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Cumberland Court Court Order Book, June 1749- May 1756

1749 - Cumberland Co., VA Court Order Book June 1749- May 1756  - 
 28 Aug. 1749 - Benjamin BRYAN, Plaintiff, began a suit against Margaret PHELPS, Executors, Samuel PHELPS and William PHELPS of  John PHELPS, deceased, Defendants.  In Case. Imparlance granted. Part I, p.19.
 27 Nov. 1749 - Case continued. Part I, p.33.

1750 - Cumberland Co., VA Court Order Book June 1749- May 1756 
 26 March 1750 - Case of BRYAN vs. PHELPS continued. Part I, p.56.
 26 March 1750 - Benj. BRYAN, Plt., against Margaret PHELPS, Executor of Samuel PHELPS & William PHELPS, Exors. & c. of John PHELPS, Deceased, Defts} In Case.  Continued.  Part I, p. 56.
 24 July 1750 - Case to be settled by a jury the 4th Monday in August.  In Case. The plea of the said Defendants is Insufficient, therefore because it is not known what damages the Plaintiff hath sustained, the sherif is commanded to call a jury for next court. Part I, p.123.
 24 Sept. 1750 - It is ordered that the PHELPS pay their witness, Robert EASLEY, one hundred and forty five (145) pounds of Nett Tobacco for one days attendance and coming forty miles and returning. Part I, p.171.
 27 November 1750 - In Case.  This day came a jury, to wit, Francis STEGAR and company, who returned a Verdict for the Plaintiff for two hundred and sixty pounds and a half of Tobacco with his costs. Part I, p.189.

1752 - Cumberland Co., VA Court Order Book June 1749- May 1756 - 
 25 August 1752 - An Indenture of Bargin and Sale between Wm. STONE and William PHELPS was recorded.  Elizabeth, Wm. STONE's wife, relinquished her right of dower. Part I, p.34,35.
 25 August 1752 - Cumberland Co., VA Deed Bk. 2, p.16, 17.  Wm. STONE sold 100 acres of land in Southam Parish, in Cumberland Co. to William PHELPS for the consideration of fifty (50) Pounds, on the Watson Branch bound by land owned by the said William PHELPS, Joseph WOODSON, John CURD and Roderick EASLY. 

1753 - Cumberland Co., VA Court Order Book June 1749- May 1756, - 
 30 May 1753, John DARRACOTT, Plt., sued Samuel and William PHELPS, Defendants.  In debt.  The case was dismissed.  Part I, p.84.

1756 - Cumberland Co. Order Bk., p.393.  May Court 1756 - Sarah PHELPS, the wife of William PHELPS, came into court to Relinquish her right to Dower to the land conveyed by her husband to John CARLYLE dated 29 March 1755.

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