LAND PATENT to Richard Taylor 20 Aug 1745 1,200 acres

LAND PATENT to Richard Taylor 20 Aug 1745 1,200 acres
1200 acres Patent Book 23, 1743-5, Pages: 1072-4

(This land, on the south side of the Fluvanna River / James River fell in both Cumberland Co & Albemarle (Buckingham) when they were created.

George II.. for 6 pounds lawful money .. do grant unto Richard Taylor a tract of land containing 1200 acres in the County of Goochland on the Mill Branch of the Willis River and on the head of Watkins Creek of the Fluvanna River bounded as followeth:

Beg at pointers in William Cannons line a corner to James Daniel and running thence on James Daniel S72oE l60 poles to points N22oE 80 poles to pointers N52oE 40 poles to pointers thence a new line S75oE 137 poles to pointers S4OoE 158 poles to pointers S42oE 266 poles crossing the Mill Branch to pointers thence on George Carrington S4OoW 178 poles to pointers W276 poles to pointers N17oW 135 poles to pointers N53oW l46 poles to a pine N60oW 70 poles to 2 pines N79oW 120 poles to pointers thence on William Cannon N31oE 191 poles to first stake.

1200 acres of land to Richard Taylor his heirs and assigns forever yielding & paying unto us the sum of 1sh for every 50 acres yearly on the feast of St Michael the Archangel & also cultivating 3 acres out every 50 within 3 years after the date of these presents Provided that if 3 yrs of the sd fee rent shall at any time be in arrears or if the sd Richard Taylor does not cultivate 3 acres of each 50 within 3 years we may grant the same land to other person or persons as we think fit. Witt our trusty & well beloved William Gooch our Lt Gov & Commander -in-chief. August 20, 1745

(signed) William Gooch

Submitted by: Anne Baker

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