Virginia Confederate Soldiers
Surnames R-S

Additional information can be found about these soldiers from theVirginia Regimental Series.  Also soldiers often served in more than one unit, so research all entries by individuals with the same names.

Data compiled and submitted by Rhonda Roberson ©2001

Last Name First Name Unit
Rader William Virginia State Line
Radford W. R. 51st Infantry
Radford John Taylor Virginia State Line
Radford Richard Carlton Walker Virginia State Line
Radford Furdman A. 21st Cavalry
Radford Jesse 21st Cavalry
Rafferty Patrick "Pat" Virginia State Line
Ragland S. H. 21st Infantry
Rainer W. V. Virginia State Line
Raines John B. 29th Infantry
Raines John B. Virginia State Line
Raines Thomas Virginia State Line
Rakes C. B. 50th Infantry
Rakes David Cruise 29th Infantry
Rakes Alexander 51st Infantry
Rakes Charles J. 51st Infantry
Rakes Columbus C. 51st Infantry
Rakes David 51st Infantry
Rakes Richard R. 51st Infantry
Rakes Samuel 51st Infantry
Rakes Thomas T. 51st Infantry
Rambo David 21st Cavalry
Rambo Isaac 21st Cavalry
Ramey Lewis A. 50th Infantry
Ramey William P. 7th Cavalry-French's
Ramey Willam P. Virginia State Line
Ramey John H. 64th Infantry
Ramey Joseph 64th Infantry
Ramey Patton 64th Infantry
Ramey Benjamin 64th Mounted Infantry
Ramey Davis 64th Mounted Infantry
Ramey Harvey W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ramey Hiram 64th Mounted Infantry
Ramey Patton 64th Mounted Infantry
Ramsay William J. 21st Infantry
Ramsey William A. 50th Infantry
Ramsey Rainwater Virginia State Line
Ramsey Rainwater 21st Cavalry
Ramsey George W. 21st Infantry
Ramsey Joseph T. 21st Infantry
Randall John Virginia State Line
Randall Robert Virginia State Line
Randolph H. Blair Virginia State Line
Randolph Meriwether Lewis 21st Infantry
Randolph  J. Tucker 21st Infantry
Raney James F. 21st Infantry
Rangeley James Henry 50th Infantry
Rankins Anderson Virginia State Line
Rankins Anderson 21st Cavalry
Ransom J. H. W. 21st Infantry
Ransom James S. 21st Infantry
Ranson Albert Walters 21st Infantry
Ranson John W. 21st Infantry
Rappleyre John Virginia State Line
Rarrer John W. 51st Infantry
Rasnake Elijah Virginia State Line
Rasnake James Virginia State Line
Rasnake Johnson Virginia State Line
Rasnake N. Bone Virginia State Line
Rasnake Noah R. Virginia State Line
Rasnake William Virginia State Line
Rasnick Charles C. 29th Infantry
Rasnick John 29th Infantry
Rasnick Jonathan Albert 29th Infantry
Rasnick Napoleon Bonaparte 7th Cavalry-French's
Rasnike Elijah 21st Cavalry
Rasnike James 21st Cavalry
Rasnike Johnson 21st Cavalry
Rasnike N. B. 21st Cavalry
Rasnike William 21st Cavalry
Ratcliff John R. 50th Infantry
Ratcliff Silas 7th Cavalry-French's
Ratcliff Andrew 51st Infantry
Ratcliff Lewis G. 51st Infantry
Ratcliff Jeremiah Virginia State Line
Ratcliff John N. Virginia State Line
Ratcliff Silas Virginia State Line
Ratcliff JOhn M. 21st Cavalry
Ratcliff (Ratliff) James O. Virginia State Line
Ratcliff (Ratliff) William A. Virginia State Line
Ratcliffe George E. Virginia State Line
Ratcliffe James Virginia State Line
Ratcliffe John S. Virginia State Line
Ratcliffe Nathan Virginia State Line
Ratcliffe George E. 21st Infantry
Ratcliffe J. M. 21st Infantry
Ratlief John H. 51st Infantry
Ratliff John 29th Infantry
Ratliff Samuel 7th Cavalry-French's
Ratliff Samuel 7th Cavalry-French's
Ratliff William F. 7th Cavalry-French's
Ratliff Philip 51st Infantry
Ratliff Abednego Virginia State Line
Ratliff Ep Virginia State Line
Ratliff Frederick Virginia State Line
Ratliff Jacob M. Virginia State Line
Ratliff John M. Virginia State Line
Ratliff Meshach Virginia State Line
Ratliff Richard H. Virginia State Line
Ratliff Samuel Virginia State Line
Ratliff Shadrach Virginia State Line
Ratliff Silas W. Virginia State Line
Ratliff William F. Virginia State Line
Ratliff Alderrine 64th Infantry
Ratliff Jacob M. 64th Infantry
Ratliff James 64th Infantry
Ratliff James T. 64th Infantry
Ratliff John M. 64th Infantry
Ratliff Sparrel 64th Infantry
Ratliff William A. 64th Infantry
Ratliff John 64th Mounted Infantry
Ratliff Richard 45th Infantry Battalion
Rawlings Edward 21st Infantry
Rawlings James W. 21st Infantry
Rawlings P. H. H. 21st Infantry
Rawlings W. A. 21st Infantry
Rawlings William M. 21st Infantry
Ray Henry Preston 50th Infantry
Ray William P. 50th Infantry
Ray Joseph 51st Infantry
Ray Henry Virginia State Line
Ray Ira Virginia State Line
Ray James Virginia State Line
Raynes Samuel Virginia State Line
Raynes Samuel 21st Cavalry
Read A. S. Virginia State Line
Read Amos W. Virginia State Line
Read Richard W. 21st Infantry
Read Amos W. 45th Infantry Battalion
Read Elias 45th Infantry Battalion
Reams William 64th Infantry
Reaning L. D. 50th Infantry
Reasor Daniel S. 64th Infantry
Reasor James H. 64th Infantry
Reasor William A. J. 64th Infantry
Reasor Andrew Jackson "Jack" 64th Mounted Infantry
Reasor Daniel Sheffy 64th Mounted Infantry
Reasor James Henderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Reasor William Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Redd Clarence M. 21st Infantry
Redden Adolph Virginia State Line
Redford Edward W. Virginia State Line
Redman S. 51st Infantry
Redman Benson 64th Infantry
Redman Henry B. 64th Infantry
Redman James M. 64th Infantry
Redman John H. 64th Infantry
Redman Henry B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Redman James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Redman John H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Redpath John Grayson 50th Infantry
Redwine David 64th Infantry
Redwine David B. 64th Infantry
Redwine Jerome B. 64th Infantry
Redwine John C. 64th Infantry
Redwine Joshua M. 64th Infantry
Redwine Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Redwine David B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Redwine Jerome B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Redwine John C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Redwine Joshua Newton 64th Mounted Infantry
Redwine Joshua Reynolds 64th Mounted Infantry
Reece Alex M. 29th Infantry
Reece James 29th Infantry
Reece Jesse 29th Infantry
Reece William 29th Infantry
Reed G. H. 29th Infantry
Reed Ananias Davison 51st Infantry
Reed Fleming 51st Infantry
Reed John B. Virginia State Line
Reed Wesley Virginia State Line
Reed Amos 64th Infantry
Reed Humphrey 64th Infantry
Reed Amos 64th Mounted Infantry
Reed Humphrey 64th Mounted Infantry
Reeder Joseph W. Virginia State Line
Reedy Abram 50th Infantry
Reedy Andrew 50th Infantry
Reedy Andrew Jackson 50th Infantry
Reedy Christopher Columbus 50th Infantry
Reedy Elias 50th Infantry
Reedy Hezekiah 7th Cavalry-French's
Reedy James M. 50th Infantry
Reedy James Wesley 50th Infantry
Reedy Linville 7th Cavalry-French's
Reedy Solomon C. 50th Infantry
Reedy Wilborn 7th Cavalry-French's
Reedy William 50th Infantry
Reedy William B. 50th Infantry
Reedy Isaac 51st Infantry
Reedy Joseph 51st Infantry
Reedy Christopher Columbus Virginia State Line
Reedy Hezkiah Virginia State Line
Reedy Linville Virginia State Line
Reedy Wilborn Virginia State Line
Reedy Christopher 21st Cavalry
Reese Isaac 50th Infantry
Reese Jasper G. 50th Infantry
Reese Joseph C. 29th Infantry
Reese Stephen H. 50th Infantry
Reese Sylvanus 21st Infantry
Reese Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Reese David G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Reese Hiram W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Reese Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Reese John V. 64th Mounted Infantry
Reeve David Judson Burr 21st Infantry
Reeve John James 21st Infantry
Reid Roger A. 50th Infantry
Reid Charles Virginia State Line
Reid James H. Virginia State Line
Reid Madison Virginia State Line
Reid Thornton Virginia State Line
Remines James Harvey 29th Infantry
Renfro John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Renfrow John W. 64th Infantry
Rennie George Hutchie 21st Infantry
Renolds Archer 21st Infantry
Repass Elias 7th Cavalry-French's
Repass Elijah 7th Cavalry-French's
Repass Samuel R. 29th Infantry
Repass William G. 7th Cavalry-French's
Repass Alfred 51st Infantry
Repass Daniel 51st Infantry
Repass George F. 51st Infantry
Repass James L. 51st Infantry
Repass Newton H. 51st Infantry
Repass Rufus B. 51st Infantry
Repass Thomas J. 51st Infantry
Repass William F. 51st Infantry
Repass William G. 51st Infantry
Repass Augustus Virginia State Line
Repass Edwin Virginia State Line
Repass Eilas Virginia State Line
Repass William G. Virginia State Line
Reston J. M. 51st Infantry
Retherford Allen 51st Infantry
Retherford Anderson 51st Infantry
Retherford Harvey 51st Infantry
Retherford James A. 51st Infantry
Retherford James J. 51st Infantry
Retherford James 51st Infantry
Retherford Stephen 51st Infantry
Retherford Thompson 51st Infantry
Reyburn M. R. 21st Cavalry
Reynolds Alexander Welch 50th Infantry
Reynolds John C. 29th Infantry
Reynolds John Jackson 50th Infantry
Reynolds Powell Benton 50th Infantry
Reynolds Robert 50th Infantry
Reynolds Tilghman D. 50th Infantry
Reynolds William H. 50th Infantry
Reynolds George W. 51st Infantry
Reynolds William A. 51st Infantry
Reynolds Johnson 51st Infantry
Reynolds Cardwill M. Virginia State Line
Reynolds J. C. Virginia State Line
Reynolds Jacob Virginia State Line
Reynolds Robert H. Virginia State Line
Reynolds William R. 21st Cavalry
Reynolds Isaac Obadich 21st Infantry
Reynolds James C. 21st Infantry
Reynolds Joseph D. 21st Infantry
Reynolds Robert A. 21st Infantry
Reynolds Samuel M. 21st Infantry
Reynolds Thomas W. 21st Infantry
Reynolds William V. 21st Infantry
Reynolds James 64th Mounted Infantry
Reynolds Thomas E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rhiner Daniel 7th Cavalry-French's
Rhiner Daniel Virginia State Line
Rhodes William H., Jr. 21st Infantry
Rhodes N. J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rhoton H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rhudy George W. 50th Infantry
Rhudy Stephen M. 29th Infantry
Rhymer David 29th Infantry
Rice Charles L. 64th Infantry
Rice Joel 64th Infantry
Rice Charles L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rice Joel 64th Mounted Infantry
Rich Huddle H. 21st Cavalry
Richard Charles Virginia State Line
Richards A. C. 50th Infantry
Richards Alfred 50th Infantry
Richards Anderson Virginia State Line
Richards Burwell "Buck" Virginia State Line
Richards Nelson, Jr. Virginia State Line
Richards Anderson 21st Cavalry
Richards Fleming 21st Cavalry
Richards Powhatan 21st Cavalry
Richards Thomas P. 21st Cavalry
Richards William T. 21st Cavalry
Richardson Gabriel A. 50th Infantry
Richardson H 7th Cavalry-French's
Richardson Henry D. 50th Infantry
Richardson William Elkanah 50th Infantry
Richardson William N. 50th Infantry
Richardson William T. 50th Infantry
Richardson Henley 51st Infantry
Richardson Henry W. 51st Infantry
Richardson John F. 51st Infantry
Richardson John Summefield 51st Infantry
Richardson N. Green 51st Infantry
Richardson Thomas 51st Infantry
Richardson A. M. Virginia State Line
Richardson Christopher "Kit" Virginia State Line
Richardson George T. Virginia State Line
Richardson Jaems "Mean Jim" Virginia State Line
Richardson John W. Virginia State Line
Richardson Robert A. Virginia State Line
Richardson William C. Virginia State Line
Richardson William D. Virginia State Line
Richardson William F. Virginia State Line
Richardson George T. 21st Cavalry
Richardson John W. 21st Cavalry
Richardson Thomas J. 21st Cavalry
Richardson William F. 21st Cavalry
Richardson George C. 21st Infantry
Richardson Thomas C. 21st Infantry
Richardson Thomas P. 21st Infantry
Richardson W. R. 21st Infantry
Richerson A. M. 21st Cavalry
Richerson D. R. 21st Cavalry
Richerson James 21st Cavalry
Richerson J. H. 21st Cavalry
Richeson P. S. 21st Infantry
Richeson William R. 21st Infantry
Richmond Benjamin F. 50th Infantry
Richmond James Buchanan 50th Infantry
Richmond Jonathan, Jr. 50th Infantry
Richmond William B. 50th Infantry
Richmond William Virginia State Line
Richmond Henry Charles Taylor 64th Mounted Infantry
Richmond JA 64th Mounted Infantry
Richmond James Buchanan 64th Mounted Infantry
Richmond Jonathan W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Richmond William 64th Mounted Infantry
Richmond William 64th Mounted Infantry
Rickman Henry C. 21st Infantry
Riddle Franklin Virginia State Line
Riddle J. H. Virginia State Line
Riddle John 21st Infantry
Riddle John H. 21st Infantry
Riddle F. S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Riddle Franklin T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Riddle Frederick F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Riddle John V. 64th Mounted Infantry
Riddle Walter H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Riddle Walter R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Riddle William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ridenger Amos 51st Infantry
Rider George H. 51st Infantry
Rider John 51st Infantry
Rider William 51st Infantry
Rider Alexander Virginia State Line
Rider Hezakiah H. Virginia State Line
Rider James W. Virginia State Line
Rider James W. Virginia State Line
Rider William 21st Cavalry
Ridgeway William, Jr. 50th Infantry
Ridgway J 21st Cavalry
Rierson A. J. 50th Infantry
Rieve John J. 21st Infantry
Rife Fernandus Virginia State Line
Rife John Virginia State Line
Rife Lewis Virginia State Line
Rife Patison Virginia State Line
Riffe Lewis Virginia State Line
Riffe William Virginia State Line
Riffe Henry M. 45th Infantry Battalion
Riffe Lewis 45th Infantry Battalion
Riffe William 45th Infantry Battalion
Riffle Anthony Virginia State Line
Riffle Benjamin Virginia State Line
Riffle Edward R. Virginia State Line
Riffle Isaac Virginia State Line
Riffle Isaac Virginia State Line
Riggle George W 21st Cavalry
Riggs Lafayette 29th Infantry
Riggs Lafayette M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Righter John Virginia State Line
Righter John Virginia State Line
Righter Peter B. Virginia State Line
Rigney Levi W. 21st Infantry
Riley Charles H. Virginia State Line
Riley Edward Virginia State Line
Riley James Virginia State Line
Riley John Virginia State Line
Riley Jonathan G. Virginia State Line
Riley John 21st Cavalry
Riley Dudley 21st Infantry
Riley Jackson 21st Infantry
Riley James 64th Infantry
Riley Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Riley James 64th Mounted Infantry
Ring David Virginia State Line
Rinis William 64th Mounted Infantry
Ritchie James 50th Infantry
Ritchie James R. 50th Infantry
Ritchie Alexander 64th Infantry
Ritchie John S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rittenberry Rual 51st Infantry
Rittenbury William 21st Infantry
Rittenhouse David W. 51st Infantry
Rittenhouse Henry J. 51st Infantry
Rittonberry Armsted 29th Infantry
Rivers William 64th Mounted Infantry
Roach James 50th Infantry
Roach William P. 50th Infantry
Roach George R. 21st Infantry
Roach Henry H. 21st Infantry
Roach S. D. 21st Infantry
Roach James H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roach William P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roache Samuel 45th Infantry Battalion
Roane David Virginia State Line
Roark Ephraim Virginia State Line
Roark Isaac Virginia State Line
Roark Joshua L. Virginia State Line
Roark Nathaniel Virginia State Line
Roark Absalom 21st Cavalry
Roark Alex 21st Cavalry
Roark Charles 21st Cavalry
Roark Ephraim 21st Cavalry
Roark Isaac 21st Cavalry
Roark Johnson 21st Cavalry
Roark Jonathan 21st Cavalry
Roark Joshua 21st Cavalry
Roark Nathaniel W. 21st Cavalry
Roark Wilburn 21st Cavalry
Roark W. T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robards D. L. Virginia State Line
Robbins Epperson Virginia State Line
Robbins Hiram S. Virginia State Line
Robbins James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roberds John 64th Infantry
Roberson Landon 51st Infantry
Roberson John E. Virginia State Line
Roberts Benjamin L. 29th Infantry
Roberts George C. 29th Infantry
Roberts Gustavius 50th Infantry
Roberts H. B. 7th Cavalry-French's
Roberts Harvey D. 50th Infantry
Roberts Ira H. 29th Infantry
Roberts Ira H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Roberts J. 50th Infantry
Roberts Jesse 50th Infantry
Roberts Raleigh D. 29th Infantry
Roberts Raleigh D. 7th Cavalry-French's
Roberts Shadrack R. 29th Infantry
Roberts William 29th Infantry
Roberts William B. 29th Infantry
Roberts E. N. 51st Infantry
Roberts Garland 51st Infantry
Roberts John F. 51st Infantry
Roberts William C. 51st Infantry
Roberts Andrew Jackson Virginia State Line
Roberts Charles Virginia State Line
Roberts H. B. Virginia State Line
Roberts Harvey Virginia State Line
Roberts J. C. Virginia State Line
Roberts James Virginia State Line
Roberts John Virginia State Line
Roberts Joseph Virginia State Line
Roberts Raleigh D. Virginia State Line
Roberts T. B. Virginia State Line
Roberts William Virginia State Line
Roberts Thomas 21st Cavalry
Roberts David J. 21st Infantry
Roberts James Thomas 21st Infantry
Roberts Joseph 21st Infantry
Roberts Pleasant D. 21st Infantry
Roberts R 21st Infantry
Roberts Carter 64th Infantry
Roberts Hiram 64th Infantry
Roberts John 64th Infantry
Roberts C. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roberts Jesse L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roberts John 64th Mounted Infantry
Roberts Raleigh D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roberts William 64th Mounted Infantry
Robertson Green Madison 29th Infantry
Robertson John J. 29th Infantry
Robertson Nathaniel Jack 50th Infantry
Robertson W. D. 50th Infantry
Robertson Abram C. 51st Infantry
Robertson A. D. 51st Infantry
Robertson Arthur F. 51st Infantry
Robertson James R. 51st Infantry
Robertson A. F. Virginia State Line
Robertson Dave Virginia State Line
Robertson George W. Virginia State Line
Robertson John B. Virginia State Line
Robertson Charles H. 21st Infantry
Robertson Christopher A. 21st Infantry
Robertson James M. 21st Infantry
Robertson John A. 21st Infantry
Robertson John E. 21st Infantry
Robertson John T. 21st Infantry
Robertson Joseph H. 21st Infantry
Robertson Richard A. 21st Infantry
Robertson Richard J. 21st Infantry
Robertson Richard William 21st Infantry
Robertson Robert W. 21st Infantry
Robertson Thomas 21st Infantry
Robertson William Henry Kay 21st Infantry
Robertson William Smith 21st Infantry
Robinett Henry 7th Cavalry-French's
Robinett J. C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Robinett J. M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Robinett John 51st Infantry
Robinett William Virginia State Line
Robinett Wilbur 21st Cavalry
Robinett Isaac 64th Infantry
Robinett William 64th Infantry
Robinett Zachariah O. 64th Infantry
Robinett D. J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett E. S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett Franklin J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett George WAshington 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett Isaac W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett Jesse F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett Samuel E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett Zachariah O. 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinett William 45th Infantry Battalion
Robinette Jefferson 21st Cavalry
Robinette William 21st Cavalry
Robinette William 21st Cavalry
Robins Isaac 64th Infantry
Robins Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Robins James 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinson Alexander 29th Infantry
Robinson Amos P. 29th Infantry
Robinson Clark H. 29th Infantry
Robinson General Jackson 29th Infantry
Robinson James 7th Cavalry-French's
Robinson James M. 29th Infantry
Robinson John D. 29th Infantry
Robinson Richard S. 29th Infantry
Robinson Thomas 29th Infantry
Robinson Thompson 7th Cavalry-French's
Robinson William M. 29th Infantry
Robinson John W. 51st Infantry
Robinson Absolom Virginia State Line
Robinson Andrew Virginia State Line
Robinson D. H. Virginia State Line
Robinson J. A. Virginia State Line
Robinson James Virginia State Line
Robinson James Virginia State Line
Robinson John H. Virginia State Line
Robinson John R. Virginia State Line
Robinson John Virginia State Line
Robinson Marshall Virginia State Line
Robinson Smith D. Virginia State Line
Robinson William C. Virginia State Line
Robinson Benjamin F. 21st Cavalry
Robinson James 21st Cavalry
Robinson John E. 21st Cavalry
Robinson William C. 21st Cavalry
Robinson Richard F. 21st Infantry
Robinson Richard Montgomery 21st Infantry
Robinson Thomas Beverly 21st Infantry
Robinson David 64th Infantry
Robinson John N. 64th Infantry
Robinson William A. M. 64th Infantry
Robinson James 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinson Johiel 64th Mounted Infantry
Robinson M.J. 45th Infantry Battalion
Robnett William 51st Infantry
Roche J. J. Virginia State Line
Roche J. J. 21st Cavalry
Roche Thomas F. 21st Infantry
Rock B. G. 21st Cavalry
Rocke Floyd G. Virginia State Line
Rodgers George 29th Infantry
Rodgers Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Rodgers Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Rodgers J. M. Virginia State Line
Rodgers James L. Virginia State Line
Rodgers Thomas Virginia State Line
Rodgers George R. 21st Cavalry
Roe James 64th Infantry
Rogers Benjamin F. 50th Infantry
Rogers Charles A. 50th Infantry
Rogers George R. 50th Infantry
Rogers Henderson 50th Infantry
Rogers Leroy M. 50th Infantry
Rogers Robert 50th Infantry
Rogers Robert 50th Infantry
Rogers Saunders W. 50th Infantry
Rogers George 51st Infantry
Rogers Charles L. Virginia State Line
Rogers James Virginia State Line
Rogers Jared Virginia State Line
Rogers John Virginia State Line
Rogers Joseph W. Virginia State Line
Rogers Robert M. Virginia State Line
Rogers Seth Virginia State Line
Rogers William Virginia State Line
Rogers Edward G. 21st Infantry
Rogers James P. 21st Infantry
Rogers Arthur 64th Infantry
Rogers James M. 64th Infantry
Rogers Jefferson 64th Infantry
Rogers Milton 64th Infantry
Rogers P. M. C. 64th Infantry
Rogers Caloway 64th Mounted Infantry
Rogers James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rogers John C. 45th Infantry Battalion
Roland John 21st Cavalry
Rollens   50th Infantry
Roller Harvey J. 64th Infantry
Roller William 64th Infantry
Roller Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Roller Hiram P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rollins Allen 29th Infantry
Rollins David 29th Infantry
Rollins James 29th Infantry
Rollins George Virginia State Line
Rollins Hanson C. Virginia State Line
Rollins Harrison C. Virginia State Line
Rollins William S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ronk Benjamin 51st Infantry
Ronk Joseph 51st Infantry
Roop George L. 50th Infantry
Roop King M. 50th Infantry
Roop William 50th Infantry
Roop B 21st Cavalry
Roop F. S. 21st Cavalry
Roop H. R. 21st Cavalry
Roop J 21st Cavalry
Roop Martin W. 21st Cavalry
Roop Asa G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roop Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Roop Jacob A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Roop Lindsay Crockett 64th Mounted Infantry
Roop William T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rorer William R. 51st Infantry
Rorrer John W. 51st Infantry
Rorrer Samuel G. 51st Infantry
Rose Jacob 50th Infantry
Rose Joseph M. 29th Infantry
Rose Joshua 29th Infantry
Rose Swinfield 7th Cavalry-French's
Rose William E. 7th Cavalry-French's
Rose B. 51st Infantry
Rose Edward W. 51st Infantry
Rose Elijah 51st Infantry
Rose Harry J. 51st Infantry
Rose John W. 51st Infantry
Rose Joseph 51st Infantry
Rose Kernelias 51st Infantry
Rose Robert 51st Infantry
Rose Swinfield A. 51st Infantry
Rose William H. 51st Infantry
Rose Isaac Virginia State Line
Rose Solomon T. Virginia State Line
Rose Swinfield Virginia State Line
Rose Thomas Virginia State Line
Rose William E. Virginia State Line
Rose Elias 21st Cavalry
Rose John E. 21st Cavalry
Rose Samuel S. 64th Infantry
Rose John 64th Mounted Infantry
Rose John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rose Isaac 45th Infantry Battalion
Rose Thomas Lewis 45th Infantry Battalion
Rosenbalm Andrew D. 50th Infantry
Rosencranz Leonidas Virginia State Line
Ross J. 50th Infantry
Ross Robert B. 50th Infantry
Ross William C. 50th Infantry
Ross C. P. 51st Infantry
Ross Charles Foster 51st Infantry
Ross David Lee 51st Infantry
Ross James W. 51st Infantry
Ross John T. 51st Infantry
Ross Joseph W. 51st Infantry
Ross Samuel Anderson 51st Infantry
Ross William T. 51st Infantry
Ross William H. Virginia State Line
Ross D. Lee 21st Cavalry
Rotin Josiah 21st Cavalry
Rotin William 21st Cavalry
Roton Jacob 21st Cavalry
Rouse William 21st Cavalry
Rouse John 64th Infantry
Rowan Hezekiah Virginia State Line
Rowe John S. 51st Infantry
Rowe John T. Virginia State Line
Rowe Marion Virginia State Line
Rowe Miles E. Virginia State Line
Rowe Solomon E. Virginia State Line
Rowe Stephen Virginia State Line
Rowe Edward 21st Cavalry
Rowland John J. 21st Infantry
Rowles Richard M. 51st Infantry
Rowlett Calvin W. 21st Infantry
Rowsey Archibald Virginia State Line
Royce John T. 21st Infantry
Royster Hunter Virginia State Line
Rucker James A. 51st Infantry
Rucker John W. 51st Infantry
Rucker W. B. 51st Infantry
Ruckman Charles B. Virginia State Line
Ruckman William Virginia State Line
Ruffner Henry Daniel Virginia State Line
Ruffner Samuel L. Virginia State Line
Rufus Benjamin F. 50th Infantry
Rundell John Virginia State Line
Runions James M. 64th Infantry
Runyon Conrad Virginia State Line
Runyon William C. Virginia State Line
Runyon William Virginia State Line
Runyon Conrad 45th Infantry Battalion
Ruse (Rose) Joseph Virginia State Line
Rush David O. 50th Infantry
Rush James Virginia State Line
Russell William D. 50th Infantry
Russell R. F. 51st Infantry
Russell James E. 51st Infantry
Russell Alexander K. 64th Infantry
Russell Robert S. 64th Infantry
Russell Alexander L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Russell Dickson Henderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Russell Edward 64th Mounted Infantry
Russell George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Russell Lorenzo Dow 64th Mounted Infantry
Russell Thomas P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rust V. C. 21st Cavalry
Rutherford Alexander 50th Infantry
Rutherford Alexander L. 50th Infantry
Rutherford James B. 50th Infantry
Rutherford James J. 50th Infantry
Rutherford John J. 50th Infantry
Rutherford Thompson 50th Infantry
Rutherford William Frank 50th Infantry
Rutherford Allen 51st Infantry
Rutherford D. M. 51st Infantry
Rutherford Thompson 51st Infantry
Rutherford Thomas Virginia State Line
Rutherford Thomas 21st Cavalry
Rutherford John 64th Mounted Infantry
Rutherford John K. P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Rutledge James 50th Infantry
Rutledge James H. 50th Infantry
Rutledge Hamilton Virginia State Line
Rutledge T. Virginia State Line
Rutledge William C. Virginia State Line
Rutledge L. S. 21st Infantry
Rutledge R. A. 21st Infantry
Rutledge William 21st Infantry
Ryan John O. 51st Infantry
Ryan William H. 51st Infantry
Ryan James Virginia State Line
Ryan William Virginia State Line
Ryan White G. 45th Infantry Battalion
Ryland John S. 21st Infantry
Sadler A. E. 21st Infantry
Sage Granville T. 50th Infantry
Sage John W. 50th Infantry
Sage P. J. 50th Infantry
Saint John V Virginia State Line
Saint Martin William Virginia State Line
Sale Granville S. 51st Infantry
Sale Louis A. 51st Infantry
Sale R. N. 51st Infantry
Sale Sidney B. 51st Infantry
Sale Samuel L. 21st Infantry
Salley Aheart P. 50th Infantry
Salley Isaac 50th Infantry
Salley James Knox Polk 50th Infantry
Salley John F. 50th Infantry
Salley Nathan A. 50th Infantry
Salley Martin 64th Mounted Infantry
Salley Thomas 64th Mounted Infantry
Salley Thomas 64th Mounted Infantry
Salmonds James T. 21st Infantry
Salmons John R. 29th Infantry
Salmons John 51st Infantry
Salmons Jonathan 51st Infantry
Salyer James 50th Infantry
Salyer Logan Henry Neal 50th Infantry
Salyer Roan 50th Infantry
Salyer Samuel 50th Infantry
Salyer Shanklin 50th Infantry
Salyer Tyree T. 50th Infantry
Salyers John H. Virginia State Line
Sambins Adolphus Virginia State Line
Sambo Alfred Virginia State Line
Sambo John Virginia State Line
Samples Lewis Virginia State Line
Sampson Harrison Virginia State Line
Sampson Harvey G. Virginia State Line
Sampson William C. 64th Infantry
Sampson William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sams Elijah 7th Cavalry-French's
Sams Elyah Virginia State Line
Samuel M Virginia State Line
Samuel Nathan Virginia State Line
Samuel M 21st Cavalry
Samuels   Virginia State Line
Sanders Ichabod B. 7th Cavalry-French's
Sanders Jacob 7th Cavalry-French's
Sanders Noah 29th Infantry
Sanders Alfred M. 51st Infantry
Sanders James M. 51st Infantry
Sanders John 51st Infantry
Sanders John C. 51st Infantry
Sanders Robert 51st Infantry
Sanders Robert W. 51st Infantry
Sanders William 51st Infantry
Sanders E. H. Virginia State Line
Sanders Fielding Virginia State Line
Sanders I. B. "Bud" Virginia State Line
Sanders Jacob Virginia State Line
Sanders E. H. 21st Cavalry
Sanders Richard 21st Cavalry
Sandidge Richard P. 51st Infantry
Sandidge V. F. 51st Infantry
Sandidge William D. 51st Infantry
Sanford Van Linden Virginia State Line
Sansom Gordon Virginia State Line
Sansom John C. Virginia State Line
Sansom Gordon 45th Infantry Battalion
Sansom Hiram 45th Infantry Battalion
Sansom John C. 45th Infantry Battalion
Sansum Hiram Virginia State Line
Sapp David 21st Cavalry
Sapp Jesse 21st Cavalry
Sargent Henry 29th Infantry
Sargent Forest 64th Mounted Infantry
Sarver G. H. Virginia State Line
Sarver John 64th Infantry
Sarver John 64th Mounted Infantry
Sasser Henry 64th Infantry
Sasser Jesse 64th Infantry
Satter H Virginia State Line
Saul Edward 51st Infantry
Saul Creed F. 21st Cavalry
Saul George 64th Mounted Infantry
Sauminter David E. 51st Infantry
Saunders John H. 50th Infantry
Saunders Vincent W. 50th Infantry
Saunders Ely 51st Infantry
Saunders Henry C. 51st Infantry
Saunders John W. 51st Infantry
Saunders Richard S. 51st Infantry
Saunders Mortimer Virginia State Line
Saunders Christopher 21st Infantry
Saunders John Daniel 21st Infantry
Saundres William D. 21st Infantry
Saurburn Peter Augustus Virginia State Line
Savage Paul T. 51st Infantry
Sawyer J 21st Cavalry
Sawyers Philip W. 50th Infantry
Sawyers William 50th Infantry
Sawyers Richard 51st Infantry
Sawyers James 21st Cavalry
Saxon Andrew Virginia State Line
Sayers William 50th Infantry
Sayers David H. 51st Infantry
Sayers James 51st Infantry
Sayers Joseph 51st Infantry
Sayers Thomas 51st Infantry
Scaggs Joseph Virginia State Line
Scaggs James A. 21st Cavalry
Scaggs James D. 21st Cavalry
Scaggs James R. 21st Cavalry
Scaggs Joseph 45th Infantry Battalion
Scarberry William 51st Infantry
Schaffer Robert 51st Infantry
Schlieflah William F. 21st Infantry
Schoolcraft E. P. Virginia State Line
Schoolcraft James A. Virginia State Line
Schoolcraft James H. Virginia State Line
Schoonover John C. 64th Infantry
Scisson Luther Virginia State Line
Scisson Luther 45th Infantry Battalion
Scott Andrew P. 29th Infantry
Scott Asa B. 50th Infantry
Scott David A. 50th Infantry
Scott G. Boston 50th Infantry
Scott James M. 50th Infantry
Scott John K. 50th Infantry
Scott John M. 50th Infantry
Scott Charles 51st Infantry
Scott John W. 51st Infantry
Scott Samuel 51st Infantry
Scott William G. 51st Infantry
Scott Henry H. Virginia State Line
Scott William M. Virginia State Line
Scott James 21st Cavalry
Scott S 21st Cavalry
Scott T 21st Cavalry
Scott William Michael 21st Cavalry
Scott John White 21st Infantry
Scott Hiram W. 64th Infantry
Scott John 64th Infantry
Scott John W. 64th Infantry
Scott H. S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Scott John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Scott William A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Scranton   Virginia State Line
Scranton Henry H. Virginia State Line
Scruggs Henry 21st Infantry
Scruggs John T. 21st Infantry
Sculthorp Benjamin D. 21st Infantry
Sculthorp John L. 21st Infantry
Sculthorpe James Littleberry 21st Infantry
Scyoc Abel Virginia State Line
Seal Fielding 50th Infantry
Seal John K. 50th Infantry
Seal James L. 64th Infantry
Seal John K. 64th Infantry
Seaman David W. Virginia State Line
Seamands Peyton H. 29th Infantry
Searles Samuel 21st Infantry
Searvy Reuben Virginia State Line
Seay Alfred M. 51st Infantry
Seay Bluford 51st Infantry
Seay Daniel B. 51st Infantry
Seay George L. 21st Cavalry
Seay M 21st Infantry
Seay W. C. 21st Infantry
Sebastian William M. 50th Infantry
Sebert H 64th Mounted Infantry
See Joseph 21st Infantry
Sehlton Edward T. 21st Infantry
Selby James 21st Infantry
Selby Joseph 21st Infantry
Sellers W. H. Virginia State Line
Sells C. D. 50th Infantry
Sells Daniel 50th Infantry
Sells George Washington 50th Infantry
Sells William Franklin 50th Infantry
Selson Larkin 64th Mounted Infantry
Semer James Virginia State Line
Semmes P. Warfield Virginia State Line
Semones A. M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Semones M. H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Semons J. D. 51st Infantry
Seneker E 21st Cavalry
Senter Andrew F. 50th Infantry
Senter Enoch D. 50th Infantry
Senter Felix 50th Infantry
Senter Andrew 51st Infantry
Senter Calvin H. 51st Infantry
Senter Daniel B. 51st Infantry
Senter Drewry E. 51st Infantry
Senter Andrew P. Virginia State Line
Senter Felix Virginia State Line
Senter James Virginia State Line
Senter William E. 21st Cavalry
Senter William E. 21st Infantry
Sercy Robert C. Virginia State Line
Sergeant James 64th Mounted Infantry
Sergeant William 64th Mounted Infantry
Sergener Abraham K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Serrat Jonathan 21st Cavalry
Sesco George Virginia State Line
Settles Henry P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Seurs John Virginia State Line
Seward R. M. 21st Infantry
Sexton Archibald 50th Infantry
Sexton Campbell 50th Infantry
Sexton Charles W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Sexton Clark 50th Infantry
Sexton George Washington 50th Infantry
Sexton Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Sexton Eli 51st Infantry
Sexton Hardin 51st Infantry
Sexton Hardy 51st Infantry
Sexton James 51st Infantry
Sexton John H. 51st Infantry
Sexton John W. 51st Infantry
Sexton Levi 51st Infantry
Sexton Lorensy D. 51st Infantry
Sexton Martin V. 51st Infantry
Sexton William D. 51st Infantry
Sexton T. K. 21st Cavalry
Sexton Benjamin Franklin 64th Infantry
Sexton Robert 64th Infantry
Sexton Benjamin Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Sexton Henry A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sexton Robert 64th Mounted Infantry
Seymour Calvin M. 50th Infantry
Shackelford George 21st Infantry
Shackleford C. M. 29th Infantry
Shackleford R. D. 50th Infantry
Shadrick James 29th Infantry
Shafer John Virginia State Line
Shaffer H. Cloyd 51st Infantry
Shannon John C. 50th Infantry
Shannon Joseph B. 29th Infantry
Shannon J. H. Virginia State Line
Sharat Abraham 50th Infantry
Sharitz David McAnnally 51st Infantry
Sharitz Hiram Andrew 51st Infantry
Sharp George B. Virginia State Line
Sharp Jacob H. Virginia State Line
Sharp Thornton F. Virginia State Line
Sharp William C. 21st Cavalry
Sharp Jesse 64th Mounted Infantry
Sharpe Johnson 51st Infantry
Shaver James F. 29th Infantry
Shaver John W. Virginia State Line
Shaver John 21st Cavalry
Shaw Albert 29th Infantry
Shaw John Frank 29th Infantry
Shaw William 29th Infantry
Shaw William O. 51st Infantry
Shean K 64th Mounted Infantry
Shearer William 64th Mounted Infantry
Sheets Andrew Jackson 50th Infantry
Sheets Frederick 50th Infantry
Sheets James 50th Infantry
Sheets James P. 50th Infantry
Sheets John Harvey 50th Infantry
Sheets Samuel L. 50th Infantry
Sheets Henry Virginia State Line
Sheets William R. Virginia State Line
Sheffey D. W. 51st Infantry
Sheffey Hugh Trigg 21st Cavalry
Sheffield John Virginia State Line
Shelbourn Lucius Clark 64th Mounted Infantry
Shelburn James 21st Cavalry
Shell J. A. 29th Infantry
Shell John Riley 29th Infantry
Shell Thomas W. 29th Infantry
Shell Richard Jordan 21st Infantry
Shell William B. 21st Infantry
Shelor John 50th Infantry
Shelor John B. 50th Infantry
Shelor Samuel T. 51st Infantry
Shelor Thomas G. 21st Cavalry
Shelton Nathan 50th Infantry
Shelton Creed 51st Infantry
Shelton Flemming 51st Infantry
Shelton James M. 51st Infantry
Shelton John G. 51st Infantry
Shelton Joseph 51st Infantry
Shelton Robert Lee 51st Infantry
Shelton David Virginia State Line
Shelton James P. Virginia State Line
Shelton William F. Virginia State Line
Shelton J. S. 21st Cavalry
Shelton Pinckney B. 21st Cavalry
Shelton Armstead F. 21st Infantry
Shelton Chesley W. 21st Infantry
Shelton Daniel W. 21st Infantry
Shelton Ferdinand L. 21st Infantry
Shelton Joel Y. 21st Infantry
Shelton John C. 21st Infantry
Shelton John H. 21st Infantry
Shelton John T. R. 21st Infantry
Shelton Nathan F. 21st Infantry
Shelton Tunstall W. 21st Infantry
Shelton William D. 21st Infantry
Shelton William B. 64th Infantry
Shelton James S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Shelton William B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Shelton William 64th Mounted Infantry
Shelton Charles J. 45th Infantry Battalion
Shepard Edward M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Shepard J. P. 21st Cavalry
Shepard T. M. 21st Cavalry
Shepard James C. 21st Infantry
Shepherd James H. 29th Infantry
Shepherd Peter C. 50th Infantry
Shepherd Riley 29th Infantry
Shepherd Thomas 29th Infantry
Shepherd A. J. 51st Infantry
Shepherd Andrew 51st Infantry
Shepherd Eli 51st Infantry
Shepherd James W. 51st Infantry
Shepherd Joel J. 51st Infantry
Shepherd Riley 51st Infantry
Shepherd George Virginia State Line
Shepherd James T. Virginia State Line
Shepherd Thompson R. Virginia State Line
Shepherd Thompson Virginia State Line
Shepherd Wiley Virginia State Line
Shepherd Samuel A. 64th Infantry
Shepherd James R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Shepherd Joseph A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sheppard J. F. 21st Cavalry
Sheppard Bernard (Barnett) 21st Infantry
Sheppard Samuel A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sheppard Allen 45th Infantry Battalion
Sheppard James 45th Infantry Battalion
Sheppard John 45th Infantry Battalion
Shepperd Gideon 29th Infantry
Shepperd Charles K. 51st Infantry
Shields C. 29th Infantry
Shields Samuel Virginia State Line
Shields James 21st Infantry
Shields John R. 21st Infantry
Shields Joshua F. 21st Infantry
Shields William A. 21st Infantry
Shields William T. 21st Infantry
Shields Samuel 45th Infantry Battalion
Shifflett Samuel McDowell Virginia State Line
Shinalt Calvin 51st Infantry
Shinalt Randolf 51st Infantry
Shinalt William 51st Infantry
Shinault David Jackson Virginia State Line
Shinneberry Jacob W. Virginia State Line
Shipley John J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Shipp Jasper M. Virginia State Line
Shipp Scott 21st Infantry
Shisler James W. Virginia State Line
Shiveley Jacob 21st Cavalry
Shockley Canada P. Virginia State Line
Shockley J Virginia State Line
Shockley John F. Virginia State Line
Shockley LeGrand Virginia State Line
Shoemaker James C. 29th Infantry
Shoemaker James M. 29th Infantry
Shoemaker Alexander Virginia State Line
Shoemaker Calvin 21st Cavalry
Shoemaker John H. 21st Cavalry
Shoemaker D 21st Infantry
Shoemaker Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Shoemaker William F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Shoop Garrison J. 51st Infantry
Shoop Rufus W. 51st Infantry
Shoop Isaac 21st Cavalry
Shoop George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Shores C. E. Virginia State Line
Shores John 21st Cavalry
Shores Thoams Chasteen 21st Infantry
Short Bartley 7th Cavalry-French's
Short Booker 7th Cavalry-French's
Short Daniel W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Short Henry 7th Cavalry-French's
Short James 7th Cavalry-French's
Short James P. 7th Cavalry-French's
Short William 7th Cavalry-French's
Short William W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Short Bartley Virginia State Line
Short Daniel W. Virginia State Line
Short Henry Virginia State Line
Short James P. Virginia State Line
Short James Virginia State Line
Short Thomas Virginia State Line
Short William W. Virginia State Line
Short William Virginia State Line
Short Leander 21st Cavalry
Short James 64th Infantry
Short Bartley 45th Infantry Battalion
Shorter John L. 21st Infantry
Shorter Joseph S. 21st Infantry
Shorter Peter 21st Infantry
Shorter William H. 21st Infantry
Shortridge Anderson S. Virginia State Line
Shortridge Benjamin Franklin Virginia State Line
Shortridge Elijah Virginia State Line
Shortridge Anderson S. 64th Infantry
Shortridge Benjamin F. 64th Infantry
Shortridge Elijah 64th Infantry
Shortridge Henry 64th Infantry
Shortridge Robert S. 64th Infantry
Shortt Marion M. 51st Infantry
Shoup James K. 50th Infantry
Shoup John A. 50th Infantry
Shoup William 50th Infantry
Showalter Isaac Virginia State Line
Showalters Isaac 21st Cavalry
Shrader I. H. 50th Infantry
Shrader John H. 51st Infantry
Shrader Thomas H. 51st Infantry
Shrader James C. Virginia State Line
Shrader Jones C. Virginia State Line
Shufflebarger Jackson 50th Infantry
Shufflebarger William C. 50th Infantry
Shufflebarger John 51st Infantry
Shuler D. M. Virginia State Line
Shuler T. J. Virginia State Line
Shumaker James 21st Infantry
Shumaker John 21st Infantry
Shumate James Virginia State Line
Shumate Tollison Virginia State Line
Shumate James 21st Cavalry
Shumate Madison E. 45th Infantry Battalion
Shumate Tollison 45th Infantry Battalion
Shupe H 51st Infantry
Shurman Willet 21st Cavalry
Shut Nathaniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Sias A. L. Virginia State Line
Sidebottom James A. Virginia State Line
Sidebottom John C. Virginia State Line
Sidebottom John C. 45th Infantry Battalion
Sidham William H. 51st Infantry
Sifford Lewis C. 50th Infantry
Sifford Rufus C. 50th Infantry
Sifford Samuel P. 50th Infantry
Sifford William L. 50th Infantry
Silcott George Washington Virginia State Line
Silva R. D. Virginia State Line
Silvers W 21st Cavalry
Simerly James 29th Infantry
Simerly John Virginia State Line
Simerly James 21st Cavalry
Simes John 51st Infantry
Simmerman J. Henry 51st Infantry
Simmerman John A. 51st Infantry
Simmerman Robert Thomas 51st Infantry
Simmerman William H. 51st Infantry
Simmes Granville W. Virginia State Line
Simmes John Virginia State Line
Simmes John 21st Cavalry
Simmons Adam Virginia State Line
Simmons Ananias Virginia State Line
Simmons Hesekiah Virginia State Line
Simmons Jacob Virginia State Line
Simmons James Virginia State Line
Simmons John Virginia State Line
Simmons Matthew E. Virginia State Line
Simmons Thomas Virginia State Line
Simmons J. G. 21st Cavalry
Simonds Edmond 21st Cavalry
Simons James T. 21st Infantry
Simpkins Andrew Jackson 50th Infantry
Simpkins Gabriel 50th Infantry
Simpkins Joseph 50th Infantry
Simpkins Joseph D. 50th Infantry
Simpkins Joshua 50th Infantry
Simpkins Thomas 50th Infantry
Simpkins Thomas 50th Infantry
Simpkins Monroe 51st Infantry
Simpkins Joseph Virginia State Line
Simpson J. W. 50th Infantry
Simpson Augustine 21st Infantry
Simpson F. J. 21st Infantry
Simpson Harrison 21st Infantry
Simpson Nathaniel 21st Infantry
Simpson Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Simpson James 64th Mounted Infantry
Simpson Isaac D. 45th Infantry Battalion
Sims Edward J. Virginia State Line
Sims George W. Virginia State Line
Sims George W. Virginia State Line
Sims Granville Virginia State Line
Sims M. D. Virginia State Line
Sims Samuel B. 21st Infantry
Singer William H. 50th Infantry
Singletary B. B. 50th Infantry
Singleton Andrew J. 21st Infantry
Sink Joseph 29th Infantry
Sink Stephen W. 29th Infantry
Sink John W. 21st Cavalry
Sink P 21st Cavalry
Siple George Washington Virginia State Line
Sipples L. J. Virginia State Line
Sipples L.J. 45th Infantry Battalion
Sira Thomas 21st Cavalry
Sirah Founton 50th Infantry
Sisson Luther Virginia State Line
Sizemore Anderson Virginia State Line
Sizemore Cleveland Virginia State Line
Sizemore David S. Virginia State Line
Sizemore John Virginia State Line
Sizemore James D. 21st Infantry
Sizer Milton D. 21st Infantry
Skaggs William R. 50th Infantry
Skaggs Robert C. 21st Cavalry
Skaggs Jeremiah 64th Mounted Infantry
Skeen Ephraim 29th Infantry
Skeen George F. 29th Infantry
Skeen George H. 50th Infantry
Skeen Henry 29th Infantry
Skeen James 29th Infantry
Skeen James 29th Infantry
Skeen Joseph 29th Infantry
Skeen Richard L. 7th Cavalry-French's
Skeen Robert C. 29th Infantry
Skeen A. J. 51st Infantry
Skeen George C. 51st Infantry
Skeen Archibald J. Virginia State Line
Skeen Elihu Virginia State Line
Skeen Noah Virginia State Line
Skeen Richard L. Virginia State Line
Skeen Rit L. Virginia State Line
Skeen Elihu K 64th Mounted Infantry
Skeen Kilburn H 64th Mounted Infantry
Skeen Stephen S 64th Mounted Infantry
Skeens Elihu 7th Cavalry-French's
Skeens Henry 7th Cavalry-French's
Skeens Noah 7th Cavalry-French's
Skeens Elihu 21st Cavalry
Skeens Joseph 21st Cavalry
Skelton James J. 21st Infantry
Skinker Charles Robert 21st Infantry
Skinner Charles Virginia State Line
Slagle John Henry 50th Infantry
Slagle Michael 50th Infantry
Slagle James A. 51st Infantry
Slanker DeWitt Clinton Virginia State Line
Slate Francis 29th Infantry
Slate George 51st Infantry
Slaughter J. M. 50th Infantry
Slaughter Alford Virginia State Line
Slaven John R. Virginia State Line
Slaven Lancelot Lockridge "Lanty" Virginia State Line
Slemp Hugh P. 50th Infantry
Slemp John 50th Infantry
Slemp Mitchell 21st Cavalry
Slemp William D. 21st Cavalry
Slemp Campbell 64th Infantry
Slemp Hugha P. 64th Infantry
Slemp John 64th Infantry
Slemp Campbell Bascom 64th Mounted Infantry
Slemp Henry Clinton 64th Mounted Infantry
Slemp Hugha P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Slemp John 64th Mounted Infantry
Slemp T. F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Slicer Joseph Samuel Virginia State Line
Sliden (Slider) Joseph Virginia State Line
Slipp William 7th Cavalry-French's
Sloan James 50th Infantry
Sloan William 64th Infantry
Sloan Andrew 64th Infantry
Sloan Franklin 64th Infantry
Sloan George Washington 64th Infantry
Sloan Hiram 64th Infantry
Sloan James 64th Infantry
Sloan MOrgan 64th Infantry
Sloan William H. 64th Infantry
Sloan Albert 64th Mounted Infantry
Sloan George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Sloan Hiram 64th Mounted Infantry
Sloan James 64th Mounted Infantry
Sloan Morgan 64th Mounted Infantry
Sloan W. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sloan William 64th Mounted Infantry
Sluder Christian Virginia State Line
Slusher Henry 51st Infantry
Slusher Francis L. 21st Cavalry
Slusser Joseph 29th Infantry
Small J. G. Virginia State Line
Small James Virginia State Line
Small Thomas Virginia State Line
Smarr Jesse V. Virginia State Line
Smart William S. 50th Infantry
Smart David 51st Infantry
Smart Henry 51st Infantry
Smart Moses 51st Infantry
Smiley John Virginia State Line
Smith Able L. 29th Infantry
Smith Albert E. 50th Infantry
Smith Albert H. 29th Infantry
Smith Alexander 50th Infantry
Smith Alexander J. 29th Infantry
Smith Alexander W. 50th Infantry
Smith Alfred 50th Infantry
Smith Barton Pierce 29th Infantry
Smith Benjamin Giles 50th Infantry
Smith Burwell 50th Infantry
Smith Chester 50th Infantry
Smith Christian B. 50th Infantry
Smith Daniel 50th Infantry
Smith David 50th Infantry
Smith David 7th Cavalry-French's
Smith E. B. 29th Infantry
Smith Edward S. 50th Infantry
Smith Edwin R. 29th Infantry
Smith Elbert E. 50th Infantry
Smith Ellis 50th Infantry
Smith George 50th Infantry
Smith George Washington 29th Infantry
Smith Henry 50th Infantry
Smith Henry E. 50th Infantry
Smith Hiram 29th Infantry
Smith Hiram Davis 50th Infantry
Smith Hiram Thompson 50th Infantry
Smith Isaac 50th Infantry
Smith Isaac 50th Infantry
Smith J. O. 50th Infantry
Smith James Calvin 50th Infantry
Smith James M. 29th Infantry
Smith James R. 29th Infantry
Smith James R. 50th Infantry
Smith Jesse William 29th Infantry
Smith John 7th Cavalry-French's
Smith John B. 29th Infantry
Smith John H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Smith John H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Smith John H. C. 50th Infantry
Smith John Oliver 50th Infantry
Smith Joseph H. 50th Infantry
Smith Mead A. 50th Infantry
Smith Napoleon B. 29th Infantry
Smith Oscar 50th Infantry
Smith Richard 29th Infantry
Smith Samuel F. 50th Infantry
Smith Thomas 50th Infantry
Smith Thompson Martin 50th Infantry
Smith W. S. 50th Infantry
Smith Wesley 50th Infantry
Smith William 50th Infantry
Smith William 50th Infantry
Smith William 7th Cavalry-French's
Smith William Alexander 50th Infantry
Smith William F. 50th Infantry
Smith William Leander 50th Infantry
Smith Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Smith Charles B. 51st Infantry
Smith Franklin 51st Infantry
Smith George 51st Infantry
Smith George W. 51st Infantry
Smith Hiram 51st Infantry
Smith James 51st Infantry
Smith J. B. 51st Infantry
Smith Joel N. 51st Infantry
Smith John H. 51st Infantry
Smith Obadiah 51st Infantry
Smith William 51st Infantry
Smith William N. 51st Infantry
Smith Able Virginia State Line
Smith Alexander Virginia State Line
Smith Alford Virginia State Line
Smith Amos Virginia State Line
Smith Barnes N. Virginia State Line
Smith Benjamin Franklin Virginia State Line
Smith Charles Virginia State Line
Smith David Virginia State Line
Smith Davis Virginia State Line
Smith Felix Virginia State Line
Smith Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Smith Frank Virginia State Line
Smith George Virginia State Line
Smith Henry B. Virginia State Line
Smith Hugh Virginia State Line
Smith J. M. Virginia State Line
Smith Jacob Virginia State Line
Smith James E. Virginia State Line
Smith James H. Virginia State Line
Smith James H. Virginia State Line
Smith James L. Virginia State Line
Smith James Virginia State Line
Smith Jasper N. Virginia State Line
Smith John C. Virginia State Line
Smith John F. Virginia State Line
Smith John W. Virginia State Line
Smith Joseph Virginia State Line
Smith Joshua Virginia State Line
Smith Joshua Virginia State Line
Smith Kinsey Virginia State Line
Smith Larkin Virginia State Line
Smith Larkin Virginia State Line
Smith Miraban L. Virginia State Line
Smith Peter Virginia State Line
Smith Richard Virginia State Line
Smith Rit Virginia State Line
Smith Robert G. Virginia State Line
Smith Roger Virginia State Line
Smith Samuel K. Virginia State Line
Smith Samuel Virginia State Line
Smith Squire S. Virginia State Line
Smith Thomas J. Virginia State Line
Smith Thomas J. Virginia State Line
Smith William H. Virginia State Line
Smith William J. Virginia State Line
Smith William R. Virginia State Line
Smith William Virginia State Line
Smith William Virginia State Line
Smith Able 21st Cavalry
Smith B. F. 21st Cavalry
Smith Charles 21st Cavalry
Smith David 21st Cavalry
Smith Elexius 21st Cavalry
Smith Frank 21st Cavalry
Smith James Arch 21st Cavalry
Smith James M. 21st Cavalry
Smith J. E. 21st Cavalry
Smith John W. 21st Cavalry
Smith Joshua 21st Cavalry
Smith Richard 21st Cavalry
Smith Richard J. 21st Cavalry
Smith Squire S 21st Cavalry
Smith Thomas W. 21st Cavalry
Smith William W. 21st Cavalry
Smith A. Austin 21st Infantry
Smith Edwin H. 21st Infantry
Smith Henry 21st Infantry
Smith Horace 21st Infantry
Smith J. T. 21st Infantry
Smith James E. 21st Infantry
Smith L. J. 21st Infantry
Smith R. M. 21st Infantry
Smith R. S. 21st Infantry
Smith Thomas 21st Infantry
Smith Vincent 21st Infantry
Smith W. A. 21st Infantry
Smith William F. 21st Infantry
Smith William J. 21st Infantry
Smith Barclay F. 64th Infantry
Smith David 64th Infantry
Smith George E. 64th Infantry
Smith Henry 64th Infantry
Smith James 64th Infantry
Smith John T. 64th Infantry
Smith William 64th Infantry
Smith William M. 64th Infantry
Smith Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith Barclay F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith D 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith David 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith John T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith Jonathan 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith Lafayette 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith Lafayette 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith William A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith William B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith William 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith William 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith William M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Smith Ham (Abraham) 45th Infantry Battalion
Smith Henry 45th Infantry Battalion
Smith John L. 45th Infantry Battalion
Smith Larkin 45th Infantry Battalion
Smitherman David Virginia State Line
Smithers Anderson 29th Infantry
Smithers Columbus 29th Infantry
Smithers Michael 29th Infantry
Smithers Stephen Davis 51st Infantry
Smithers William 51st Infantry
Smithson Charles 21st Infantry
Smoot Benjamin W. 51st Infantry
Smoot John D. H. 51st Infantry
Smoot L. R. Virginia State Line
Smoot Thomas S. Virginia State Line
Smoot Wyley A. Virginia State Line
Smoot Daniel Jennifer 45th Infantry Battalion
Smoot Samuel 45th Infantry Battalion
Smoot Wyley A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Smyth William 50th Infantry
Smyth John M. Virginia State Line
Smyth Edward McDonald 64th Mounted Infantry
Smyth Elbert S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Smyth John Morrison 64th Mounted Infantry
Snapp Phillip B. 51st Infantry
Snavely James M. 21st Cavalry
Snavely P. T. C. 21st Cavalry
Snavely John 64th Mounted Infantry
Snavely Leander 64th Mounted Infantry
Snead Napoleon J. 50th Infantry
Snead Robert Winn 50th Infantry
Snead William (Buck) 50th Infantry
Snead William P. 50th Infantry
Snead John T. H. 51st Infantry
Snead Albert H. 21st Infantry
Snider Andrew Virginia State Line
Snider Landon C. Virginia State Line
Snider Landon Virginia State Line
Snidow John Chapman 51st Infantry
Snoddy John S. 21st Infantry
Snodgrass George H. C. 51st Infantry
Snodgrass John H. 51st Infantry
Snodgrass Joseph 64th Infantry
Snodgrass Samuel 64th Infantry
Snodgrass Edward H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Snow Mitchell T. 29th Infantry
Snow Preston H. 50th Infantry
Snow M. Virginia State Line
Snowden J. Hudson 21st Infantry
Snyder Ballard P. 50th Infantry
Snyder James Virginia State Line
Soles P. D. 21st Infantry
Somanas Absolom Virginia State Line
Somerson Charles F. Virginia State Line
Somerson Charles F. 45th Infantry Battalion
Sonaker Andrew Virginia State Line
Songer William 21st Cavalry
Southern Nathaniel 50th Infantry
Southern Robert N. 29th Infantry
Southern Robert N. 50th Infantry
Southern Reuben D. Virginia State Line
Southern William B. Virginia State Line
Southern Cornelius 64th Infantry
Southern Daniel 64th Infantry
Southern Cornelius 64th Mounted Infantry
Sowards Thomas Jefferson 7th Cavalry-French's
Sowards Thomas Jefferson Virginia State Line
Sowder Emanuel 51st Infantry
Sowder William R. 21st Cavalry
Sowers David A. 51st Infantry
Sowers Hulles L. 51st Infantry
Sowers Tazewell E. 51st Infantry
Sowers Eley Virginia State Line
Sowers D. W. 21st Cavalry
Sowers Joseph B. 21st Cavalry
Spain James T. 50th Infantry
Spangelr Levi B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Spangler Fleming M. 50th Infantry
Spangler George Washington 50th Infantry
Spangler A. 51st Infantry
Spangler Christian P. 51st Infantry
Spangler H. M. 51st Infantry
Spangler James M. 51st Infantry
Spangler Patrick H. 51st Infantry
Spangler Stephen 51st Infantry
Spangler W. J. 51st Infantry
Spangler Francis Marion 64th Infantry
Spangler Abraham 64th Mounted Infantry
Spangler Francis Marion 64th Mounted Infantry
Spangler Frank 64th Mounted Infantry
Spangler Joseph K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Spangler Michael 64th Mounted Infantry
Spangler Peter 64th Mounted Infantry
Sparks Henry 7th Cavalry-French's
Sparks Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Speak Nicholas 50th Infantry
Speak James A. 64th Infantry
Speak Joseph A. 64th Infantry
Speak Nicholas 64th Infantry
Speak Nicholas 64th Infantry
Speak N. 64th Mounted Infantry
Speaker George Virginia State Line
Spearing Edmund Virginia State Line
Spears John M. Virginia State Line
Spears John M. 21st Cavalry
Spears Charles H. 64th Infantry
Speer James 21st Cavalry
Speers William W. H. 64th Infantry
Speers Charles H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Speers William Henry Harrison 64th Mounted Infantry
Spence Drury 29th Infantry
Spence George W. 29th Infantry
Spence James Madison 29th Infantry
Spence John H. 29th Infantry
Spence H. B. Virginia State Line
Spence J. W. Virginia State Line
Spence H. B. 21st Cavalry
Spencer Ewell 29th Infantry
Spencer George 50th Infantry
Spencer J. T. 50th Infantry
Spencer Robert A. 50th Infantry
Spencer Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Spencer Charles L. 51st Infantry
Spencer James M. 51st Infantry
Spencer Robert C. 51st Infantry
Spencer Allen Virginia State Line
Spencer E. Crawford Virginia State Line
Spencer E. Virginia State Line
Spencer Elias C. Virginia State Line
Spencer Evander Virginia State Line
Spencer J. T. Virginia State Line
Spencer Robert Virginia State Line
Spencer Benjamin 21st Infantry
Spencer Charles Addison 21st Infantry
Spencer Edward N. 21st Infantry
Spencer James M. 21st Infantry
Spencer Joseph 21st Infantry
Spencer Samuel Madison 21st Infantry
Spencer James F. 64th Infantry
Spencer Oliver 64th Infantry
Spencer Robert P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Spencer Beverly 45th Infantry Battalion
Spencer Ogden 45th Infantry Battalion
Spicer Thomas Virginia State Line
Spillman James A. Virginia State Line
Spindle James M. 51st Infantry
Spracher George 50th Infantry
Spracher Levi 29th Infantry
Spracher Stephen R. 29th Infantry
Spraker Alfred 51st Infantry
Spratley Eugene W. 21st Infantry
Spratley William W. 21st Infantry
Spratt Samuel W. 29th Infantry
Spratt Alexander C. 45th Infantry Battalion
Spratt Robert P. 45th Infantry Battalion
Sprecher Jacob 29th Infantry
Spriggs James D. Virginia State Line
Spriggs John S. Virginia State Line
Sprinkel William Henry 21st Cavalry
Sprinkle Hezekiah 51st Infantry
Sprinkle John D. 51st Infantry
Sprinkle William H. 51st Infantry
Sprinkle George 64th Infantry
Sprinkle Elisha J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sprinkle George 64th Mounted Infantry
Sprinkle George H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sprinkle W. A. J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sprinkle Wesley C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Sproles James H. 50th Infantry
Sproul Josiah B. 64th Infantry
Sproules Josiah B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Spurgeon George 29th Infantry
Spurgeon William H. 29th Infantry
Spurlock Thomas 50th Infantry
Spurlock Andrew Virginia State Line
Spurlock Burwell Virginia State Line
Spurlock John Virginia State Line
Spurlock Thomas Virginia State Line
Spurlock Richard R. 64th Infantry
Spurlock Thomas 64th Mounted Infantry
Spurlock Burwell 45th Infantry Battalion
Squires Franklin F. Virginia State Line
Squires James W. Virginia State Line
St Clair James H 45th Infantry Battalion
St. Clair George W. 21st Cavalry
St. John James W. 51st Infantry
St. John William J. 51st Infantry
St. John Isaac 21st Cavalry
St. John William 21st Cavalry
St. John Abram A. 21st Infantry
St. John Abram D. 21st Infantry
St. John Edward J. 21st Infantry
St. John Robert C. 21st Infantry
St. John William N. 21st Infantry
Stacey John E. Virginia State Line
Stacey William Virginia State Line
Stacy   7th Cavalry-French's
Stacy Clinton 64th Infantry
Stacy Preston 64th Infantry
Stacy Shadrach 64th Infantry
Stafford Harrison Virginia State Line
Stafford Isaac P. Virginia State Line
Stafford Harrison 45th Infantry Battalion
Stafford Isaac P. 45th Infantry Battalion
Stair Jeremiah 64th Infantry
Stair Oscar F. 64th Infantry
Stair Oscar F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Staley John Alex 29th Infantry
Staley Isaac 21st Cavalry
Staley John A. 21st Cavalry
Staley Riley 21st Cavalry
Stalis A. B. Virginia State Line
Stallard Andrew Jackson 7th Cavalry-French's
Stallard David F. 7th Cavalry-French's
Stallard Raleigh D. 7th Cavalry-French's
Stallard William Anderson 50th Infantry
Stallard William W. 50th Infantry
Stallard Andrew Jackson Virginia State Line
Stallard David Virginia State Line
Stallard Raleigh D. Virginia State Line
Stallard John W. 64th Infantry
Stallman Alfred Virginia State Line
Stallman George Washington Virginia State Line
Stallman William Virginia State Line
Stalnaker Nelson C. Virginia State Line
Stalnaker Muten (Newton) C. Virginia State Line
Stalnaker Stanford Virginia State Line
Stalnaker William W. Virginia State Line
Stamper Elihu P. 50th Infantry
Stamper James M. 50th Infantry
Stamper Matison 51st Infantry
Stamper Linville Virginia State Line
Stamper Troy Virginia State Line
Stamper Linville 21st Cavalry
Stamper Troy 21st Cavalry
Stanberry John W. 64th Infantry
Standcifer David P. 64th Infantry
Standcifer David P. 64th Infantry
Standeford David 51st Infantry
Standerfer James S. 50th Infantry
Standerford David P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Standifer John F. 7th Cavalry-French's
Standifer John F. Virginia State Line
Standley Richard Virginia State Line
Standley Richard 45th Infantry Battalion
Stanferfer William J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stanley Andrew J. 50th Infantry
Stanley John 7th Cavalry-French's
Stanley Richard 50th Infantry
Stanley Richard 50th Infantry
Stanley Wilborn 50th Infantry
Stanley William W. 50th Infantry
Stanley W 51st Infantry
Stanley Robert 51st Infantry
Stanley Barcus Virginia State Line
Stanley C. C. Virginia State Line
Stanley Christopher O. Virginia State Line
Stanley George B. Virginia State Line
Stanley John Virginia State Line
Stanley William Virginia State Line
Stanley Loveel 21st Cavalry
Stanley John H. 21st Infantry
Stanley Granville 64th Mounted Infantry
Stanley John S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stanley William 45th Infantry Battalion
Stanly H. G. 7th Cavalry-French's
Stanly John R. 50th Infantry
Stanly Canar Virginia State Line
Stanly Sam Virginia State Line
Stanly G. H. 64th Infantry
Stanly John 64th Infantry
Stansberry W. F. Virginia State Line
Stanton James Virginia State Line
Staples Martin 50th Infantry
Staples Robert Miflin 29th Infantry
Staples John M. Virginia State Line
Stapleton Anderson 50th Infantry
Stapleton Andrew 50th Infantry
Stapleton Eli 50th Infantry
Stapleton G. W. 50th Infantry
Stapleton Henry 50th Infantry
Stapleton Robert R. 50th Infantry
Stapleton George Virginia State Line
Stapleton George 64th Infantry
Stapleton James 64th Infantry
Stapleton Robert C. 64th Infantry
Stapleton James 64th Mounted Infantry
Stapleton James 64th Mounted Infantry
Stapleton Robert C. 64th Mounted Infantry
STapleton William R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Starcher Alfred Virginia State Line
Starcher Henry Virginia State Line
Starcher Hezekiah Virginia State Line
Starcher Isaac, Jr. Virginia State Line
Starcher Jacob P. Virginia State Line
Starcher Jehu Virginia State Line
Starcher John C. Virginia State Line
Starcher Joseph P. Virginia State Line
Starcher Peter Virginia State Line
Starcher Phillip Virginia State Line
Starcher Thomas Virginia State Line
Starke H. W. 21st Cavalry
Starnes George W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Starnes Hiram K. 7th Cavalry-French's
Starnes George E. Virginia State Line
Starnes William H. 64th Infantry
Starnes William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Starr John Virginia State Line
Starr Lorenzo Dow Virginia State Line
Starr Lorenzo Dow 45th Infantry Battalion
Staten Killis 51st Infantry
Staton Andrew J. 50th Infantry
Staton Cap 50th Infantry
Staton George W. 50th Infantry
Staton John M. 50th Infantry
Staton L. C. 50th Infantry
Staton Lunsford 50th Infantry
Staton Marshall F. 50th Infantry
Staton Thomas 50th Infantry
Staton William M. 50th Infantry
Staton Elias S. Virginia State Line
Staton Peter Virginia State Line
Staton Elias 45th Infantry Battalion
Staton Peter 45th Infantry Battalion
Statser Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Statser Andrew W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Staucher John Virginia State Line
Staunton James Virginia State Line
Stebar Michael 50th Infantry
Stedham Adam 29th Infantry
Stedham David 29th Infantry
Stedham James D. 29th Infantry
Stedham John W. 29th Infantry
Stedham Martin 29th Infantry
Steel Henry 29th Infantry
Steel John K. 51st Infantry
Steel Eli 51st Infantry
Steel Samuel 51st Infantry
Steel Henry Virginia State Line
Steel Samuel S. Virginia State Line
Steel Sparel Virginia State Line
Steel George 45th Infantry Battalion
Steele Francis Marion, Jr. 29th Infantry
Steele Francis Marion, Sr. 29th Infantry
Steele Richard 29th Infantry
Steele Richard 29th Infantry
Steele John Virginia State Line
Steele Lewis Virginia State Line
Steele Lorenzo Dow Virginia State Line
Steele William Virginia State Line
Steele Harvey G. 64th Infantry
Steele Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Steele Harvey G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Steele Isaac F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Steele Reuben 64th Mounted Infantry
Steele John 45th Infantry Battalion
Steele Lewis 45th Infantry Battalion
Steele Lorenzo Dow 45th Infantry Battalion
Steele William A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Steen William Edward 50th Infantry
Steffey Andrew J. 29th Infantry
Steffey James Lafayette 29th Infantry
Steffey Peter T. 29th Infantry
Steffey Stephen J. 29th Infantry
Steger Overton H. 21st Infantry
Stenbaugh J. D. 7th Cavalry-French's
Stenbaugh J. D. Virginia State Line
Stenning William Virginia State Line
Step Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Stephens Fleming 29th Infantry
Stephens John 29th Infantry
Stephens Andrew Virginia State Line
Stephens Andrew Virginia State Line
Stephens J. M. 21st Cavalry
Stephenson David W. 29th Infantry
Stephenson James J. 29th Infantry
Stephenson James Robert 29th Infantry
Stephenson John M. 50th Infantry
Stephenson John W. 29th Infantry
Stephenson Wilkerson 29th Infantry
Stephenson Henry Virginia State Line
Stephenton T Virginia State Line
Stevens James T. 51st Infantry
Stevens John James Loving 51st Infantry
Stevens Solon 51st Infantry
Stevens Taliaferro 51st Infantry
Stevenson William 50th Infantry
Steward Abram 7th Cavalry-French's
Steward David 51st Infantry
Steward James Virginia State Line
Stewart James 7th Cavalry-French's
Stewart James A. 7th Cavalry-French's
Stewart Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Stewart Elias 51st Infantry
Stewart Joseph 51st Infantry
Stewart William H. J. 51st Infantry
Stewart William H. S. 51st Infantry
Stewart Abram Virginia State Line
Stewart Ellsworth Virginia State Line
Stewart Shadrick 21st Cavalry
Stewart William 21st Cavalry
Stewart William A. 21st Cavalry
Stewart James W. 64th Infantry
Stewart William 64th Infantry
Stewart William H. 64th Infantry
Stewart Elcana 64th Mounted Infantry
Stewart Fenton 64th Mounted Infantry
Stewart James W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stewart Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Stewart William 64th Mounted Infantry
Stewart William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stickleman John S. 51st Infantry
Stickley Daniel Morgan 50th Infantry
Stidham Preston L. 7th Cavalry-French's
Stidham Adam J. 51st Infantry
Stidham Daniel 51st Infantry
Stidham William D. 51st Infantry
Stidham Adam 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham Adam J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham Ira 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham J. W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham James D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham John Wesley 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham Martin 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Stidham Samuel S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stille William Virginia State Line
Stiltener Christopher 64th Infantry
Stiltener David 64th Infantry
Stiltener John H. 64th Infantry
Stiltener John S. 64th Infantry
Stiltener Mathews 64th Infantry
Stiltener Matteson 64th Infantry
Stiltener Wesley R. 64th Infantry
Stiltner Jacob Virginia State Line
Stilwell James 50th Infantry
Stilwell Thomas 50th Infantry
Stilwell William S. 29th Infantry
Stinnett Cornelius 51st Infantry
Stinnett James M. 51st Infantry
Stinnett Sterling C. 51st Infantry
Stinson J. H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Stinson Robert 7th Cavalry-French's
Stinson Archer Virginia State Line
Stoddard A. H. 51st Infantry
Stokes James H. 21st Infantry
Stokes John H. 21st Infantry
Stokes Richard A. 21st Infantry
Stollings Joel E. Virginia State Line
Stollings Samuel Virginia State Line
Stollings Thomas B. Virginia State Line
Stollings Joel E. 45th Infantry Battalion
Stollings Samuel 45th Infantry Battalion
Stollings Thomas Benton 45th Infantry Battalion
Stone James O. 29th Infantry
Stone John Legrand 29th Infantry
Stone Stephen Hubbard 50th Infantry
Stone Virgil M. 29th Infantry
Stone Columbus 51st Infantry
Stone Francis R. 51st Infantry
Stone John P. 51st Infantry
Stone Riley 51st Infantry
Stone Samuel 51st Infantry
Stone Edward Virginia State Line
Stone Ervin F. Virginia State Line
Stone John A. Virginia State Line
Stone Milton W. Virginia State Line
Stone Morgan Virginia State Line
Stone William N. Virginia State Line
Stone William L. 21st Infantry
Stone James B. 64th Infantry
Stone John M. 64th Infantry
Stone Martin G. 64th Infantry
Stone Robert 64th Infantry
STone Stephen J. 64th Infantry
Stone William H. 64th Infantry
Stone George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Stone Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Stone James B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stone Martin G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stone Stephen J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stone William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Stoneman Mark 29th Infantry
Stonemason Houston Floyd 29th Infantry
Stonestreet Andrew B. Virginia State Line
Stoops John R. 50th Infantry
Stoops William W. 21st Cavalry
Stoots George S. 51st Infantry
Storrer Charles J. 29th Infantry
Story John R. 51st Infantry
Stout Johnson Virginia State Line
Stout Johnston Virginia State Line
Stout Josiah B. S. Virginia State Line
Stout Michael Virginia State Line
Stout Peter 21st Cavalry
Stout Godfrey Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Stovall Quincy A. 51st Infantry
Strahan Charles 21st Infantry
Strand J. H. Virginia State Line
Strange Francis Marion 50th Infantry
Strange John R. 51st Infantry
Street Arvy Virginia State Line
Street William Virginia State Line
Stringer Francis A. B. 50th Infantry
Strong Thomas 50th Infantry
Strong George Washington 64th Infantry
Strong George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Stroup T. C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Strump Solomon 51st Infantry
Strup Joseph Virginia State Line
Stuard William Virginia State Line
Stuart William 50th Infantry
Stuart J. F. Virginia State Line
Stuart James W. Virginia State Line
Stuart David M. 21st Cavalry
Stull George W. Virginia State Line
Stulting (Stulling) Nicholas Virginia State Line
Stump James B. 29th Infantry
Stump Allen Virginia State Line
Stump George G. Virginia State Line
Stump George T. Virginia State Line
Stump John H. Virginia State Line
Stump John Virginia State Line
Stump Joseph B. Virginia State Line
Stump Thomas B. Virginia State Line
Stump Thomas T. Virginia State Line
Stump George B. 21st Cavalry
Stump John H. 21st Cavalry
Stump Thomas B. 21st Cavalry
Stump Thomas T. 21st Cavalry
Sturdevant John M. 64th Infantry
Sturgeon William 64th Mounted Infantry
Sturgill Andrew 29th Infantry
Sturgill Joel 29th Infantry
Sturgill Mathias 7th Cavalry-French's
Sturgill Matthias 29th Infantry
Sturgill Samuel 7th Cavalry-French's
Sturgill William 29th Infantry
Sturgill Joseph Virginia State Line
Sturgill Mathias Virginia State Line
Sturgill Robert H. Virginia State Line
Sturgill Samuel Virginia State Line
Sturgill Joseph 21st Cavalry
Sturgill Robert H. 21st Cavalry
Sturgill Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Sturgill Joel 64th Mounted Infantry
Sturgill JOhn 64th Mounted Infantry
Sturmbaugh Alexander 7th Cavalry-French's
Sturmbaugh Alexander Virginia State Line
Sublett T. F. Virginia State Line
Sublett Thomas T. Virginia State Line
Sublett W. S. Virginia State Line
Sublett Benjamin V. 21st Infantry
Sublett James A. 21st Infantry
Sublett Peter A. 21st Infantry
Sublett Richard T. 21st Infantry
Sublett Samuel M. 21st Infantry
Sublette James Harrison 21st Cavalry
Sublette T. T. 21st Cavalry
Suddarth Charles L. 51st Infantry
Suiter William 50th Infantry
Suleier (Sulcer) Larkin 64th Infantry
Sullins J. L. 21st Cavalry
Sullivaine E. Clement 21st Infantry
Sullivan James 50th Infantry
Sullivan Lewis 50th Infantry
Sullivan J Virginia State Line
Sullivan Muriel Virginia State Line
Sullivan W Virginia State Line
Sullivan Robert 21st Cavalry
Sullivan John 21st Infantry
Sullivan John H. 21st Infantry
Sulliven Ransom 64th Mounted Infantry
Sulson Larkin 64th Mounted Infantry
Sult Peter 51st Infantry
Sumemrs John Calhoon 21st Cavalry
Sumers George Virginia State Line
Summers Zack L. 50th Infantry
Summers Andrew Jackson 21st Cavalry
Summey Alexander 64th Infantry
Summey Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Sumner Thomas Jefferson 29th Infantry
Sumner Jathan N. 51st Infantry
Sumner J 21st Cavalry
Sumpter John W. Virginia State Line
Surbaugh John Virginia State Line
Surber William Virginia State Line
Surface Phillip 21st Cavalry
Surgener Thomas S. 50th Infantry
Surratt Isham 29th Infantry
Surratt Patrick 29th Infantry
Surratt William Patrick 29th Infantry
Susong John 64th Infantry
Sutfin John W. 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Elijah 7th Cavalry-French's
Sutherland Jesse 7th Cavalry-French's
Sutherland William H. 29th Infantry
Sutherland William H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Sutherland Ezekiel J. Virginia State Line
Sutherland Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Sutherland Harrison Virginia State Line
Sutherland Jasper Virginia State Line
Sutherland Jesse Virginia State Line
Sutherland Johnson Virginia State Line
Sutherland Noah Baldwin Virginia State Line
Sutherland Samuel Virginia State Line
Sutherland Van Virginia State Line
Sutherland William "Billy" Virginia State Line
Sutherland D. J. 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Ezekiel J. 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Harrison 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Jasper 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Johnson 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Noah Baldwin 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Samuel 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Thomas 21st Cavalry
Sutherland Van 21st Cavalry
Sutherland William 21st Cavalry
Suthers James  51st Infantry
Suthers John 51st Infantry
Suthreland Thomas R. 51st Infantry
Sutler Charles K. 51st Infantry
Sutler James A. 51st Infantry
Sutler Joseph L. 51st Infantry
Sutler Wilson 51st Infantry
Sutphin Elijah 50th Infantry
Sutphin Elkanah H. 29th Infantry
Sutphin John Andrew 50th Infantry
Sutphin Owen 50th Infantry
Sutphin James Virginia State Line
Sutphin William Virginia State Line
Suttle Alexander 64th Infantry
Suttle Henry 64th Infantry
Suttle Adam Wincel 64th Mounted Infantry
Suttle Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Sutton David 29th Infantry
Sutton John C. 50th Infantry
Sutton N. 50th Infantry
Sutton William 50th Infantry
Sutton William P. 50th Infantry
Sutton George M. Virginia State Line
Swadley John S. 51st Infantry
Swager Hunter B. Virginia State Line
Swager Hunter B 45th Infantry Battalion
Swain Lewis 29th Infantry
Swann Thomas Belt Virginia State Line
Swanson F. A. 21st Infantry
Swanson John Muse 21st Infantry
Swanson Samuel F. 21st Infantry
Swanson Vincent W. 21st Infantry
Swarts John 21st Cavalry
Swebston Samuel W. Virginia State Line
Swebston Samuel W. 21st Cavalry
Swecker B. Frank 51st Infantry
Swecker James F. 51st Infantry
Swecker Mitchell 51st Infantry
Swecker Robert 51st Infantry
Swecker Samuel 51st Infantry
Sweeny William 50th Infantry
Swift Richard 21st Cavalry
Swift John 21st Infantry
Swisher Taylor 50th Infantry
Swocker James 51st Infantry
Swoope George Washington 21st Infantry
Sword Nathan Virginia State Line
Sword Michael 64th Infantry
Sykes Noah 7th Cavalry-French's
Sykes Robert 7th Cavalry-French's
Sykes James W. Virginia State Line
Sykes Newbern Virginia State Line
Sykes Noah Virginia State Line
Sykes Robert "Bob" Virginia State Line
Symington William H. 21st Infantry
Symington William Stuart 21st Infantry

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