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This is a picture of F. Theodore Miller who was a photographer in Fredericksburg around 1868.  He had a shop on Main Street.  In 2005 an archive of his photographs were discovered.  They included previously unseen pictures of cemeteries & other buildings post Civil War.
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Link to images of some of the photos
UNEARTHING FREDERICKSBURG! See the news broadcast by Horace Holmes.
FREDERICKSBURG POTTERY!  Pottery shards found during an excavation of Fredericksburg Hardware location are linked to Francis H. Bell.  Francis H. Bell was also associated with another pottery site located in N.Y.  Information and pictures regarding that site can be found at the Riverbank Historic House Museum.
Archeology at Kenmore
Published on Nov 4, 2012

Archeological findings at Kenmore Plantation in Fredricksburg, Virginia