Pension Application of William Lucas: R6507

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


Logan County  November the 9th 1832

            We the undersigned Justices of the peace for the County of Logan and State of Virginia, Do hereby certify, that at the request of William Lucas, who from age and infirmity, is at present unable to attend at the courthouse of said County; We attended at the house of his son where he now lives; And he the said William Lucas, being duly Sworn, according to Law, made the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of an act of Congress in favour of revolutionary soldiers, passed on the 7th day of June 1832. That he enlisted in the company of Virginia Militia commanded by Captain Abraham Trigg in Montgomery County Virginia; (The regiment was then Commanded by Colo. [Evan] Shelby; at an early period in our Revolutionary War; and served in said Company and in said Regiment under the orders of General Campbell in Carolina until the end of his eighteen months tour of Service, when he again enlisted into Captain Dunns Company in the Regiment commanded by Colo [William] Preston Lieutenants name [Christian] Snidow for some time, when he was discharged. He also Joined with his two Brothers in Montgomery County, in hiring men as Substitute, as the Law required, and he has never received any commensation for his services. he is now 82 years of age, any infirm & poor & certainly well entitled to his Country’s aid; for he is intirely dependent on Charity for his support. Given under our hands & seals this 7th day of September in the year eighteen hundred & thirty two.

            [signed] Nath’l Mullins   Anthony Lawson


            Logan County Va.  November the 1st day 1834

We the undersigned Justices of the peace for the County of Logan in the State of Virginia Do hereby certify that at the request of William Lucas who, from old age and infirmity, is unable to attend at the Courthouse of said County; We attended at the house of his son John Lucas, where he now lives, and the said William Lucas, being duely Sworn, in form of Law, made the following, declaration, in order to obtain, the benefit of an Act passed by Congress on the 7 day of June 1832. That he was drafted, in the year 1772. to go on a tour of Service; to protect the frontier of Virginia, a gainst the Indians, and also in 1773. and a gain in 1777. he was drafted, for the same Service, & was stationed at Farleys fort on New river for 3 months; and in 1778. he was Stationed at Woods fort [on Rich Creek in present Monroe County WV] for 3 months; He was shortly after drafted into the Virginia Militia, & served a tour of three months, in the Regiment Commanded by Colonel Shelby; in the Company of Captain Abraham Trigg, was with the army under Gen’l. Campbell in Carolina, at the end of this tour He enlisted into the regiment Commanded by his neighbour Col. Preston, and served a tour of three months, in the Company of James Burns [or Barnes]; Lieut Snidow, when he was discharged. He also enlisted with his brothers in hiring substitutes, as the Law required; and alltho’ his brother in Giles County [Parker Lucas, pension application S8868], in better circumstances has received a pension, he has received nothing in payment for his services, whatever; He is now 84 years of Age, and very infirm, and poor; and certainly well entitled to his Countrys aid; in the time of his great need; and utter inability to help himself–: He relinquishes every other Claim except the present, to any pension; & his name is on no pension Roll whatever in any State–               William hisXmark Lucas

Sworn to, and subscribed before us this 1st day of November 1834 

            [signed] Anthony Lawson J.P.   Nath’l. Mullins JP

The following interogatories were then put by us as are required by the War office: Agent of pension

1. Question.     Where and in what year were you born?

Answer            I was born in Pittsylvania County Va. in the year 1749.

2d. Question     Have you any record of your age &c?

Answer.           I have no record of my age, nor do I know of any.

3d. Question.    Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since, and where do you now live?

Answer.           I was living in Botetourt County Va. – I have lived Chiefly since in Montgomery County; and now, & for 7 years last past in Logan County Virginia –

4 Question      How were you called into service, were you drafted, or were you a Substitute, and if a substitute for whom?

Answer.           I was drafted frequently & also volunteered –

5 Question      State the names of some of the regular officers, who were with the troops where you served; such continental and Militia Regiments, as you can recollect & the general circumstances of our services.

Answer.           I remember the names of Col Shelby, Col Preston; Capt Trigg, Capt [Thomas] Burke, Capt. [John] Lucas; Capt Barnes; & Lieut Snidow.

6 Question.      Did you ever receive a discharge from the service, & if so; by whom was it given; and what has become of it?

Answer.           I believe that I received a discharge from Col. Preston but have lost it many years ago–