James Daniel to Richard Taylor

James Daniel to Richard Taylor - 14 Nov 1741- 17 Nov 1741
Recorded in Goochland Deed Book #3 page #488

(This land on the south side of the James River, fell in Cumberland when it was created)

THIS INDENTURE made the fourteenth day of November one thousand seven hundred and forty one between JAMES DANIEL of the County of Goochland of the one part and RICHARD TAYLOR of the County of Goochland of the other part.

WITNESSETH: That the said James Daniel for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold alien'd released, confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said Richard Taylor and his heirs & assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land in the County of Goochland containing ninety five acres more or less and is bounded as follows viz:

Beginning at Several pointers in William Cannon's line, thence south seventy two degrees East 140 poles to pointers south twenty two degrees West 93 poles to pointers North seventy two degrees West 160 poles to pointers thence on William Cannon North thirty one degrees East 101 poles to the first station the said ninety five acres of land being part of a tract of four hundred acres granted to the said Daniel by patent dated the Twentieth day of August one thousand seven hundred and forty.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said ninety five acres of land together with all houses gardens orchards fences and all other appurtenances unto the same belonging unto the said Richard Taylor and his heirs and assigns forever and the said James Daniel doth covenant with the said Richard Taylor that the said James Daniel and his heirs Exors and administrators, the above sold hand and premises into the said Richard Taylor & his heirs and assigns against all persons shall and will warrant & forever defend by these presents.
IN WITNESS whereof the said James Daniel hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year above written.

James Daniel (SEAL)

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Geo. Carrington, Hugh Moor, Isaac Bates. William Cockerham

MEMORANDUM: that on the 14th day of November 1741 Livery and Seizen of the within sold land and premises was made and done by the within named James Daniel to the within named Richard Taylor.
James Daniel (SEAL)

November the 14th day 1741 received of Richard Taylor the within mentioned consideration money.
James Daniel (SEAL)

At a court held for Goochland County November 17, 1741.
This deed with the Livery of Seizen and receipt endorsed was proved by the oaths of George Carrington, Isaac Bates and William Cockerham to be the acts and deed of James Daniel which was ordered to be recorded.

Teste: Henry CICur

(Copied at the court house by Margaret V. Henley - DC Circuit Court Goochland Co., Va.)

Submitted by: Anne Baker

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