Carroll County Genealogy Club - Carroll County, Virginia


P. O. Box 395 Hillsville, Virginia 24343
The Historic Carroll County Courthouse, Main Street, Hillsville, VA


The Carroll County Genealogy Club was formed in 1993. It's purpose is to research family history and to help others with their research. Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday night of each month at the Historic Carroll County Courthouse, Main Street in Hillsville, Virginia. If you have traced your family into Carroll County or you are in need of help in tracing your family line, please attend as a prospective member. Membership is $15 per year from May to April. If you join late in the year, your dues will be pro-rated or if you wish, we will send you all the newsletters for that year. Each member receives a quarterly newsletter and can submit unlimited queries for the newsletter.

Officers May 1, 2009 - April 30, 2011 - Paulita, Alma & Katie, sitting - Bobby & Doug, standing
OFFICERS: MAY 1, 2009 - APRIL 30, 2011

Doug Crosswhite - President - back right

Bobby Patterson - Vice President - back left

Katie Dalton - Secretary - sitting right

Alma Guynn - Treasurer - sitting middle

Paulita Wade - Reporter - sitting left

During May, 2008 the Genealogy Club moved it's office and collection to the Historic Courthouse, Hillsville, Virginia. Second floor - please use the front stairs going up the north (left) side.

OUR LIBRARY: The Carroll County Genealogy Club Library will now be available for use by family history researchers.
Open Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM.
WINTER HOURS: Wednesday ONLY from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Other times by appointment: Katie at 276-766-3431 or Jerry at 276-730-9522
Genealogy Club volunteers will be available to help visitors with their research.

WEATHER NOTICE: The Club follows the school schedule for inclement weather and holidays. If the schools are closed for bad weather or for a holiday then the Library will be closed and the Genealogy Club meeting will be cancelled. Therefore, the Library will be closed the last Wednesday of December because the schools are closed for the Christmas holidays.

BUILDING FUND - A Building Fund has been started. Anyone wanting to make a Contribution can do so by clicking on Join Our Club, printing the form, add a dollar amount in the Contributions section, and mailing it along with your check.

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