Davidson Family Tree

Davidson Family Tree

1 Hezekiah Davidson (first found in Albemarle Co., VA as an adult in the 1740s; died 1793 in Cumberland Co., VA)
+ Tabitha Childers (daughter of Abraham Childers and Elizabeth Cannon; Tabitha married second Gabriel B. Peaseley, Senior)

2 Philemon Davidson (died 1810 in Cumberland Co., VA; served at Valley Forge; the Carringtons were neighbors in Cumberland)
+ Mary Unknown

3a Kittura Davidson (died 1816 in Cumberland Co., VA)

3b Reuben F. Davidson (died 1846 in Cumberland Co., VA, but was on the 1820 census in Goochland Co., VA)
+ Lucy Peaseley

3c Judith Davidson
+ Gabriel B. Peaseley, Senior (was also the second husband of the above Tabitha (Childers) Davidson)

3d Nancy Davidson
+ Thomas Taylor

3e Mary "Polly" Davidson
+ John E. Sandridge (likely son of the John Sandridge who had signed a religious petition with Hezekiah and Philemon Davidson)

3f Joseph Davidson (moved to Campbell Co., VA by 1850)
+ Anna Smith

Children of Reuben F. and Lucy (Peaseley) Davidson (3b, above):

4b1 Andrew Jackson Davidson
+ Selender Frances Garrett

4b2 William H. Davidson
+Melissa Ann Jane Childress

4b3 Joseph Cornelius Davidson (moved to Buckingham Co., VA; died 1891 in Chesterfield Co., VA; buried in Hollywood Cemetery)
+ Vitula Monroe Sandridge

4b4 Poindexter Davidson (moved from Cumberland to Buckingham Co., VA, as did his brother Joseph, around 1859)
+ Mary F. Unknown

4b5 Reuben P. Davidson
+ Maria C. Unknown
+ Mary F. Agee (widow of a Mr. Garrett)

4b6 Minerva A. Davidson
+ John H. Hunt

4b7 Martha Davidson (taken-in by Gabriel B. Peaseley, Junior at the death of Reuben and Lucy in the 1840s)

4b8 Thomas Davidson (taken-in by Gabriel B. Peaseley, Junior at the death of Reuben and Lucy in the 1840s)

Children of Joseph Cornelius and Vitula Monroe (Sandridge) Davidson (4b3, above):

5b3a Eli Banton Davidson (died 1930 in Buckingham Co., VA; his family ran the well-known Davidson Orchard in Buckingham)
+ Lucy Alice Nuckols
+ Maria Louise Norvell

5b3b Thomas Archer Davidson (my ggf; died 1924 in Richmond, VA; buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA)
+ Ada Wilson Lee

5b3c Sallie Virginia Davidson (died 1930; buried in Maury Cemetery in Richmond, VA)
+ Thomas Henry Norvell

Submitted by: Bill Davidson

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