Virginia Confederate Soldiers
Surnames G-I

Additional information can be found about these soldiers from theVirginia Regimental Series.  Also soldiers often served in more than one unit, so research all entries by individuals with the same names.

Data compiled and submitted by Rhonda Roberson ©2001

Last Name First Name Unit
Gadd William T. 21st Infantry
Gaddy James 21st Cavalry
Gainer Sylvester Virginia State Line
Gaines E. P. Virginia State Line
Galaway George M. 21st Cavalry
Galbreath John 50th Infantry
Galbreath William 50th Infantry
Gale Frank 21st Infantry
Galford Brown N. Virginia State Line
Galford John F. Virginia State Line
Galighar John 21st Infantry
Gallaher John Virginia State Line
Gallahon William 64th Infantry
Galligner James Virginia State Line
Gallimore Amos 50th Infantry
Gallimore Elijah 29th Infantry
Gallimore John 29th Infantry
Gallimore Stanley 29th Infantry
Galloway George W. 21st Infantry
Galloway William H. 21st Infantry
Gambrill Robert C. 51st Infantry
Gandy William A. Virginia State Line
Gannaway John T. 50th Infantry
Gannon J. B. 51st Infantry
Gardener John 7th Cavalry-French's
Gardener William H. Virginia State Line
Gardener Richard 45th Infantry Battalion
Gardner Alfred 29th Infantry
Gardner Emuel Yancy 29th Infantry
Gardner James F. 50th Infantry
Gardner James M. 29th Infantry
Gardner John Henry 29th Infantry
Gardner Wiley 50th Infantry
Gardner William H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Gardner Wiley 51st Infantry
Gardner William 51st Infantry
Gardner C. D. Virginia State Line
Gardner Elijah Virginia State Line
GArdner James A. Virginia State Line
Gardner John L. Virginia State Line
Gardner George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Gardner William 64th Mounted Infantry
Gardner J. H. 21st Cavalry
Gardner John Barnett 21st Infantry
Gardner William 64th Infantry
Gardner C.D. 45th Infantry Battalion
Gardner Elijah 45th Infantry Battalion
Garlic Thomas Virginia State Line
Garlick Thomas 21st Cavalry
Garner Thomas Virginia State Line
Garner James A. 21st Infantry
Garnett Rufus A. 51st Infantry
Garnett James Samuel 21st Infantry
Garnett Robert K. 21st Infantry
Garnett Thomas H. 21st Infantry
Garreard Edward 64th Infantry
Garrett Isaac J. 29th Infantry
Garrett John D. 50th Infantry
Garrett John F. 29th Infantry
Garrett Napoleon Bonaparte 29th Infantry
Garrett E 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett Edward 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett Francis 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett John D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett John D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett M. B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett Morrison 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett Robert 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett Thomas H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrett Abram 21st Cavalry
Garrett Elias 21st Cavalry
Garrett Bez 21st Infantry
Garrett Charles E. 21st Infantry
Garrett George W. 21st Infantry
Garrett Isaac R. 21st Infantry
Garrett Jacob W. 21st Infantry
Garrett Robert 21st Infantry
Garrett Robert W. 21st Infantry
Garrett Silas M. 21st Infantry
Garrett Walter V. 21st Infantry
Garrett Edward 64th Infantry
Garrison Daniel Boone 50th Infantry
Garrison Allen 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrison Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrison Charles G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrison Daniel Boone 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrison John R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrison Allen 64th Infantry
Garrison Andrew Jackson 64th Infantry
Garrison Daniel B. 64th Infantry
Garrott John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Garrott L 64th Mounted Infantry
Garry Elkanah F. 50th Infantry
Gartin Allen Virginia State Line
Gartin Henderson Virginia State Line
Gartin Isaac G. Virginia State Line
Garvin Lewis Virginia State Line
Gates David 29th Infantry
Gates Randolph 50th Infantry
Gates Royal 50th Infantry
Gates Thomas Vergal 50th Infantry
Gates George Virginia State Line
Gates John H. Virginia State Line
Gates Joseph Virginia State Line
Gatewood James 50th Infantry
Gatewood John 50th Infantry
Gatewood Wyatt 50th Infantry
Gay George V. Virginia State Line
Gay Joseph C. Virginia State Line
Gay Levi Virginia State Line
Gearhart Andrew Virginia State Line
Gearhart Henry W. Virginia State Line
Gearhart William R. Virginia State Line
Gearhart Andrew 21st Cavalry
Gearhart Henry W. 21st Cavalry
Gentry Jonas 51st Infantry
Gentry James F. 21st Cavalry
Gentry John W. 21st Infantry
Gentry M. G. 21st Infantry
George Andrew J. 50th Infantry
George Henry Virginia State Line
George Jesse Beasley Virginia State Line
George John W. Virginia State Line
George Walter Virginia State Line
Gerhart William R. 21st Cavalry
German William P. 50th Infantry
Gholson W. A. Virginia State Line
Gibbins James Virginia State Line
Gibboney Henry C. 21st Cavalry
Gibbs R. 21st Cavalry
Gibhons Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Alfred 50th Infantry
Gibson Andrew J. 50th Infantry
Gibson C. A. 50th Infantry
Gibson Charles J. 29th Infantry
Gibson Houston 50th Infantry
Gibson John T. 29th Infantry
Gibson Joseph 50th Infantry
Gibson Mitchell E. 29th Infantry
Gibson Richard 50th Infantry
Gibson Samuel K. 29th Infantry
Gibson   7th Cavalry-French's
Gibson Floyd 51st Infantry
Gibson George 51st Infantry
Gibson Theoderick 51st Infantry
Gibson Alexander Virginia State Line
Gibson Andrew P. Virginia State Line
Gibson Boyd Virginia State Line
Gibson David Virginia State Line
Gibson Elijah Virginia State Line
Gibson Enoch Virginia State Line
Gibson George W. Virginia State Line
Gibson John Virginia State Line
Gibson John Virginia State Line
Gibson O. C. Virginia State Line
Gibson Robert Virginia State Line
Gibson Squire Virginia State Line
Gibson Squire Virginia State Line
Gibson W. G. Virginia State Line
Gibson William H. Virginia State Line
Gibson George 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Gilford 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Harvey 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson J. L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson James K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Jenkins 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Joel 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Jordan 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson William E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Zachariah Smith 64th Mounted Infantry
Gibson Anderson 21st Infantry
Gibson Charles T. 21st Infantry
Gibson George G. 21st Infantry
Gibson J. R. 21st Infantry
Gibson James 21st Infantry
Gibson James 21st Infantry
Gibson James Alfred 21st Infantry
Gibson Joseph  21st Infantry
Gibson Samuel B 21st Infantry
Gibson Samuel J. H. 21st Infantry
Gibson T 21st Infantry
Gibson Vincent 21st Infantry
Gibson William R. 21st Infantry
Gibson Alfred 64th Infantry
Gibson Gilfred 64th Infantry
Gibson Harvey 64th Infantry
Gibson Horton 64th Infantry
Gibson Jenkins 64th Infantry
Gibson Joel 64th Infantry
Gibson Martin 64th Infantry
Gibson Enoch 45th Infantry Battalion
Gibson John 45th Infantry Battalion
Gilbert William 50th Infantry
Gilbert Leander 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilbert JOhn R. 21st Cavalry
Gilbert B. 21st Infantry
Gilenwater William Virginia State Line
Giles James 29th Infantry
Giles Henry L. 51st Infantry
Giles James L. 51st Infantry
Giles Richard S. 21st Cavalry
Giles George Washington 64th Infantry
Gilham Wesley 51st Infantry
Gilham William 21st Infantry
Gill George W. 29th Infantry
Gillenwaters Herald S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gillenwaters Samuel L. 64th Infantry
Gillespie Henry G. 29th Infantry
Gillespie J. B. 50th Infantry
Gillespie John Calvin 50th Infantry
Gillespie Wiatt 50th Infantry
Gillespie William A. 50th Infantry
Gillespie William J. 50th Infantry
Gillespie David Johnston Virginia State Line
Gillespie George Washington Virginia State Line
Gillespie Henry G. Virginia State Line
Gillespie J. C. Virginia State Line
Gillespie Thomas A. Virginia State Line
Gillespie William J. Virginia State Line
Gillespie Chancellor 21st Cavalry
Gillespie William M. 21st Infantry
Gilley James 29th Infantry
Gilley William H. 29th Infantry
Gilley Franklin 51st Infantry
Gilley Absalom 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilley Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilley George G., Jr. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilley J. R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilley John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilley John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilley Alfred 21st Cavalry
Gilliam Martin L. 50th Infantry
Gilliam William E. 50th Infantry
Gilliam Francis Marion 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilliam John R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilliam Peter P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilliam Peter P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilliam Thomas 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilliam Thomas M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilliam William S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilliam Isham R. 21st Infantry
Gilliam Robert H. 21st Infantry
Gilliam Robert Hobson 21st Infantry
Gilliam William T. 21st Infantry
Gilliam Francis Marion 64th Infantry
Gilliam Peter P. 64th Infantry
Gilliam Thomas 64th Infantry
Gillian Robert H. 21st Infantry
Gilliland Michael 21st Cavalry
Gillispie D. J. 51st Infantry
Gillispie R. A. 21st Cavalry
Gillon George Virginia State Line
Gillon George 21st Cavalry
Gillram John R. 64th Infantry
Gilly Elkanah 51st Infantry
Gilly Francis 51st Infantry
Gilly James M. 51st Infantry
Gilly Jesse 51st Infantry
Gilly John W. 51st Infantry
Gilman William Virginia State Line
Gilmer Charles Benton 29th Infantry
Gilmer Charles Hays 29th Infantry
Gilmer Cummings 29th Infantry
Gilmer Dougherty 29th Infantry
Gilmer James P. 29th Infantry
Gilmer John 29th Infantry
Gilmer William A. 29th Infantry
Gilmer Wyndham R. 29th Infantry
Gilmor C. Graham 21st Infantry
Gilmore Thomas 51st Infantry
Gilmore James A. Virginia State Line
Gilmore Harvey 21st Infantry
Gilpin Little B. 51st Infantry
Gilpin Squire Walker Virginia State Line
Gilreath Thomas S. A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gilreath Thomas S. A. 64th Infantry
Gily John Buford 51st Infantry
Ginens Samuel Virginia State Line
Ginn Ahas Virginia State Line
Ginn William Virginia State Line
Gipson Jarvis 50th Infantry
Girffin J. 50th Infantry
Gisher L. C. 21st Cavalry
Givens Benton 29th Infantry
Givens Edward P. 29th Infantry
Givens Francis M. 29th Infantry
Givens William B. 29th Infantry
Givens Robert E. Virginia State Line
Givens Thomas Virginia State Line
Givens Thomas 64th Mounted Infantry
Glaskock Charles E. Virginia State Line
Glease Henry Virginia State Line
Gleaver Robert H. 21st Cavalry
Glenn David 7th Cavalry-French's
Glenn Samuel Virginia State Line
Glenn John D. 21st Infantry
Glenn Robert S. 21st Infantry
Glover Joseph Benning 21st Infantry
Goad Babe 50th Infantry
Goad Carter G. 50th Infantry
Goad Isaac 29th Infantry
Goad Martin D. 29th Infantry
Goad Peter 29th Infantry
Goad Henderson Virginia State Line
Goad Hiram Virginia State Line
Goad John Tyler Virginia State Line
Godbey Obediah Virginia State Line
Godden G. Harvey 21st Infantry
Godfrey Armour Lawson Virginia State Line
Godfrey William Virginia State Line
Godfrey Armour Lawson 45th Infantry Battalion
Godsey Martin 64th Mounted Infantry
Godsey William 64th Mounted Infantry
Godsey Daniel Logan 21st Infantry
Godsey Martin 64th Infantry
Godsey William 64th Infantry
Goff Alexander F. Virginia State Line
Goff Jacob W. Virginia State Line
Goff James R. Virginia State Line
Goff John B. Virginia State Line
Goff Thomas M. Virginia State Line
Goff Thomas R. Virginia State Line
Goff Thomas Virginia State Line
Going Ewell 50th Infantry
Going Perrin 50th Infantry
Going Leroy 51st Infantry
Going John H. 21st Infantry
Going William M. 21st Infantry
Goings Thomas F. Virginia State Line
Goins Constantine 29th Infantry
Goins Constantine 50th Infantry
Goins William Virginia State Line
Goins Burton M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Goins Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Goins William 64th Mounted Infantry
Golden John A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Goldman J. W. 21st Cavalry
Goliher Robert 64th Mounted Infantry
Gollahon Henderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Gollahon William 64th Mounted Infantry
Gollaway Joseph E. 51st Infantry
Gollehon James M., Jr. Virginia State Line
Golloway Joseph 50th Infantry
Golloway Joseph E. 50th Infantry
Gomas Levi 21st Infantry
Gooch Albert 51st Infantry
Gooch A.F. 45th Infantry Battalion
Good C. L. Virginia State Line
Good David Virginia State Line
Good John Virginia State Line
Good Lafayette 64th Mounted Infantry
Good Timothy 64th Mounted Infantry
Good W. P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Good John 64th Infantry
Good Timothy 64th Infantry
Goode John 64th Mounted Infantry
Goode Wiliam M. 21st Cavalry
Goodloe J (John) B Virginia State Line
Goodman (Andrew) Jackson Virginia State Line
Goodman Isaac Virginia State Line
Goodman Jordan Virginia State Line
Goodman Pleasant Virginia State Line
Goodman William Virginia State Line
Goodman George H. 21st Cavalry
Goodman (Andrew)Jackson 45th Infantry Battalion
Goodman Pleasant 45th Infantry Battalion
Goodman William 45th Infantry Battalion
Goodpasture Thomas J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Goodpasture William 7th Cavalry-French's
Goodwin Stanford M. 51st Infantry
Goodwin Thomas Virginia State Line
Goodwyn G. W. Virginia State Line
Goodwyn David Edward 21st Infantry
Gordon G. C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Gordon James G 29th Infantry
Gordon James G. 7th Cavalry-French's
Gordon G. C. Virginia State Line
Gordon James G. Virginia State Line
Gordon M 21st Infantry
Gore John Franklin 50th Infantry
Gore William J. 50th Infantry
Gore Green Virginia State Line
Gore John H. Virginia State Line
Gorman Patrick F. 21st Cavalry
Gose Charles G. 29th Infantry
Gose Charles G. 7th Cavalry-French's
Goseclose John T. 29th Infantry
Goseclose Jonas 29th Infantry
Gosling J Virginia State Line
Goss Jacob F. 51st Infantry
Goss James Virginia State Line
Gott Adam Stafford 50th Infantry
Gott James E. 50th Infantry
Gott Robert 50th Infantry
Gott Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Gott David 64th Mounted Infantry
Gott David 64th Infantry
Gough Charles H. 51st Infantry
Gough Jacob W. Virginia State Line
Gouldman E 21st Infantry
Gowan Alexander 50th Infantry
Gowdey James 21st Infantry
Gowen Jackson 21st Cavalry
Gowing John Virginia State Line
Grace James E. 29th Infantry
Grady J. J. 21st Infantry
Graham Creed 50th Infantry
Graham James H. 50th Infantry
Graham James W. 50th Infantry
Graham John 29th Infantry
Graham Robert 50th Infantry
Graham Samuel P. 50th Infantry
Graham A. J. 51st Infantry
Graham David Peirce 51st Infantry
Graham Jackson 51st Infantry
Graham James 51st Infantry
Graham Noah B. 51st Infantry
Graham Parris M. 51st Infantry
Graham Zaccheus 51st Infantry
Graham Amos Virginia State Line
Graham James Virginia State Line
Graham L Virginia State Line
Graham J. B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham James Henderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham James P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham Madison Kyle 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham Samuel P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham Thomas N. 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham William 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham William R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Graham E. W. 21st Cavalry
Graham J 21st Cavalry
Graham James H. 64th Infantry
Graham Thomas N. 64th Infantry
Graham William R. 64th Infantry
Grammill John Virginia State Line
Gran Henry H. Virginia State Line
Grant Joseph 50th Infantry
Grant Robert H. 50th Infantry
Grant James W. 51st Infantry
Grant D. G. 21st Cavalry
Grant William T. 21st Infantry
Grass John Virginia State Line
Grass William Virginia State Line
Graveley Jefferson 29th Infantry
Graveley Robert 29th Infantry
Graveley William D. 29th Infantry
Graves Austin J. 51st Infantry
Graves Thomas J. 51st Infantry
Graves Jacob P. 21st Infantry
Gray Emory Charlton 29th Infantry
Gray George W. 29th Infantry
Gray Henry P. 50th Infantry
Gray Marshall 29th Infantry
Gray William C. (Billy) 50th Infantry
Gray Crockett 51st Infantry
Gray Harvey 64th Mounted Infantry
Gray Henry P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gray Samuel C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gray Frederick T. 21st Cavalry
Gray James 21st Cavalry
Gray John Craig 21st Cavalry
Gray Robert Emmett 21st Cavalry
Gray William McCain 21st Cavalry
Gray Somerville 21st Infantry
Gray William Granville, Jr. 21st Infantry
Gray Calvin 64th Infantry
Gray Carlow 64th Infantry
Gray George Washington 64th Infantry
Gray Harvey 64th Infantry
Gray Samuel L. 64th Infantry
Graybeal Calvin Virginia State Line
Graybeal David H. Virginia State Line
Graybeal John C. 21st Cavalry
Graybill J 64th Mounted Infantry
Graybill Jacob 64th Mounted Infantry
Graybill Josephus 64th Mounted Infantry
Grayham William 64th Infantry
Grayson Edward B. Virginia State Line
Greathouse James A. Virginia State Line
Greathouse James Virginia State Line
Greathouse Jehu Virginia State Line
Greathouse Jesse Virginia State Line
Greathouse Jesse Virginia State Line
Greathouse Samuel William Virginia State Line
Greathouse William D. Virginia State Line
Greaver Alexander Hamilton Virginia State Line
Greear Columbus 7th Cavalry-French's
Greear Columbus Virginia State Line
Green Chadwell B. 7th Cavalry-French's
Green William 29th Infantry
Green Ballard Virginia State Line
Green Benjamin Watton Virginia State Line
Green Benjamin Virginia State Line
Green David Virginia State Line
Green Isaac Virginia State Line
Green John Virginia State Line
Green Robert S. Virginia State Line
Green Watson Virginia State Line
Green William Virginia State Line
Green Thompson Virginia State Line
Green David C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Green Francis Marion 64th Mounted Infantry
Green Morrison 64th Mounted Infantry
Green Vance 64th Mounted Infantry
Green William M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Green J. C. 21st Infantry
Green James A. 21st Infantry
Green James H. 21st Infantry
Green John W. 21st Infantry
Green Joshua G. 21st Infantry
Green Thomas Ritchie 21st Infantry
Green David C. 64th Infantry
Green Francis Marion 64th Infantry
Green Henderson 64th Infantry
Green James M. 64th Infantry
Green Martin W. 64th Infantry
Green Morrison 64th Infantry
Green William M. 64th Infantry
Greenleaf Allen A. Virginia State Line
Greenleaf Franklin Virginia State Line
Greenleaf George Virginia State Line
Greenleaf John W. Virginia State Line
Greenlee Elisha Grigsby 50th Infantry
Greenway Gilbert C. 51st Infantry
Greenway Gilbert Christian Virginia State Line
Greenway Giblert Christian 45th Infantry Battalion
Greenwell Joseph A. 21st Infantry
Greenwood Thomas 29th Infantry
Greer Buck 7th Cavalry-French's
Greer Edwin Dudley 50th Infantry
Greer John Freeland 50th Infantry
Greer Jonathan F. Virginia State Line
Greer Lewis Virginia State Line
Greer Thomas Virginia State Line
Greer Andrew 21st Cavalry
Greer Jacob 21st Cavalry
Greer James 21st Cavalry
Greer Joel F. 21st Cavalry
Greer Jonathan F 21st Cavalry
Greer Thomas 21st Cavalry
Greever A. W. 50th Infantry
Greever Charles H. 29th Infantry
Greever Charles H. 50th Infantry
Greever Henry F. 50th Infantry
Greever James H. 50th Infantry
Greever John Dudley 50th Infantry
Greever Joseph Biddle 50th Infantry
Greever Peter 50th Infantry
Greever Philip Melancthon 29th Infantry
Greever Thompson H. 50th Infantry
Greever Alexander 21st Cavalry
Gregory Lawrence Virginia State Line
Gregory George H. 21st Cavalry
Gregory John Edwrad Stokes 21st Infantry
Gregory M. J. 21st Infantry
Gregory Silas E. 21st Infantry
Grey Harvey 51st Infantry
Griffin H. 50th Infantry
Griffin John Virginia State Line
Griffin Edward 64th Mounted Infantry
Griffin Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Griffin William 64th Mounted Infantry
Griffin John 21st Cavalry
Griffin William J. 21st Cavalry
Griffin Jesse 21st Infantry
Griffin Edward 64th Infantry
Griffin William 64th Infantry
Griffith A. L. 50th Infantry
Griffith Beverly 50th Infantry
Griffith Isaac 50th Infantry
Griffith M. 50th Infantry
Griffith Perry 51st Infantry
Griffith Addison Virginia State Line
Griffith H. W. Virginia State Line
Griffith Jehu Virginia State Line
Griffith John P. Virginia State Line
Griffith Tazewell Virginia State Line
Griffith William A. Virginia State Line
Griffith Hiram W. 21st Infantry
Griffith William Addison 45th Infantry Battalion
Griffith  M. H. 51st Infantry
Griffiths Shadrack B. 50th Infantry
Griffiths John F. Virginia State Line
Griffiths John F. 45th Infantry Battalion
Griffitts Allen P. 29th Infantry
Griffitts Augustus 29th Infantry
Griffitts Chapman Thomas 29th Infantry
Griffitts George F. 29th Infantry
Griffitts George W. 29th Infantry
Griffitts Griffy 29th Infantry
Griffitts Martin 29th Infantry
Griffitts William Frank 29th Infantry
Grigg Reuben 21st Infantry
Grimes R. B. Virginia State Line
Grimes Charles L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Grimes Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Grimes Joshua 64th Mounted Infantry
Grimes R. B. 21st Cavalry
Grimes Charles L. 64th Infantry
Grimes Joshua 64th Infantry
Grimmet Anderson Virginia State Line
Grimmet Anderson A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Grisel JOhn H. 21st Cavalry
Grisel William F. 21st Cavalry
Grisham John 64th Mounted Infantry
Grissom M 21st Cavalry
Grizzell Christopher C. 29th Infantry
Grizzell Hiram 29th Infantry
Grizzle William F Virginia State Line
Grogan James J. 21st Infantry
Grogg O. P. H. B. Virginia State Line
Grose Jacob 7th Cavalry-French's
Groseclose Henry Branstetter 29th Infantry
Groseclose Stephen G. 29th Infantry
Groseclose John T. 21st Cavalry
Gross Andrew 29th Infantry
Gross Solomon 29th Infantry
Gross William 29th Infantry
Gross Abraham Virginia State Line
Gross James 21st Cavalry
Grossclose David 51st Infantry
Grossclose Henry 51st Infantry
Grossclose Jacob 51st Infantry
Grossclose John 51st Infantry
Grossclose Joseph A. 51st Infantry
Grossclose William H. 51st Infantry
Grossclose William J. 51st Infantry
Grossclose Jacob 21st Cavalry
Grubb Conrad 50th Infantry
Grubb David Emory 29th Infantry
Grubb Godential L. 50th Infantry
Grubb John Wesley 29th Infantry
Grubb Mitchell 50th Infantry
Grubb Nicholas Harvey 29th Infantry
Grubb Samuel 7th Cavalry-French's
Grubb Jacob 51st Infantry
Grubb Joseph 51st Infantry
Grubb Wiley 51st Infantry
Grubb J. N. Virginia State Line
Grubb Benjamin E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Grubb Levi 64th Mounted Infantry
Grubb Benjamin E. 64th Infantry
Grubb John 64th Infantry
Guard J. A. 51st Infantry
Gudinn Thomas S. Virginia State Line
Guerrant William 7th Cavalry-French's
Guill James M. 21st Infantry
Gullion Francis 29th Infantry
Gullion W. W. Virginia State Line
Gullion William W. 45th Infantry Battalion
Gullivane E. Clement 21st Infantry
Gum Ervin Virginia State Line
Gum George Virginia State Line
Gum James F. Virginia State Line
Gum John E. Virginia State Line
Gum McBride Virginia State Line
Gum McBride Virginia State Line
Gumm John 64th Mounted Infantry
Gunn William 50th Infantry
Gunn William N. 64th Mounted Infantry
Gunnoe Andrew Virginia State Line
Gunnoe James A. Virginia State Line
Gunnoe Andrew 45th Infantry Battalion
Gunnoe James A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Gunnoe William H. 45th Infantry Battalion
Gunter Beverly L. 50th Infantry
Gunter George Washington Virginia State Line
Guynn Aaron 29th Infantry
Guynn Edward 29th Infantry
Guynn James 29th Infantry
Guynn John J. 29th Infantry
Guynn Joseph C. 29th Infantry
Guynn Lemuel 29th Infantry
Guynn Levi 29th Infantry
Guynn Thomas N. 29th Infantry
Guyther William H. W. 21st Infantry
Gwin Clayton Virginia State Line
Haase Thomas H. B. 21st Infantry
Habbard John W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Habern Benjamin Franklin 64th Infantry
Habern George W. 64th Infantry
Haburn Benajmin Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Haburn George W. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hackett Adam A. Virginia State Line
Hackett Henry H. Virginia State Line
Hackler John K. 29th Infantry
Hackler Winton Wiley 29th Infantry
Hackler J. R. 51st Infantry
Hackney Richard T. 29th Infantry
Hackney Joseph 64th Mounted Infantry
Hackworth George W. Virginia State Line
Haden Alexander W. 51st Infantry
Haden Seaton 51st Infantry
Haga Allen 51st Infantry
Haga Andrew 51st Infantry
Haga Fielden 51st Infantry
Haga George B. 51st Infantry
Haga Henry 51st Infantry
Haga Jackson G. 51st Infantry
Haga Martin 51st Infantry
Haga Noah 51st Infantry
Hagan Hezekiah Virginia State Line
Hager Henry W. 29th Infantry
Hager Richard M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hager Alem 51st Infantry
Hager Jacob 51st Infantry
Hager Wiliam H. 51st Infantry
Hager Burwell S. Virginia State Line
Hager George W. Virginia State Line
Hager Richard M. Virginia State Line
Hager Clemment 45th Infantry Battalion
Hagerman T. M. Virginia State Line
Hagwood William 21st Cavalry
Hagy Tazewell 29th Infantry
Hahn J. S. Virginia State Line
Hail James F. 21st Cavalry
Hain Baswell T. 51st Infantry
Hains Robert S. 64th Infantry
Haislip E. G. 50th Infantry
Haislip E. G. 21st Cavalry
Hale Fielden L. 29th Infantry
Hale Henry 7th Cavalry-French's
Hale James C. 50th Infantry
Hale John R. 29th Infantry
Hale Robert 50th Infantry
Hale Wilburn 7th Cavalry-French's
Hale Austin J. 51st Infantry
Hale Jerry L. 51st Infantry
Hale Minetry 51st Infantry
Hale Isaac Virginia State Line
Hale Jackson M. Virginia State Line
Hale Jim Virginia State Line
Hale JOhn Virginia State Line
Hale Elisha 64th Mounted Infantry
Hale James C., Sr. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hale James C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hale James C., Jr. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hale John P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hale David 21st Cavalry
Hale Jackson M. 45th Infantry Battalion
Haley Thomas F. Virginia State Line
Haley Timothy Virginia State Line
Haley James A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Haley Virgil A. S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Haley P 21st Cavalry
Haley Timothy 21st Cavalry
Haley Thomas C. 21st Infantry
Haley James 64th Infantry
Haley Virgil A. S. 64th Infantry
Hall Allen 7th Cavalry-French's
Hall Calvin D. 50th Infantry
Hall David 29th Infantry
Hall David C. 50th Infantry
Hall Harvey 29th Infantry
Hall Henry 50th Infantry
Hall James H. 50th Infantry
Hall James H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hall John 50th Infantry
Hall Robert 50th Infantry
Hall Samuel S. 50th Infantry
Hall William 50th Infantry
Hall William 50th Infantry
Hall William F. 50th Infantry
Hall B. R. 51st Infantry
Hall Calvin J. 51st Infantry
Hall David T. 51st Infantry
Hall Eli 51st Infantry
Hall Eli 51st Infantry
Hall George 51st Infantry
Hall James F. 51st Infantry
Hall Jasper R. 51st Infantry
Hall John M. 51st Infantry
Hall Nathan R. 51st Infantry
Hall Thomas R. 51st Infantry
Hall William L. 51st Infantry
Hall Allen Virginia State Line
Hall Andrew J. Virginia State Line
Hall Andrew J. Virginia State Line
Hall Andrew Jackson Virginia State Line
Hall Daniel S. Virginia State Line
Hall David L. Virginia State Line
Hall G Virginia State Line
Hall Henry Virginia State Line
Hall Hiram Virginia State Line
Hall Jacob S. Virginia State Line
Hall Jacob Virginia State Line
Hall John Virginia State Line
Hall Jonathan Virginia State Line
Hall Minor S. Virginia State Line
Hall Robert E. Virginia State Line
Hall Robert W. Virginia State Line
Hall Thomas A. Virginia State Line
Hall Thomas B. Virginia State Line
Hall William Virginia State Line
Hall William Virginia State Line
Hall Aaron C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hall Arthur C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hall Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Hall Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Hall John 64th Mounted Infantry
Hall William 64th Mounted Infantry
Hall Andrew 21st Cavalry
Hall Asa 21st Cavalry
Hall Byrd 21st Cavalry
Hall James K. 21st Cavalry
Hall Jesse 21st Cavalry
Hall JOhn 21st Cavalry
Hall Robert E. 21st Cavalry
Hall Crispin M. 21st Infantry
Hall Henry 21st Infantry
Hall Jesse M. 21st Infantry
Hall Aaron C. 64th Infantry
Hall Arthur C. 64th Infantry
Hall Daniel 64th Infantry
Hall David C. 64th Infantry
Hall Esquire 64th Infantry
Hall Harvey M. 64th Infantry
Hall John 64th Infantry
Hall Lincoln P. 64th Infantry
Haller Edward 21st Cavalry
Haller James F. 21st Cavalry
Hally David 51st Infantry
Hally Grisum M. 51st Infantry
Hally James R. 51st Infantry
Halsey James 50th Infantry
Halsey Ezekiel 51st Infantry
Halsey Greenberry 51st Infantry
Halsey Henry 51st Infantry
Halsey James C. 51st Infantry
Halsey James C. 51st Infantry
Halsey Martin 51st Infantry
Halsey Morris 51st Infantry
Halsey Thomas 51st Infantry
Halsey William C. 51st Infantry
Halsey William C. 51st Infantry
Halsey Alexander Lemuel Virginia State Line
Halsey Drury Virginia State Line
Halsey Stephen Peters Virginia State Line
Halsey Alexander Lemuel 21st Cavalry
Halsey James P. 21st Cavalry
Halsey R. M. 21st Cavalry
Halsey Stephen Peters 21st Cavalry
Ham Levi 21st Cavalry
Hamaker James 50th Infantry
Hamaker James Philip 50th Infantry
Hamblinn Newton 64th Mounted Infantry
Hamilton Harvey 7th Cavalry-French's
Hamilton James 29th Infantry
Hamilton John May 7th Cavalry-French's
Hamilton Samuel 50th Infantry
Hamilton Alexander Virginia State Line
Hamilton Calvin Virginia State Line
Hamilton Charles B. Virginia State Line
Hamilton Charles B. Virginia State Line
Hamilton Elmos W. Virginia State Line
Hamilton George J. Virginia State Line
Hamilton James D. Virginia State Line
Hamilton James Virginia State Line
Hamilton Nelson 64th Mounted Infantry
Hamlet John W. 21st Infantry
Hamlet Martin Hancock 21st Infantry
Hamlet Nathan C. 21st Infantry
Hamlett John T. W. 21st Infantry
Hamlett Thomas D. 21st Infantry
Hammon John Virginia State Line
Hammon John 21st Cavalry
Hammon Joseph 21st Cavalry
Hammond S. R. Virginia State Line
Hammonds Amos 64th Mounted Infantry
Hammonds Jenkins 64th Mounted Infantry
Hammons Jefferson 50th Infantry
Hammons T. J. 50th Infantry
Hammons Amos 64th Infantry
Hammons James H. 64th Infantry
Hammons Jenkins 64th Infantry
Hammons William S. 64th Infantry
Hamner Manoah S. (Hiram) 21st Infantry
Hamon John H. 21st Cavalry
Hampton John H. 51st Infantry
Hampton William 51st Infantry
Hampton   Virginia State Line
Hampton A. H. Virginia State Line
Hampton Jacob Virginia State Line
Hampton A. H. 21st Cavalry
Hamrick Arthur Virginia State Line
Hamrick Asa Virginia State Line
Hamrick Christopher Virginia State Line
Hamrick George Virginia State Line
Hanacher Jack 50th Infantry
Hanby David Stewart 50th Infantry
Hancock Abraham F. 50th Infantry
Hancock J. Pate 50th Infantry
Hancock James Anderson 50th Infantry
Hancock Lewis D. 50th Infantry
Hancock William 50th Infantry
Hancock William P. 50th Infantry
Hancock Alexander 51st Infantry
Hancock James H. 51st Infantry
Hancock Philip Spencer Virginia State Line
Hancock Philip Spencer 21st Cavalry
Hancock W. B. 21st Cavalry
Hancock Martin B. 21st Infantry
Hancock Nathan H. 21st Infantry
Hancock Thomas J. 21st Infantry
Hancock Thomas R. 21st Infantry
Hand E. D. Virginia State Line
Hand J. S. Virginia State Line
Handcock John T. 51st Infantry
Handcock Pleasant T. 51st Infantry
Hands J. T. Virginia State Line
Handy Isaac 50th Infantry
Handy John R. 50th Infantry
Handy W. R. 50th Infantry
Handy Harrison H. 51st Infantry
Handy Nathaniel 51st Infantry
Handy Peter 51st Infantry
Handy Nathaniel Virginia State Line
Handy William D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Handy William D. 64th Infantry
Hanis T. J. 51st Infantry
Hankins George H. 29th Infantry
Hankins Isaac M. 29th Infantry
Hankins John C. 50th Infantry
Hankins Russell 50th Infantry
Hankins Timothy 29th Infantry
Hankins William H. 29th Infantry
Hankins John Virginia State Line
Hankins John 21st Cavalry
Hankins Daniel Webster 21st Infantry
Hankins David M. 21st Infantry
Hankins Joseph R. 21st Infantry
Hankins Micajah H. 21st Infantry
Hankins W. A. 21st Infantry
Hankins William R. 21st Infantry
Hanks Martin 29th Infantry
Hanks Henry Virginia State Line
Hanley A. J. 50th Infantry
Hanley J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hanna Enoch 51st Infantry
Hannah William Samuel 50th Infantry
Hannah Joseph W. Virginia State Line
Hannah Robert A. Virginia State Line
Hannah Robert H. Virginia State Line
Hannah Simon Virginia State Line
Hannan Flavius M. Virginia State Line
Hannat William 21st Cavalry
Hannaugh J. H. Virginia State Line
Hansford James 21st Cavalry
Hanshew Charles 50th Infantry
Hanshew Samuel 50th Infantry
Hanshew William 50th Infantry
Hanshew Daniel 51st Infantry
Hanshew George W. 51st Infantry
Hanshew John T. 51st Infantry
Hanshew Samuel 51st Infantry
Hanson Thomas Jefferson 51st Infantry
Harber Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Harber Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Harber H. M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Harber Milton 64th Mounted Infantry
Harber E. J. 21st Cavalry
Harber Zack 21st Cavalry
Harber Milton 64th Infantry
Harbin Henry 50th Infantry
Harbor Thomas Virginia State Line
Harbour A. G. 51st Infantry
Harbour A. J. 51st Infantry
Harbour C. J. 51st Infantry
Harbour Joshua T. 51st Infantry
Hardee Aquilla G. Virginia State Line
Hardee Aquila G. 21st Cavalry
Harden Ben F. 7th Cavalry-French's
Harden James 29th Infantry
Harden John Virginia State Line
Harding A. S. 21st Infantry
Hardway David Virginia State Line
Hardy John F. 29th Infantry
Hardy James Samuel Virginia State Line
Hardy John C. Virginia State Line
Hardy John 21st Cavalry
Hardy Joseph 21st Cavalry
Hardy Allen L. 21st Infantry
Hare Isaac Virginia State Line
Hare T. Virginia State Line
Hare Isaac 45th Infantry Battalion
Harford Samuel H. Virginia State Line
Hargis James R. 29th Infantry
Hargis Samuel 29th Infantry
Hargreaves Benedict 64th Mounted Infantry
Harindon Herison Virginia State Line
Harkrider Henry Albert 51st Infantry
Harless Daniel L. 50th Infantry
Harless Abram Virginia State Line
Harless Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Harless John A. Virginia State Line
Harless Isom 64th Mounted Infantry
Harless Abram 45th Infantry Battalion
Harless Francis Marion 45th Infantry Battalion
Harless John A. 45th Infantry Battalion
Harlow Mayo C. 50th Infantry
Harman Elias 29th Infantry
Harman Henry A. 29th Infantry
Harman J. R. 50th Infantry
Harman James A. 7th Cavalry-French's
Harman Oscar 50th Infantry
Harman James W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Harman Abraham F. 51st Infantry
Harman Christopher 51st Infantry
Harman F. L. Virginia State Line
Harman James A. Virginia State Line
Harman John W. Virginia State Line
Harman John Virginia State Line
Harman T. L. Virginia State Line
Harman William Virginia State Line
Harman Esaias S. 21st Cavalry
Harman F. L. 21st Cavalry
Harman James H. 21st Cavalry
Harman Randall 21st Cavalry
Harmon George H. 29th Infantry
Harmon James E. B. 50th Infantry
Harmon John B 50th Infantry
Harmon Joseph 29th Infantry
Harmon Patrick 29th Infantry
Harmon Wilson 29th Infantry
Harmon Alfred 21st Cavalry
Harmon Franklin 21st Cavalry
Harnear H. M. Virginia State Line
Harold Daniel B. 21st Infantry
Harper Isaiah 29th Infantry
Harper James 29th Infantry
Harper John S. 29th Infantry
Harper Ezekiel Virginia State Line
Harper John T. Virginia State Line
Harper Peter Virginia State Line
Harper Preston Moore Virginia State Line
Harper Edward 64th Mounted Infantry
Harper Charles P. 21st Infantry
Harras Henry 21st Cavalry
Harrel J. M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Harrel Milton 64th Infantry
Harrell David Kent 50th Infantry
Harrell Enos Sylvester 29th Infantry
Harrell Thomas G. 50th Infantry
Harrell William B. 50th Infantry
Harrell James 51st Infantry
Harrell William 51st Infantry
Harrell Milton 64th Mounted Infantry
Harrington William B. 21st Cavalry
Harris James 29th Infantry
Harris James H. 50th Infantry
Harris James M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Harris John M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Harris N. J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Harris Samuel Green 50th Infantry
Harris T. F. 50th Infantry
Harris Thomas A. 50th Infantry
Harris Benjamin W. 51st Infantry
Harris G. L. 51st Infantry
Harris Greenville 51st Infantry
Harris Thomas J. 51st Infantry
Harris Wiliam 51st Infantry
Harris William H. 51st Infantry
Harris Alexander Findley Virginia State Line
Harris Elijah Virginia State Line
Harris Frederick Henry Virginia State Line
Harris Hiram Virginia State Line
Harris Robert J. Virginia State Line
Harris William Virginia State Line
Harris Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Charles T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Dilworth 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Hiram 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris John C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Marmaduke 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Nathaniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Robert S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Harris Frederick Henry 21st Cavalry
Harris Nathan 21st Cavalry
Harris Thomas O. 21st Cavalry
Harris James A. 21st Infantry
Harris John D. 21st Infantry
Harris John W. 21st Infantry
Harris Joseph H. 21st Infantry
Harris Joseph H. 21st Infantry
Harris Richard 21st Infantry
Harris Zephaniah 21st Infantry
Harris Alexander 64th Infantry
Harris Cyrus 64th Infantry
Harris James 64th Infantry
Harris James E. 64th Infantry
Harris M. D. 64th Infantry
Harris Nathaniel 64th Infantry
Harris Robert S. 64th Infantry
Harris Thompson 64th Infantry
Harrison John 29th Infantry
Harrison William H. 29th Infantry
Harrison Clark Virginia State Line
Harrison J. C. Virginia State Line
Harrison J. M. Virginia State Line
Harrison Jacob W. Virginia State Line
Harrison James F. Virginia State Line
Harrison John L. Virginia State Line
Harrison Joseph C. Virginia State Line
Harrison Mann Virginia State Line
Harrison Mathias H. Virginia State Line
Harrison Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Harrison John R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Harrison William E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Harrison Clark 21st Cavalry
Harrison Henry 21st Cavalry
Harrison A. J. 21st Infantry
Harrison James A. 21st Infantry
Harrison James P. 21st Infantry
Harrison John W. 21st Infantry
Harrison Thomas R. 21st Infantry
Harrison Henry 64th Infantry
Harrison John R. 64th Infantry
Harrison William E. 64th Infantry
Harrison Mann 45th Infantry Battalion
Harriss Nathaniel N. 51st Infantry
Harriss Philip 51st Infantry
Harriss Samuel 51st Infantry
Harriss William 51st Infantry
Harriss William T. 51st Infantry
Harriss Joseph T. 21st Infantry
Harrold James H. 50th Infantry
Harrold John 51st Infantry
Harrold Mitchel 51st Infantry
Harrold Robert 51st Infantry
Harrold Benjamin Virginia State Line
Harrold Washington L. Virginia State Line
Harrold Benjamin Virginia State Line
Harsh J. R. 45th Infantry Battalion
Hart J. H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hart Henderson Virginia State Line
Hart James H. Virginia State Line
Hart James M. Virginia State Line
Hart John Virginia State Line
Hart Nancy Virginia State Line
Hart William R. Virginia State Line
Hart Isaac B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hart S. B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hart W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hart John 21st Cavalry
Hart William R. 21st Cavalry
Hart Isaac B. 64th Infantry
Hartgrove William W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hartless Dabney H. 50th Infantry
Hartley James Virginia State Line
Hartman William B. Virginia State Line
Hartman L. S. 21st Infantry
Hartsock George L. 50th Infantry
Hartsock Isaac 50th Infantry
Hartsock Thomas 50th Infantry
Hartsock Aaron 64th Mounted Infantry
Hartsock Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Hartsock Aaron 64th Infantry
Hartsog James C. Virginia State Line
Harvey Charles 50th Infantry
Harvey Henry 50th Infantry
Harvey Albert G. 21st Infantry
Harvey Daniel W. 21st Infantry
Harvey William 21st Infantry
Harvey William C. 21st Infantry
Harvey William H. 21st Infantry
Harvey Joseph 45th Infantry Battalion
Harvey Patterson 45th Infantry Battalion
Harvie W. O. 21st Infantry
Harwood John 51st Infantry
Haselip John 50th Infantry
Hash Allen L. 50th Infantry
Hash Andrew 50th Infantry
Hash Byron B. 50th Infantry
Hash Jackson B. 50th Infantry
Hash James M. 50th Infantry
Hash Jerome C. 50th Infantry
Hash Joseph B. 50th Infantry
Hash Robert 50th Infantry
Hash Wesley 50th Infantry
Hash William C. 29th Infantry
Hash Abram 51st Infantry
Hash Allen C. 51st Infantry
Hash Elbert S. 51st Infantry
Hash Enock 51st Infantry
Hash Henderson 51st Infantry
Hash Hugh 51st Infantry
Hash Joseph C. 51st Infantry
Hash Lazarus 51st Infantry
Hash Levi 51st Infantry
Hash Marshal 51st Infantry
Hash Wilborn 51st Infantry
Hash Wiley 51st Infantry
Hash William D. 51st Infantry
Hash Ambrose 64th Mounted Infantry
Hash Allen 21st Cavalry
Hash Robert 21st Cavalry
Haskins George H. 64th Infantry
Haskins William C. 64th Infantry
Hatcher John 50th Infantry
Hatcher Joseph 50th Infantry
Hatcher Thomas J. 50th Infantry
Hatcher Eden T. 51st Infantry
Hatcher Elkanah 51st Infantry
Hatcher John B. 51st Infantry
Hatcher Joseph 21st Infantry
Hatfield Eli Virginia State Line
Hatfield Elias Virginia State Line
Hatfield Ellison Virginia State Line
Hatfield Ephraim Virginia State Line
Hatfield Ephraim Virginia State Line
Hatfield Ferrell Virginia State Line
Hatfield George Virginia State Line
Hatfield Harrison Virginia State Line
Hatfield Jacob Virginia State Line
Hatfield Jacob Virginia State Line
Hatfield James Virginia State Line
Hatfield James Virginia State Line
Hatfield John Wesley Virginia State Line
Hatfield Lorenzo Dow Virginia State Line
Hatfield Thomas Virginia State Line
Hatfield William Anderson Virginia State Line
Hatfield Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Hatfield Eli 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Elias "Good Lias" 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Ellison 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Ephraim 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Ephraim 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Ferrell 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield George 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Harrison 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Jacob 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield James 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield James N. 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield John Wesley 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Lloyd 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Lorenzo Dow 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Thomas 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield Valentine "Wall" 45th Infantry Battalion
Hatfield William "Devil Anse" 45th Infantry Battalion
Haupe John Virginia State Line
Haupe JOhn 21st Cavalry
Havens William J. 51st Infantry
Hawkins David 29th Infantry
Hawkins J. M. 29th Infantry
Hawkins James 50th Infantry
Hawkins William 50th Infantry
Hawkins Burton 51st Infantry
Hawkins Calvin J. 51st Infantry
Hawkins Friel 51st Infantry
Hawkins Wiliam 51st Infantry
Hawkins L. A. 21st Infantry
Hawks Andrew B. 29th Infantry
Hawks Archibald Henderson 29th Infantry
Hawks Calvin 29th Infantry
Hawks Gollihugh 29th Infantry
Hawks Hugh 29th Infantry
Hawks John T. 29th Infantry
Hawks Newell 29th Infantry
Hawks Solomon 29th Infantry
Hawks William M. 50th Infantry
Hawks Pugh H. 51st Infantry
Hawks James Virginia State Line
Hawks Calvin 21st Cavalry
Hawks Hugh 21st Cavalry
Hawks James 21st Cavalry
Hawley Austin 21st Cavalry
Hawley S 21st Cavalry
Hawthorn Silas Thaddeus 50th Infantry
Hawthorn B. D. 21st Cavalry
Hay John Virginia State Line
Hayes John 29th Infantry
Hayes James Virginia State Line
Hayes Jonathan Virginia State Line
Hayes Thomas Virginia State Line
Hayes Peter S. Virginia State Line
Hayes Orlando James 21st Infantry
Haymaker E 21st Cavalry
Haymore Daniel 29th Infantry
Haynes Alexander 29th Infantry
Haynes Austin D. 50th Infantry
Haynes Finney 50th Infantry
Haynes James M. 50th Infantry
Haynes John 29th Infantry
Haynes Litleberry 29th Infantry
Haynes Stephen M. 29th Infantry
Haynes William H., Jr. 29th Infantry
Haynes William H., Sr. 29th Infantry
Haynes William J. K. 50th Infantry
Haynes C 51st Infantry
Haynes Lafayette 51st Infantry
Haynes David W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Haynes James S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Haynes Samuel W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Haynes Virgil S. 21st Cavalry
Haynes George Anthony 21st Infantry
Haynes James S. 64th Infantry
Haynes Samuel W. 64th Infantry
Hays Jonathan 7th Cavalry-French's
Hays John 51st Infantry
Hays Aug T. Virginia State Line
Hays John E. Virginia State Line
Hays Jonathan Virginia State Line
Hays Perregrine "Percy" Virginia State Line
Hays John 64th Mounted Infantry
Hays Charles H. 21st Cavalry
Hays George W. 21st Cavalry
Hays John M. 21st Cavalry
Hayward Charles E. 21st Infantry
Hayzlett Henry Virginia State Line
Hazelgrove John E. 21st Infantry
Hazlewood H. G. 51st Infantry
Head Hezikah P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Head James H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Head John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Head George M. 64th Infantry
Head George Washington 64th Infantry
Head Hezekiah P. 64th Infantry
Head James H. 64th Infantry
Head John B. 64th Infantry
Head Levi 64th Infantry
Heartly Elbert 21st Cavalry
Heartly Jesse S. 21st Cavalry
Heater Calvin Virginia State Line
Heater Elijah Virginia State Line
Heater Henry H. Virginia State Line
Heater Perry Virginia State Line
Heater Peter Virginia State Line
Heater Thomas B. Virginia State Line
Heavener William Virginia State Line
Heckert Adam A. Virginia State Line
Heckert Henry H. Virginia State Line
Heckman Lukas S. 21st Cavalry
Hedrick Elias 29th Infantry
Hedrick Jefferson 64th Mounted Infantry
Hedrick Jefferson 64th Infantry
Heffinger George 50th Infantry
Hefflefinger Henry A. 50th Infantry
Hefflefinger T. G. 50th Infantry
Hefner James Virginia State Line
Hefner John W. Virginia State Line
Heiner Charles M. 21st Infantry
Helbert Jacob 29th Infantry
Helbert S. M. 29th Infantry
Helbert William 29th Infantry
Heldon Ira 51st Infantry
Heldredth William A. 51st Infantry
Heldreth Andrew J. 51st Infantry
Heller N. O. 50th Infantry
Helmandollar Granger, Jr. 50th Infantry
Helmandollar Granger, Sr. 50th Infantry
Helmandollar John H. 50th Infantry
Helmandollar William 50th Infantry
Helmandollar William H. 29th Infantry
Helms John W. 21st Cavalry
Helms Tazwell W. 21st Cavalry
Helton Eli Virginia State Line
Helton John Virginia State Line
Helton Robert Virginia State Line
Helvy Franklin G. 51st Infantry
Hemmings James W. Virginia State Line
Henager David C. 64th Infantry
Henchin John Virginia State Line
Henderson Ambrose R. 50th Infantry
Henderson Arnold P. 50th Infantry
Henderson William 50th Infantry
Henderson A. P. 51st Infantry
Henderson Augustus F. 51st Infantry
Henderson Ryburn Virginia State Line
Henderson William H. Virginia State Line
Henderson J. R. 21st Cavalry
Hendrick Benjamin F. 29th Infantry
Hendrick Nathaniel 29th Infantry
Hendrick Michael 51st Infantry
Hendrick Meritt S. 21st Infantry
Hendrick Thomas T. 21st Infantry
Hendrick William H. 21st Infantry
Hendricks G. W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hendricks Andrew Jackson Virginia State Line
Hendricks Samuel 21st Cavalry
Hendricks Vinson 21st Cavalry
Hendricks William F. 21st Cavalry
Hendrix Robert 21st Cavalry
Heneclan Joseph 29th Infantry
Henegar William A. 50th Infantry
Henegar John W. 64th Infantry
Heneger Crockett 50th Infantry
Heneger Samuel Alec 50th Infantry
Heninger William Ellis 50th Infantry
Henkel Gasper 29th Infantry
Henkel Lazwell 29th Infantry
Henley Lewis 29th Infantry
Henley James William 51st Infantry
Henley Richardson 51st Infantry
Henniger Jedadiah G. 29th Infantry
Henninger Samuel T. 50th Infantry
Henry C. S. 29th Infantry
Henry Judson Virginia State Line
Henry William 21st Cavalry
Henry M 21st Infantry
Henry Patrick 21st Infantry
Henshaw Leonard W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hensley Wiley 7th Cavalry-French's
Hensley Comfort Virginia State Line
Hensley William B. Virginia State Line
Hensley Eli 64th Mounted Infantry
Hensley John 64th Mounted Infantry
Hensley Robert P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hensley W. R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hensley William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hensley William P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hensley Eli 64th Infantry
Hensley John A. 64th Infantry
Hensley Joseph E. 64th Infantry
Hensley William D. 64th Infantry
Hensley Burden (Byrd) 45th Infantry Battalion
Hensley Comfort 45th Infantry Battalion
Hensley William B. 45th Infantry Battalion
Heozle Henry Virginia State Line
Hepinstall T. J. 21st Cavalry
Hepinstall Patrick H. 21st Cavalry
Herald Milton 64th Mounted Infantry
Herald William 64th Mounted Infantry
Herd Claiborn J. 51st Infantry
Herden William 21st Cavalry
Herdon Larkin 64th Infantry
Herington John 51st Infantry
Herndon J. T. Virginia State Line
Herndon Elisha L. 21st Infantry
Herrin L. Jesse A. Virginia State Line
Herrold Galen 29th Infantry
Herron Harvey 64th Mounted Infantry
Herron Lewis 64th Mounted Infantry
Hess David 29th Infantry
Hess John H. 29th Infantry
Hess Thomas 50th Infantry
Hess Harvey Virginia State Line
Hess Jacob Virginia State Line
Hess James Virginia State Line
Hess James Virginia State Line
Hess John D. Virginia State Line
Hess John Virginia State Line
Hester L. J. Virginia State Line
Hester William 21st Cavalry
Hewitt Levi Virginia State Line
Hewitt Roswell G. Virginia State Line
Hiatt Anderson 29th Infantry
Hiatt Jesse E. 29th Infantry
Hiatt Uriah Franklin 29th Infantry
Hiatt William 29th Infantry
Hiatt Eli W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hiatt Enos K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hiatt John A. G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hiatt Marion E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hiatt John A. G. 64th Infantry
Hibbits James M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hibbits Richard 7th Cavalry-French's
Hibbitts James Virginia State Line
Hibbitts Richard Virginia State Line
Hibtinstall W. B. 21st Cavalry
Hickam Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Hickam Francis Marion 64th Mounted Infantry
Hickam George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Hickam Isaac W. 64th Infantry
Hickman Arthur, Jr. Virginia State Line
Hickman R. M. Virginia State Line
Hicks Ausker J. 29th Infantry
Hicks George W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hicks Harvey 29th Infantry
Hicks James P. 50th Infantry
Hicks Robert Lee 50th Infantry
Hicks Bransford 51st Infantry
Hicks John N. 51st Infantry
Hicks Winton B. 51st Infantry
Hicks David Virginia State Line
Hicks William H. 21st Infantry
Hicks David 45th Infantry Battalion
Hicks Reuben Anderson 45th Infantry Battalion
Higginbotham Bailey 29th Infantry
Higginbotham Benjamin Sandidge 51st Infantry
Higginbotham William A. 51st Infantry
Higginbotham Virginia State Line Virginia State Line
Higgins John C. 29th Infantry
Higgins William J. Virginia State Line
Higgins David 64th Mounted Infantry
Higgins Eugene 21st Infantry
Higgins John P. 21st Infantry
Higgins W. T. 21st Infantry
High Thomas P. 21st Infantry
Highley Burton S. 51st Infantry
Highry Joseph L. Virginia State Line
Hill Amos B. 50th Infantry
Hill B. C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hill Harvey E. 50th Infantry
Hill John W. 50th Infantry
Hill Mitchell 7th Cavalry-French's
Hill Thomas C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hill William 7th Cavalry-French's
Hill William F. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hill John A. 51st Infantry
Hill Willis D. 51st Infantry
Hill Francis Virginia State Line
Hill John Virginia State Line
Hill Martin Virginia State Line
Hill Mitchell Virginia State Line
Hill Nathaniel Davis Virginia State Line
Hill Reed Virginia State Line
Hill Richard V. Virginia State Line
Hill Thomas B. Virginia State Line
Hill Isaac W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hill John 64th Mounted Infantry
Hill D. Greef 21st Cavalry
Hill Martin 21st Cavalry
Hill Henry M. 21st Infantry
Hill John 64th Infantry
Hill John 64th Infantry
Hill Robert 64th Infantry
Hill Reed 45th Infantry Battalion
Hillenburg Austin W. 29th Infantry
Hillenburg Eli 29th Infantry
Hilliard E. C. Virginia State Line
Hillman John W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hillman James H. Virginia State Line
Hillman John W. Virginia State Line
Hilton James F. 51st Infantry
Hilton Emanuel H. Virginia State Line
Hilton William Virginia State Line
Hilton Emanuel H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hincham Lorenzo D. Virginia State Line
Hinck Jacob 51st Infantry
Hindman   Virginia State Line
Hindman William R. Virginia State Line
Hinds W. J. 21st Infantry
Hineman Lafayette Virginia State Line
Hines J. H. 50th Infantry
Hines Jacob G. 51st Infantry
Hines Mathew B. Virginia State Line
Hines Joseph 21st Infantry
Hinkle John Virginia State Line
Hinkle William Virginia State Line
Hinshaw Leonard W. 64th Infantry
Hinsman Samuel B. Virginia State Line
Hird Ira 21st Cavalry
Hite A 21st Cavalry
Hite Joseph S. 21st Cavalry
Hoard William A. 50th Infantry
Hoback Henry 50th Infantry
Hoback Charles 51st Infantry
Hoback James A. 51st Infantry
Hoback Fredinand 21st Cavalry
Hobbs Hardy 29th Infantry
Hobbs Zion 50th Infantry
Hobbs James A. Virginia State Line
Hobbs Aaron Spencer 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs David Crockett 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs Hampton B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs Job 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs John Zion 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs Joshua Ewing 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs Vincent 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs Z. T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs Zion Flanary 64th Mounted Infantry
Hobbs James A. 21st Cavalry
Hobbs David Crockett 64th Infantry
Hobbs David L. 64th Infantry
Hobbs Francis Marion 64th Infantry
Hobbs John Zion 64th Infantry
Hobbs Joshua Ewing 64th Infantry
Hobbs William Z. 64th Infantry
Hobsent Albert Virginia State Line
Hobson Albert S. Virginia State Line
Hobson O. H. Virginia State Line
Hobson Deane 21st Infantry
Hodge William 51st Infantry
Hodge William M. 51st Infantry
Hodge Calaway 64th Mounted Infantry
Hodge Emanuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Hodge Moses Drury 21st Infantry
Hodges Daniel 21st Infantry
Hodson E. Peyton 21st Infantry
Hoff John 51st Infantry
Hoffman Robert H. 50th Infantry
Hoffman R. Curzen 21st Infantry
Hogan Abraham 51st Infantry
Hogan G. H. Virginia State Line
Hogan Thomas 21st Cavalry
Hoge W. N. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hoke C. C. Virginia State Line
Hoke Henry Virginia State Line
Holaway Jackson 51st Infantry
Holbert John K. Virginia State Line
Holbert Reuben E. Virginia State Line
Holbrook Covey 7th Cavalry-French's
Holbrook Daniel 29th Infantry
Holbrook James W. 29th Infantry
Holbrook Robert A. 29th Infantry
Holbrooks Joseph 29th Infantry
Holcomb William Henry Virginia State Line
Holcum Thomas R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Holdaway Andrew C. 51st Infantry
Holdaway David C. 51st Infantry
Holdaway T. 51st Infantry
Holdaway William R. 51st Infantry
Holdaway Henry W. 64th Infantry
Holdway M 21st Cavalry
Holland James Ballrad 50th Infantry
Holland William J. 29th Infantry
Holland Joseph 21st Infantry
Holleway Floyd 21st Cavalry
Holley James 51st Infantry
Holley James H. Virginia State Line
Holley Moses Virginia State Line
Holley William 21st Cavalry
Holley J. E. 21st Infantry
Holliday J. W. 21st Cavalry
Holliday Robert P. 21st Cavalry
Hollingsworth John F. 50th Infantry
Hollingsworth John T. 50th Infantry
Hollins Frederick W. 21st Infantry
Hollinsworth John J. 51st Infantry
Hollinsworth Thomas L. 51st Infantry
Holliway Charles S. 21st Cavalry
Holloway Charles S. Virginia State Line
Holloway Floyd Virginia State Line
Holloway Martin Virginia State Line
Holly Perry Virginia State Line
Holman George W. 21st Cavalry
Holmes James Virginia State Line
Holmes John H. S. Virginia State Line
Holmes V. J. Virginia State Line
Holmes Edward A. 21st Cavalry
Holsapple James P. Virginia State Line
Holsapple James V. Virginia State Line
Holsey Cecil 51st Infantry
Holsey Granville 51st Infantry
Holsey Morris 51st Infantry
Holston Alexander P. 29th Infantry
Holt J. L. 50th Infantry
Holt William 50th Infantry
Holt Walter (Walker) Virginia State Line
Holt Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Holt Andrew Jackson 64th Infantry
Homes Benjamin J. Virginia State Line
Honaker Andrew Jackson 50th Infantry
Honaker Peter Augustus 50th Infantry
Honaker William C. 51st Infantry
Honaker John Virginia State Line
Honaker Martin Virginia State Line
Honeycutt Valentine 64th Mounted Infantry
Honeycutt William R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hood William 64th Mounted Infantry
Hood Robert 21st Infantry
Hood William 64th Infantry
Hooker Samuel 50th Infantry
Hooker Samuel 51st Infantry
Hoolbrack J. L. 21st Cavalry
Hooper James 21st Infantry
Hooper John 21st Infantry
Hoover Andy 50th Infantry
Hoover Henry 50th Infantry
Hoover Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Hoover Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Hoover Jacob 64th Mounted Infantry
Hoover Martin Van Buren 64th Mounted Infantry
Hoover John 21st Cavalry
Hopkins Jeremiah L. 50th Infantry
Hopkins Thomas 29th Infantry
Hopkins H. D. 51st Infantry
Hopkins James M. 51st Infantry
Hopkins Mandarville J. Virginia State Line
Hopkins Simeon Virginia State Line
Hopkins Jacob 64th Mounted Infantry
Hopkins Reuben 64th Mounted Infantry
Hopkins David 21st Cavalry
Hopkins Simeon 21st Cavalry
Hopkins Mandarville "Mandy" J. 45th Infantry Battalion
Hoppers Daniel 21st Cavalry
Horn Americus D. 50th Infantry
Horn Charles W. 50th Infantry
Horn Jesse 50th Infantry
Horn Thomas 50th Infantry
Horn William 7th Cavalry-French's
Horn Johnson 51st Infantry
Horn Stephen 51st Infantry
Horn Henry 21st Cavalry
Horn Henry 64th Infantry
Horne Isaac M. 29th Infantry
Horne John D. 29th Infantry
Horne William R. B. 29th Infantry
Horne Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Horne John Polson 64th Mounted Infantry
Horne Samuel P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Horne Stephen 64th Mounted Infantry
Horton J. R. 50th Infantry
Horton James H. 50th Infantry
Horton Thomas 50th Infantry
Horton William Harvey 50th Infantry
Horton William M. 50th Infantry
Horton Daniel Virginia State Line
Horton Henry Virginia State Line
Horton Enoch H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Horton J. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Horton Robert H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Horton Enoch H. 64th Infantry
Horton Lilburn H. 64th Infantry
Horton Robert H. 64th Infantry
Hosey Archibald L. Virginia State Line
Hoskins Daniel 21st Infantry
Hoskins George W. 21st Infantry
Hosley P. H. 21st Cavalry
Hosley John 21st Infantry
Host John Virginia State Line
Hostetter William Virginia State Line
Hottell Joseph 50th Infantry
Houchin John Virginia State Line
Houchins J. Burwell 50th Infantry
Houchins John 50th Infantry
Houchins John T. 50th Infantry
Houchins A. W. 51st Infantry
Houndashell William Anderson 29th Infantry
Houndshell P 21st Cavalry
Hounshell Jediah G. 50th Infantry
Hounshell Daniel C. 51st Infantry
Hounshell Pierson D. 51st Infantry
Hounshell David Stuart Virginia State Line
Hounshell Peter 64th Infantry
House Charles H. 21st Infantry
House Isaac 21st Infantry
House James J. 21st Infantry
Houston George W. 21st Infantry
Howard Charles 50th Infantry
Howard James O. 7th Cavalry-French's
Howard William P. 51st Infantry
Howard James O. Virginia State Line
Howard William H. Virginia State Line
Howard Robert 21st Cavalry
Howard William H. 21st Cavalry
Howard William Ira 21st Cavalry
Howel John W. 51st Infantry
Howell Samuel 50th Infantry
Howell W. J. 50th Infantry
Howell Caleb 51st Infantry
Howell Isaac 51st Infantry
Howell William A. 51st Infantry
Howell Jeremiah B. Virginia State Line
Howell Larkin Virginia State Line
Howell Marshall W. Virginia State Line
Howell Osborne Virginia State Line
Howell Peter Virginia State Line
Howell William Burwell Virginia State Line
Howell Byron 21st Cavalry
Howell Marshall 21st Cavalry
Howell Thomas D. 21st Cavalry
Howell Boaz F. 21st Infantry
Howery Wilson J. Virginia State Line
Howery Cabed 21st Cavalry
Howery Wilson J. 21st Cavalry
Howlett Alfred 29th Infantry
Howlett David Calfee 29th Infantry
Howlett James 29th Infantry
Howlett Pinkney Dorsey 29th Infantry
Howry Charles D. 50th Infantry
Hubbard Burdine 7th Cavalry-French's
Hubbard Edmond 7th Cavalry-French's
Hubbard Eli 29th Infantry
Hubbard Jesse 29th Infantry
Hubbard Jesse 7th Cavalry-French's
Hubbard John W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hubbard Benjamin B. 51st Infantry
Hubbard John L. 51st Infantry
Hubbard Jonathan W. 51st Infantry
Hubbard Thomas M. 51st Infantry
Hubbard William 51st Infantry
Hubbard Burdine Virginia State Line
Hubbard Edmond Virginia State Line
Hubbard Jesse Virginia State Line
Hubbard John W. Virginia State Line
Hubbard   21st Infantry
Hubbard J. L. 21st Infantry
Hubbard Jake 21st Infantry
Hubbard Samuel 21st Infantry
Hubbard Thoams H. 21st Infantry
Hubbard William R. 21st Infantry
Hubbard Noah 64th Infantry
Hubbard John F. 45th Infantry Battalion
Hubble Clayton J. 50th Infantry
Hubble George W. 50th Infantry
Hubble John S. 50th Infantry
Hubble John T. 50th Infantry
Hubble William Joshua C. 50th Infantry
Hubble William S. 29th Infantry
Hubble William J. 51st Infantry
Hubble Andrew J. 21st Cavalry
Hubble JOhn S. 21st Cavalry
Huckman J. M. Virginia State Line
Huddle Benjamin Jacob 29th Infantry
Huddle Josiah Emory 29th Infantry
Huddle John F. 51st Infantry
Huddle William H. 21st Cavalry
Huddler W 51st Infantry
Huddleston Daniel 21st Infantry
Huddleston Samuel Thomas 21st Infantry
Huddleston William 21st Infantry
Hudgins E. L. 21st Infantry
Hudgins Robert B. 21st Infantry
Hudgins William S. 21st Infantry
Hudson Charles 51st Infantry
Hudson Doss 51st Infantry
Hudson George, Jr. 51st Infantry
Hudson George W. 51st Infantry
Hudson Jackson 51st Infantry
Hudson John 51st Infantry
Hudson Joseph 51st Infantry
Hudson Lindsey 51st Infantry
Hudson M. B. 51st Infantry
Hudson Parker 51st Infantry
Hudson Robert 51st Infantry
Hudson William 51st Infantry
Hudson Benjamin Virginia State Line
Hudson Burleigh 21st Infantry
Hudson P. P. 21st Infantry
Hudson William O. 21st Infantry
Huff Isaac 50th Infantry
Huff James 50th Infantry
Huff Lorenzo Dow 29th Infantry
Huff Peter 29th Infantry
Huff Vincent C. 29th Infantry
Huff William 29th Infantry
Huff William T. 51st Infantry
Huff John 64th Mounted Infantry
Huff Lorenzo Dow 64th Mounted Infantry
Huff William T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Huffman Joseph Draper 29th Infantry
Huffman Thomas J. 29th Infantry
Huffman Aaron W. Virginia State Line
Huffman J. E. Virginia State Line
Huffman John Virginia State Line
Huffman Thomas Jefferson Virginia State Line
Huffman Washington J. Virginia State Line
Huffman Aaron W. 45th Infantry Battalion
Hufford James 50th Infantry
Hufford Joseph Jackson 50th Infantry
Hufford William 50th Infantry
Hughes Alfred C. 50th Infantry
Hughes Brooks W. 50th Infantry
Hughes Daniel 29th Infantry
Hughes David 29th Infantry
Hughes Granderson 29th Infantry
Hughes James W. 29th Infantry
Hughes John 29th Infantry
Hughes Saul 29th Infantry
Hughes A. W. 51st Infantry
Hughes John 51st Infantry
Hughes William Virginia State Line
Hughes David S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hughes George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Hughes Ira G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hughes John 64th Mounted Infantry
Hughes John T. 64th Mounted Infantry
HUghes Tobias V. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hughes William 64th Mounted Infantry
Hughes R. S. 21st Infantry
Hughes David S. 64th Infantry
Hull Irving 21st Infantry
Hull John 21st Infantry
Humes Andrew R. Virginia State Line
Humes Franklin A. Virginia State Line
Humes Andrew R. 21st Cavalry
Humes Frank Alexander 21st Cavalry
Hummel Abraham 50th Infantry
Humphreys James Bolen 50th Infantry
Humphries Madison Virginia State Line
Hundley Charles H. 29th Infantry
Hundley E. J. 29th Infantry
Hundley Valentine 51st Infantry
Hundley C. R. 21st Cavalry
Hundley Wiley T. 21st Infantry
Hunley Jordan 7th Cavalry-French's
Hunnecutt Valentine 64th Infantry
Hunnecutt William R. 64th Infantry
Hunsucker Archibald 29th Infantry
Hunsucker John 29th Infantry
Hunsucker Archibald 64th Mounted Infantry
Hunsucker James 64th Mounted Infantry
Hunsucker Jonathan 64th Mounted Infantry
Hunt John 29th Infantry
Hunt R. F. 51st Infantry
Hunt Simeon Virginia State Line
Hunt Thomas J. Virginia State Line
Hunter Moses Virginia State Line
Hunter Robert Virginia State Line
Hunter Moses 21st Cavalry
Hunter William 21st Cavalry
Hunter J. A. 21st Infantry
Hunter John T. 21st Infantry
Huntgate Thomas 51st Infantry
Huntley James G. 50th Infantry
Hurd Henry W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Hurdman (Hardiman) William L. Virginia State Line
Hurley J. B. Virginia State Line
Hurley J. W. Virginia State Line
Hurley John B. Virginia State Line
Hurley Jonathan Virginia State Line
Hurley Jonathan Virginia State Line
Hurley Peyton Virginia State Line
Hurley S. R. Virginia State Line
Hurley Samuel R. Virginia State Line
Hurley Samuel Virginia State Line
Hurst George 7th Cavalry-French's
Hurst Isaac 7th Cavalry-French's
Hurst Isaac Franklin 29th Infantry
Hurst Jesse T. 29th Infantry
Hurst Stephen C. 50th Infantry
Hurst William Calvin 29th Infantry
Hurst Zachariah 50th Infantry
Hurst David 51st Infantry
Hurst James M. 51st Infantry
Hurst Monroe 51st Infantry
Hurst Rufus F. 51st Infantry
Hurst William Floyd 21st Cavalry
Hurt Aaron L. 29th Infantry
Hurt Andrew J. 29th Infantry
Hurt Andy Fuller 29th Infantry
Hurt George W. 29th Infantry
Hurt Thurston 29th Infantry
Hurt Henry H. 51st Infantry
Hurt James B. 51st Infantry
Hurt James H. 51st Infantry
Hurt William H. 51st Infantry
Hurt Charles Virginia State Line
Hurt John G. Virginia State Line
Hurt Meekin S. Virginia State Line
Hurt A. J. 21st Cavalry
Hushen Samuel 45th Infantry Battalion
Hussey T. Virginia State Line
Hutcheons T. J. 21st Cavalry
Hutcheson Joseph 21st Infantry
Hutcheson Joseph Chappell 21st Infantry
Hutchins Calvin 29th Infantry
Hutchins John H. 50th Infantry
Hutchins Malcolm L. 21st Infantry
Hutchinson Henry H. Virginia State Line
Hutchinson Nathaniel M. Virginia State Line
Hutton William J. Virginia State Line
Hutton William E. 64th Infantry
Hyden Granville 64th Mounted Infantry
Hyden John M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hyden John R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Hyden William 64th Mounted Infantry
Hyden Granville 64th Infantry
Hyden John M. 64th Infantry
Hyden John R. 64th Infantry
Hyden William 64th Infantry
Hylton Charles M. 29th Infantry
Hylton James A. 50th Infantry
Hylton Harden 51st Infantry
Hylton Ira A. 51st Infantry
Hylton William B. 51st Infantry
Hylton Dennis Virginia State Line
Hynne R. W. 50th Infantry
Ingle Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Ingle Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Ingle Jacob 64th Mounted Infantry
Ingle James 64th Mounted Infantry
Ingle John 64th Mounted Infantry
Ingle William 64th Mounted Infantry
Ingle Isaac 64th Infantry
Ingle William 64th Infantry
Inglehart William T. 21st Infantry
Ingles C 21st Cavalry
Ingoldsby P. H. 51st Infantry
Ingram Richard L. 51st Infantry
Inman Jesse 51st Infantry
Inman John C. 51st Infantry
Irby Robert 21st Infantry
Irby Zachariah 21st Infantry
Irving Francis Deane 21st Infantry
Isaac Francis 21st Cavalry
Isaacs Solomon 21st Cavalry
Isenhart George W. Virginia State Line
Isom Edmond 29th Infantry
Isom George 29th Infantry
Isom Scottman 29th Infantry
Isom Fieldon 51st Infantry
Isom Henly 51st Infantry
Isom William 51st Infantry
Isom Edmund 64th Mounted Infantry
Isom George 64th Mounted Infantry
Isom Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Isom James 64th Mounted Infantry
Isom Landon C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Isom Morrison 64th Mounted Infantry
Ivery Benjamin W 29th Infantry

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