Alexandria History

Alexandria History

Books about Alexandria:

The best general outline of Alexandria history I have seen currently in print is: A Seaport Saga: Portrait of Old Alexandria, Virginia, by William Francis Smith and T. Michael Miller, 1989, (reprinted, 1994), published by The Donning Company, 184 Business Park Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462. If you live in the metro DC / Northern Virginia area, the Crown Books in Old Town carries it, as does The Virginia Shop on S. Lee St., and other major bookshops in the area. Alternately, you could get your bookseller to order it from the publisher. It contains lots of maps and old photographs, as well as a comprehensive history from before the City's foundation to the end of the 19th century.

For the history of specific houses in Old Town, the most accessible source is Historic Alexandria Virginia Street by Street: A Survey of Existing Early Buildings, by the Historic Alexandria Foundation, 1976, distributed by EPM publications, McLean, Virginia.
This gives background on most of the pre-1850 houses in Old Town, including in many cases the names of original owners. It is available from the same retailers as the book listed above.

Alexandria History Links:

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.....from John Howder's DC area historic maps site
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Virginia History Links:

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Nooks and Crannies in the City of Alexandria
GNIS List of Cemeteries - City Of Alexandria
GNIS List of Churches
GNIS List of Locale
GNIS List of - Military
GNIS List of Schools
GNIS List of Populated Places
GNIS List of Post Offices
GNIS List of Parks
GNIS List of This and That

 Subject:         cemeteries
   Date:         Sun, 24 Jan 1999 13:43:35 -0500
   From:         Patrick McGrady <>
I'm trying to find out who I can contact on the maintenance and upkeep
of Alexandria's cemeteries.  The reason for this is because after a
recent visit to the Alexandria National Cemetery just south of Old Town
I noticed the other cemeteries were and still are in complete disarray.
I was really shocked at the condition and cleanliness of the surrounding
cemeteries. I did notice though, how neat and clean the National
Cemetery itself was. I just wish the surrounding cemeteries were just as
clean. Who ever is in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the
cemeteries needs to pay a visit just in case they haven't in a while.
Obviously, it's been a long time. You know, I'd hate to be buried
there!!!  They need tall fences with razor wire at the top to keep
people from coming in and trashing the place.  The cemetery names are as
follows that need desparate attention:

cemetery name                  owner

Bethel est. 1885                James Click

Douglas                            unknown

St. Pauls Episcopal           unknown
est. 1809

Pres.                                unknown

W.S.U.M.                        unknown

Methodist Protestant         unknown

Christ Church Episopal     unknown

United Methodist             unknown

St. Pauls                          unknown


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