
Tinsley Augustus Virginia State Line
Tinsley Isaac Virginia State Line
Tinsley J. W. 21st Cavalry
Tinsley R. J. 21st Cavalry
Tipton Evans 50th Infantry
Tipton Isaac 50th Infantry
Tipton John C. 50th Infantry
Tipton William 50th Infantry
Tipton William Lawrence 29th Infantry
Tipton Wiley 51st Infantry
Tipton Emory 64th Mounted Infantry
Tipton Jacob 64th Mounted Infantry
Tipton James 64th Mounted Infantry
Tisdale Benjamin Newton 21st Infantry
Tisdale Christopher C. 21st Infantry
Tisdale George Renison 21st Infantry
Tobler Stephen 29th Infantry
Tolbert J. T. 7th Cavalry-French's
Tolbert Joshua Calvin 29th Infantry
Toler Andrew M. Virginia State Line
Toler Charles Virginia State Line
Toler Henry Virginia State Line
Toler James R. Virginia State Line
Toler James Virginia State Line
Toler Andrew . 45th Infantry Battalion
Toler Charles 45th Infantry Battalion
Toler Henry 45th Infantry Battalion
Toler James 45th Infantry Battalion
Toler James . 45th Infantry Battalion
Toliver Drury S. Virginia State Line
Toliver John F. Virginia State Line
Toliver Wiley G. Virginia State Line
Toliver Drury S. 21st Cavalry
Toliver J. F. 21st Cavalry
Toliver W. G. 21st Cavalry
Toller John Virginia State Line
Tolliver Jesse Virginia State Line
Tolliver Jesse 45th Infantry Battalion
Tollman John 51st Infantry
Tomberlin A. Virginia State Line
Tomberlin James Virginia State Line
Tombs John Virginia State Line
Tomlinson Alexander R. 50th Infantry
Tomlinson Henry R. 50th Infantry
Tomlinson Robert 50th Infantry
Tomlinson William 21st Cavalry
Tompkins William Tandy 50th Infantry
Tompkins Edmond "Ned" G. 21st Infantry
Tompkins Benjamin Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Toney Robert Virginia State Line
Toney George M. 21st Infantry
Toney John C. 21st Infantry
Toney Samuel A. 21st Infantry
Toney Samuel E. 21st Infantry
Toney William F. 21st Infantry
Toney Robert 45th Infantry Battalion
Tonkin Ambrose Virginia State Line
Tonkin John J. Virginia State Line
Toone James L. 21st Infantry
Totten Samuel T. Virginia State Line
Totten Samuel T. 21st Cavalry
Totten William E. 45th Infantry Battalion
Towe Albert Hamilton 29th Infantry
Towe John Harrison 29th Infantry
Towe William Henry 29th Infantry
Townsend Albert A. Virginia State Line
Townsend Albert Virginia State Line
Townsend James, Jr. Virginia State Line
Townsend Levi N. Virginia State Line
Tracy John J. Virginia State Line
Tracy John P. Virginia State Line
Trail James 50th Infantry
Trail George J. 21st Cavalry
Trainer Francis A. 51st Infantry
Trainum Charles 21st Infantry
Travis James 64th Infantry
Travis John R. 64th Infantry
Travis William M. 64th Infantry
Travis James T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Travis John R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Travis William M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Trent Isaac 50th Infantry
Trent John 50th Infantry
Trent William J. 51st Infantry
Trent Eli Virginia State Line
Trent John 21st Cavalry
Trent Thomas S. 21st Cavalry
Trent William H. 21st Infantry
Trent Eli 45th Infantry Battalion
Trent Fleming 45th Infantry Battalion
Treville G 21st Cavalry
Trickett Michael E. Virginia State Line
Triiplett Caleb Virginia State Line
Trimble Garland A. 29th Infantry
Trimble Martin M. 29th Infantry
Trimmer J. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Trippett Franklin Virginia State Line
Trippett Philip Virginia State Line
Tritt Alexander L. 64th Infantry
Tritt James 64th Infantry
Tritt Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt Alexander L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt Jacob E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt James 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt James 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt John 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt William 64th Mounted Infantry
Tritt Zion 64th Mounted Infantry
Trotter Thomas 21st Infantry
Troy Marcus L. 21st Cavalry
Truman Robert Virginia State Line
Trump John H. Virginia State Line
Truslow George W. 50th Infantry
Trussell Levi 51st Infantry
Tuck Thomas 21st Infantry
Tucker Elijah B. 50th Infantry
Tucker William Dillard 51st Infantry
Tucker William 51st Infantry
Tucker William Henry 51st Infantry
Tucker Benjamin Franklin Virginia State Line
Tucker James M. Virginia State Line
Tucker William B. 21st Cavalry
Tucker Joel B. 21st Infantry
Tucker John N. 21st Infantry
Tucker Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Tucker Edward B. 45th Infantry Battalion
Tump John H. 45th Infantry Battalion
Tunnell Thomas T. Virginia State Line
Turley James S. 29th Infantry
Turley Rees T. 29th Infantry
Turley Solomon C. 29th Infantry
Turley Solomon Virginia State Line
Turley Reese T. 45th Infantry Battalion
Turley Solomon 45th Infantry Battalion
Turnell Thomas T. 21st Cavalry
Turner Alexander 29th Infantry
Turner John B. 29th Infantry
Turner John Marshall 29th Infantry
Turner Meshack 50th Infantry
Turner P. Minis 50th Infantry
Turner R. G. 29th Infantry
Turner Stuart C. 29th Infantry
Turner William T. 50th Infantry
Turner Wilson 7th Cavalry-French's
Turner Creed O. 51st Infantry
Turner George T. 51st Infantry
Turner James R. 51st Infantry
Turner Samuel J. 51st Infantry
Turner Tazewell A. 51st Infantry
Turner Washington R. 51st Infantry
Turner Benjamin Franklin Virginia State Line
Turner E. J. B. Virginia State Line
Turner Emmett C. Virginia State Line
Turner George W. Virginia State Line
Turner Robert Lewis Virginia State Line
Turner C. B. 21st Cavalry
Turner Derescus 21st Cavalry
Turner E. J. B. 21st Cavalry
Turner Wilson 21st Cavalry
Turner John T. 21st Infantry
Turner Josiah 21st Infantry
Turner T. C. 21st Infantry
Turner Joel 64th Infantry
Turner Joel 64th Mounted Infantry
Turner Benjamin Franklin 45th Infantry Battalion
Turpin John Cheatwood 50th Infantry
Turpin Th. Ed. 50th Infantry
Turpin G. D. 51st Infantry
Turpin William A. 51st Infantry
Turpin Walter E. Virginia State Line
Tuttle Thomas 64th Infantry
Tyler James E. Virginia State Line
Tyler James Evans 21st Infantry
Tyler John  21st Infantry
Tyler Robert Emmett 21st Infantry
Tyler George N. 64th Infantry
Tyler John A. 64th Infantry
Tyler George N. 64th Mounted Infantry
Tyree John H. 51st Infantry
Tyree Reuben 51st Infantry
Tyree Henry C. 21st Infantry
Umbarger Casper Y. 50th Infantry
Umbarger James R. 50th Infantry
Umbarger Charles W. 51st Infantry
Umbarger Daniel G. 51st Infantry
Umbarger Edward H. 51st Infantry
Umbarger Frank T. 51st Infantry
Umbarger Isaac Milton 51st Infantry
Umbarger James D. 51st Infantry
Umbarger Jehiel F. 51st Infantry
Umbarger John F. 51st Infantry
Umbarger Rufus Edley 51st Infantry
Umbarger William A. 51st Infantry
Umbarger Henry M. 21st Cavalry
Umbarger James R. 21st Cavalry
Umbarger Rufus 21st Cavalry
Umbarger J. D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Umbarger John 64th Mounted Infantry
Umbarger John D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Umberger Joseph W. 51st Infantry
Underwood William R. 50th Infantry
Underwood Alfred 51st Infantry
Underwood Jack R. Virginia State Line
Underwood James Virginia State Line
Underwood Michael Virginia State Line
Underwood M 21st Cavalry
Underwood William 21st Cavalry
Unfleet Jonathan 64th Infantry
Unthank Calvin Virginia State Line
Unthank Calvin 64th Mounted Infantry
Utter Bryant Virginia State Line
Utter Marion Virginia State Line
Utter Nicholas Virginia State Line
Utter Nicholas 21st Cavalry
Vaden James M. 21st Cavalry
Vaden Thomas 21st Cavalry
Vaden William E. 21st Cavalry
Valdneer William Virginia State Line
Valdneer William 21st Cavalry
Van Buren Benjamin B. 21st Infantry
Vanatter James Virginia State Line
Vanatter John Virginia State Line
Vanatter Theodore Virginia State Line
Vanatter Irvine A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Vanatter James A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Vanatter John Allen 45th Infantry Battalion
Vance David D. 29th Infantry
Vance Emmett R. 50th Infantry
Vance Alexander 51st Infantry
Vance David M. 51st Infantry
Vance H. H. 51st Infantry
Vance John 51st Infantry
Vance Charles H. Virginia State Line
Vance Eli Virginia State Line
Vance Harvey Virginia State Line
Vance Levi Virginia State Line
Vance Overton Virginia State Line
Vance Paris Virginia State Line
Vance Richard Virginia State Line
Vance Roland B. Virginia State Line
Vance William H. Virginia State Line
Vance Alexander 64th Infantry
Vance Elijah 64th Infantry
Vance John G. 64th Infantry
Vance William H. 64th Infantry
Vance David D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Vance Lawson W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Vance A.A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Vance Charles H. 45th Infantry Battalion
Vance Joseph 45th Infantry Battalion
Vance Levi 45th Infantry Battalion
Vandall William F. Virginia State Line
Vanderpool Cornelius 50th Infantry
Vanderpool Cornelius Virginia State Line
Vanderpool Pleasant Virginia State Line
Vanderport W. Henry Virginia State Line
Vanderport W. Henry 21st Cavalry
Vandeventer Alexander Spotswood 50th Infantry
Vandeventer Houston 50th Infantry
Vandeventer Larkin 50th Infantry
Vandeventer Thomas Jefferson 50th Infantry
Vandeventer Larkin 64th Mounted Infantry
VanDike David Virginia State Line
VanDike Walter Virginia State Line
Vandike Walter 64th Infantry
Vandike William 64th Infantry
VanDikes William Virginia State Line
Vannatter James Virginia State Line
Vannatter Jeremiah, Jr. Virginia State Line
Vannatter John Virginia State Line
Vannatter Lewis Virginia State Line
Vannatter Mark Virginia State Line
Vannatter Samuel P. Virginia State Line
Vanover Eli S. 50th Infantry
Vanover Elijah 7th Cavalry-French's
Vanover William 7th Cavalry-French's
Vanover William T. 50th Infantry
Vanover David Virginia State Line
Vanover Elijah Virginia State Line
Vanover Henry Virginia State Line
Vanover William Virginia State Line
Vanover Richard 21st Cavalry
Vanover William 21st Cavalry
Vanover William P. 21st Cavalry
VanReenan John Virginia State Line
Vansenen John Virginia State Line
Varner John W. Virginia State Line
Varner Dexterity 64th Mounted Infantry
Varner Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Varner (Varney) Jacob Virginia State Line
Varney John H. Virginia State Line
Varney Melvin B. Virginia State Line
Varney John H. 45th Infantry Battalion
Varney Melvin B. 45th Infantry Battalion
Vass Ed C. Virginia State Line
Vaughan Jackson 29th Infantry
Vaughan Washington 29th Infantry
Vaughan Alexander 51st Infantry
Vaughan George 51st Infantry
Vaughan C. P. 51st Infantry
Vaughan P. J., Jr. Virginia State Line
Vaughan P. J. 21st Cavalry
Vaughn Elias 50th Infantry
Vaughn Elijah D. 51st Infantry
Vaughn J. J. Virginia State Line
Vaughn John Z. Virginia State Line
Vaughn William Virginia State Line
Vaughn William 21st Cavalry
Vaughner William 64th Mounted Infantry
Vaught Christopher A. 29th Infantry
Vaught David B. 29th Infantry
Vaught Ephraim 29th Infantry
Vaught George W. 29th Infantry
Vaught James Franklin 29th Infantry
Vaught James Z. 29th Infantry
Vaught Jefferson M. 29th Infantry
Vaught Noah T. 29th Infantry
Vaught Stephen E. 29th Infantry
Vaught William J. 29th Infantry
Venable William M. 29th Infantry
Venable Charles W. Virginia State Line
Venable Marcellus Poindexter 21st Cavalry
Venable John M. 21st Infantry
Venable Isaac 64th Infantry
Venable John 64th Infantry
Venable Joseph L. 64th Infantry
Venable Andrew M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Venable Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Venable John 64th Mounted Infantry
Venable Joseph L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Vernay Benjamin Virginia State Line
Vernin Ewel 21st Cavalry
Vernon Samuel 50th Infantry
Vernon William 21st Infantry
Vest David 51st Infantry
Vest Anderson Virginia State Line
Vest Benjamin Virginia State Line
Vest Berry M. Virginia State Line
Vest Charles Virginia State Line
Vest George W. Virginia State Line
Vest Washington Virginia State Line
Vest William F. Virginia State Line
Vest Anderson 21st Cavalry
Vest Barry M. 21st Cavalry
Vest George 21st Cavalry
Vest James 21st Cavalry
Vest Washington 21st Cavalry
Vest William F. 21st Cavalry
Vest B. F. 21st Infantry
Vest B. M. 21st Infantry
Via Doctor Green 51st Infantry
Via Elijah Dehart 51st Infantry
Via James Ellyson 51st Infantry
Via James R. 51st Infantry
Via William Dennis 51st Infantry
Via Anderson Virginia State Line
Via Andrew 21st Cavalry
Via James Ellison 21st Cavalry
Via John 21st Cavalry
Viaden William E. Virginia State Line
Viars Amos L. 29th Infantry
Viass Matthew Virginia State Line
Vicars Joel Virginia State Line
Vickers C. L. Virginia State Line
Vickers John H. Virginia State Line
Vickers John T. Virginia State Line
Vickers William 64th Infantry
Vickers John, Jr. 64th Mounted Infantry
Vickers John, Sr. 64th Mounted Infantry
Vickers Thomas 64th Mounted Infantry
Vickers William 64th Mounted Infantry
Vickers William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Vickers John T. 45th Infantry Battalion
Vier Lewis 21st Cavalry
Viers William S. 21st Cavalry
Viles Levi 64th Mounted Infantry
Vincent Isaac T. Virginia State Line
Vincil William D. 50th Infantry
Vines David C. 50th Infantry
Vines George 50th Infantry
Vines John 50th Infantry
Vines William 50th Infantry
Vinson John P. 29th Infantry
Vinson James Virginia State Line
Volmer William Virginia State Line
Voss John C. 64th Infantry
Voss John C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Waddell Elkanah R. 50th Infantry
Waddell Jefferson 7th Cavalry-French's
Waddell David 51st Infantry
Waddell Houston Virginia State Line
Waddell Jefferson Virginia State Line
Waddle Francis M. 51st Infantry
Waddle James 51st Infantry
Waddle Calvin 21st Cavalry
Waddle Huston 21st Cavalry
Waddle Josiah 64th Mounted Infantry
Wade Jacob 50th Infantry
Wade John W. 50th Infantry
Wade William A. 51st Infantry
Wade Z. A. 51st Infantry
Wade S. L. Virginia State Line
Wade Elijah Baxter 21st Cavalry
Wade Harvey S. 21st Cavalry
Wade Owen 64th Mounted Infantry
Wadsworth J. T. Virginia State Line
Wadsworth T. T. Virginia State Line
Waggoner Samuel Virginia State Line
Wagoner W. R. 21st Cavalry
Waid Samuel Alexander 50th Infantry
Wain Henry M Virginia State Line
Waldron W 21st Infantry
Waldrond J 50th Infantry
Waldrop Richard Woolfolk 21st Infantry
Walk Amos 29th Infantry
Walk Martin V. 29th Infantry
Walker Andrew 29th Infantry
Walker Hezekiah H. 29th Infantry
Walker John A. 29th Infantry
Walker W. T. 29th Infantry
Walker William 50th Infantry
Walker Amos Virginia State Line
Walker George N. V. Virginia State Line
Walker Harvey Virginia State Line
Walker Jacob Virginia State Line
Walker John A. Virginia State Line
Walker Robert W. Virginia State Line
Walker Joseph L. 21st Cavalry
Walker George E. 21st Infantry
Walker John A. 21st Infantry
Walker John J. 21st Infantry
Walker John Jefferson 21st Infantry
Walker Melvin M. 21st Infantry
Walker Robert F. 21st Infantry
Walker Robert W. 21st Infantry
Walker Samuel H. 21st Infantry
Walker Thomas B. 21st Infantry
Walker William J. 21st Infantry
Walker George N. 45th Infantry Battalion
Walker Harvey 45th Infantry Battalion
Walker Jacob 45th Infantry Battalion
Walker John 45th Infantry Battalion
Walker John A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Wall E. B. 29th Infantry
Wall William 21st Infantry
Wallace George W. 50th Infantry
Wallace Thomas 51st Infantry
Wallace Thomas 51st Infantry
Wallace James Virginia State Line
Wallace R. C. Virginia State Line
Wallace William F. Virginia State Line
Wallace William Virginia State Line
Wallace William W. 21st Infantry
Wallen John Virginia State Line
Wallen Christopher 45th Infantry Battalion
Wallen John 45th Infantry Battalion
Waller Michael 29th Infantry
Waller George 51st Infantry
Waller James 51st Infantry
Waller A. Virginia State Line
Waller Riley Virginia State Line
Waller Thomas R. Virginia State Line
Waller Richard H. 21st Infantry
Waller Thomas R. 45th Infantry Battalion
Walling James Knox Polk 7th Cavalry-French's
Walling Reuben 64th Infantry
Walling Reuben 64th Mounted Infantry
Walling Thomas W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wallis J. P. 21st Infantry
Walls Lindsey L. 29th Infantry
Walls William C. Virginia State Line
Walls William C. 45th Infantry Battalion
Walrond Augusts S. 29th Infantry
Walter Charles 29th Infantry
Walter James 29th Infantry
Walters James A. 29th Infantry
Walters John P. 29th Infantry
Walters Mitchell 29th Infantry
Walters Russell Smith 29th Infantry
Walters William 29th Infantry
Walters George W. 51st Infantry
Walters J. H. 51st Infantry
Walters James M. 51st Infantry
Walters John C. 51st Infantry
Walters W. M. 51st Infantry
Walters Amariah Virginia State Line
Walters Amariah 21st Cavalry
Walters J. C. 21st Cavalry
Walters J. T. 21st Cavalry
Walters Solomon 21st Cavalry
Walton Loftin N. 50th Infantry
Walton Thomas P. 50th Infantry
Walton Wiley 50th Infantry
Walton Joseph Franklin Virginia State Line
Walton James 21st Cavalry
Walton Jesse 21st Cavalry
Walton J. L. 21st Cavalry
Walton J. W. 21st Cavalry
Wambersie John Edward 21st Infantry
Wampler Alford F. 50th Infantry
Wampler David 29th Infantry
Wampler George B. 29th Infantry
Wampler Henry M. 29th Infantry
Wampler John W. 29th Infantry
Wampler George A. 51st Infantry
Wampler Henderson 51st Infantry
Wampler J. F. 51st Infantry
Wampler John M. 51st Infantry
Wampler Samuel L. 51st Infantry
Wampler William Henry 51st Infantry
Wampler William 21st Cavalry
Wampler George Benton 64th Mounted Infantry
Wampler John 64th Mounted Infantry
Wampler John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wamsley Jacob See Virginia State Line
Wamsley Randolph J. Virginia State Line
Ward Ballard P. 29th Infantry
Ward Enoch C. 29th Infantry
Ward Friel F. 29th Infantry
Ward J. D. 29th Infantry
Ward J. D. 50th Infantry
Ward James 50th Infantry
Ward James B. 50th Infantry
Ward Jonathan M. 50th Infantry
Ward Melvin C. 50th Infantry
Ward William 29th Infantry
Ward William H. 29th Infantry
Ward Champman 51st Infantry
Ward Drewery J. 51st Infantry
WArd John R. 51st Infantry
Ward Jonathan 51st Infantry
Ward Nathan 51st Infantry
Ward Silas 51st Infantry
Ward Zachariah 51st Infantry
Ward Andrew Virginia State Line
Ward James R. Virginia State Line
Ward Renick (Rennick) Virginia State Line
Ward Robert S. M. Virginia State Line
Ward James F. 21st Cavalry
Ward John 21st Cavalry
WArd Thomas Jefferson 21st Cavalry
Ward George 64th Infantry
Ward Huston 64th Mounted Infantry
Ward Stephen D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Warden J. B. 50th Infantry
Warden James 50th Infantry
Warden James R. 50th Infantry
Warden James Thomas 50th Infantry
Warden Johnson B. 50th Infantry
Warden Oscar D. 50th Infantry
Warden William H. 50th Infantry
Warden J 21st Cavalry
Warden Adam 64th Mounted Infantry
Ware George A. 50th Infantry
Ware Alexander N. 51st Infantry
Ware John M. 51st Infantry
Ware Christian B. Virginia State Line
Ware Christian Virginia State Line
Ware John L. Virginia State Line
Warf Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Warf Joseph S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Warkman Andrew 29th Infantry
Warley Thomas Jefferson 50th Infantry
Warner John 29th Infantry
Warner Leander 29th Infantry
Warner Joseph 51st Infantry
Warner Adam Virginia State Line
Warner John Virginia State Line
Warren Bluford 50th Infantry
Warren Burruss A. 50th Infantry
Warren Larkin 50th Infantry
Warren Peter L. 50th Infantry
Warren William D. 50th Infantry
Warren William N. 50th Infantry
Warren T. S. 51st Infantry
Warren Charles Virginia State Line
Warren Sampson 21st Infantry
Warren Larkin R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Washburn John T. 51st Infantry
Washington Rolen T. 50th Infantry
Washington David 51st Infantry
Wasington Swope 21st Infantry
Wassum Ananias Greever 64th Mounted Infantry
Watkins B. F. 50th Infantry
Watkins J. F. Virginia State Line
Watkins Jeremiah "Jerry" Virginia State Line
Watkins John N. Virginia State Line
Watkins A. Judson 21st Infantry
Watkins Aurelius Salle 21st Infantry
Watkins Henry Harrison 21st Infantry
Watkins George Washington 64th Infantry
Watkins Joseph 64th Infantry
Watkins George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Watkins Joseph John 64th Mounted Infantry
Watson John J. 29th Infantry
Watson Simeon 50th Infantry
Watson Benjamin F. 51st Infantry
Watson Johan 51st Infantry
Watson Huey J. Virginia State Line
Watson B. G. 21st Infantry
Watson Henry 45th Infantry Battalion
Watts Christopher Columbus 50th Infantry
Watts Anslum Lynch 21st Cavalry
Watts Granville 64th Infantry
Watts Granville 64th Mounted Infantry
Weatherly Hosea M. 29th Infantry
Weatherly Y. A. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Weaver William 50th Infantry
Weaver Eugenius Virginia State Line
Weaver Felix C. Virginia State Line
Weaver William Johnson Virginia State Line
Weaver William Virginia State Line
Weaver F. C. 21st Cavalry
Weaver James T. 21st Cavalry
Weaver William J. 21st Cavalry
Weaver John R. 21st Infantry
Weaver John Trab 21st Infantry
Webb Abner D. 29th Infantry
Webb Aiden 29th Infantry
Webb Andrew C. 29th Infantry
Webb Henry 50th Infantry
Webb Jack 29th Infantry
Webb James 29th Infantry
Webb Joel 29th Infantry
Webb Joseph L. 29th Infantry
Webb Samuel M. 29th Infantry
Webb Silas Montgomery 50th Infantry
Webb Anderson Virginia State Line
Webb Thomas John Virginia State Line
Webb Zachariah Taylor Virginia State Line
Webb Thomas John 21st Cavalry
Webb William B. 21st Cavalry
Webb George 21st Infantry
Webb George W., Jr. 21st Infantry
Webb James H. 21st Infantry
Webb Thaddeus P. 21st Infantry
Webb William A. 21st Infantry
Webb William E. 21st Infantry
Webb Peter 64th Infantry
Webb William S. 64th Infantry
Webb Augustus 64th Mounted Infantry
Webb Zachiariah Taylor 45th Infantry Battalion
Webster Nathan D. 29th Infantry
Webster W. 29th Infantry
Weddington Harvey B. 7th Cavalry-French's
Weddle William 29th Infantry
Weddle Samuel P. 21st Cavalry
Weddle Addison B. 64th Infantry
Weddle James F. 64th Infantry
Weddle Addison B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Weddle James F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Weekley Elias Leake 51st Infantry
Weekly Joseph T. 51st Infantry
Weekly Simeon A. 51st Infantry
Weeks John A. 51st Infantry
Weeks W. H. 51st Infantry
Wees A. B. Virginia State Line
Weese Lewis Virginia State Line
Weese Simon Virginia State Line
Weitzel John Virginia State Line
Welch George W. 51st Infantry
Welch Squire B. Virginia State Line
Welch John Virginia State Line
Welch Thomas Virginia State Line
Welch William F. Virginia State Line
Welch Thomas 21st Cavalry
Welch Tilden 21st Cavalry
Welch William 21st Cavalry
Wellford Philip Alexander 21st Infantry
Wells Anderson 29th Infantry
Wells Lee S. 50th Infantry
Wells William T. 50th Infantry
Wells Henry 51st Infantry
Wells Ira 51st Infantry
Wells Jeremiah C. 51st Infantry
Wells Johnson 51st Infantry
Wells James P. Virginia State Line
Wells Winston Virginia State Line
Wells C 21st Cavalry
Wells H. D. 21st Cavalry
Wells J. T. 21st Cavalry
Wells Larkin 21st Cavalry
Wells Thomas 21st Cavalry
Wells William B. 21st Cavalry
Wells John D. 21st Infantry
Wells Joseph M. 21st Infantry
Wells Mathew Clay 21st Infantry
Wells Matthew B. 21st Infantry
Wells R. P. 21st Infantry
Wells Benjamin G. 64th Infantry
Wells Aaron 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells Anderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells Andrew H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells Ira 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells James 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells Solomon 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells Tazewell Gallington 64th Mounted Infantry
Wells William 64th Mounted Infantry
Welsh S. A. 51st Infantry
Wesley Andrew Virginia State Line
Wesley John Virginia State Line
Wesley Benjamin F. 45th Infantry Battalion
Wesley William P. 45th Infantry Battalion
Wesson George W. 21st Infantry
West James G. 50th Infantry
West William M. 50th Infantry
West Wilson J. 50th Infantry
West Charles N. Virginia State Line
West Marcellus I. Virginia State Line
West John T. 21st Cavalry
West George W. 21st Infantry
Westfall George A. Virginia State Line
Westfall Hiram W. Virginia State Line
Westfall Jacob E. Virginia State Line
Westfall Jacob Virginia State Line
Westfall James H. Virginia State Line
Weston Isaac 50th Infantry
Weston Abner 64th Mounted Infantry
Weston John D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wetzel James 7th Cavalry-French's
Wetzel William H. 29th Infantry
Whaland William 21st Cavalry
Whaling James L. 51st Infantry
Wharton Gabriel C. 51st Infantry
Wharton J. J. 51st Infantry
Wharton James M. 21st Infantry
Wheatley James H. 50th Infantry
Wheatley W. H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Wheatley William M. 29th Infantry
Wheatley William M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wheeler Noah C. 50th Infantry
Wheeler Pleasant H. 29th Infantry
Wheeler Richard 50th Infantry
Wheeler Samuel 50th Infantry
Wheeler Charles J. 51st Infantry
Wheeler Samuel V. 51st Infantry
Wheeler William M. 51st Infantry
Wheeler Vincent Whaley 51st Infantry
Wheeler William Richard 51st Infantry
Wheeler Joseph 64th Infantry
Wheeler George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Wheeler James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Whetsel Martin Luther 50th Infantry
Whie Ben R. 29th Infantry
Whisman James M. 50th Infantry
Whisman Colbert 64th Infantry
Whisman Henry T. 64th Infantry
Whit J. C. 21st Cavalry
Whitaker Alexander 50th Infantry
Whitaker John 50th Infantry
Whitaker John T. 29th Infantry
Whitaker T. M. 50th Infantry
Whitaker William 7th Cavalry-French's
Whitaker Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Whitaker William 51st Infantry
Whitaker John A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Whitby E. P. 21st Infantry
White Archer C. 29th Infantry
White Archibald 29th Infantry
White Archibald B. 29th Infantry
White Archibald M. 29th Infantry
White Enos 29th Infantry
White George D. 29th Infantry
White Isaac 29th Infantry
White Isaac 50th Infantry
White Israel 29th Infantry
White Jacob 29th Infantry
White James 29th Infantry
White James Edward 50th Infantry
White John 7th Cavalry-French's
White John H. 29th Infantry
White Joseph 29th Infantry
White Joseph 29th Infantry
White Joseph F. 29th Infantry
White Norval Wilson 50th Infantry
White Osborne 29th Infantry
White Thomas 50th Infantry
White Thomas 50th Infantry
White William 29th Infantry
White William S. 50th Infantry
White Allen 51st Infantry
White Stephen 51st Infantry
White Andrew Jackson Virginia State Line
White Arthur V. Virginia State Line
White Charles Virginia State Line
White Conlar Virginia State Line
White Darby K. Virginia State Line
White Emanuel Virginia State Line
White Harrison Virginia State Line
White Hickman Virginia State Line
White James Virginia State Line
White James Virginia State Line
White James Virginia State Line
White John Virginia State Line
White John Virginia State Line
White John Virginia State Line
White John Virginia State Line
White Joseph H. Virginia State Line
White Peter Virginia State Line
White Reuben Virginia State Line
White Russell Virginia State Line
White Stuart Virginia State Line
White Wellington J. Virginia State Line
White Wesley Virginia State Line
White C 21st Cavalry
White J. G. 21st Cavalry
White John Greenway 21st Cavalry
White Charles W. 21st Infantry
White George A. 21st Infantry
White George C. 21st Infantry
White Richard W. 21st Infantry
White Robert C. 21st Infantry
White William B. 64th Infantry
White William 64th Infantry
White William M. 64th Infantry
White James 64th Mounted Infantry
White W. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
White James 45th Infantry Battalion
White John 45th Infantry Battalion
Whited John B. 50th Infantry
Whited Jerome Bonaparte 21st Cavalry
Whitehead John M. 50th Infantry
Whitehead Jerome Virginia State Line
Whitehead John Virginia State Line
Whitely Samuel R. 50th Infantry
Whitely Augusta D. Virginia State Line
Whitely Daniel A. M. Virginia State Line
Whitely William D. Virginia State Line
Whitenakc James 21st Cavalry
Whiteneth (Whitneck) Anderson Virginia State Line
Whitenth (Whitneck) Jonathan A. F. Virginia State Line
Whiteside Charles A. 51st Infantry
Whitley Thomas Virginia State Line
Whitley William J. Virginia State Line
Whitley Daniel A. M. 45th Infantry Battalion
Whitlock John William Henry 21st Cavalry
Whitlow G. W. 21st Cavalry
Whitman James Dolner Virginia State Line
Whitman John E. Virginia State Line
Whitman Michael Virginia State Line
Whitman James Doliner 45th Infantry Battalion
Whitman John E. 45th Infantry Battalion
Whitman Leander 45th Infantry Battalion
Whitt Archibald 29th Infantry
Whitt David Crockett 29th Infantry
Whitt James B. 29th Infantry
Whitt Milborn 29th Infantry
Whitt William H. 29th Infantry
Whitt William M. 29th Infantry
Whitt T. L. 51st Infantry
Whitt John Virginia State Line
Whitt Oscar Virginia State Line
Whitton Thomas J. 21st Infantry
Whitworth Henry 29th Infantry
Whitworth J. H. 21st Cavalry
Whitworth J. J. 21st Cavalry
Whitworth W. H. 21st Cavalry
Whorton J. M. 21st Infantry
Wickline W. F. 50th Infantry
Wicks Edward Virginia State Line
Wicks John W. Virginia State Line
Widener John 50th Infantry
Widener John W. Virginia State Line
Widener William M. Virginia State Line
Widner J. M. 21st Cavalry
Widner Lilbourne 21st Cavalry
Widner Nelson 21st Cavalry
Widner William B. 64th Infantry
Wigganton Henry H. 21st Cavalry
Wiggel (Wiggle) John Virginia State Line
Wiggins A. C. Virginia State Line
Wiggins George Virginia State Line
Wiggins M. L. Virginia State Line
Wiggins George 21st Cavalry
Wilbar G. H. Virginia State Line
Wilbourn Jonathan 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilburn Hugh J. Virginia State Line
Wilburn Hugh J. 45th Infantry Battalion
Wilch Martin William Virginia State Line
Wildman Elisha S. 29th Infantry
Wiley William Harlow 21st Cavalry
Wilfong John E. Virginia State Line
Wilhite John 50th Infantry
Wilkerson Samuel Jefferson 29th Infantry
Wilkerson Joel E. 21st Infantry
Wilkerson Joseph E. 21st Infantry
Wilkes William E. 51st Infantry
Wilkins J. M. 21st Infantry
Wilkinson J. L. 51st Infantry
Willard Allen J. 51st Infantry
Willard Jackson 51st Infantry
Willard James 51st Infantry
Willard John Virginia State Line
Willard B 21st Cavalry
Willen Charles Virginia State Line
Willes James Virginia State Line
Willes James 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams C. F. 50th Infantry
Williams Calvin Nicholas 29th Infantry
Williams Charles H. 50th Infantry
Williams Ephraim 29th Infantry
Williams Francis 29th Infantry
Williams George 29th Infantry
Williams George W. 29th Infantry
Williams Gustavus A. 29th Infantry
Williams Harry C. 50th Infantry
Williams Henry E. 50th Infantry
Williams Henry M. 29th Infantry
Williams Isaac 29th Infantry
Williams James 29th Infantry
Williams James H. 50th Infantry
Williams James M. 29th Infantry
Williams John S. 29th Infantry
Williams John W. 50th Infantry
Williams Jonathan 29th Infantry
Williams Josiah J. 29th Infantry
Williams Julius Caesar 29th Infantry
Williams Lewis D. 50th Infantry
Williams Mastin H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Williams S. 50th Infantry
Williams S. G. 29th Infantry
Williams Samuel 29th Infantry
Williams Samuel D. 29th Infantry
Williams Stephen H. 50th Infantry
Williams Thomas 29th Infantry
Williams William 29th Infantry
Williams William Ballard 50th Infantry
Williams William O. 29th Infantry
Williams William S. 50th Infantry
Williams A. J. 51st Infantry
Williams David 51st Infantry
Williams Isaac 51st Infantry
Williams J. 51st Infantry
Williams James 51st Infantry
Williams James P. 51st Infantry
Williams Mathew W. 51st Infantry
Williams Robert B. 51st Infantry
Williams William P. 51st Infantry
Williams William R. 51st Infantry
Williams William S. 51st Infantry
Williams Charles Virginia State Line
Williams Edward R. Virginia State Line
Williams Hugh (Henry) Virginia State Line
Williams J. D. Virginia State Line
Williams James E. Virginia State Line
Williams James Virginia State Line
Williams John J. Virginia State Line
Williams John Virginia State Line
Williams Julius G. Virginia State Line
Williams Richard Virginia State Line
Williams Richardson Virginia State Line
Williams Thomas H. Virginia State Line
Williams W. Virginia State Line
Williams William C. Virginia State Line
Williams William H. Virginia State Line
Williams Wilson D. Virginia State Line
Williams A. B. 21st Cavalry
Williams John M. 21st Cavalry
Williams Joseph 21st Cavalry
Williams J. R. 21st Cavalry
Williams Samuel M. 21st Cavalry
Williams W 21st Cavalry
Williams William A. 21st Cavalry
Williams Ashley D. 21st Infantry
Williams Fields T. 21st Infantry
Williams Thomas P. 21st Infantry
Williams Albert 64th Infantry
Williams Jefferson 64th Infantry
Williams Martin 64th Infantry
Williams Albert C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams David C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams James W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams Jefferson 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams John 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams Joseph 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams Martin A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams Nathaniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Williams Henry 45th Infantry Battalion
Williamson Archelus 51st Infantry
Williamson H. C. 51st Infantry
Williamson John 51st Infantry
Williamson Harmon Virginia State Line
Williamson James Virginia State Line
Williamson John B. Virginia State Line
Williamson Julius G. Virginia State Line
Williamson Wallace Virginia State Line
Williamson William B. 21st Infantry
Williamson James B 45th Infantry Battalion
Willis Amel 50th Infantry
Willis Francis 29th Infantry
Willis Francis 50th Infantry
Willis Henry D. 50th Infantry
Willis John 50th Infantry
Willis John B., Sr. 50th Infantry
Willis Alexander 51st Infantry
Willis Isaac T. 51st Infantry
Willis John B. 51st Infantry
Willis Joseph N. 21st Infantry
Willis John D. 64th Infantry
Willis John D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Willman Elisha Virginia State Line
Willmoth Calvin 21st Cavalry
Willoughby Hugh P. 51st Infantry
Wills William 50th Infantry
Wills Willis H. 50th Infantry
Wills Ira 51st Infantry
Wills John E. 51st Infantry
Wills Samuel Virginia State Line
Wilmoth Samuel C. Virginia State Line
Wilmoth William L. Virginia State Line
Wilsher R. C. 51st Infantry
Wilson Alexander 50th Infantry
Wilson Enoch Chesterfield 29th Infantry
Wilson George Robert 29th Infantry
Wilson Greenville 29th Infantry
Wilson Jefferson M. 50th Infantry
Wilson John C. 29th Infantry
Wilson Marion 29th Infantry
Wilson Mathew 50th Infantry
Wilson Richard 50th Infantry
Wilson Thomas 7th Cavalry-French's
Wilson Joseph 51st Infantry
Wilson James M. 51st Infantry
Wilson Jasper 51st Infantry
Wilson J. E. 51st Infantry
Wilson John 51st Infantry
Wilson John L. 51st Infantry
Wilson T. O. 51st Infantry
Wilson Alexander Davidson Virginia State Line
Wilson Alexander Virginia State Line
Wilson Berry Virginia State Line
Wilson Daniel Virginia State Line
Wilson David Virginia State Line
Wilson George R. Virginia State Line
Wilson H. A. Virginia State Line
Wilson James H. Virginia State Line
Wilson James L. Virginia State Line
Wilson James M. Virginia State Line
Wilson James Virginia State Line
Wilson Joseph Virginia State Line
Wilson Riley Virginia State Line
Wilson Robert Virginia State Line
Wilson Robert Virginia State Line
Wilson Seaborn Virginia State Line
Wilson William C. Virginia State Line
Wilson William G. Virginia State Line
Wilson William Virginia State Line
Wilson David 21st Cavalry
Wilson H. A. 21st Cavalry
Wilson Isaac 21st Cavalry
Wilson Taylor 21st Cavalry
Wilson William 21st Cavalry
Wilson James C. 21st Infantry
Wilson James W. 21st Infantry
Wilson John H. 21st Infantry
Wilson S. Lynch 21st Infantry
Wilson Benjamin Franklin 64th Infantry
Wilson Elisha 64th Infantry
Wilson Marcus D. L. 64th Infantry
Wilson Bryam F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilson J. S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilson James 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilson John 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilson Marion 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilson Marquis de Lafayette 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilson Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Wilson Samuel S. 45th Infantry Battalion
Wimann Robert 64th Infantry
Wimmer J. K. 21st Cavalry
Wimmer J. P. 21st Cavalry
Wines Richard W. Virginia State Line
Winesett Garrett 29th Infantry
Winesett Johnson 29th Infantry
Wingate John 51st Infantry
Wingfield Hudson M. 51st Infantry
Wingfield Joseph B. 51st Infantry
Wingfield J. Richard 51st Infantry
Wingfield Samuel L. 51st Infantry
Wingfield Parks 21st Cavalry
Wingler W. P. 50th Infantry
Wingler W. P. 21st Cavalry
Wingo Robert S. Virginia State Line
Wingo R. S. 21st Cavalry
Winn Horatio 21st Infantry
Winneger James D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Winniger James B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Winslow   Virginia State Line
Winston William Virginia State Line
Winter David Virginia State Line
Winter Samuel H. 64th Infantry
Wirich George W. 51st Infantry
Wirich Flanders C. 64th Infantry
Wirt Andrew 21st Cavalry
Wirt R 21st Cavalry
Wirt Andy 21st Infantry
Wise John Perry 7th Cavalry-French's
Wise George W. Virginia State Line
Wise John 64th Infantry
Wiseman Josiah Virginia State Line
Wisley Joel 29th Infantry
Wisor John G. Virginia State Line
Witcher James A. 21st Infantry
Witcher James L. 21st Infantry
Witcher John G. 21st Infantry
Witcher William Addison 21st Infantry
Withers S. L. Virginia State Line
Witlow M. 51st Infantry
Witt William 21st Infantry
Witt Alfred 64th Infantry
Witt Jacob 64th Infantry
Witt John 64th Infantry
Witt Robert 64th Infantry
Witt Alfred 64th Mounted Infantry
Witt Jacob 64th Mounted Infantry
Witt John 64th Mounted Infantry
Witt William 64th Mounted Infantry
Witten Samuel 50th Infantry
Witten Samuel M. 29th Infantry
Wix Peter S. Virginia State Line
Wix John W. 21st Cavalry
Wofter Calvin Virginia State Line
Wohlford Robert L. 50th Infantry
Wolf Ananias 50th Infantry
Wolf Charles B. 50th Infantry
Wolf Moses 7th Cavalry-French's
Wolf William 7th Cavalry-French's
Wolf Elmore T. Virginia State Line
Wolf Grandison N. Virginia State Line
Wolf Loyd C. Virginia State Line
Wolf Moses Virginia State Line
Wolf Robert T. Virginia State Line
Wolf Isaac 21st Cavalry
Wolf Moses 21st Cavalry
Wolf Oliver M. 64th Infantry
Wolf Silas H. 64th Infantry
Wolf Omar 64th Mounted Infantry
Wolf Isaac Wilson 64th Mounted Infantry
Wolf Ananias 45th Infantry Battalion
Wolfe Ira 50th Infantry
Wolfe James S. 50th Infantry
Wolfe Thomas J. 50th Infantry
Wolfe John P. 51st Infantry
Wolfe Peter 51st Infantry
Wolfe Robert E. 51st Infantry
Wolfe Jacob McDaniel Virginia State Line
Wolfe Joseph 64th Mounted Infantry
Wolfe Silas 64th Mounted Infantry
Wolfe Thomas B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wolford George M. 21st Cavalry
Wolford Henry H. 21st Cavalry
Wolford Robert 21st Cavalry
Wolford W. T. 21st Cavalry
Wood James R. 29th Infantry
Wood John W. 50th Infantry
Wood Stephen H. 50th Infantry
Wood Elijah 51st Infantry
Wood German 51st Infantry
Wood James 51st Infantry
Wood James E. 51st Infantry
Wood John B. 51st Infantry
Wood Levi 51st Infantry
Wood Richard J. 51st Infantry
Wood James N. Virginia State Line
Wood James P. Virginia State Line
Wood John Virginia State Line
Wood Larchas Virginia State Line
Wood Thomas E. Virginia State Line
Wood Calvin 21st Cavalry
Wood Henderson 21st Cavalry
Wood James N. 21st Cavalry
Wood John 21st Cavalry
Wood Martin 21st Cavalry
Wood Charles 21st Infantry
Wood John H. 21st Infantry
Wood S. E. 21st Infantry
Wood Silas 64th Infantry
Wood William 64th Infantry
Wood W. R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodall Elisha M. 21st Infantry
Woodard Christopher 50th Infantry
Woodard James A. 64th Infantry
Woodard Nathaniel 64th Infantry
Woodard William 64th Infantry
Wooddell Adam Arbogast Virginia State Line
Wooddell Jacob Slaven Virginia State Line
Wooddell John B. Virginia State Line
Wooddell Preston W. H. Virginia State Line
Wooddy Norborne 51st Infantry
Woodram Robert Virginia State Line
Woodruff J. A. 21st Infantry
Woodruff J. D. 21st Infantry
Woodruff J. W. 21st Infantry
Woodruff James Monroe 21st Infantry
Woodrum Green Virginia State Line
Woodrum Harvey Virginia State Line
Woodrum Richard Virginia State Line
Woodrum Robert Virginia State Line
Woodrum Green 45th Infantry Battalion
Woodrum Robert C. 45th Infantry Battalion
Woods Clark 29th Infantry
Woods John H. 50th Infantry
Woods Robert T. 50th Infantry
Woods W. G. 51st Infantry
Woods George Virginia State Line
Woods Micajah Virginia State Line
Woods W. J. Virginia State Line
Woods John S. 21st Cavalry
Woods Alfred 64th Mounted Infantry
Woods Richard 64th Mounted Infantry
Woods Stephen 64th Mounted Infantry
Woods Nathaniel 45th Infantry Battalion
Woodson J. M. 51st Infantry
Woodson Blake Lynch Virginia State Line
Woodson Walter Nelson 21st Cavalry
Woodson Blake Lynch 45th Infantry Battalion
Woodward Christopher 64th Infantry
Woodward Henry M. 64th Infantry
Woodward Nelson 64th Infantry
Woodward Alexander Fletcher 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodward Elbert S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodward Gilbert 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodward James H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodward John 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodward Nelson 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodward William W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Woodward William W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Woody Henry 51st Infantry
Woody William B. 51st Infantry
Woody J. C. Virginia State Line
Woofter Jonathan Virginia State Line
Woolf Jacob Virginia State Line
Wooliver Francis D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wooliver George 64th Mounted Infantry
Wooliver Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Wooliver John 64th Mounted Infantry
Woolwine Rufus James 51st Infantry
Woolwine Charles C. 21st Cavalry
Woolwine Phillip Hamaker 21st Cavalry
Woork Stephen 64th Mounted Infantry
Woosley D. P. 50th Infantry
Woosley Thomas Milton 50th Infantry
Wooten Marion Virginia State Line
Wooten Augustus M. 21st Infantry
Wooten John E. 21st Infantry
Wootin Austin 21st Infantry
Wootton Lucius T. 21st Infantry
Workman James R. 51st Infantry
Workman Andrew Virginia State Line
Workman John A. Virginia State Line
Workman Joseph Virginia State Line
Workman Moses Virginia State Line
Workman Nimrod Virginia State Line
Workman Irving 45th Infantry Battalion
Workman John A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Workman Moses 45th Infantry Battalion
Workman Perry 45th Infantry Battalion
Worley Beattie Ryburn 50th Infantry
Worley Robert W. 50th Infantry
Worley William 50th Infantry
Worley John R. 64th Infantry
Worley James 64th Mounted Infantry
Worley John 64th Mounted Infantry
Worrel Stophin D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Worrell Aaron 50th Infantry
Worrell H. F. 50th Infantry
Worrell James M. 29th Infantry
Worrell Jesse P. 50th Infantry
Worrell Joshua, Jr. 50th Infantry
Worrell Josiah 50th Infantry
Worrell Thaddeus D. 29th Infantry
Worrell Virgil A. S. 29th Infantry
Worrell William 29th Infantry
Worrell William Kenny 29th Infantry
Worrell Isham Virginia State Line
Worsham Archibald W. 21st Infantry
Worsham John Henry 21st Infantry
Worsham Miles E. 21st Infantry
Worsham Thomas R. 21st Infantry
Worth T. J. 51st Infantry
Wortham R. B. Virginia State Line
Wraner W. 50th Infantry
Wray Thomas J. 21st Infantry
Wren Joseph Porter 21st Infantry
Wright Aaron W. 50th Infantry
Wright G 50th Infantry
Wright Isaac L. 29th Infantry
Wright James C. 29th Infantry
Wright Jasper Neal 50th Infantry
Wright John "Devil John" 7th Cavalry-French's
Wright Samuel W. 29th Infantry
Wright Waitsel A. 50th Infantry
Wright William J. 29th Infantry
Wright William W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Wright Zachariah 50th Infantry
Wright Columbus J. 51st Infantry
Wright Daniel E. 51st Infantry
Wright Fleming J. T. 51st Infantry
Wright George W. 51st Infantry
Wright John R. 51st Infantry
Wright John W. 51st Infantry
Wright Lewis H. 51st Infantry
Wright Michael M. 51st Infantry
Wright Miles W. 51st Infantry
Wright Richard W. 51st Infantry
Wright Robert D. 51st Infantry
Wright Samuel G. 51st Infantry
Wright William 51st Infantry
Wright William F. 51st Infantry
Wright William M. 51st Infantry
Wright Albra H. Virginia State Line
Wright Andrew Jackson Virginia State Line
Wright George W. Virginia State Line
Wright Jacob Virginia State Line
Wright James J. Virginia State Line
Wright James M. Virginia State Line
Wright John "Devil John" Virginia State Line
Wright Richard E. Virginia State Line
Wright Solomon H. Virginia State Line
Wright Thomas Virginia State Line
Wright Abraham H. 21st Cavalry
Wright H. M. 21st Cavalry
Wright James J. 21st Cavalry
Wright J. W. 21st Cavalry
Wright L. A. 21st Cavalry
Wright Robert W. 21st Cavalry
Wright Sanders H. 21st Cavalry
Wright Solomon H. 21st Cavalry
Wright W. A. 21st Cavalry
Wright William 21st Cavalry
Wright William 21st Cavalry
Wright A. J. 21st Infantry
Wright Amasa 21st Infantry
Wright Charles P. 21st Infantry
Wright D. G. 21st Infantry
Wright G. R. 21st Infantry
Wright J. H. 21st Infantry
Wright Lewis A. 21st Infantry
Wright Philip B. 21st Infantry
Wright Thomas S. 21st Infantry
Wright Henderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Wyatt Eli C. 50th Infantry
Wyatt George C. 29th Infantry
Wyatt Johnson 29th Infantry
Wyatt Barton 51st Infantry
Wyatt Levi 51st Infantry
Wyatt John Reed Virginia State Line
Wyatt William Virginia State Line
Wyatt John Reed 21st Cavalry
Wyatt Asa Jackson 21st Infantry
Wyers Benjamin F. Virginia State Line
Wygal Crockett 64th Infantry
Wygal Newton 64th Infantry
Wygal Crockett 64th Mounted Infantry
Wygal Michael B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wygal Newton 64th Mounted Infantry
Wynegar James O. 64th Infantry
Wynn A. W. 50th Infantry
Wynn Andrew J. 29th Infantry
Wynn Crockett 50th Infantry
Wynn George W. 29th Infantry
Wynn George W. 50th Infantry
Wynn Henry Hoppess 29th Infantry
Wynn John W. 50th Infantry
Wynn Matthew 50th Infantry
Wynn Peter 50th Infantry
Wynn Robert W. 50th Infantry
Wynn William T. 50th Infantry
Wynn William W. 29th Infantry
Wynn Robert 64th Infantry
Wynn Job 64th Mounted Infantry
Wynn Joshua 64th Mounted Infantry
Wynn Robert 64th Mounted Infantry
Wynn William W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Wyrick S. C. 50th Infantry
Wyrick David A. 51st Infantry
Wyrick Henry 51st Infantry
Wyrick James Frank 51st Infantry
Wyrick Joseph W. 51st Infantry
Wyrick Harvey R. 21st Cavalry
Wyrick Auston 64th Mounted Infantry
Wysong Calvin 29th Infantry
Wysong John 29th Infantry
Yancy S. L. 21st Cavalry
Yarbrough W. T. 21st Infantry
Yates Jacob Virginia State Line
Yates Jeremiah Virginia State Line
Yates John Virginia State Line
Yates John Virginia State Line
Yates Lindsay Virginia State Line
Yates Samuel Virginia State Line
Yates Thomas C. Virginia State Line
Yates Bart 21st Cavalry
Yates George 64th Infantry
Yates John 64th Infantry
Yates Lindsay 64th Infantry
Yates Samuel 64th Infantry
Yatt Martin 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeager Peter Dilley Virginia State Line
Yeary David 50th Infantry
Yeary Edward 50th Infantry
Yeary Hiram 50th Infantry
Yeary William W. 50th Infantry
Yeary Benedict 21st Cavalry
Yeary David J. 64th Infantry
Yeary David Newton 64th Infantry
Yeary John C. 64th Infantry
Yeary John James 64th Infantry
Yeary William 64th Infantry
Yeary William J. 64th Infantry
Yeary Daniel B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary David 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary David J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary David Newton 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary Henry M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary James C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary John James 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary William D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary William J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeary Winston R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Yeatman R. 50th Infantry
Yeatts George Washington 50th Infantry
Yeatts Richard Davis 50th Infantry
Yeatts Jennings 21st Infantry
Yeatts Joseph T. 21st Infantry
Yeatts Robert H. 21st Infantry
Yeatts Thomas M. 21st Infantry
Yerkey Thomas F. Virginia State Line
Yewson H Virginia State Line
Yonce Jefferson P. 50th Infantry
Yonce David 51st Infantry
Yonce John Alfred 51st Infantry
Yonce William A. 51st Infantry
York Daniel 50th Infantry
York Levi 50th Infantry
Younce Calvin Virginia State Line
Younce Solomon Virginia State Line
Younce William H. Virginia State Line
Younce Calvin 21st Cavalry
Younce Solomon 21st Cavalry
Younce William H. 21st Cavalry
Young Andrew M. 50th Infantry
Young Daniel 50th Infantry
Young E. F. 50th Infantry
Young James M. 50th Infantry
Young Marton 50th Infantry
Young Silas 50th Infantry
Young William 50th Infantry
Young Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Young Columbus 51st Infantry
Young Ezekiel 51st Infantry
Young Ezekiel 51st Infantry
Young Freelin 51st Infantry
Young John M. 51st Infantry
Young Johnson 51st Infantry
Young Pleasant 51st Infantry
Young Shadrach G. 51st Infantry
Young Thomas P. 51st Infantry
Young William 51st Infantry
Young David H. Virginia State Line
Young David Virginia State Line
Young Ezekiel Virginia State Line
Young Jesse J. Virginia State Line
Young John Tyler Virginia State Line
Young Marvel Virginia State Line
Young Thomas J. Virginia State Line
Young Isaac 21st Cavalry
Young William J. 21st Cavalry
Young Charles 21st Infantry
Young James 21st Infantry
Young Hezekiah 64th Infantry
Young David Y. 64th Mounted Infantry
Young Hiram 64th Mounted Infantry
YOung James 64th Mounted Infantry
Young James 64th Mounted Infantry
Young Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Young William 64th Mounted Infantry
Younger J. A. 21st Infantry
Younger James A. 21st Infantry
Younger John A. 21st Infantry
Younger Richard J. 21st Infantry
Yount J. T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Youts D. A. 51st Infantry
Zentmier David 51st Infantry
Zerkle George W. Virginia State Line
Zerkle Jr  George Washington 45th Infantry Battalion
Zion George W. 50th Infantry
Zion William Parsons 50th Infantry
Zion George Washington 64th Infantry
Zion William P. 64th Infantry
Zion John P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Zion William Parsons 64th Mounted Infantry

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