Cumberland County Poll List, 1804 

Election held in Cumberland County November 9, 1804 for the Election of Electors for a President and Vice President of the United States. 
We, James Deane, and John Hatcher, Commisioners, for holding the Election of Electors for a President and Vice President of the United States for the County of Cumberland, do hereby certify that an Election was held for the said county pursuant of law and the number of votes herein specified oppiste the names of several persons following was given for each person as elector for the State of Virginia - of a   President and Vice President of the United States   namely


Richard Eve'd Lee, of Norfolk Burrough
John Goodrich, of Isle of Wight
Edwaard Pegram, of Dinwiddie
Dr Richard Fields, of Brunswick
Thomas Read, of Charlotte
Creed Taylor, of Cumberland
William H Cabell, of Amherst
George Penn, of Patrick
George Wythe, of City of Richmond
John Minor, of Spotsylvania
John Taylor, of Caroline
Lu??? Smith, of King and Queen
William Ellzey, of Louden
William Dudley, of Warwick
Mann Page, of Cloucester
John Taliaferio, of King George
Richard Brent, of Prince William
Hugh Holms, of Frederick
James Daily, of Hampshire
James Allen, of Shenadoah
Archibald Stewart, of Augusta
James McFarlane, of Russell
Gen'l John Preston, of Montgomery
William McKenly, of Ohio

Voter Names

Joel Meggs
Henry Lipscomb
Field Roberson
Littleberry Scruggs
Ben. Allen Sr
John Price
Robert Smith
William Bond
Thomas Addams
John Newton
John Orrange
John Warren
Edward Booker
Hugh Junior
Samuel Anderson
Samuel Addams
John Holeman Sr
William Glenn
William Maxey
Capt Jefferson Roberson Jr
Holloway Hudgens
Capt James Blanton
James Anderson B S
Peter T Phillips
George Anderson
William B Talley
Blake B Woodson
Stephen Woodson
Jerman Baker
William Brown
John M Hobson
Jesse  Boatwright
Jacob Bransford
William Orrange
John A Trent
Walter Kibble Jr
John Daniel
Josiah Cox
William England
John Holeman Sr
Edmond Eggleston
Rice D Mountique
James J Reynolds
Alexander Guthrey
Jesse Merryman
David Burton
Zach Talley
Moses Hubbard
Randolph Harrison
John Glover
Tucker Baughan
Lewis Isball
John Hobson Jr
William Talley Sr
Charles Newton
John Anderson Sr
Robert Nouel
James Bryant
John Baughan
Capt William Hobson
Joseph McLauren
Henry Guthrey
Joseph Meadow
S[L]amuel Wheeler
Archibald Morrison
Thomas Hobson Adock
John Crisp Sr
John Jefferson Sr
Elish Woodfin
John Jefferson
Henry Martin
James Deane
Elliott Coleman
Maj John Hatcher
Charles Lee
Joseph Johns
Newton Ferd
Richard Booker
Dr Humphrey Belt. ?
Edward Roberson
Col Nelson Patterson
William Starkly
William Frazer
William Russell
William Hobson
Jessey Davis
Nathaniel Pinnick
John Colquitt
Capt Bernard Smith
Willis Swann
Samuel Oslin
Miller Woodson
Mose Arnold
William Russell, Clk
Francis Flippin
Thomas Hobson
David Tirey
John Woodson P Sr
Harrison James
William Daniel
Christopher Roberson
William Guthrey

Attest : James Deane, teste
John Hatcher
Blake B Woodson
Wm Daniel

In all 109 votes for the candiates aforementioned
Given under our hands and seals at Cumberland Court House 
this 9th day of November 1840

John R Redd
Sam Hobson

James Deane (seal)
John Hatcher (seal)

submitted by Katy Hestand ©2001

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