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Introduction by Pamela G. Hurak of Hurak Publications, P. O. Box 802 Farmville, VA 23901-0802

Fort Pickett, VA Cemetery Transcriptions----- In 1942, Fort Pickett Military Reservation came into existence on 47,000 acres located in the VA counties of Nottoway, Brunswick, and Dinwiddie. Any families who resided on this land were relocated. Family and Church cemeteries were also reinterred to different locations. It was reported that over 2000 graves were removed from this area. A large number of these were unmarked. Indian graves were also located and removed. Only a couple of small family cemeteries remain in the interior of the reservation. Because of the burned county status in this area, many of these families are hard to research. Both Nottoway and Dinwiddie County have suffered large losses of their county records. We hope that the cemetery inscriptions that were transcribed will provide clues for anyone researching a family in this area. I have visited each of these gravesites and carefully transcribed the stones including the epitaphs. The dates range from the 1700's to present day. When known, the race of the family and/or cemetery was stated. The stones were recorded in the order in which they were found to maintain family groupings. This work will contain a full name index. Copies of this publication may be purchased for $12.95 each (VA residents please add 4.5% sales tax) by mailing a check or money-order to: Hurak Publications P. O. Box 802 Farmville, VA 23901-0802.

Hurak Publications Research Department works with it's clients to tailor their research needs, inexpensive, yet flexible. A researchers will assist you by providing specific record searches in the southside Virginia. I personally know what it's like to have to pay an outrageous fee for a rather obvious record only because it's located out of reach. For that reason, I like to stay as inexpensive as possible. (I try to keep up with other researchers and what they charge so as to not inflame anyone, but I haven't found any others who work in this area. I do not call myself a professional genealogist because I haven't been certified and I don't think that that's fair to all those who have spent all the time and money to do so. By such I call myself a researcher although I am professional in the quality of my work. I will do genealogy (per se: help to put generations together) but I will also do simple record search requests for those who only need someone to retrieve the information for them. This way I can charge simple record search prices and work for other genealogists. I have +8 years experience in the field and I'm a native of this area. I do have some college in the field and seminar time in a few special areas, but most importantly, I have lots of hours in the records in this area (not to mention the time tromping around the cemeteries, etc.). I also do research for publication and self-publish. My first publication is going to the printer now. I'm getting ready to begin distribution in a couple of weeks... As always, you may attach a short description of the work and/or families or individuals from the Southside VA area that you are researching. As a researcher in this area I try to keep others in mind when I'm in the field. Hurak Publications may also be reached at ResearchVA. We cover (but are not confined to) the counties of Amelia, Appomattox, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Nottoway and Prince Edward, VA. Requests for more information about individual research requests may be obtained at same addresses. 

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Announces the new release of " Historical Notes on Buckingham 1890 - 1899" by Robert G. Flippen. A social and economical hisotry of Buckingham Co, VA in the 1890's as recorded in the pages of the Farmville Herald.

Price $12.00 plus 1.50 postage and VA sales tax (0.54 per book)

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