Virginia Confederate Soldiers
Surnames A-B

Additional information can be found about these soldiers from theVirginia Regimental Series.  Also soldiers often served in more than one unit, so research all entries by individuals with the same names.

Data compiled and submitted by Rhonda Roberson ©2001

Aaron George W 21st Infantry
Abbio James M 51st Infantry
Abernathy L. M. 29th Infantry
Able Mathias 51st Infantry
Able Alexander Virginia State Line
Able Joseph H. Virginia State Line
Absher John 64th Infantry
Absher William 64th Infantry
Absher James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Absher William 64th Mounted Infantry
Abshire J. L. 21st Cavalry
Acord James Virginia State Line
Acord John T. Virginia State Line
Acord Joseph Virginia State Line
Acord James 45th Battalion Infantry
Acord John T. 45th Battalion Infantry
Acord Joseph 45th Battalion Infantry
Adair James 45th Battalion Infantry
Adair Samuel 45th Battalion Infantry
Adams E. Conly 50th Infantry
Adams Jesse B. 7th Cavalry-Frenchs's
Adams John 50th Infantry
Adams John 7th Cavalry-French's
Adams John D. 7th Cavalry-French's
Adams Mastin 50th Infantry
Adams Allen A. 51st Infantry
Adams Charles T. 51st Infantry
Adams D. W. 51st Infantry
Adams John H. 51st Infantry
Adams Nathaniel P. 51st Infantry
Adams William R. 51st Infantry
Adams Benjamin Virginia State Line
Adams James F. Virginia State Line
Adams James J. Virginia State Line
Adams Jesse B. Virginia State Line
Adams John D. Virginia State Line
Adams John Virginia State Line
Adams Solomon Virginia State Line
Adams William P. Virginia State Line
Adams Joshua T. 21st Cavalry
Adams James T. 21st Infantry
Adams John L. 21st Infantry
Adams John O. 21st Infantry
Adams Robert T. 21st Infantry
Adams Samuel T. 21st Infantry
Adams Sylvester 21st Infantry
Adams William T. 21st Infantry
Adams Henry B. 64th Infantry
Adams James M. 64th Infantry
Adams William T. 64th Infantry
Adams William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Adams James W. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adcock Joseph C. 21st Infantry
Adcock Samuel P. 21st Infantry
Addams A.(Aaron) 45th Battalion Infantry
Addington James Henderson 7th Cavalry-French's
Addington James K. 7th Cavalry-French's
Addington James M. 50th Infantry
Addington Jasper M. 50th Infantry
Addington John W. 50th Infantry
Addington Thomas Jefferson 7th Cavalry-French's
Addington James K. Virginia State Line
Addington Thomas Jefferson Virginia State Line
Addington Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Addison Silas H. Virginia State Line
Adkerson Nathaniel Coleman 21st Infantry
Adkins Charles 7th Cavalry-French's
Adkins Henry 7th Cavalry-French's
Adkins Henry 7th Cavalry-French's
Adkins James 29th Infantry
Adkins Larkin 7th Cavalry-French's
Adkins William P. 7th Cavalry-French's
Adkins Alexander 51st Infantry
Adkins Albert M. Virginia State Line
Adkins Anderson Virginia State Line
Adkins Archibald Virginia State Line
Adkins Berry Virginia State Line
Adkins Champ Virginia State Line
Adkins Charles Virginia State Line
Adkins Elias Virginia State Line
Adkins Evermont Virginia State Line
Adkins Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Adkins George Virginia State Line
Adkins Hansford Virginia State Line
Adkins Henry Virginia State Line
Adkins Hugh B. Virginia State Line
Adkins Jackson Virginia State Line
Adkins James M. Virginia State Line
Adkins Jones Virginia State Line
Adkins Joseph N. Virginia State Line
Adkins Lafayette Virginia State Line
Adkins Larkin Virginia State Line
Adkins Peter Virginia State Line
Adkins Randolph Virginia State Line
Adkins Robert G. Virginia State Line
Adkins Roff Virginia State Line
Adkins Silas Virginia State Line
Adkins Squire Virginia State Line
Adkins Sylvester, Sr. Virginia State Line
Adkins Wesley Virginia State Line
Adkins William P. Virginia State Line
Adkins Winchester Virginia State Line
Adkins Abner 21st Infantry
Adkins Ballard Preston 21st Infantry
Adkins Samuel 21st Infantry
Adkins Spencer 21st Infantry
Adkins   64th Infantry
Adkins Elias 64th Infantry
Adkins Albert M. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Alexander 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Archibald 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Champ 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Corn(Cornelius) 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Elias 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Enos 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Evermont 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins George 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Hansford 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Hugh B. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins James M. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Joseph 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Merritt 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Randolph 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Robert G. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Sherrard 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Sylvester Jr. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Sylvester Sr. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins William P. 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkins Winchester 45th Battalion Infantry
Adkinson Joshua L. 21st Infantry
Agee George M. 51st Infantry
Agee Tazwell 51st Infantry
Agee John 21st Cavalry
Agee W. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Agner William P. 64th Infantry
Agner William P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Agnew Novasembla JOhnson 21st Cavalry
Aker Andrew T. 51st Infantry
Aker Calvin 51st Infantry
Aker George 51st Infantry
Aker John, Jr. 51st Infantry
Aker John, Sr. 51st Infantry
Aker Robert S. 51st Infantry
Akers Archibald 29th Infantry
Akers J. A. 7th Cavalry-French's
Akers J. S. 7th Cavalry-French's
Akers Isaac N. 51st Infantry
Akers John A. 51st Infantry
Akers John J. 51st Infantry
Akers Nathaniel C. 51st Infantry
Akers Samuel R. 51st Infantry
Akers William J. 51st Infantry
Akers William T. 51st Infantry
Akers William T. 51st Infantry
Akers J. A. Virginia State Line
Akers Jackson Virginia State Line
Akers Roland Virginia State Line
Akers A. B. 21st Cavalry
Akers E 21st Cavalry
Akers H. S. 21st Cavalry
Akers Jackson 21st Cavalry
Akers James M. 21st Cavalry
Akers J. B. 21st Cavalry
Akers Madison J. 21st Cavalry
Akers Roland 21st Cavalry
Akers R 21st Cavalry
Albert Frederick H. 51st Infantry
Alderman Allen Jefferson 29th Infantry
Alderman Eli Madison 29th Infantry
Alderman Francis Marion 50th Infantry
Alderman John A. Virginia State Line
Alderman Solomon Virginia State Line
Alderman Walter Forward Virginia State Line
Alderson Francis M. 29th Infantry
Alderson W. M. Virginia State Line
Aldridge David Virginia State Line
Aldridge Joseph L. Virginia State Line
Aldridge William M. Virginia State Line
Aldridge Joseph L. 21st Cavalry
Aldridge William 21st Cavalry
Aldridge Francis 64th Infantry
Aldridge Isaac N. 64th Infantry
Alexander Daniel 29th Infantry
Alexander General Jackson 29th Infantry
Alexander John C. 29th Infantry
Alexander Richard P. 29th Infantry
Alexander William C. 29th Infantry
Alexander F. 51st Infantry
Alexander S. V. Virginia State Line
Alexander D 21st Cavalry
Alexander George W. 21st Cavalry
Alford John Franklin 51st Infantry
Alford Isaac 51st Infantry
Alfred E 21st Cavalry
Alif William H. Thomas 21st Cavalry
Alison James Virginia State Line
Alison James 45th Battalion Infantry
Allen Anderson 29th Infantry
Allen Bailey 29th Infantry
Allen Henly Helm 7th Cavalry-French's
Allen James D. 50th Infantry
Allen Jeremiah 29th Infantry
Allen Robert 29th Infantry
Allen Shadrach 29th Infantry
Allen Stephen B. 29th Infantry
Allen William D. 50th Infantry
Allen William Henry 29th Infantry
Allen Carr 51st Infantry
Allen Creed G. 51st Infantry
Allen Hartwill G. 51st Infantry
Allen John 51st Infantry
Allen Joseph 51st Infantry
Allen Lemuel 51st Infantry
Allen William 51st Infantry
Allen Leander S. 51st Infantry
Allen Andrew Virginia State Line
Allen Gilbert Virginia State Line
Allen Hugh Virginia State Line
Allen James Henry Virginia State Line
Allen James Virginia State Line
Allen John Virginia State Line
Allen Samuel C. Virginia State Line
Allen Benjamin 21st Cavalry
Allen James 21st Cavalry
Allen Moses 21st Cavalry
Allen William T. 21st Cavalry
Allen D. C. 21st Infantry
Allen Darling 21st Infantry
Allen David R. 21st Infantry
Allen Meredith J. 21st Infantry
Allen Pollock E. 21st Infantry
Allen Thompson (Thomas) 21st Infantry
Allen Thompson L. 21st Infantry
Allen William A, 21st Infantry
Allen William T. 21st Infantry
Allen Young T. 21st Infantry
Allen John 64th Infantry
Allen McDaniel 64th Infantry
Allen James 64th Mounted Infantry
Allen Martin 64th Mounted Infantry
Allen McDaniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Allen Moses 64th Mounted Infantry
Allen William 64th Mounted Infantry
Allen James Henry 45th Battalion Infantry
Alley David J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Allison George W. 29th Infantry
Allison William F. 50th Infantry
Allison David S. 51st Infantry
Allison James C. 51st Infantry
Allison William T. 51st Infantry
Allison James Virginia State Line
Allison Robert Virginia State Line
Allison William F. Virginia State Line
Allison Jackson 21st Cavalry
Allison Robert 21st Cavalry
Allison William F. 21st Cavalry
Almand (Almond) David 21st Infantry
Almond David Crockett 21st Infantry
Almond James T. 21st Infantry
Almond Joshua Morris 21st Infantry
Almond Thomas 21st Infantry
Alson T. 51st Infantry
Altizer John A. 29th Infantry
Altizer John Griffith Virginia State Line
Altizer Aaron 45th Battalion Infantry
Altop Evan Virginia State Line
Altop Lewis Virginia State Line
Altre Nicholas Virginia State Line
Alvey John F. Virginia State Line
Alvey John F. 45th Battalion Infantry
Amburgy William H. Virginia State Line
Amburn William Henry 29th Infantry
Amburn William J. 29th Infantry
Amburn Presley H. 51st Infantry
Amburn William 21st Cavalry
Ames T. S. 21st Infantry
Amiss John William 50th Infantry
Amos Josephus 21st Cavalry
Anders Jasper 51st Infantry
Anders Newton 51st Infantry
Anders Osborn 51st Infantry
Anderson Daniel S. 50th Infantry
Anderson David C. 29th Infantry
Anderson Elbert T. 50th Infantry
Anderson Frank 29th Infantry
Anderson George W. 29th Infantry
Anderson Harvey 50th Infantry
Anderson James Melvin 29th Infantry
Anderson Jerome B. 50th Infantry
Anderson John W. 29th Infantry
Anderson Joseph W. 29th Infantry
Anderson M. L. 50th Infantry
Anderson Spencer M. 50th Infantry
Anderson Stephen 50th Infantry
Anderson Stephen F. 50th Infantry
Anderson William O. 29th Infantry
Anderson William W. 50th Infantry
Anderson B. F. 51st Infantry
Anderson Churchill Harvey 51st Infantry
Anderson David 51st Infantry
Anderson Friel 51st Infantry
Anderson George W. 51st Infantry
Anderson Henry W. 51st Infantry
Anderson Jessee 51st Infantry
Anderson John M. 51st Infantry
Anderson Joseph Mahlone 51st Infantry
Anderson McCoy 51st Infantry
Anderson Noah 51st Infantry
Anderson David Virginia State Line
Anderson John Virginia State Line
Anderson John Virginia State Line
Anderson John Virginia State Line
Anderson Marcus Virginia State Line
Anderson Meredith H. Virginia State Line
Anderson Samuel Virginia State Line
Anderson Shadrach Virginia State Line
Anderson James H. 21st Cavalry
Anderson John 21st Cavalry
Anderson Archer 21st Infantry
Anderson Charles 21st Infantry
Anderson Henry V. 21st Infantry
Anderson Jaems H. 21st Infantry
Anderson Junius H. 21st Infantry
Anderson Meredith 21st Infantry
Anderson William S. 21st Infantry
Anderson George W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Anderson Lewis 64th Mounted Infantry
Anderson S 64th Mounted Infantry
Andis John M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Andis Simon P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Andis William 64th Mounted Infantry
Andreson Samuel 21st Cavalry
Andrew William W. 50th Infantry
Andrew William Virginia State Line
Andrews Henry 29th Infantry
Andrews Stephen 51st Infantry
Andrews Alfred Virginia State Line
Andrews J. D. 21st Cavalry
Angel J. H. 29th Infantry
Angel D. T. Virginia State Line
Angel Woodson O. 21st Cavalry
Angel Charles L. 21st Infantry
Angel George W. 21st Infantry
Angel James 21st Infantry
Angel Joseph L. 21st Infantry
Apason John 64th Infantry
Apperson Lemuel Poindexter 21st Infantry
Appleby George R. Virginia State Line
Appleby George R. 21st Cavalry
Apsher John 51st Infantry
Arbaugh James M. Virginia State Line
Arbogast Martin Van Buren Virginia State Line
Arbogast Nichodemus Virginia State Line
Archer William D. 51st Infantry
Archer A. C. 21st Infantry
Archer Thomas H. 21st Infantry
Archer William Segar, Jr. 21st Infantry
Argerbright William P. Virginia State Line
Argerbright William P. 21st Cavalry
Armes R. J. 21st Infantry
Armistead Lee A. 21st Infantry
Arnett Thomas C. Virginia State Line
Arnettt Waitman T. Virginia State Line
Arney John Jacob 29th Infantry
Arnold Daniel 50th Infantry
Arnold James 50th Infantry
Arnold James H. 50th Infantry
Arnold Anderson 51st Infantry
Arnold Andrew 51st Infantry
Arnold Elbert S. 51st Infantry
Arnold Winton 51st Infantry
Arnold James 21st Cavalry
Arnold Robert 21st Cavalry
Arnold James E. 64th Infantry
Arnold Alexander T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Arnold James E. 64th Mounted Infantry
Arrington William 50th Infantry
Arrington Spiral G. 51st Infantry
Arrington Lewis Virginia State Line
Arrington Elisha 64th Infantry
Arthur C. W. Virginia State Line
Arthur Richard G. Virginia State Line
Arthur C. W. 21st Cavalry
Arthurs R. F. Virginia State Line
Artrip James 7th Cavalry-French's
Artrip John 7th Cavalry-French's
Artrip Noah 29th Infantry
Artrip James Virginia State Line
Artrip John Virginia State Line
Artrip Noah Virginia State Line
Artrip Noah 21st Cavalry
Asberry Eli Clinton 29th Infantry
Asberry James H. 29th Infantry
Asberry John C. 29th Infantry
Asberry George W. Virginia State Line
Asbury L. C. Virginia State Line
Ash Daniel Virginia State Line
Ash John D. 64th Infantry
Ash John D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ashby Joseph 29th Infantry
Ashby Logan 29th Infantry
Ashby Loge 7th Cavalry-French's
Ashcraft Jeremiah Virginia State Line
Asher J. W. 51st Infantry
Ashley Carie 21st Cavalry
Ashley William 21st Cavalry
Ashworth Mark 50th Infantry
Ashworth Wiley Wood 50th Infantry
Ashworth William O. 29th Infantry
Aston C. C. J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Astrop Oliver 29th Infantry
Atchison Nathaniel S. Virginia State Line
Atkins Riley Allen 29th Infantry
Atkins Ruell Jackson 29th Infantry
Atkins William McDaniel 29th Infantry
Atkins Booker 51st Infantry
ATkins O. C. M. 51st Infantry
ATkins George L. Virginia State Line
Atkins George R. 21st Cavalry
Atkins W. G. 21st Cavalry
Atkins George L. 45th Battalion Infantry
Atkinson John C. Virginia State Line
Atkinson John E. Virginia State Line
Atkinson Fleming W. 21st Cavalry
Atkinson J. W. 21st Cavalry
Atkinson J. W. 21st Infantry
Atnhony John V. 51st Infantry
Atwell Joseph H. 50th Infantry
Atwell Pirtman 29th Infantry
Atwell Pirtman 50th Infantry
Atwell Robert 50th Infantry
Atwell William B. 29th Infantry
Atwell William B. 50th Infantry
Atwell James E. 21st Cavalry
Atwell Francis D. 21st Infantry
August James A. Virginia State Line
Aust Absolom 29th Infantry
Austin James 51st Infantry
Austin Andrew Virginia State Line
Austin Elijah Virginia State Line
Austin Flem Virginia State Line
Austin John Virginia State Line
Austin Tom Virginia State Line
Austin William "Bill" Virginia State Line
Austin David B. 21st Cavalry
Austin Archer (Archibald) 21st Infantry
Austin Coleman A. 21st Infantry
Austin David 21st Infantry
Austin James B. 21st Infantry
Austin James M. 21st Infantry
Austin Marlon G. 21st Infantry
Austin P. F. 21st Infantry
Austin R. A. 21st Infantry
Austin Thomas 21st Infantry
Austin Thomas 21st Infantry
Auxier John M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Aven F. H. 21st Cavalry
Aven S. W. 21st Cavalry
Avernal Jacob Virginia State Line
Avis Hugh C. Virginia State Line
Axton E 51st Infantry
Axton H. T. 51st Infantry
Ayers Anderson 29th Infantry
Ayers Andrew J. 29th Infantry
Ayers Daniel 29th Infantry
Ayers Elihu 29th Infantry
Ayers Elkannah 29th Infantry
Ayers Granville 29th Infantry
Ayers Henry W. 29th Infantry
Ayers James Jackson 29th Infantry
Ayers John Armbrister 29th Infantry
Ayers John Jefferson 29th Infantry
Ayers Joshua 29th Infantry
Ayers Madison 29th Infantry
Ayers William 29th Infantry
Ayers William R. 29th Infantry
Ayers William Riley 29th Infantry
Ayers John C. 51st Infantry
Ayers Martin J. 51st Infantry
Ayers William 51st Infantry
Ayers William 51st Infantry
Ayers William 51st Infantry
Ayers Grandison Virginia State Line
Ayers J. T. Virginia State Line
Ayers Edward S. 21st Infantry
Ayers Thomas 21st Infantry
Ayers William Newton 21st Infantry
Ayers Daniel 64th Infantry
Ayers Henry 64th Infantry
Ayers Jacob W. 64th Infantry
Ayers John W. 64th Infantry
Ayres William 50th Infantry
Baber James Virginia State Line
Babutson R. I. 29th Infantry
Back Lewis C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bacon D. A. 21st Infantry
Bacon Lucius L. 21st Infantry
Bagby David M. 21st Infantry
Bagwell H. B. 51st Infantry
Bailey Cornelius 7th Cavalry-French's
Bailey George Coleman 29th Infantry
Bailey James R. 29th Infantry
Bailey Jessee 29th Infantry
Bailey John H. 29th Infantry
Bailey Thomas John 50th Infantry
Bailey Thomas S. 29th Infantry
Bailey Zachariah H 50th Infantry
Bailey Asher 51st Infantry
Bailey J. T. 51st Infantry
Bailey Samuel J. 51st Infantry
Bailey Thomas 51st Infantry
Bailey Archibald Virginia State Line
Bailey Cloyd Virginia State Line
Bailey Cornelius Virginia State Line
Bailey Fleming Virginia State Line
Bailey Floyd Virginia State Line
Bailey G. M. D. Virginia State Line
Bailey Irvin Virginia State Line
Bailey Jackson Virginia State Line
Bailey John Virginia State Line
Bailey Lewis A. Virginia State Line
Bailey William Virginia State Line
Bailey Benjamin Claiborne 21st Cavalry
Bailey William 21st Cavalry
Bailey John C. 21st Infantry
Bailey Peter H. 64th Infantry
Bailey David 64th Mounted Infantry
Bailey E. D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bailey Henry Clay 64th Mounted Infantry
Bailey John S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bailey John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bailey Peter 64th Mounted Infantry
Bailey Archibald 45th Battalion Infantry
Bailey Cloyd 45th Battalion Infantry
Bailey Irvin 45th Battalion Infantry
Bailey Lewis A. 45th Battalion Infantry
Baily Curtis 51st Infantry
Baily R. K. 21st Cavalry
Baines Edgar W. Virginia State Line
Baird William D. Virginia State Line
Baird Benjamin L. 21st Infantry
Baisden Harrison Virginia State Line
Baisden James Virginia State Line
Baisden John S. Virginia State Line
Baisden John S. Virginia State Line
Baisden Jonathan Virginia State Line
Baisden Solomon Virginia State Line
Baisden Stanley Virginia State Line
Baisden Thomas Virginia State Line
Baisden William Virginia State Line
Bakeley (Beckley) Isaac C. Virginia State Line
Bakeman W. 29th Infantry
Baker Alfred A. 29th Infantry
Baker Isaac 29th Infantry
Baker James 29th Infantry
Baker Keel 7th Cavalry-French's
Baker Noah 29th Infantry
Baker Richard 7th Cavalry-French's
Baker Riley 50th Infantry
Baker William R. 50th Infantry
Baker Morgan Fielden 50th Infantry
Baker Benjamin F. 51st Infantry
Baker C. J. 51st Infantry
Baker Andrew Virginia State Line
Baker J. S. Virginia State Line
Baker James Virginia State Line
Baker John W. Virginia State Line
Baker Keel Virginia State Line
Baker Richard Virginia State Line
Baker B. F. 21st Cavalry
Baker Joel H. 21st Cavalry
Baker Marshall 21st Cavalry
Baker E. L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Baker L. T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Baker Noah 64th Mounted Infantry
Baldock James 51st Infantry
Baldwin G. N. 7th Cavalry-French's
Baldwin Hiram 50th Infantry
Baldwin James Noah 7th Cavalry-French's
Baldwin John 50th Infantry
Baldwin L. H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Baldwin Lilburn H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Baldwin Noah C 50th Infantry
Baldwin Thomas Jefferson 50th Infantry
Baldwin Wesley 29th Infantry
Baldwin William M. 50th Infantry
Baldwin Denison Butler 51st Infantry
Baldwin James Virginia State Line
Baldwin W. L. Virginia State Line
Baldwin Robert Thomas 21st Cavalry
Baldwin Robert Archer 21st Infantry
Baldwin James W. 64th Infantry
Baldwock Reuben P. 51st Infantry
Bales Taylor 50th Infantry
Bales Charles C. 51st Infantry
Bales William A. 51st Infantry
Bales William Virginia State Line
Bales William 21st Cavalry
Bales Archelous 64th Infantry
Bales Caleb 64th Infantry
Balfour   Virginia State Line
Balfour Horace B. Virginia State Line
Balfour Louis J. Virginia State Line
Balisle William 51st Infantry
Ball Isaiah Drake 29th Infantry
Ball Joseph C. 50th Infantry
Ball Daniel 51st Infantry
Ball John E. 51st Infantry
Ball Rufus 51st Infantry
Ball Thomas E. 51st Infantry
Ball William 51st Infantry
Ball Alfred Virginia State Line
Ball Emory Madison Virginia State Line
Ball Harvey G. Virginia State Line
Ball Jacob Virginia State Line
Ball James Harvey Virginia State Line
Ball James W. Virginia State Line
Ball James Virginia State Line
Ball John Wesley Virginia State Line
Ball Lilburn Virginia State Line
Ball Martin Van Buren Virginia State Line
Ball Moses Virginia State Line
Ball Robert S. Virginia State Line
Ball Samuel B. Virginia State Line
Ball William L. Virginia State Line
Ball Moses 64th Infantry
Ball Thomas J. 64th Infantry
Ball William N. 64th Infantry
Ball Jonathan 64th Mounted Infantry
Ball Jonathan K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ball Jonathan R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ball Thomas J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ball William N. 64th Mounted Infantry
Ballah (Ballard) Asa S. Virginia State Line
Ballard Amos 29th Infantry
Ballard Robert K. 29th Infantry
Ballard Edward Virginia State Line
Ballard Francis S. Virginia State Line
Ballard Marine S. Virginia State Line
Ballard Thomas Virginia State Line
Ballard Marine S. 45th Battalion Infantry
Ballrad St. Clair Virginia State Line
Balters William L. Virginia State Line
Balthis William H. Virginia State Line
Balthis  William H. 21st Cavalry
Balz H 51st Infantry
Bamick William R. Virginia State Line
Bandy James 29th Infantry
Bandy Thomas H. 29th Infantry
Bandy James Virginia State Line
Bandy Reuben H. 21st Cavalry
Bandy Thomas M. 21st Cavalry
Banhan John J. Virginia State Line
Banks Richard G., Jr. 50th Infantry
Banks Thomas 29th Infantry
Banks William 29th Infantry
Banks Alfred 64th Mounted Infantry
Banner Charles H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Banner Charles H. Virginia State Line
Bannion Alexander J. 29th Infantry
Bannon Martin Virginia State Line
Banton Edmund 21st Infantry
Baptist Richard H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Baptist Richard H. Virginia State Line
Barb Asa 50th Infantry
Barber Benjamin Virginia State Line
Barber James Virginia State Line
Barber James Virginia State Line
Barber Jeremiah 21st Cavalry
Barber J. A. 21st Infantry
Barber Berry 21st Infantry
Barber Elisha D. 21st Infantry
Barber John Y. 21st Infantry
Barber Nathaniel 21st Infantry
Barber Thomas 21st Infantry
Barber (Barbour) Daniel 21st Infantry
Barbour Abraham 50th Infantry
Barbour Abraham 64th Infantry
Barbour Elijah 64th Infantry
Barbour Abraham 64th Mounted Infantry
Barden Chester 50th Infantry
Barger James A. 29th Infantry
Barger Charles C. Virginia State Line
Barger Jerome Virginia State Line
Barker James E. 50th Infantry
Barker David Virginia State Line
Barker Edmund Virginia State Line
Barker Isaac Virginia State Line
Barker James K. Virginia State Line
Barker John Virginia State Line
Barker Johnson Virginia State Line
Barker William A. Virginia State Line
Barker Robert 21st Infantry
Barker William C. 21st Infantry
Barker Charles W. 64th Infantry
Barker David M. 64th Infantry
Barker Francis Marion 64th Infantry
Barker John B. 64th Infantry
Barker Charles W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Barker Elkanah D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Barker George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Barker Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Barker Joel 64th Mounted Infantry
Barker John B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Barksdale William Leigh Virginia State Line
Barksdale Thomas J. 21st Infantry
Barlow M. G. Virginia State Line
Barlow Mitch Virginia State Line
Barlow William H. Virginia State Line
Barnard James William 50th Infantry
Barnard Jehu (John) 50th Infantry
Barnard Richard Joseph 50th Infantry
Barnard Thomas A. 50th Infantry
Barnard William Patterson 50th Infantry
Barnard George Washington Virginia State Line
Barner Thomas J. 21st Infantry
Barnes William 29th Infantry
Barnes James M. Virginia State Line
Barnes John F. Virginia State Line
Barnes William M. Virginia State Line
Barnes Richard Mason 21st Infantry
Barnes Samuel 64th Mounted Infantry
Barnet Gasper F. 50th Infantry
Barnett John H. 29th Infantry
Barnett Josephus Dobson 50th Infantry
Barnett Joseph H. Virginia State Line
Barnett Stephen H. Virginia State Line
Barnett Wesley G. Virginia State Line
Barnett Edward Hammet 21st Cavalry
Barnett Joseph H. 21st Cavalry
Barnett William 21st Cavalry
Barnett Eli 64th Infantry
Barnett John 64th Infantry
Barnett Eli 64th Mounted Infantry
Barnett George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Barnett John 64th Mounted Infantry
Barnett W. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Barnett Robert Jessee 64th Mounted Infantry
Barr John W. Virginia State Line
Barr Hamilton 21st Cavalry
Barrett Robert H. 29th Infantry
Barrett William 51st Infantry
Barrett James L. 21st Infantry
Barron James Knox Polk 50th Infantry
Barron Joseph 50th Infantry
Barron Thomas Howard Benton 50th Infantry
Barron William Nathaniel Ga 50th Infantry
Barron John G. 64th Infantry
Barron John G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Barrow B. F. 21st Cavalry
Bartee James 7th Cavalry-French's
Bartee John R. Virginia State Line
Bartlett George 29th Infantry
Bartley James Virginia State Line
Bartley Isaac 64th Infantry
Bartley James 64th Infantry
Barton Creed 29th Infantry
Barton Franklin 50th Infantry
Barton Nathan L. 50th Infantry
Barton John H. 51st Infantry
Barton Levi C. 51st Infantry
Barton William 51st Infantry
Barton Jacob Virginia State Line
Basham James 50th Infantry
Basin David Virginia State Line
Baskerville H. E. C. 21st Infantry
Basley J. C. 21st Cavalry
Bass John C., Sr. 50th Infantry
Bateman Almega 50th Infantry
Bates Henry C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bates Martin Van Buren 7th Cavalry-French's
Bates Robert 7th Cavalry-French's
Bates Henry C. Virginia State Line
Bates Martin Van Buren "Baby" Virginia State Line
Bates Robert Virginia State Line
Bates Edward 21st Infantry
Bates W. 21st Infantry
Batte F. A. 21st Infantry
Batte R. B. 21st Infantry
Baugh John J. 29th Infantry
Baughan David M. 21st Infantry
Baughan Joseph T. 21st Infantry
Baughan Robert A. 21st Infantry
Baughan Warner L. 21st Infantry
Baughan William D. 21st Infantry
Baughfman James A. Virginia State Line
Baughman William C. Virginia State Line
Baughman William C. Virginia State Line
Baughman William D. Virginia State Line
Baughman Charles Christian 21st Infantry
Baughman George, Jr. 21st Infantry
Baughman Greer H. 21st Infantry
Baumgardner James A. 29th Infantry
Baumgardner Leander 29th Infantry
Baumgardner John A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Baun James Virginia State Line
Bausell James W. Virginia State Line
Bausell James W. 21st Cavalry
Bavin David 45th Battalion Infantry
Baxter Charles Hamilton S. 50th Infantry
Baxter John A. 50th Infantry
Baxter O. F. 50th Infantry
Bayless George 51st Infantry
Bayley W. H. 21st Infantry
Bayliss W. A. 50th Infantry
Baylor Charles E. 50th Infantry
Bayly James P. 21st Infantry
Bayole J. L. Virginia State Line
Beach Clifton M. Virginia State Line
Beall B. J. Virginia State Line
Beam W. G. 51st Infantry
Beam John S. 45th Battalion Infantry
Beamer Alexander Martin 29th Infantry
Beamer Isaac 29th Infantry
Beamer Philip 29th Infantry
Beamer William H. 29th Infantry
Beamer Adam Jefferson Virginia State Line
Beard Charles W. Virginia State Line
Beard John Jordan Virginia State Line
Beard Charles E. 21st Cavalry
Beasley Benjamin F. 29th Infantry
Beasley James H. 50th Infantry
Beasley John 50th Infantry
Beasley Richard 29th Infantry
Beasley Richard 50th Infantry
Beasley John P. Virginia State Line
Beasley William Virginia State Line
Beasley Thomas G. 21st Infantry
Beatty Huston 64th Infantry
Beatty John A. 64th Infantry
Beatty John Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Beatty Napoleon Ewing 64th Mounted Infantry
Beatty William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Beavers Matthias 29th Infantry
Beavers Moses Jackson 29th Infantry
Beavers Thomas 29th Infantry
Beck James Virginia State Line
Becklehimer Henry P. 29th Infantry
Beckley Henry M. Virginia State Line
Beckley William G. Virginia State Line
Beckley Alfred 45th Battalion Infantry
Beckley Henry M. 45th Battalion Infantry
Beckley John 45th Battalion Infantry
Beckley William G. 45th Battalion Infantry
Beckner Aaron Virginia State Line
Beckner Daniel Virginia State Line
Beckner Aaron 21st Cavalry
Beckner Abner 21st Cavalry
Beckner Daniel 21st Cavalry
Beckner Abner 21st Cavalry
Beddroux J. P. 51st Infantry
Bedsaul Alexander 29th Infantry
Bedsaul Byram 29th Infantry
Bedsaul Marvel 29th Infantry
Bedsaul William Jefferson 29th Infantry
Bedsaul William R. 29th Infantry
Bedsaul John H. Virginia State Line
Bedwell Felix P. 51st Infantry
Bedwell Isaac 51st Infantry
Bedwell James 51st Infantry
Bedwell Levi 51st Infantry
Bedwell Wiley 51st Infantry
Bedwell William 51st Infantry
Bee(a)in Saunders C. 51st Infantry
Beemer John E. Virginia State Line
Been Uriah 51st Infantry
Beers Henry H 21st Infantry
Belch William M. Virginia State Line
Belcher George W. 29th Infantry
Belcher M. M. 29th Infantry
Belcher Martin 50th Infantry
Belcher Milton 50th Infantry
Belcher Obediah 29th Infantry
Belcher Robert 29th Infantry
Belcher Costley 51st Infantry
Belcher John 51st Infantry
Belcher Noah 51st Infantry
Belcher Peter B. 51st Infantry
Belcher Reed 51st Infantry
Belcher Abram Virginia State Line
Belcher Allen Virginia State Line
Belcher Alx (Ali "Coon") Virginia State Line
Belcher George Virginia State Line
Belcher Levi Virginia State Line
Belcher Lewis Virginia State Line
Belcher John, Jr. 64th Infantry
Belcher John, Sr. 64th Infantry
Belcher Moses 64th Infantry
Belcher Milton 64th Mounted Infantry
Belcher Simeon 64th Mounted Infantry
Belcher Abram 45th Battalion Infantry
Belcher Allen 45th Battalion Infantry
Belcher Alx "Coon" 45th Battalion Infantry
Belcher George 45th Battalion Infantry
Belcher Lewis 45th Battalion Infantry
Belcher McHenry 45th Battalion Infantry
Belknap Thomas Virginia State Line
Bell Henderson 50th Infantry
Bell John A. 50th Infantry
Bell John D. 50th Infantry
Bell John S. 50th Infantry
Bell Robert 29th Infantry
Bell Robert E. 50th Infantry
Bell Robert G. 51st Infantry
Bell Rufus W. 51st Infantry
Bell John Nickson Currence Virginia State Line
Bell Andrew P. 21st Cavalry
Bell Andrew 21st Infantry
Bell DAvid C. 21st Infantry
Bell Henry C. 21st Infantry
Bell Michael 21st Infantry
Bellamy John Virginia State Line
Bellamy James P. 64th Infantry
Bellamy John W. 64th Infantry
Bellamy Joseph W. 64th Infantry
Bellamy Nathan 64th Infantry
Bellamy William C. 64th Infantry
Bellamy James P. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bellamy John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bellamy Joseph M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bellamy William C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bellamy William 64th Mounted Infantry
Bellamy John 45th Battalion Infantry
Bellew John Virginia State Line
Belt J. H. 50th Infantry
Belt Jasper Virginia State Line
Belton Hamilton 50th Infantry
Belton James Virginia State Line
Benfield Mechum Virginia State Line
Bennett Fielding C. 51st Infantry
Bennett Hardy T. 51st Infantry
Bennett Granville Virginia State Line
Bennett Martin Virginia State Line
Bennett Robert P., Sr. Virginia State Line
Bennett T. Virginia State Line
Bennett William Virginia State Line
Bennett Howard 21st Cavalry
Bennington Matthew 29th Infantry
Benton Thoams 50th Infantry
Benton William Virginia State Line
Benton Addison L. 64th Infantry
Benton James W. 64th Infantry
Benton Robert C. 64th Infantry
Benton Zachariah 64th Infantry
Benton Adison L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Benton Robert C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Benton William 64th Mounted Infantry
Benton Zachariah 64th Mounted Infantry
Berger William C. 50th Infantry
Berkley William Randolph 21st Infantry
Berlies Lee 21st Cavalry
Berry David F. 50th Infantry
Berry Hansford 7th Cavalry-French's
Berry Martin A. 7th Cavalry-French's
Berry Milton Taylor 7th Cavalry-French's
Berry William W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Berry David 21st Cavalry
Berry Thomsa B. 21st Cavalry
Berry Adam J. 64th Infantry
Berry John A. 64th Infantry
Berry John H. B. 64th Infantry
Berry Adam J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Berry John A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Berry M. D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Berry W. W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bertram Pleasant Virginia State Line
Bertram Pleasant 45th Battalion Infantry
Bestor John Rollin, Jr. Virginia State Line
Bestor Rollin John Virginia State Line
Bestor John Rollin, Jr. 21st Infantry
Bestor Rollin John 21st Infantry
Bevel John Newton 29th Infantry
Beverage Josiah Virginia State Line
Beverly Hiram C. 29th Infantry
Beverly John 7th Cavalry-French's
Beverly Sylvester 29th Infantry
Beverly John F. 51st Infantry
Beverly Nathan F. 51st Infantry
Beverly JOhn F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Beverly Sylvester 64th Mounted Infantry
Bevil William T. 21st Cavalry
Bevill Alexander A. 51st Infantry
Bevill Sandy 51st Infantry
Bevins John J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bevins John J. Virginia State Line
Bevins William Virginia State Line
Bevins George Washington 64th Infantry
Bevins George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Bevins Isaac C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bevins James S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bialey William 64th Mounted Infantry
Bias Calvary Virginia State Line
Bias James K. Virginia State Line
Bias Rylen Virginia State Line
Bias Sylvester Virginia State Line
Bibb Cyrus T. 50th Infantry
Bibb Dodderidge 50th Infantry
Bibb James M. 50th Infantry
Bibb James N. 50th Infantry
Bibb Joshua A. 50th Infantry
Bickle George W. Virginia State Line
Bickley Benjamin F. 29th Infantry
Bickley H. A. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bickley John Fletcher 7th Cavalry-French's
Bickley Robert Patton 51st Infantry
Billeade E 21st Infantry
Billings James H. Virginia State Line
Billings James H. 21st Cavalry
Billips John 50th Infantry
Bills Henry Virginia State Line
Binford James Marshall 21st Infantry
Binford Robert E. 21st Infantry
Bingham Thomas 21st Cavalry
Binks Charles Virginia State Line
Birchfield Abner Russell Virginia State Line
Birchfield Charles McDowell Virginia State Line
Birchfield Meredith Virginia State Line
Birchfield Thomas M. Virginia State Line
Birchfield Abner Russell 45th Battalion Infantry
Birchfield Thomas M. 45th Battalion Infantry
Birchum Iradel 50th Infantry
Bird W. A. B. 51st Infantry
Bird William K. 64th Infantry
Birdsong James Courtney 21st Infantry
Bishop Harvey R. 29th Infantry
Bishop James L. 50th Infantry
Bishop James M. 50th Infantry
Bishop John P. 50th Infantry
Bishop Joseph 29th Infantry
Bishop Matthew 50th Infantry
Bishop W. G. 29th Infantry
Bishop Isaac Virginia State Line
Bishop James M. Virginia State Line
Bishop Moses L. Virginia State Line
Bishop William B. Virginia State Line
Bishop Birchine 21st Cavalry
Bishop Joseph W. 21st Cavalry
Bishop Andrew Jackson 64th Infantry
Bishop George Washington 64th Infantry
Bishop J. W. 64th Infantry
Bishop James W. 64th Infantry
Bishop John W. 64th Infantry
Bishop Mathew 64th Infantry
Bishop Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Bishop Henry 64th Mounted Infantry
Bishop James W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bishop John W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bishop Lewis 64th Mounted Infantry
Bishop M. W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bishop Martin G. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bishop Mathew 64th Mounted Infantry
Bittle Robert F. 50th Infantry
Bittle William Virginia State Line
Bivens William Virginia State Line
Bivens William Virginia State Line
Black John 50th Infantry
Black John 50th Infantry
Black John Dice 50th Infantry
Black James 51st Infantry
Black William 51st Infantry
Black George Virginia State Line
Blackard Austin C. 29th Infantry
Blackard Granville 51st Infantry
Blackburn Anderson Virginia State Line
Blackburn John Virginia State Line
Blackburn Thomas Virginia State Line
Blackburn William Virginia State Line
Blackburn William 45th Battalion Infantry
Blackhan L. C. 50th Infantry
Blackmore   64th Mounted Infantry
Blackwell Henry Clay 29th Infantry
Blackwell Robert P. 51st Infantry
Blackwell Benjamin Virginia State Line
Blackwell JOhn Virginia State Line
Blackwood R. Virginia State Line
Blackwood William R. 45th Battalion Infantry
Blain Randolph Virginia State Line
Blain   Virginia State Line
Blair John H. 50th Infantry
Blair William D. 50th Infantry
Blair Charles 51st Infantry
Blair Daniel 51st Infantry
Blair Francis M. 51st Infantry
Blair Gordon 51st Infantry
Blair Hiram 51st Infantry
Blair Isaac 51st Infantry
Blair Anderson Virginia State Line
Blair Harrison Virginia State Line
Blair Isaac Virginia State Line
Blair John Virginia State Line
Blair Joseph Virginia State Line
Blair David 21st Cavalry
Blair Jacob 21st Cavalry
Blair S. S. 21st Cavalry
Blair Charles 64th Mounted Infantry
Blake John Jordan Virginia State Line
Blakely J 50th Infantry
Blakemore Charles P. 64th Infantry
Blakemore John T. 64th Infantry
Blakemore Charles Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Blakemore Edmund D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Blakemore J. A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Blakemore John T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Blakemore Joseph K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Blakemore Squire Asberry 64th Mounted Infantry
Blalock Andrew Jackson 64th Mounted Infantry
Blalock William 64th Mounted Infantry
Blancet Samuel 51st Infantry
Blancett Ephraim B. 50th Infantry
Blancett Henry S. 50th Infantry
Blancy James F. 50th Infantry
Bland William D. 50th Infantry
Blanford Samuel H. (James H.) 21st Infantry
Blankenbecler John 64th Infantry
Blankenbecler John A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Blankenship Stephen P. 29th Infantry
Blankenship William 29th Infantry
Blankenship A. A. 51st Infantry
Blankenship Allen Virginia State Line
Blankenship Conley J. Virginia State Line
Blankenship Conley Virginia State Line
Blankenship Connelly Virginia State Line
Blankenship Daniel D. Virginia State Line
Blankenship George W. Virginia State Line
Blankenship Giles Virginia State Line
Blankenship Henry Virginia State Line
Blankenship Hugh A. Virginia State Line
Blankenship John M. Virginia State Line
Blankenship John W. Virginia State Line
Blankenship Kiah Virginia State Line
Blankenship Martin Virginia State Line
Blankenship Presley J. Virginia State Line
Blankenship Presley Virginia State Line
Blankenship Raleigh Virginia State Line
Blankenship Ralph Virginia State Line
Blankenship Solomon Virginia State Line
Blankenship William Virginia State Line
Blankenship William Virginia State Line
Blankenship Giles 21st Cavalry
Blankenship John A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Blankenship Raleigh 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankenship Solomon 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankenship William 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship Allen C. Virginia State Line
Blankinship Charles Virginia State Line
Blankinship Floyd Virginia State Line
Blankinship Henry Virginia State Line
Blankinship JOhn Virginia State Line
Blankinship Levi Virginia State Line
Blankinship Obediah Virginia State Line
Blankinship Ralph Virginia State Line
Blankinship Allen C. 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship Charles 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship Floyd 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship Henry 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship John 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship Levi 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship Obediah 45th Battalion Infantry
Blankinship Ralph 45th Battalion Infantry
Blanks William Henry 50th Infantry
Blanks Dison C. 51st Infantry
Blanks James W. 21st Infantry
Blanks John H. 21st Infantry
Blanton Isaac 51st Infantry
Blanton John 51st Infantry
Blanton William 51st Infantry
Blanton Alexander 21st Infantry
Blanton John J. 21st Infantry
Blanton Willis F. 21st Infantry
Blanton Isaac 64th Infantry
Blanton William 64th Infantry
Blanton Isaac 64th Mounted Infantry
Blease Edward W. Virginia State Line
Bledsoe Bishop 64th Infantry
Bledsoe David G. 64th Infantry
Bledsoe John L. 64th Infantry
Bledsoe Preston 64th Infantry
Bledsoe Sampson W. 64th Infantry
Bledsoe Thomas L. 64th Infantry
Bledsoe Jesse Frank 64th Mounted Infantry
Bledsoe John L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bledsoe Newton 64th Mounted Infantry
Blessing Granville 51st Infantry
Blessing James L. 51st Infantry
Blessing Anderson 64th Mounted Infantry
Blessing Solomon 64th Mounted Infantry
Blevins Andrew J. 50th Infantry
Blevins Calvin 50th Infantry
Blevins Daniel Austin 29th Infantry
Blevins Harrison 50th Infantry
Blevins Nathan F. 29th Infantry
Blevins Noah 50th Infantry
Blevins George Douglas Virginia State Line
Blevins James Virginia State Line
Blevins John Ransom Virginia State Line
Blevins Noah Virginia State Line
Blevins Ralph Virginia State Line
Blevins William Marshall Virginia State Line
Blevins William Virginia State Line
Blevins Ralph 21st Cavalry
Blevins David 64th Mounted Infantry
Blevins James 64th Mounted Infantry
Blevins John Ransom 64th Mounted Infantry
Blevins William 64th Mounted Infantry
Blizzard John J. 29th Infantry
Bloomer Jefferson 64th Infantry
Bloomer Martin Van Buren 64th Infantry
Bloomer Thomas J. 64th Infantry
Bloomer Daniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Bloomer Nathaniel B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bloomer Thomas J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Blount Ira W. 21st Infantry
Bluff Harry Virginia State Line
Blunt James E. 50th Infantry
Blunt James W. 21st Infantry
Blythe Abraham 51st Infantry
Blythe Adam 51st Infantry
Board Jacob 21st Cavalry
Boatright James V. 64th Infantry
Boatright John M. 64th Infantry
Boatright Granville H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Boatright James V. 64th Mounted Infantry
Boatright John M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bobbitt Green B. 29th Infantry
Bobin Effs 64th Mounted Infantry
Bobo B. A. 29th Infantry
Bode Lewis Virginia State Line
Bodkin Charles W. Virginia State Line
Boggs Doctor Franklin 29th Infantry
Boggs James 50th Infantry
Boggs James M. 50th Infantry
Boggs James M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Boggs James M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Boggs Jesse F. 29th Infantry
Boggs John 50th Infantry
Boggs John M. 50th Infantry
Boggs John R. 29th Infantry
Boggs Joseph 7th Cavalry-French's
Boggs L. W. 50th Infantry
Boggs John 51st Infantry
Boggs Archibald Virginia State Line
Boggs Charles W. Virginia State Line
Boggs James M. Virginia State Line
Boggs James Virginia State Line
Boggs Joseph Virginia State Line
Boggs Levi Virginia State Line
Boggs Norman Virginia State Line
Boggs Thaddeus Virginia State Line
Boggs Walter Virginia State Line
Boggs William F. Virginia State Line
Boggs William L. Virginia State Line
Boggs Doctor Franklin 64th Mounted Infantry
Boggs Jesse 64th Mounted Infantry
Bogle A. Ray 51st Infantry
Bogle Creed F. 51st Infantry
Bogle H. R. Virginia State Line
Bolen John A. 29th Infantry
Bolen William B. 29th Infantry
Bolen William 21st Cavalry
Boles W. A. 21st Cavalry
Boles Martin Van Buren 64th Infantry
Boles William R. 64th Infantry
Boles Martin V. 64th Mounted Infantry
Boles Martin Van Buren 64th Mounted Infantry
Boles Prior W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bolin Jesse 7th Cavalry-French's
Bolin Levi 7th Cavalry-French's
Bolin William Virginia State Line
Bolin Hugh 21st Cavalry
Bolin Brittian 64th Infantry
Bolin James 64th Infantry
Bolin Lewis 64th Infantry
Bolin Brittan 64th Mounted Infantry
Bolin Elin 64th Mounted Infantry
Bolin James 64th Mounted Infantry
Bolin James M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bolin Lewis 64th Mounted Infantry
Bolin Robert H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Boling Andrew P. 50th Infantry
Boling John W. 50th Infantry
Bollen P. 29th Infantry
Bollin John J. 64th Infantry
Bollin Samuel J. 64th Infantry
Bolling Baxter 7th Cavalry-French's
Bolling Delano (Dulaney) 7th Cavalry-French's
Bolling Hosea 50th Infantry
Bolling Jessee 7th Cavalry-French's
Bolling Levi 7th Cavalry-French's
Bolling Washington 7th Cavalry-French's
Bolling Robert W. 51st Infantry
Bolling William 51st Infantry
Bolling Baxter Virginia State Line
Bolling Charles R. Virginia State Line
Bolling Delano (Dulaney) Virginia State Line
Bolling Jesse Virginia State Line
Bolling Levi Virginia State Line
Bolling Washington Virginia State Line
Bollinger R. M. 50th Infantry
Bolt Leroy 50th Infantry
Bolton Noah 64th Infantry
Bolton William 64th Mounted Infantry
Bomon Henry B. 64th Infantry
Bonard Joseph 21st Infantry
Bond Alexander 29th Infantry
Bond Elisha 50th Infantry
Bond George Washington 50th Infantry
Bond George Washington 7th Cavalry-French's
Bond Gilbert 50th Infantry
Bond Hadley 29th Infantry
Bond Hadley 50th Infantry
Bond Isaac M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bond John B. 29th Infantry
Bond John H. 29th Infantry
Bond John H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bond Wesley 50th Infantry
Bond William E. 50th Infantry
Bond William W. 29th Infantry
Bond James H. 51st Infantry
Bond George W. Virginia State Line
Bond Isaac F. Virginia State Line
Bond Isaac M. Virginia State Line
Bond William Virginia State Line
Bond Isaac M. 64th Infantry
Bond William W. 64th Infantry
Bond Isaac M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bond William W. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bond William 45th Battalion Infantry
Bondurant William Virginia State Line
Bondurant M. M. 21st Cavalry
Bonham William R. 51st Infantry
Bonham John 21st Cavalry
Bonney C. W. 50th Infantry
Booker John Virginia State Line
Booker Jonathan Virginia State Line
Booker Charles 21st Infantry
Booker John Agee 21st Infantry
Booker Robert H. 21st Infantry
Booker William E. 21st Infantry
Bookman Robert H. 50th Infantry
Boone Thomas Virginia State Line
Boone George H. 21st Cavalry
Booram Isaac A. Virginia State Line
Booten H Virginia State Line
Booten H 45th Battalion Infantry
Booth Alexander 51st Infantry
Booth William B. 21st Cavalry
Boothe Charles Willis 29th Infantry
Boothe John Virginia State Line
Borden James B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bostic William F. 29th Infantry
Bostick James L. Virginia State Line
Boswell John W. 50th Infantry
Boswell James Wesley Virginia State Line
Boswell John Virginia State Line
Boswell John 21st Cavalry
Boswell William 21st Cavalry
Botomly John R. 51st Infantry
Botten H Virginia State Line
Bottom Hiram 51st Infantry
Bottom B 21st Infantry
Bottomley William L. 29th Infantry
Bottomly James P. 51st Infantry
Bourdwine James Virginia State Line
Bourn Curtis H. 51st Infantry
Bourn Lilbern 51st Infantry
Bourn William C. 51st Infantry
Bourne James 50th Infantry
Bourne Thomas M. 50th Infantry
Bowden James Gordon 50th Infantry
Bowen Simpson L. 50th Infantry
Bowen William H. 51st Infantry
Bowen Edward T. 21st Infantry
Bower William R. 21st Cavalry
Bowers Allen 29th Infantry
Bowers Andrew 29th Infantry
Bowers Daniel 29th Infantry
Bowers George 29th Infantry
Bowers James 29th Infantry
Bowers John 29th Infantry
Bowers Joseph 29th Infantry
Bowers Lewis 29th Infantry
Bowers William 29th Infantry
Bowers N. R. 51st Infantry
Bowers Abram 21st Cavalry
Bowin William Virginia State Line
Bowle John 29th Infantry
Bowlen Hiram C. 64th Infantry
Bowlen James B. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowlen John J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowler C. W. 29th Infantry
Bowles Bushrod R. 51st Infantry
Bowles Rob M. 51st Infantry
Bowles John Virginia State Line
Bowles A. J. 21st Infantry
Bowlin John T. 51st Infantry
Bowlin James B. 64th Infantry
Bowlin S. 64th Infantry
Bowlin William H. 64th Infantry
Bowlin Elbert T. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowlin Hiram C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowlin William 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowlin William H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowling Doctor G. 29th Infantry
Bowling Harvey W. 29th Infantry
Bowling James H. 29th Infantry
Bowling James T. 50th Infantry
Bowling John 29th Infantry
Bowling John W. 29th Infantry
Bowling Jordan Jefferson 29th Infantry
Bowling William H. 29th Infantry
Bowling William W. 50th Infantry
Bowling George W. 51st Infantry
Bowling John W. 51st Infantry
Bowling Isaac 21st Cavalry
Bowling William Gam 21st Cavalry
Bowling James S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowman Andrew 29th Infantry
Bowman Austin 50th Infantry
Bowman Crockett 50th Infantry
Bowman Galen 50th Infantry
Bowman Henry 50th Infantry
Bowman Hugh 50th Infantry
Bowman Isham 50th Infantry
Bowman J. W. 50th Infantry
Bowman James 50th Infantry
Bowman Jefferson 50th Infantry
Bowman John 29th Infantry
Bowman John 50th Infantry
Bowman Raleigh 50th Infantry
Bowman Reuben 50th Infantry
Bowman Richard 50th Infantry
Bowman Rives 50th Infantry
Bowman Ruel B. 50th Infantry
Bowman William 29th Infantry
Bowman William 50th Infantry
Bowman William H. 29th Infantry
Bowman William Preston 50th Infantry
Bowman Aaron 51st Infantry
Bowman Barnett 51st Infantry
Bowman Charles H. 51st Infantry
Bowman Harrison 51st Infantry
Bowman William H. 51st Infantry
Bowman Adam Coleman Virginia State Line
Bowman Anderson Virginia State Line
Bowman George W. Virginia State Line
Bowman Jefferson Virginia State Line
Bowman David 21st Cavalry
Bowman Madison 21st Cavalry
Bowman William H. 21st Cavalry
Bowman George 21st Infantry
Bowman James J. 64th Infantry
Bowman James 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowman Nathaniel 64th Mounted Infantry
Bowry John Virginia State Line
Bowsman G. 50th Infantry
Bowyer James H. Virginia State Line
Boyd John 29th Infantry
Boyd Martin V. 29th Infantry
Boyd Matthew 50th Infantry
Boyd Reed J. 50th Infantry
Boyd Caleb 51st Infantry
Boyd Charles M. 51st Infantry
Boyd Edmond 51st Infantry
Boyd George W. 51st Infantry
Boyd Howard 51st Infantry
Boyd Israel 51st Infantry
Boyd Samuel S. 51st Infantry
Boyd William 51st Infantry
Boyd John L. Virginia State Line
Boyd John Virginia State Line
Boyd Joseph Virginia State Line
Boyd Robert Virginia State Line
Boyd Mathews 21st Cavalry
Boyd David, Jr. 21st Infantry
Boyd James Halle 21st Infantry
Boyd J. M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Boyer James M. 50th Infantry
Boyer Daniel 51st Infantry
Boyer Dennis 51st Infantry
Boyer Hugh 51st Infantry
Boyer Leander 51st Infantry
Boyle W. B. Virginia State Line
Boyles Thomas H. Virginia State Line
Boyles William W. Virginia State Line
Bradford Enoch Virginia State Line
Bradley M. W. 51st Infantry
Bradley George Washington 64th Mounted Infantry
Bradley William 64th Mounted Infantry
Bradner Thomas Jackson 29th Infantry
Bradshaw R. T. 21st Infantry
Bradshaw Richard A. 21st Infantry
Brady John N. Virginia State Line
Brady John H. 21st Infantry
Bragg Alexander J. Virginia State Line
Bragg Francis Marion Virginia State Line
Bragg James Virginia State Line
Bralley A. J. 51st Infantry
Bralley Clay 51st Infantry
Bralley Guy S. 51st Infantry
Bralley Rush 51st Infantry
Brammer Henry T. 51st Infantry
Brammer J. L. 51st Infantry
Brammer Madison 51st Infantry
Brammer T. P. 51st Infantry
Branch John 51st Infantry
Branch Joshua 51st Infantry
Brancher J. B. 29th Infantry
Brand S. S. Virginia State Line
Brandum John 21st Cavalry
Brandum Thomas H. 21st Cavalry
Branham John C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Branham Joseph 7th Cavalry-French's
Branham Richard 7th Cavalry-French's
Branham Tandy 7th Cavalry-French's
Branham John C. Virginia State Line
Branham Richard Virginia State Line
Branham Tandy Virginia State Line
Branies J. H. Virginia State Line
Brannon Henry Virginia State Line
Brannon John, Jr. Virginia State Line
Brannon Michael 21st Infantry
Branscom Alexander C. 21st Cavalry
Branson Augustus S. 29th Infantry
Branson Francis M. 29th Infantry
Branson Greenberry M. 29th Infantry
Branson John W. 29th Infantry
Branson Stewart L. 29th Infantry
Branson William L. 29th Infantry
Braswell J. T. 21st Infantry
Bratton Robert 51st Infantry
Bray John T. 50th Infantry
Bray Isaac B. 51st Infantry
Bray James H. 21st Infantry
Bray Michael 64th Infantry
Bray Michael D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Braylock Joseph  64th Infantry
Breckinridge Peachy Gilmer Virginia State Line
Breeding Harrison H. 29th Infantry
Breeding Henderson 29th Infantry
Breeding James 7th Cavalry-French's
Breeding James L. 50th Infantry
Breeding Jasper 50th Infantry
Breeding James Virginia State Line
Breeding Alford 64th Infantry
Breeding Newton 64th Infantry
Breeding Jasper 64th Mounted Infantry
Breeding  J. H. 64th Mounted Infantry
Breedlove Robert Virginia State Line
Breedlove William Lindsay Virginia State Line
Breedlove Robert 45th Battalion Infantry
Breedlove William Lindsay 45th Battalion Infantry
Breeze William T. 21st Infantry
Bremiller L. F. 64th Mounted Infantry
Brennin John 21st Infantry
Brent James 51st Infantry
Brent John 21st Infantry
Brewer James William 50th Infantry
Brewer Creed 51st Infantry
Brewer Fielden G. 51st Infantry
Brewer C. Virginia State Line
Brewer Fields Virginia State Line
Brewer Isaac Virginia State Line
Brewer Mitchell H. Virginia State Line
Brewer Samuel Virginia State Line
Brewer Daniel C. 21st Infantry
Brewer James B. 21st Infantry
Brewer John L. 21st Infantry
Brewer John W. 21st Infantry
Brewer Samuel H. 21st Infantry
Brewer Henry K. 64th Mounted Infantry
Brewer Isaac 45th Battalion Infantry
Brewster George 50th Infantry
Brewster Lewis Virginia State Line
Brewster M. J. Virginia State Line
Brewster Owen Virginia State Line
Brewster Thomas Virginia State Line
Brewster Owen 45th Battalion Infantry
Brewster Thomas 45th Battalion Infantry
Brians Henry C. 7th Cavalry-French's
Brians Thomas 29th Infantry
Brians Henry C. Virginia State Line
Brians Henry C. 64th Mounted Infantry
Brice Francis 51st Infantry
Brickey James 7th Cavalry-French's
Brickey Peter J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Brickey Daniel M. 64th Infantry
Brickey Elijah C. 64th Infantry
Brickey James A. 64th Infantry
Brickey Parish 64th Infantry
Brickley Daniel M. 64th Mounted Infantry
Brickley James A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Brickley Parish 64th Mounted Infantry
Bridgeman Matthew S. 50th Infantry
Bridgeman William M. 50th Infantry
Bridgeman William H. 51st Infantry
Bridges Albert A. 50th Infantry
Bridges David B., Jr. 21st Infantry
Bridges Richard M. 21st Infantry
Bridgman William Harvey 50th Infantry
Briggs Alexander 50th Infantry
Bright John W. 7th Cavalry-French's
Brittain Rufus 29th Infantry
Broadwater John 64th Infantry
Broadwater John 64th Mounted Infantry
Brock Robert Alonzo 21st Infantry
Brook G. 51st Infantry
Brookman Gustavus 50th Infantry
Brookman J. D. 50th Infantry
Brookman Samuel 50th Infantry
Brooks Augustus F. 29th Infantry
Brooks Henry W. 50th Infantry
Brooks John R. 29th Infantry
Brooks John W. 50th Infantry
Brooks Thomas 7th Cavalry-French's
Brooks Abram Virginia State Line
Brooks Andrew J. Virginia State Line
Brooks Andrew T. Virginia State Line
Brooks George W. Virginia State Line
Brooks James M. Virginia State Line
Brooks John Virginia State Line
Brooks William L. Virginia State Line
Brooks William Randolph Virginia State Line
Brooks William Virginia State Line
Brooks Benton 64th Mounted Infantry
Brooks Andrew J. 45th Battalion Infantry
Brooks James M. 45th Battalion Infantry
Brooks William RAndolph 45th Battalion Infantry
Broomfield Allen B. 45th Battalion Infantry
Broomfield Paris 45th Battalion Infantry
Bross J. D. 21st Cavalry
Bross J. P. 21st Cavalry
Browder Robert Calloway 29th Infantry
Browder David D. 64th Infantry
Browder Edward T. 64th Infantry
Browder James B. 64th Infantry
Brown Alfred P. 29th Infantry
Brown Baswell 50th Infantry
Brown E. B. 50th Infantry
Brown Francis 7th Cavalry-French's
Brown George H. 29th Infantry
Brown John D. 50th Infantry
Brown John W. 50th Infantry
Brown Joseph B. 50th Infantry
Brown Orville M. 29th Infantry
Brown Patton J. 29th Infantry
Brown Richard 50th Infantry
Brown Smith 29th Infantry
Brown Thomas 50th Infantry
Brown Thomas M. 50th Infantry
Brown William F. 29th Infantry
Brown William S. 29th Infantry
Brown William Washington 29th Infantry
Brown Alexander 51st Infantry
Brown Alfred 51st Infantry
Brown Creed 51st Infantry
Brown Eli C. 51st Infantry
Brown Harvey 51st Infantry
Brown James A. 51st Infantry
Brown James C. 51st Infantry
Brown James E. 51st Infantry
Brown John A. 51st Infantry
Brown John C. 51st Infantry
Brown Matison 51st Infantry
Brown Nathan L. 51st Infantry
Brown Alfred Virginia State Line
Brown Ballard Virginia State Line
Brown Benjamin B. Virginia State Line
Brown Charles C. Virginia State Line
Brown Eli Virginia State Line
Brown George H. Virginia State Line
Brown George Washington Virginia State Line
Brown Grey Virginia State Line
Brown Isaac Virginia State Line
Brown James A. Virginia State Line
Brown Joseph Virginia State Line
Brown Larkin Virginia State Line
Brown Mathias Virginia State Line
Brown Moses Virginia State Line
Brown Romy Virginia State Line
Brown Thomas Virginia State Line
Brown William H. Virginia State Line
Brown William Virginia State Line
Brown Alexander 21st Cavalry
Brown Alfred 21st Cavalry
Brown Benjamin 21st Cavalry
Brown Benjamin S. 21st Cavalry
Brown Daniel 21st Cavalry
Brown Isaac M. 21st Cavalry
Brown John Greener 21st Cavalry
Brown John O. 21st Cavalry
Brown Joseph 21st Cavalry
Brown Larkin 21st Cavalry
Brown William 21st Cavalry
Brown William P. 21st Cavalry
Brown A. D. 21st Infantry
Brown Bolling 21st Infantry
Brown George W. 21st Infantry
Brown J. R. 21st Infantry
Brown James Richard 21st Infantry
Brown Thomas J. 21st Infantry
Brown Thomas W. 21st Infantry
Brown William G. 64th Infantry
Brown William S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Brown Willis S. 64th Mounted Infantry
Brownell J. 51st Infantry
Browning Alfred P. 29th Infantry
Browning Charles M. 29th Infantry
Browning Jacob 29th Infantry
Browning James B. 29th Infantry
Browning John 29th Infantry
Browning Elisha A. 51st Infantry
Browning Anderson Virginia State Line
Browning Andrew J. Virginia State Line
Browning Henderson Virginia State Line
Browning Hyram Virginia State Line
Browning Iverson Virginia State Line
Browning Jackson Virginia State Line
Browning James Virginia State Line
Browning Lorenzo Dow Virginia State Line
Browning Mitchell Virginia State Line
Browning Nathaniel Virginia State Line
Browning Paris Virginia State Line
Browning Thomas S. Virginia State Line
Browning William Chapman Virginia State Line
Browning William Virginia State Line
Browning James G. 64th Infantry
Browning Andrew J. 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning Henderson 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning Israel H. 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning James 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning Lorenzo Dow 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning Milton 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning Mitchell 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning Paris 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning Thomas S. 45th Battalion Infantry
Browning William Chapman 45th Battalion Infantry
Broyles Christopher 29th Infantry
Broyles Lachar 21st Cavalry
Bruce E. B. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bruce Granville 50th Infantry
Bruce J. H. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bruce M. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bruce Daniel Hoge 51st Infantry
Bruce Moses K. 51st Infantry
Bruce John Henry 21st Infantry
Bruce Thomas 21st Infantry
Bruer Henry R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bruff John H. 21st Infantry
Bruffy William S. Virginia State Line
Brugh Samuel C. Virginia State Line
Brulley James W. 51st Infantry
Brumage Isaac Virginia State Line
Brumfield E Virginia State Line
Brumfield Morton Virginia State Line
Brumit Henry 29th Infantry
Brumit Alexander 64th Mounted Infantry
Brumit George 64th Mounted Infantry
Brummet Alexander 29th Infantry
Brummett   21st Cavalry
Brunswick Edward Virginia State Line
Bruster Andrew P. 29th Infantry
Bruster Bird L. 29th Infantry
Bruster Ebenezer 29th Infantry
Bruster George F. 29th Infantry
Bruster Harvey P. 29th Infantry
Bruster Thomas P. 29th Infantry
Bruster William 29th Infantry
Bruster George F. Virginia State Line
Bryan R. E. 50th Infantry
Bryan Andrew S. Virginia State Line
Bryan James C. Virginia State Line
Bryant Alford K. 50th Infantry
Bryant Andrew 50th Infantry
Bryant Benjamin Creed 29th Infantry
Bryant James A. 29th Infantry
Bryant James B. 7th Cavalry-French's
Bryant John 29th Infantry
Bryant Richard R. 50th Infantry
Bryant Samuel 29th Infantry
Bryant Thomas Jefferson 29th Infantry
Bryant William 29th Infantry
Bryant William J. 50th Infantry
Bryant A. J. 51st Infantry
Bryant A. N. 51st Infantry
Bryant Charles H. 51st Infantry
Bryant James K. 51st Infantry
Bryant John J. 51st Infantry
Bryant R. 51st Infantry
Bryant W. F. 51st Infantry
Bryant James B. Virginia State Line
Bryant Richard 21st Cavalry
Bryant James M. 21st Infantry
Bryant Stinson 21st Infantry
Bryant Jefferson J. 64th Infantry
Bryant B 64th Mounted Infantry
Bryant Jefferson J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bryer JOhn Virginia State Line
Bryson Alexander 50th Infantry
Bryson James 50th Infantry
Bryson Stephen 50th Infantry
Buchanan Hugh A. 29th Infantry
Buchanan J. 7th Cavalry-French's
Buchanan James L. 50th Infantry
Buchanan John F. 50th Infantry
Buchanan Miles A. 50th Infantry
Buchanan Morgan K. 7th Cavalry-French's
Buchanan Samuel A. 50th Infantry
Buchanan Thomas T. 50th Infantry
Buchanan William Alexander 29th Infantry
Buchanan William N. 29th Infantry
Buchanan Alexander M. Virginia State Line
Buchanan George Virginia State Line
Buchanan Harvey Virginia State Line
Buchanan James Virginia State Line
Buchanan John Virginia State Line
Buchanan Phelix Virginia State Line
Buchanan Rees H. Virginia State Line
Buchanan George 21st Cavalry
Buchanan Thomas B. 21st Cavalry
Buchanan George 45th Battalion Infantry
Buchanan Harvey 45th Battalion Infantry
Buchanan J 45th Battalion Infantry
Buchanan John 45th Battalion Infantry
Buchanan Phelix 45th Battalion Infantry
Buck Felix 29th Infantry
Buck James 51st Infantry
Buck A. Kirkland 21st Infantry
Buckanan William D. 51st Infantry
Buckland Hugh A. (Elihu) 50th Infantry
Buckland William Jasper 50th Infantry
Buckley Joseph H. 21st Infantry
Buckner James M. Virginia State Line
Buckner Samuel P. Virginia State Line
Buffington Calvin E. Virginia State Line
Bugg Sherwood 21st Infantry
Bull Isaac D. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bullington Henry 21st Infantry
Bullock George Washington Virginia State Line
Bulock George W. 21st Cavalry
Bulton John H. Virginia State Line
Bumgardner Jackson 50th Infantry
Bumgardner William 7th Cavalry-French's
Bumgardner Frank M. Virginia State Line
Bumgardner John H. 64th Infantry
Bumgardner William A. 64th Mounted Infantry
Bums Dennis Virginia State Line
Bunce Robert 51st Infantry
Bunch Jesse Virginia State Line
Bunch Jesse 64th Mounted Infantry
Bunker Christopher W. Virginia State Line
Bunts James 51st Infantry
Bunts John Mathas 51st Infantry
Burch Fielding 51st Infantry
Burch George W. 51st Infantry
Burch James Marshall 51st Infantry
Burch Milton 51st Infantry
Burcham Creed 29th Infantry
Burcham Darius 29th Infantry
Burcham Jeremiah Ward 29th Infantry
Burcham W. E. 51st Infantry
Burcheet John 21st Cavalry
Burchel Josiah 50th Infantry
Burchett Elisha Clark 50th Infantry
Burchett Leonard 7th Cavalry-French's
Burchett Samuel J. C. 50th Infantry
Burchett Meredith Virginia State Line
Burchett Solomon Virginia State Line
Burchett James 64th Mounted Infantry
Burchfield Charles 29th Infantry
Burdett John J. Virginia State Line
Burdett Lewis P. Virginia State Line
Burford Braxton Tinsley 50th Infantry
Burford James N. 51st Infantry
Burford Nathan L. 51st Infantry
Burford Preston 51st Infantry
Burford Thomas H. 51st Infantry
Burford William A. 51st Infantry
Burge William 50th Infantry
Burge Samuel C. Virginia State Line
Burge Martin 21st Cavalry
Burgen John M. 50th Infantry
Burgeon George 64th Mounted Infantry
Burgess Andrew Jackson Virginia State Line
Burgess Fernandes Virginia State Line
Burgess Hugh McC Virginia State Line
Burgess Milton Virginia State Line
Burgess Robert Virginia State Line
Burgess Thomas Virginia State Line
Burgess Thomas Virginia State Line
Burgess Wilson Virginia State Line
Burgess Andrew Jackson 45th Battalion Infantry
Burgess Thomas 45th Battalion Infantry
Burget Meredith Virginia State Line
Burget Meredith 45th Battalion Infantry
Burgett John Virginia State Line
Burgett John Virginia State Line
Burgett Moses Virginia State Line
Burgett John 45th Battalion Infantry
Burgh Elijah C. Virginia State Line
Burk Michael 29th Infantry
Burk Thomas 50th Infantry
Burk   7th Cavalry-French's
Burk A. C. Virginia State Line
Burk Thomas Virginia State Line
Burk Thomas J. 64th Infantry
Burk William 64th Infantry
Burk William L. 64th Infantry
Burk Eli 64th Mounted Infantry
Burk Thomas J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Burk William 64th Mounted Infantry
Burke Charles E. Virginia State Line
Burke H. Charles Virginia State Line
Burke N. H. Virginia State Line
Burke Thomas Virginia State Line
Burke William John 21st Infantry
Burkes Charles W. Virginia State Line
Burkes Charles W. 45th Battalion Infantry
Burket James 50th Infantry
Burket George 51st Infantry
Burkett George H. 29th Infantry
Burkett Josiah Mitchell 29th Infantry
Burks William Marshall 50th Infantry
Burks Edward A. 51st Infantry
Burks Jonathan Virginia State Line
Burks Charles E. 21st Cavalry
Burks George Wellington 21st Cavalry
Burks Thomas T. 21st Cavalry
Burley David L. 51st Infantry
Burley William T. 51st Infantry
Burner Charles C. Virginia State Line
Burner John E. Virginia State Line
Burner John Virginia State Line
Burnett Absolom Columbus 29th Infantry
Burnett Benjamin C. 29th Infantry
Burnett David Crockett 29th Infantry
Burnett Elisha 29th Infantry
Burnett George W. 29th Infantry
Burnett Jabez 29th Infantry
Burnett James F. 29th Infantry
Burnett John A. 29th Infantry
Burnett John A. 50th Infantry
Burnett Jonathan 29th Infantry
Burnett Marion 29th Infantry
Burnett Meredith 29th Infantry
Burnett Thomas 29th Infantry
Burnett Jeremiah 51st Infantry
Burnett John A. 51st Infantry
Burnett Samuel Henry 51st Infantry
Burnett William V. 21st Cavalry
Burnette H. C. 21st Infantry
Burns George William 50th Infantry
Burns Henry 51st Infantry
Burns Thomas H. 51st Infantry
Burns Granville B. Virginia State Line
Burns Cornelius J. 21st Infantry
Buroughs George T. 51st Infantry
Buroughs Robert D. 51st Infantry
Buroughs Thomas J. 51st Infantry
Burr James Virginia State Line
Burr John Virginia State Line
Burrass Robe 50th Infantry
Burrass William 50th Infantry
Burress George 50th Infantry
Burress Tom Virginia State Line
Burress Will H. Virginia State Line
Burson Joseph W. Virginia State Line
Burton George Henry 50th Infantry
Burton James D. 50th Infantry
Burton Preston O. 50th Infantry
Burton William H. 50th Infantry
Burton Louis 51st Infantry
Burton Allen Virginia State Line
Burton Elmore B. Virginia State Line
Burton James I. Virginia State Line
Burton Travis Virginia State Line
Burton J. R. 21st Infantry
Burton Thornton C. 21st Infantry
Burton William L. 64th Mounted Infantry
Burton Travis 45th Battalion Infantry
Burwell Richard B. 21st Infantry
Burwin A. J. 51st Infantry
Bush James 50th Infantry
Bush Alfred Virginia State Line
Bush George S. Virginia State Line
Bush Henry F. Virginia State Line
Bush Jehu Virginia State Line
Bush Silas F. Virginia State Line
Bush William R. Virginia State Line
Bush Charles T. 21st Cavalry
Bush John 21st Cavalry
Bush Calvin 64th Infantry
Bush Calvin 64th Mounted Infantry
Bush Enoch 64th Mounted Infantry
Bush James 64th Mounted Infantry
Bush  Samuel L. Virginia State Line
Busick Troy 51st Infantry
Buskell James L. 50th Infantry
Buskell John D. 50th Infantry
Buskill John B. 50th Infantry
Buskill John W. 50th Infantry
Buskill William J. 50th Infantry
Buskirk Uriah 45th Battalion Infantry
Butcher David F. Virginia State Line
Butcher H. S. Virginia State Line
Butcher Warwick Virginia State Line
Butcher Wiliam F. Virginia State Line
Butler Charles Virginia State Line
Butler John Virginia State Line
Butler Oliver M. Virginia State Line
Butler William R. 64th Mounted Infantry
Butterworth William Virginia State Line
Buys James 21st Infantry
Buzzard Joseph (James) Asbury Virginia State Line
Byars D. O. 21st Cavalry
Byass Alfred 50th Infantry
Byass James, Jr. 50th Infantry
Byass Palatine 50th Infantry
Byass Richard 50th Infantry
Byass William 50th Infantry
Byass William, Jr. 50th Infantry
Byasse John 21st Infantry
Byington William J. 64th Infantry
Byington William J. 64th Mounted Infantry
Byrd Charles J. W. 51st Infantry
Byrne C. 29th Infantry
Byron David 45th Battalion Infantry
  Bob Virginia State Line
Edward Virginia State Line

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