Virginia Confederate Soldiers
Surnames N-Q

Additional information can be found about these soldiers from theVirginia Regimental Series.  Also soldiers often served in more than one unit, so research all entries by individuals with the same names.

Data compiled and submitted by Rhonda Roberson ©2001

Last Name First Name Unit
Nalty Charles Virginia State Line
Nance J. R. 21st Infantry
Nance James L. 21st Infantry
Napier S. A. 50th Infantry
Nappier Pierce 64th Mounted Infantry
Nappier Robert W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Nash Ellis A. 51st Infantry
Nash W. N. 51st Infantry
Nash Benjamin H. Virginia State Line
Nash James S. 21st Infantry
Nash John Pinckney 21st Infantry
Nash T. C. 21st Infantry
Neal William Calvin 50th Infantry
Neal William P. 7th Cavalry-French's
Neal Daniel H. Virginia State Line
Neal Erastus G. 21st Cavalry
Neale Edmund Clarence 21st Infantry
Nease John C. Virginia State Line
Necessary Oscar C. Virginia State Line
Neece James M. 51st Infantry
Neece Henry Virginia State Line
Neel Alexander 29th Infantry
Neel Floyd 29th Infantry
Neel Rush Floyd 50th Infantry
Neel Andrew 51st Infantry
Neel Alexander 51st Infantry
Neel George W. 51st Infantry
Neel Peter P. 51st Infantry
Neel Thomas J. 51st Infantry
Neel John Virginia State Line
Neel William P. Virginia State Line
Neely L. H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Neely William M. 51st Infantry
Neely Andrew H. 64th Infantry
Neely David 64th Infantry
Neely Sylvester T. 64th Infantry
Neely Wilborn P. 64th Infantry
Neely Andrew H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Neely H. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Neely Sylvester T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Neely William E. Jr, 64th Mounted Infantry
Neely William E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Neely William E., Sr. 64th Mounted Infantry
Neese David C. 51st Infantry
Neese James M. 51st Infantry
Neff Jacob 29th Infantry
Neff Pearson A. 29th Infantry
Neff Emory A. 51st Infantry
Neighbors James 51st Infantry
Neighbors Robert 51st Infantry
Neighbours William H. 51st Infantry
Neikirk William Jackson 51st Infantry
Neil George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Neil Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Nelson George J. 50th Infantry
Nelson Henry 29th Infantry
Nelson J. F. 7th Cavalry-French's
Nelson J. P. 50th Infantry
Nelson James 50th Infantry
Nelson James 7th Cavalry-French's
Nelson Robert 7th Cavalry-French's
Nelson T. R. 50th Infantry
Nelson William 29th Infantry
Nelson Elijah Virginia State Line
Nelson George (Wilson) Virginia State Line
Nelson Hugh Virginia State Line
Nelson James Virginia State Line
Nelson John H. Virginia State Line
Nelson William Virginia State Line
Nelson Robert 21st Infantry
Nelson William 64th Mounted Infantry
Nelson James 45th Infantry Battalion
Nester Andrew 29th Infantry
Nestor John M. Virginia State Line
Netherly James 64th Infantry
Netherly James 64th Mounted Infantry
Nethery James W. 21st Infantry
Nethery Richard T. 21st Infantry
New F. A. 7th Cavalry-French's
Newberry Samuel 51st Infantry
Newberry Samuel D. Virginia State Line
Newberry Sparey T. Virginia State Line
Newbey William R. 50th Infantry
Newbill J. R. 21st Cavalry
Newcomb George Washington Virginia State Line
Newell John W. 21st Infantry
Newell William J. 21st Infantry
Newland Preston M. 29th Infantry
Newman Alexander 29th Infantry
Newman David M. 29th Infantry
Newman John Albert 29th Infantry
Newman John W. 50th Infantry
Newman Joseph 50th Infantry
Newman Robert 50th Infantry
Newman Thomas 29th Infantry
Newman William 29th Infantry
Newman James 51st Infantry
Newman John W. 51st Infantry
Newman Morgan T. 51st Infantry
Newman Thomas 21st Cavalry
Newman J. J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Newman Jefferson 64th Mounted Infantry
Newton N. H. 50th Infantry
Newton William H. 29th Infantry
Newton William H. 50th Infantry
Newton William Virginia State Line
Newton William 21st Cavalry
Newton John W. 21st Infantry
Newton Thomas W. 21st Infantry
Nicholas A. J. 51st Infantry
Nicholas James Virginia State Line
Nicholas John Virginia State Line
Nichols Jesse 29th Infantry
Nichols Jesse 50th Infantry
Nichols John J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Nichols Stephen Crockett 50th Infantry
Nichols William 50th Infantry
Nicholson Will 50th Infantry
Nicholson William Hannah 50th Infantry
Nickels George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Nickles William Henderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Nickleson John 29th Infantry
Nighbert James A. Virginia State Line
Night Levi H. 21st Cavalry
Nixon Robert P. 51st Infantry
Noe Felix G. 50th Infantry
Noe Samuel Virginia State Line
Noe Joseph 64th Infantry
Noe Samuel 64th Infantry
Noe Joseph 64th Mounted Infantry
Noe Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Noel John 50th Infantry
Noel Walker Timberlake 50th Infantry
Noel J. J. 51st Infantry
Noell Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Noell James R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Noland John Virginia State Line
Noland John 21st Cavalry
Nolen Charles M. 51st Infantry
Nolen David 51st Infantry
Nolen Isaac A. 51st Infantry
Noles John 64th Mounted Infantry
Nolls John 64th Infantry
Noonan Robert C. 21st Infantry
Noonkester Adam 29th Infantry
Noonkester Martin 50th Infantry
Noonkester Michael 29th Infantry
Noonkester Nathaniel 29th Infantry
Norfolk George S. 21st Infantry
Norman William David 29th Infantry
Norman Henry H. Virginia State Line
Norman Martin Van Buren Virginia State Line
Norman Thomas S. Virginia State Line
Norman M. V. B. 21st Cavalry
Normon C 21st Cavalry
Norrey James 51st Infantry
Norris Edward Virginia State Line
Norris William P. Virginia State Line
Norris W. Epa 21st Infantry
Norton Andrew 29th Infantry
Norton J. 50th Infantry
Norton William B. 29th Infantry
Norton John H. 21st Infantry
Norvell George William 50th Infantry
Norvell John W. 51st Infantry
Norwood William J. 21st Infantry
Nottingham Jacob J. Virginia State Line
Nuckles J. J. 50th Infantry
Nuckles James F. 50th Infantry
Nuckles James H. 50th Infantry
Nuckles John T. 50th Infantry
Nuckles Rosemary M. 50th Infantry
Nuckles Samuel 50th Infantry
Nuckles Thomas J. 50th Infantry
Nuckolls John Calvin 29th Infantry
Nugent William Virginia State Line
Null Noah 51st Infantry
Null P. 51st Infantry
Null Peter Virginia State Line
Null Peter 21st Cavalry
Nunely William D. Virginia State Line
Nunley Isaac J. 21st Cavalry
Nunn Jack 50th Infantry
Nunn James M. 50th Infantry
Nunn John 50th Infantry
Nunn Milton 50th Infantry
Nunn William W. 50th Infantry
Nunn William 51st Infantry
Nunn James Virginia State Line
Nunn John Virginia State Line
Nunn Joseph Virginia State Line
Nunn William Harrison Virginia State Line
Nunn Alexander 64th Infantry
Nunn James 64th Infantry
Nunnally Joseph H. 21st Infantry
Nunnelly Samuel J. 21st Infantry
Nutter Albert Virginia State Line
Nutter Charles C. Virginia State Line
Nutter Jacob Virginia State Line
Nutter Joseph Virginia State Line
Nutter Levi Virginia State Line
Nutter Jacob 21st Cavalry
Nuty Giles H. 21st Cavalry
Nyman John I. Virginia State Line
Oakes Daniel W. 21st Infantry
Oakes Joab (Joel) 21st Infantry
Oakes Moses K. 21st Infantry
Oakes Robert Chapman 21st Infantry
Oakes Elbert S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Oaks William 50th Infantry
Oaks Thomas C. Virginia State Line
Oaks Elbert S. 64th Infantry
Oaty Joshuay 64th Mounted Infantry
O'Bryan John M. Virginia State Line
O'Bryan Miles Virginia State Line
O'Bryan William P. Virginia State Line
O'Conner Patrick Virginia State Line
O'Conner Patrick 21st Cavalry
Odell Jeremiah 50th Infantry
Odell John 50th Infantry
Odell Robert 50th Infantry
Odell Alfred Virginia State Line
Odnel Mark 21st Cavalry
O'Doniel A. P. M. 51st Infantry
Ogden Silas 50th Infantry
Ogden Charles Virginia State Line
Ogden Dervees Virginia State Line
Ogle Elijah Virginia State Line
Ogle John Virginia State Line
Oglesby Lafayette 29th Infantry
Oglesby William Harden 29th Infantry
O'Keeffe James 51st Infantry
Old Robert E. 51st Infantry
Olinger John C., Jr. 50th Infantry
Olinger Martin Van Buren 50th Infantry
Olinger David Virginia State Line
Olinger John C. Virginia State Line
Olinger John Virginia State Line
Olinger Joseph G. Virginia State Line
Olinger Andrew Jackson 64th Infantry
Olinger David C. 64th Infantry
Olinger Harvey George Washington 64th Infantry
Olinger Jacob J. 64th Infantry
Olinger John B. C. 64th Infantry
Olinger Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger Calvin 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger David C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger Harvey George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger Jacob Blubaugh 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger Jacob J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger John B. C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger John C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger John C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Olinger William P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Oliver JOhn Mayo Virginia State Line
Oliver G. W. 21st Cavalry
Oliver John Mayo 21st Cavalry
Oliver Benjamin S. 21st Infantry
Oliver James F. 21st Infantry
Oliver James W. 21st Infantry
Oliver John 21st Infantry
Oliver John H. 21st Infantry
Oliver John Mayo 21st Infantry
Oliver John W. 21st Infantry
Oliver Robert J. 21st Infantry
Oliver William A. 21st Infantry
Oliver William M. 21st Infantry
Oliver T 21st Infantry
Oliver James 64th Mounted Infantry
Oliver William 64th Mounted Infantry
Omohundro T. T. 51st Infantry
O'Neal George 7th Cavalry-French's
O'Neal James 7th Cavalry-French's
O'Neal John 7th Cavalry-French's
Oney Bunyon 7th Cavalry-French's
Oney John A. 29th Infantry
O'Quinn Andrew Virginia State Line
O'Quinn George Virginia State Line
O'Quinn John Virginia State Line
O'Quinn Rice S. Virginia State Line
Or John Preston 64th Mounted Infantry
Orourke Owen E. 51st Infantry
Orr Alexander Virginia State Line
Orr Alexander R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Orr David Murphey 64th Mounted Infantry
Orr Henry Woodward 64th Mounted Infantry
Orr John M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Orr Robert W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Orr William Russell 64th Mounted Infantry
Orsborn Enoch 21st Cavalry
Osbern Jesse M. 21st Cavalry
Osborn Francis Marion 50th Infantry
Osborn James 50th Infantry
Osborn Stephen Jefferson 7th Cavalry-French's
Osborn Enoch 51st Infantry
Osborn Enoch L. 51st Infantry
Osborn JOnathan 51st Infantry
Osborn William 51st Infantry
Osborn W. A. Virginia State Line
Osborn Andrew 21st Cavalry
Osborn William 64th Infantry
Osborn James K. 64th Infantry
Osborne A. L. 29th Infantry
Osborne Archibald F. 29th Infantry
Osborne Isaac N. 29th Infantry
Osborne James 7th Cavalry-French's
Osborne James B. 7th Cavalry-French's
Osborne Jesse 29th Infantry
Osborne John 7th Cavalry-French's
Osborne Kid 7th Cavalry-French's
Osborne Noah 50th Infantry
Osborne Sampson 29th Infantry
Osborne Stephen 7th Cavalry-French's
Osborne William 29th Infantry
Osborne William 7th Cavalry-French's
Osborne William L. 50th Infantry
Osborne Alfred Wilson Virginia State Line
Osborne Hiram Virginia State Line
Osborne Jesse H. Virginia State Line
Osborne Jesse M. Virginia State Line
Osborne Jonathan Virginia State Line
Osborne Wiley Virginia State Line
Osborne Alfred 21st Cavalry
Osborne Benjamin 21st Cavalry
Osborne George 21st Cavalry
Osborne Henry 21st Cavalry
Osborne Hiram 21st Cavalry
Osborne Jesse H. 21st Cavalry
Osborne Jonathan 21st Cavalry
Osborne Thomas 21st Cavalry
Osborne Wiley 21st Cavalry
Osborne William 21st Cavalry
Osborne Wilson 21st Cavalry
Osborne S 21st Infantry
Osborne Alfred 64th Mounted Infantry
Osborne James K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Osborne Job 64th Mounted Infantry
Osborne Ephraim 45th Infantry Battalion
Osburn S. J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Otey William R. 50th Infantry
Otey Peter Johnson 51st Infantry
Otey Madison 21st Cavalry
Oury Alfred Virginia State Line
Oury Augustus S. Virginia State Line
Oury Alfred 21st Cavalry
Outten William T. 21st Infantry
Overton William T. 21st Infantry
Owen James B. 50th Infantry
Owen John R. 50th Infantry
Owen Alexander Virginia State Line
Owen Floyd Virginia State Line
Owen Demarius L. 21st Infantry
Owen Hartwell M. 21st Infantry
Owen James B. 21st Infantry
Owen William J. 21st Infantry
Owens Charles 29th Infantry
Owens G. 50th Infantry
Owens John H. 29th Infantry
Owens Samuel Bracken 50th Infantry
Owens George 51st Infantry
Owens Jackson 51st Infantry
Owens James 51st Infantry
Owens Calvin Virginia State Line
Owens Charles Virginia State Line
Owens Dow Virginia State Line
Owens Isham Virginia State Line
Owens Jesse Virginia State Line
Owens John Virginia State Line
Owens John Virginia State Line
Owens Rean Virginia State Line
Owens Richard Virginia State Line
Owens William Franklin Virginia State Line
Owens William, Jr. Virginia State Line
Owens William, Sr. Virginia State Line
Owens William Virginia State Line
Owens Almarine 21st Cavalry
Owens Andrew 21st Cavalry
Owens Charles 21st Cavalry
Owens D 21st Cavalry
Owens George 21st Cavalry
Owens Harden 21st Cavalry
Owens James 21st Cavalry
Owens John 21st Cavalry
Owens Mathias 21st Cavalry
Owens Moses 21st Cavalry
Owens Richard 21st Cavalry
Owens James C. 64th Infantry
Owens Robert 64th Infantry
Owens William H. 64th Infantry
Owens Henderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Owens James C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Owens W. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Owens William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Owens William N. 64th Mounted Infantry
Owens William 45th Infantry Battalion
Owry Stephen R. 29th Infantry
Oxford Samuel 64th Infantry
Oxford William M. 64th Infantry
Oxford Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Oxford Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Oxford William 64th Mounted Infantry
Oxford William M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Oxley S. H. 51st Infantry
Oyler Daniel 50th Infantry
Oyler Daniel 21st Cavalry
Pace John H. 51st Infantry
Pace George R. 21st Infantry
Pace Theodore 21st Infantry
Pace Absalom 64th Infantry
Pace George 64th Infantry
Pack Crockett Calvin 29th Infantry
Pack James 50th Infantry
Pack John 29th Infantry
Pack Jonathan 50th Infantry
Pack Tyree 50th Infantry
Pack Crocket C. Virginia State Line
Pack Fleming Virginia State Line
Pack Tinsley Virginia State Line
Pack C. C. 21st Cavalry
Packenham James Virginia State Line
Padget Stephen 51st Infantry
Padgett Andrew Campbell 50th Infantry
Padgett S. R. 50th Infantry
Padgett William F. 29th Infantry
Padron Henry Virginia State Line
Page Robert 21st Cavalry
Page William H. 21st Cavalry
Page Archer C. 21st Infantry
Page Mann 21st Infantry
Page James C. 64th Infantry
Page Joh 64th Infantry
Page Thomas 64th Infantry
Page William 64th Infantry
Page William P. 64th Infantry
Page Zenith 64th Infantry
Page James C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Page John 64th Mounted Infantry
Page Nathaniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Page Samuel P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Page Zenith 64th Mounted Infantry
Paine James L. 64th Infantry
Painter James B. 29th Infantry
Painter John Watson 29th Infantry
Painter M. A. 29th Infantry
Painter Sidney 29th Infantry
Painter Stephen Ezra 29th Infantry
Painter Thomas Lawrence 29th Infantry
Painter David S. 51st Infantry
Painter James C. 51st Infantry
Painter John A. 51st Infantry
Painter William L. 51st Infantry
Painter George K. Virginia State Line
Painter George Washington Virginia State Line
Painter John Virginia State Line
Painter William Virginia State Line
Pair Edmond H. 21st Infantry
Paisley Isaac 51st Infantry
Palmer Tiberius 50th Infantry
Palmer William 29th Infantry
Palmer James K. Virginia State Line
Palmer E. K. 21st Cavalry
Palmer Samuel 64th Infantry
Palmer Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Palmer William Haushan 64th Mounted Infantry
Palmore Newton 21st Infantry
Pane Abraham 64th Infantry
Pane Alexander 64th Infantry
Pane Solomon 64th Infantry
Pane Abraham 64th Mounted Infantry
Pane Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Pane Jesse 64th Mounted Infantry
Pane Solomon 64th Mounted Infantry
Pankey Peter S. 21st Infantry
Pannel Joseph 64th Mounted Infantry
Pannell Jacob W. 29th Infantry
Pannell John Rufus 29th Infantry
Pannell William Gaston 29th Infantry
Pardijons   21st Infantry
Paris JOhn W. Virginia State Line
Parker James 29th Infantry
Parker Charles Virginia State Line
Parker Jonathan L. Virginia State Line
Parker William H. Virginia State Line
Parker William Virginia State Line
Parker Jonathan 21st Cavalry
Parker Alexander Jerry 21st Infantry
Parker Isham A. 21st Infantry
Parker Israel 21st Infantry
Parker Thomas 21st Infantry
Parker Z. 64th Infantry
Parker Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Parker William H. 45th Infantry Battalion
Parkins John T. Virginia State Line
Parks Granville Philip 50th Infantry
Parks J. 50th Infantry
Parks George 51st Infantry
Parks Jacob 51st Infantry
Parks William 51st Infantry
Parks John Virginia State Line
Parks John 21st Cavalry
Parley Hezekiah 51st Infantry
Parmer Elias Virginia State Line
Parr George F. 50th Infantry
Parris Taswell 51st Infantry
Parris Lewis 21st Cavalry
Parrish William Virginia State Line
Parrish Pettus Shelburne 21st Cavalry
Parrish William 21st Cavalry
Parrish Abram N. 21st Infantry
Parrish R. H. 21st Infantry
Parrish L. C. 21st Infantry
Parrish William C. 21st Infantry
Parrott Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Parrott Rufus M. Virginia State Line
Parrott Winton 64th Mounted Infantry
Parson Annias D. 50th Infantry
Parson J. B. 50th Infantry
Parson Isaac C. 51st Infantry
Parsons Osborn Kesterson 50th Infantry
Parsons David L. 51st Infantry
Parsons William  51st Infantry
Parsons Daniel Virginia State Line
Parsons Robert C. Virginia State Line
Parsons William L. Virginia State Line
Parsons William M. Virginia State Line
Parsons H. A. 21st Cavalry
Parsons Robert C. 21st Cavalry
Parsons William M. 21st Cavalry
Parsons William 64th Infantry
Parsons William 64th Infantry
Parsons Zion 64th Infantry
Parsons David Perry 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons Ira 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons James Monroe 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons John 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons John M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons Josiah M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons Mitchell Cecil 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons Samuel D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons Thomas 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons William A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons William 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons William G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons William J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons William S., Jr. 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons Zion 64th Mounted Infantry
Parsons George W(ashington) 45th Infantry Battalion
Pasley A. D. 51st Infantry
Pasley William J. 51st Infantry
Pasley Isaac Virginia State Line
Pasley James Virginia State Line
Pasley Wiley Virginia State Line
Pasley William Jefferson Virginia State Line
Pasley Isaac 21st Cavalry
Pasley Wiley 21st Cavalry
Pasley William Jeff 21st Cavalry
Pate Charles T. 29th Infantry
Patrick Ambros 29th Infantry
Patrick James 50th Infantry
Patrick H. L. 29th Infantry
Patrick T. M. 21st Cavalry
Patrum James H. 21st Infantry
Patrum JOhn F. 21st Infantry
Patrum P. H. 21st Infantry
Patrum R. M. 21st Infantry
Patrum William H. 21st Infantry
Patterson Daniel 50th Infantry
Patterson James 7th Cavalry-French's
Patterson Stephen H. 51st Infantry
Patterson William T. Virginia State Line
Patterson George R. 21st Infantry
Patterson Henry 21st Infantry
Patterson William H. 21st Infantry
Patterson William J. 21st Infantry
Patterson Robert 45th Infantry Battalion
Patterson William T. 45th Infantry Battalion
Patteson Augustine 21st Infantry
Patteson W. W. 21st Infantry
Pattison George Henry 51st Infantry
Pattison John S. 51st Infantry
Pattison Rush F. 51st Infantry
Pattison Schuyler P. 51st Infantry
Pattison William L.  51st Infantry
Patton Christopher Columbus 29th Infantry
Patton Creed 29th Infantry
Patton Daniel 50th Infantry
Patton Hardy 50th Infantry
Patton James W. 29th Infantry
Patton Jordan 29th Infantry
Patton Leftwich 29th Infantry
Patton Munford S. 29th Infantry
Patton Stephen 29th Infantry
Patton Stephen Crockett 50th Infantry
Patton Willie A. 50th Infantry
Patton John S. Virginia State Line
Patton Zachariah H. Virginia State Line
Patton John Mercer, Jr. 21st Infantry
Patton John 64th Infantry
Paulett Wesley S. Virginia State Line
Pauley Mitchell 51st Infantry
Pauley W. D. 51st Infantry
Pauley Calvery Virginia State Line
Pauley Rufus Virginia State Line
Pauley Thomas Virginia State Line
Pauley W. Virginia State Line
Pauley Washington Virginia State Line
Pauley Washington Virginia State Line
Pauley Calvery 45th Infantry Battalion
Pauley Saunders (Sanford) 45th Infantry Battalion
Pauley Washington 45th Infantry Battalion
Pawley Wesley S. 21st Cavalry
Paws H. 29th Infantry
Paxton Arthur Webster 21st Cavalry
Payne Eli 29th Infantry
Payne John R. 29th Infantry
Payne Levi 29th Infantry
Payne Robert 29th Infantry
Payne William Henry 29th Infantry
Payne A. R. 51st Infantry
Payne Francis N. Virginia State Line
Payne George W. Virginia State Line
Payne George W. Virginia State Line
Payne James W. Virginia State Line
Payne William H. Virginia State Line
Payne F. N. 21st Cavalry
Payne George 21st Cavalry
Payne John M. 21st Cavalry
Payne James B., Jr. 21st Infantry
Payne Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Payne Jesse 64th Mounted Infantry
Payne Solomon 64th Mounted Infantry
Peak Daniel 50th Infantry
Peak Jackson 50th Infantry
Peak John A. 50th Infantry
Peak Joseph 50th Infantry
Peak Noah 50th Infantry
Peak Uriah R. 50th Infantry
Peak Washington Troy 50th Infantry
Peak Wilborn 50th Infantry
Peak Jackson 51st Infantry
Peak Jackson 51st Infantry
Pearce Freelin H. Virginia State Line
Pearce Presley Virginia State Line
Pearch William Virginia State Line
Pearless P. 51st Infantry
Pearless P. 51st Infantry
Pearman Michael 29th Infantry
Pearson Charles E. 21st Infantry
Pearson Eustice O. 21st Infantry
Pearson John I. 21st Infantry
Pearson L. H. 21st Infantry
Pearson L. T. 21st Infantry
Pearson Nathaniel T. 21st Infantry
Pearson R. H. 21st Infantry
Pearsons Henry C. 21st Cavalry
Peasley Charles Virginia State Line
Peasley J. E. 21st Cavalry
Peasley Charles 45th Infantry Battalion
Peaster Henry 21st Infantry
Peatt George Virginia State Line
Peatt John Virginia State Line
Peck Henry 29th Infantry
Peck Claborn C. 29th Infantry
Peck William Miller 51st Infantry
Peek John A. 51st Infantry
Peery Jesse 50th Infantry
Peery William 29th Infantry
Peery James C. Virginia State Line
Peery James Virginia State Line
Pegram William A. 21st Infantry
Pegram William R. JOhnson 21st Infantry
Pemberton R. C. 29th Infantry
Pemberton Benjamin F. 21st Cavalry
Pemberton T. D. 21st Cavalry
Pemberton John 21st Infantry
Pemberton Peter C. 21st Infantry
Pendelton John Strother 45th Infantry Battalion
Pendergrass James A. 50th Infantry
Pendergrass Ira 64th Mounted Infantry
Pendleton Abram C. 50th Infantry
Pendleton Claborn G. 51st Infantry
Pendleton John 51st Infantry
Pendleton Valentine H. 51st Infantry
Pendleton A. G. 21st Cavalry
Pendleton L. P. 64th Infantry
Pendleton Lilburn H. 64th Infantry
Pendleton L. D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Pendleton Lilburn H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Pendleton William Cecil 45th Infantry Battalion
Pendry John R. 51st Infantry
Penley William T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennell Charles H. 21st Infantry
Pennington Andrew Jackson 50th Infantry
Pennington Andrew R. 50th Infantry
Pennington C. T. 50th Infantry
Pennington Clayborn Harvey 50th Infantry
Pennington David 50th Infantry
Pennington James 7th Cavalry-French's
Pennington James H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Pennington John B. 50th Infantry
Pennington O. J. 50th Infantry
Pennington William B. 51st Infantry
Pennington Arastus 21st Cavalry
Pennington William Anderson 21st Cavalry
Pennington Abraham 64th Infantry
Pennington Edward 64th Infantry
Pennington John Z. 64th Infantry
Pennington Tobias S. 64th Infantry
Pennington Abraham 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington Craig 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington Edward 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington Elkanah 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington John Zion 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington William 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington William Mitchell 64th Mounted Infantry
Pennington Zion 64th Mounted Infantry
Pentecost Joel H. 21st Infantry
Pentecost William R. 21st Infantry
Peoples Pinckney 51st Infantry
Peoples Uriah 51st Infantry
Pepper S. M. 21st Cavalry
Pepper William T. 21st Infantry
Percell Austin 64th Infantry
Percy Albert F. Virginia State Line
Perdew Fargus 51st Infantry
Perdue George Virginia State Line
Perkey William 7th Cavalry-French's
Perkey William Virginia State Line
Perkins Charles T. 50th Infantry
Perkins Elijah Ansel 50th Infantry
Perkins Emory Thompson 50th Infantry
Perkins Fleming T. 50th Infantry
Perkins Hiram J. 50th Infantry
Perkins Ira Gordon (Dick) 50th Infantry
Perkins James 50th Infantry
Perkins James C. A. 50th Infantry
Perkins Jerod G. 50th Infantry
Perkins John M. 50th Infantry
Perkins Leander N. 50th Infantry
Perkins Lynville Jackson 50th Infantry
Perkins Orvil M. 50th Infantry
Perkins Robert H. 50th Infantry
Perkins Stephen G. 50th Infantry
Perkins William H. 50th Infantry
Perkins William Troy 50th Infantry
Perkins Horatio Nicholas 51st Infantry
Perkins Nicholas 51st Infantry
Perkins Adam Virginia State Line
Perkins Jared Virginia State Line
Perkins John Virginia State Line
Perkins Marshall Virginia State Line
Perkinson W. P. 21st Infantry
Perky Calvin C. 29th Infantry
Perrin Charles Virginia State Line
Perrin Matthew B. Virginia State Line
Perrin Matthew W. 21st Cavalry
Perrin (Perrine) Shadrach C. Virginia State Line
Perrine Joseph G. 50th Infantry
Perrine Henry R. Virginia State Line
Perrine William J. Virginia State Line
Perrow William E. 21st Infantry
Perry Archibald 29th Infantry
Perry D. G. 50th Infantry
Perry Edwin 29th Infantry
Perry Francis M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry Harvey G. 29th Infantry
Perry Hiram H. 29th Infantry
Perry Levi 29th Infantry
Perry Levi 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry Levi F. 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry Marioin 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry Marion 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry Miney Griggs 29th Infantry
Perry Richard B. 29th Infantry
Perry Stephen Gose 29th Infantry
Perry Thomas 29th Infantry
Perry William 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry William 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry William 7th Cavalry-French's
Perry JOhn C. 51st Infantry
Perry Abner Virginia State Line
Perry Eli Virginia State Line
Perry James M. Virginia State Line
Perry John D. Virginia State Line
Perry John F. Virginia State Line
Perry Levi Virginia State Line
Perry Lewis C. Virginia State Line
Perry Marion Virginia State Line
Perry Micel Virginia State Line
Perry William T. Virginia State Line
Perry William Virginia State Line
Perry Stephen 21st Cavalry
Perry Lilburn 64th Mounted Infantry
Perry Andrew J. 45th Infantry Battalion
Perry Eli 45th Infantry Battalion
Perry James 45th Infantry Battalion
Perry James M. 45th Infantry Battalion
Persell Austin 64th Mounted Infantry
Person George 21st Cavalry
Person William 64th Mounted Infantry
Peterkin George William 21st Infantry
Peters A. 50th Infantry
Peters Benton F. 50th Infantry
Peters Russell 7th Cavalry-French's
Peters Samuel W. 50th Infantry
Peters George W. 51st Infantry
Peters John 51st Infantry
Peters William Elisha Virginia State Line
Peters John A. 21st Cavalry
Peters William E. 21st Cavalry
Peters Zachariah 21st Cavalry
Peters Christopher C. 64th Infantry
Peters Elkana K. 64th Infantry
Peters George Washington 64th Infantry
Peters James 64th Infantry
Peters Joseph T. L. 64th Infantry
Peters Robert L. 64th Infantry
Peters Samuel R. 64th Infantry
Peters Tilman H. 64th Infantry
Peters Wales Wellington Wallace 64th Infantry
Peters Christopher Columbus 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters Elkana K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters J. T. L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters Robert L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters Samuel R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters Tilman H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters Wales Wellington Wallace 64th Mounted Infantry
Peters Zachariah T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Peterson Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Peterson John W. Virginia State Line
Peterson Absalom Y. 64th Infantry
Peterson Absalom Y. 64th Mounted Infantry
Peterson Francis Marion 45th Infantry Battalion
Peterson J.A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Petry G. W. Virginia State Line
Petry G.W. 45th Infantry Battalion
Petry GeorgeWashington 45th Infantry Battalion
Pettigrew Marshall M. 51st Infantry
Pettigrew Samuel E. 51st Infantry
Pettigrew M 21st Cavalry
Pettite Robert 21st Cavalry
Petts Hosea Virginia State Line
Petts Hosea 45th Infantry Battalion
Pettus Thomas H. 21st Infantry
Pettus Thomas T. 21st Infantry
Petty John Virginia State Line
Petty John 21st Cavalry
Petty George W. 21st Infantry
Peugh John 21st Cavalry
Phares James H. H. Virginia State Line
Pharis James Virginia State Line
Phelps George O. 29th Infantry
Phibbs Washington D. 29th Infantry
Philip James M 21st Cavalry
Philips Clark 21st Cavalry
Philips Robert J 21st Cavalry
Philips Frank 64th Mounted Infantry
Phillip Henry 21st Cavalry
Phillippi Alexander 29th Infantry
Phillippi Andrew J., Jr. 29th Infantry
Phillippi Andrew J., Sr. 29th Infantry
Phillippi Christopher 29th Infantry
Phillippi Daniel 29th Infantry
Phillippi Elijah Mitchell 29th Infantry
Phillippi Ephraim W. 29th Infantry
Phillippi John W. 29th Infantry
Phillippi Louis K. 29th Infantry
Phillippi William 29th Infantry
Phillips Ballard Preston 50th Infantry
Phillips George T. 50th Infantry
Phillips George W. 50th Infantry
Phillips Henry 29th Infantry
Phillips Henry C. 50th Infantry
Phillips James C. 50th Infantry
Phillips John 7th Cavalry-French's
Phillips John D. 50th Infantry
Phillips Rees T. 29th Infantry
Phillips Sam 50th Infantry
Phillips Thomas Jefferson 50th Infantry
Phillips Tobias 50th Infantry
Phillips George D. 51st Infantry
Phillips Henry C. 51st Infantry
Phillips John D. 51st Infantry
Phillips George Washington Virginia State Line
Phillips John Virginia State Line
Phillips John Virginia State Line
Phillips Kenly C. Virginia State Line
Phillips Noah Virginia State Line
Phillips Robert Virginia State Line
Phillips William F. Virginia State Line
Phillips William Virginia State Line
Phillips William F. 21st Cavalry
Phillips H. A. 21st Infantry
Phillips James J. 21st Infantry
Phillips George Washington 64th Infantry
Phipps Abraham 50th Infantry
Phipps JOhn M. 50th Infantry
Phipps Adison 51st Infantry
Phipps Jackson 51st Infantry
Phipps John 51st Infantry
Phipps John C. 51st Infantry
Phipps Joseph 51st Infantry
Phipps Benjamin Virginia State Line
Phipps George Washington Virginia State Line
Phipps Joseph P. Virginia State Line
Phipps Joseph Virginia State Line
Phipps William C. Virginia State Line
Phipps William G. Virginia State Line
Phipps Benjamin 21st Cavalry
Phipps James 21st Cavalry
Phipps W. C. 21st Cavalry
Phipps Elkanah 64th Infantry
Phipps Abraham 64th Mounted Infantry
Phipps Elkanah 64th Mounted Infantry
Phipps Silas B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Phips Hugh 51st Infantry
Phleger D. C. 50th Infantry
Phleger G. G. 50th Infantry
Phleger T. T. 50th Infantry
Phophet Edward F. 51st Infantry
Pickens J. W. 21st Cavalry
Pickeral Richard V. 50th Infantry
Pickerell F. J. 51st Infantry
Pickett John 29th Infantry
Pickett Oliver 29th Infantry
Pickett Oscar 29th Infantry
Pickett George W. 51st Infantry
Pickle James Alexander 50th Infantry
Pickle Joseph H. 50th Infantry
Picot Henry D. 21st Infantry
Pierce John F. 29th Infantry
Pierce Eli 21st Cavalry
Pierce O. S. 21st Cavalry
Pierce Ely 64th Infantry
Pierce James 64th Infantry
Pierce Joel 64th Infantry
Pierson John 51st Infantry
Pierson George 21st Cavalry
Piet William A. 21st Infantry
Pigg Thomas C. 51st Infantry
Pigg  Paul C. 51st Infantry
Pike John 50th Infantry
Piles (Pyles) Jacob, Jr. Virginia State Line
Pillerman P 21st Cavalry
Pillow Ezekiel H. 21st Infantry
Pillow William R. 21st Infantry
Pinion William Virginia State Line
Pizzini John A. 21st Infantry
Plaster Henry L. 29th Infantry
Plasters Thomas J. 51st Infantry
Pleasants John V. 50th Infantry
Pleasants John R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Plumley Washington Virginia State Line
Plummer Samuel C. J. 50th Infantry
Plummer Wesley Virginia State Line
Plunkett James P. 51st Infantry
Poage Thomas 50th Infantry
Poage George Washington Virginia State Line
Poage William Anthony Virginia State Line
Poe Hezekiah 29th Infantry
Poe William 50th Infantry
Poe William 7th Cavalry-French's
Poe William 7th Cavalry-French's
Poe Jeremiah 51st Infantry
Poe Jesse 51st Infantry
Poe John T. 51st Infantry
Poe Nathaniel 51st Infantry
Poe William 51st Infantry
Poe William Virginia State Line
Poe William 21st Infantry
Poe Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Poers William A. 7th Cavalry-French's
Poff George W. 50th Infantry
Poff Harvey Sutherland 29th Infantry
Poff Milton 50th Infantry
Poff Charles Virginia State Line
Poff Joseph A. Virginia State Line
Poff Lewis L. 21st Cavalry
Poff Andrew 64th Mounted Infantry
Poindexter John C. 29th Infantry
Poindexter John C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Poindexter John C. Virginia State Line
Poindexter Richard Virginia State Line
Poindexter William G. 21st Infantry
Poland J. H. Virginia State Line
Polk John 50th Infantry
Pollard George Braxton Virginia State Line
Pollard William G. 21st Infantry
Pomroy Evan Morgan Virginia State Line
Pomroy Francis D. Virginia State Line
Ponton Benjamin 51st Infantry
Ponton Lafayette M 51st Infantry
Ponton Nicholas C. 51st Infantry
Ponton Thomas J. 51st Infantry
Pool Creed 51st Infantry
Pool Granville H. 51st Infantry
Pool Harrison 51st Infantry
Pool Henley C. 51st Infantry
Pool Henry J. 51st Infantry
Pool James W. 51st Infantry
Pool John 51st Infantry
Pool John D. 51st Infantry
Pool John R. 51st Infantry
Pool Wesley T. 51st Infantry
Pool Wiley F. 51st Infantry
Pool William W. 51st Infantry
Poole James 29th Infantry
Poole John 29th Infantry
Poole William A. 50th Infantry
Poore John R. 21st Infantry
Poore James M. 64th Infantry
Pope John P. 29th Infantry
Pope Thomas Virginia State Line
Pope William Virginia State Line
Pope Thomas 21st Cavalry
Pope William 21st Cavalry
Porter George W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Porter George W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Porter Jordan 29th Infantry
Porter Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Porter B. C. 51st Infantry
Porter Harvey B. 51st Infantry
Porter James 51st Infantry
Porter John A. 51st Infantry
Porter Leason T. 51st Infantry
Porter Minetry 51st Infantry
Porter Polk 51st Infantry
Porter Robert, Jr. 51st Infantry
Porter Robert, Sr. 51st Infantry
Porter Thomas 51st Infantry
Porter William 51st Infantry
Porter George W. Virginia State Line
Porter Greenville Virginia State Line
Porter Jackson R. 21st Infantry
Poston Harrison 50th Infantry
Poston Harvey G. 29th Infantry
Poston Jeremiah 50th Infantry
Poston John M. 50th Infantry
Poston Solomon 29th Infantry
Poston William 29th Infantry
Poston Joseph Virginia State Line
Poston J. C. 21st Cavalry
Poston Jeremiah T. 21st Cavalry
Poteet Benjamin B. 50th Infantry
Poteet David 50th Infantry
Poteet Isaiah 50th Infantry
Poteet Benjamin B. 64th Infantry
Poteet Benjamin Franklin 64th Infantry
Poteet David 64th Infantry
Poteet Henry Clay 64th Infantry
Poteet Job 64th Infantry
Poteet Nimrod 64th Infantry
Poteet Samuel 64th Infantry
Poteet William H. 64th Infantry
Poteet Benjamin B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet Benjamin Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet David 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet David P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet George 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet Henry Clay 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet Jacob 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet Job 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet John 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet Nimrod 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Poteet William L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Powell George Frank 51st Infantry
Powell Henry P. Virginia State Line
Powell John Virginia State Line
Powell James 21st Cavalry
Powell Charles W. 21st Infantry
Powell Elisha M. 21st Infantry
Powell George W. 21st Infantry
Powell James C. 21st Infantry
Powell John Goodwin 21st Infantry
Powell John Wallace 21st Infantry
Powell Robert Simmons 21st Infantry
Powell William Lee 21st Infantry
Powers Charles C. 29th Infantry
Powers David C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Powers Epperson V. 7th Cavalry-French's
Powers Francis Marion 29th Infantry
Powers Hravey G. 29th Infantry
Powers James H. 29th Infantry
Powers John M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Powers S. E. 29th Infantry
Powers Samuel W. 29th Infantry
Powers William 29th Infantry
Powers Albert H. 51st Infantry
Powers T. E. 51st Infantry
Powers William S. 51st Infantry
Powers Calvin Virginia State Line
Powers David C. Virginia State Line
Powers Epperson V. Virginia State Line
Powers George Washington Virginia State Line
Powers James Harvey Virginia State Line
Powers John M. Virginia State Line
Powers Joseph Virginia State Line
Powers Mike Virginia State Line
Powers William A. Virginia State Line
Powers James H. 64th Infantry
Powers Oliver S. 64th Infantry
Powers Hiram 64th Mounted Infantry
Powers Jefferson 64th Mounted Infantry
Pragmore Harrison Virginia State Line
Prather John Wesley 21st Cavalry
Prator Frederick Virginia State Line
Prator Frederick 45th Infantry Battalion
Pratt James A. Virginia State Line
Prentice Clarence J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Presley Jefferson J. Virginia State Line
Presley Jefferson J. 21st Cavalry
Presstman George R. 21st Infantry
Preston Charles Henry Campbell Virginia State Line
Preston Robert Taylor Virginia State Line
Preston Robert John 21st Cavalry
Price David 50th Infantry
Price Francis Marion 50th Infantry
Price George W. 29th Infantry
Price James R. 50th Infantry
Price John M. 29th Infantry
Price Samuel Harden 50th Infantry
Price William H. 29th Infantry
Price B. M. 51st Infantry
Price William G. 51st Infantry
Price William J. 51st Infantry
Price Benjamin Virginia State Line
Price James Henry Virginia State Line
Price John B. Virginia State Line
Price John Calvin Virginia State Line
Price Josiah Woods Virginia State Line
Price Linville Virginia State Line
Price Saul Virginia State Line
Price Squire B. Virginia State Line
Price C. B. 21st Cavalry
Price D 21st Cavalry
Price E 21st Cavalry
Price J. C. 21st Cavalry
Price J. H. 21st Cavalry
Price John W. 21st Cavalry
Price Linvill 21st Cavalry
Price M 21st Cavalry
Price Adrian D. 21st Infantry
Price James L. 21st Infantry
Price John S. 21st Infantry
Price Francis Marion 64th Infantry
Price James 64th Infantry
Price George W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Price Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Prichard Sidney 21st Cavalry
Prichett David 7th Cavalry-French's
Prichett David Virginia State Line
Prichett Philip Virginia State Line
Prichett William Virginia State Line
Pridemore Hiram Virginia State Line
Pridemore Auburn Lorenzo 64th Infantry
Pridemore Hiram Demonthese 64th Infantry
Pridemore Auburn Lorenzo 64th Mounted Infantry
Pridemore Hiram Demosthense 64th Mounted Infantry
Prim David F. 29th Infantry
Prim William K. 29th Infantry
Prince Andrew C. Virginia State Line
Prine RobertE. Virginia State Line
Prine Samuel Virginia State Line
Prine W. H. Virginia State Line
Prine William L. Virginia State Line
Pritchett Wesley Virginia State Line
Pritchett Thomas J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Pritchett William 45th Infantry Battalion
Pritt William Parker Virginia State Line
Procise Thomas L. 21st Infantry
Proctor Richard Virginia State Line
Proffit Gideon E. 51st Infantry
Proffitt J. M. 51st Infantry
Proffitt Waitsel A. Virginia State Line
Prophet Edward F. 51st Infantry
Propst Noah W. Virginia State Line
Pruett Andrew 29th Infantry
Pruett Benjamin 29th Infantry
Pruett John 29th Infantry
Pruett William 29th Infantry
Pruett William B. 29th Infantry
Pruit Tobias 21st Cavalry
Pruitt Joshua 50th Infantry
Pruitt Henry Virginia State Line
Pruitt Jacob Virginia State Line
Pruitt Shadrack B. Virginia State Line
Pruitt Thomas Virginia State Line
Pruitt Tobias Virginia State Line
Pruitt Jacob 21st Cavalry
Pruitt S. B. 21st Cavalry
Pruitt Thomas 21st Cavalry
Puckeet John 29th Infantry
Pucket A 21st Cavalry
Pucket John D. 21st Cavalry
Pucket Thomas 21st Cavalry
Puckett Doctor T. 50th Infantry
Puckett Elijah 50th Infantry
Puckett Ephraim 50th Infantry
Puckett George W. 29th Infantry
Puckett Isaac 29th Infantry
Puckett Isom W. 50th Infantry
Puckett Jacob 29th Infantry
Puckett James M. 29th Infantry
Puckett John 29th Infantry
Puckett John 50th Infantry
Puckett John D. 7th Cavalry-French's
Puckett Labon Thomas 29th Infantry
Puckett Reed 50th Infantry
Puckett Robert 50th Infantry
Puckett Thomas 29th Infantry
Puckett W. P. 50th Infantry
Puckett William H. 29th Infantry
Puckett Robert 51st Infantry
Puckett D. H. Virginia State Line
Puckett Elijah Virginia State Line
Puckett H. Virginia State Line
Puckett John D. Virginia State Line
Puckett John Virginia State Line
Puckett R. A. Virginia State Line
Puckett Robert Virginia State Line
Puckett Hosea 21st Cavalry
Puckett John 45th Infantry Battalion
Puckette Robert 21st Cavalry
Puffenberger Jonas Virginia State Line
Pugh Ambrose 50th Infantry
Pugh James T. 50th Infantry
Pugh John M. 50th Infantry
Pugh Mitchell Martin 50th Infantry
Pugh Robert 50th Infantry
Pugh William Eli 50th Infantry
Pugh William F. 50th Infantry
Pugh Elbert 51st Infantry
Pugh Mastin 51st Infantry
Pugh R. F. 51st Infantry
Pugh Lilbern C. Virginia State Line
Pugh David Stratton 21st Infantry
Pugh Ezekiel Henry 21st Infantry
Pugh Nicholas 64th Infantry
Pugh Elisha M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Pugh Nicholas 64th Mounted Infantry
Pullen T 21st Cavalry
Pullen W. T. 21st Infantry
Pullin(s) Adam M. Virginia State Line
Pulling J. T. 21st Infantry
Purcell John W. 29th Infantry
Purky Charles B. 50th Infantry
Purky George W. 50th Infantry
Purky John W. 50th Infantry
Pursell John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Purvis Alexander A. 51st Infantry
Purvis Daniel G. 51st Infantry
Purvis Merriweather Pearson 51st Infantry
Purvis William C. 51st Infantry
Puryear Leroy C. 21st Infantry
Puryear Thomas H. 21st Infantry
Put William E. 21st Infantry
Putnam Jeremiah "Jerry" Virginia State Line
Putnam Joseph B. Virginia State Line
Putt William G. 50th Infantry
Quails Samuel R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Qualls Samuel P. 64th Infantry
Quary James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Query Robert 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Alfred 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Amos Ballard 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Asa 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Crockett 50th Infantry
Quesenberry James Calvin 50th Infantry
Quesenberry James Montgomery 50th Infantry
Quesenberry John 50th Infantry
Quesenberry John A. 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Joseph M. 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Leander Clay 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Nealy 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Oliver 29th Infantry
Quesenberry Samuel 50th Infantry
Quesenberry Theophilius 29th Infantry
Quesonberry Lewis 50th Infantry
Quick William R. Virginia State Line
Quicksall Milton W. 29th Infantry
Quicksall William 51st Infantry
Quilen Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Quilen Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Quilen James Monroe 64th Mounted Infantry
Quilen Joseph A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Quilen Levern 64th Mounted Infantry
Quillen George Washington 50th Infantry
Quillen Marion 50th Infantry
Quillen Henry B. 64th Infantry
Quillen Joseph A. 64th Infantry
Quillen Thomas 64th Infantry
Quillen J. R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Quillen Joseph 64th Mounted Infantry
Quillen William M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Quinley Caleb 64th Mounted Infantry
Quinn J. T. 29th Infantry
Quisenberry Lewis 21st Cavalry
Quisenberry Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Quisenbury James G. 21st Cavalry

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