From Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800 by Lewis Preston Summers

Abingdon 1929, pp. 1379-1414, 1419-1425.


Adapted by C. Leon Harris


In the first part of Summers=s compilation, the right-hand column lists the service performed, whether Continental, county militia, or as volunteer at the Battle of King=s Mountain SC. See my notes at the end on county formation and specific events and battles. All else between here and those notes is as faithful to Summers=s book as I have been able to make it. C. L. H.



The following list of Revolutionary Soldiers from Southwest Virginia has been compiled from sources believed to be absolutely reliable, and it is confidently believed that, while this list of soldiers is by no means complete or that it contains more than a small part of the men who participated in the war that won for us our independence and liberties, still that in every instance it will be found reliable.

This list was obtained from the following sources:

(1) The Court records of Botetourt, Fincastle, Montgomery and Washington Counties;

(2) The History of Southwest Virginia by Summers, Lewis Battle of Point Pleasant, Dunmore's War, by Thwaites; List of Revolutionary Soldiers, published by the Virginia State Library and compiled by H. J. Eckenrode; and from fifteen bound books of letters received from descendants of soldiers by the author during the past twenty-five years.



Adams, George                        Capt.                                        Washington County

Adams, John                            1st. Lieut.                                 Under Montgomery

Adams, Robert

Alcorn, John                             2nd Lieut.                                 Under Montgomery

Alexander, Jeremiah                 Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Alexander, Oliver                     Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Alexander, William                    Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Allen, Hugh (Big Mouth)            2nd Lieut.                                 Bot. Co. Under Pryor.

Alley, Thomas                          Killed at Bufords Defeat

Alexander, James                     Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Allen, Moses

Allison, Charles                        Lieut.                                        Washington Co., Kings Mtn.    

Alexander, Archibald

Allison, Matthew                                                                      Cherokee Expedition

Allison, Charles

Anderson, Jacob                                                                      Kings Mountain

Anderson, Joseph                    Wounded while guarding prisoners from York to Winchester

Alley, John                               Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Alden, Andrew                                                                         Botetourt County

Alexander, James                     Sergeant                                  Botetourt County

Alliet, Robert                            Ensign                                      Botetourt County

Allsop, Thomas                                                                        Continental Line

Alsbury, Thomas                                                                      Botetourt County

Amacks, Matthew                     Wounded at Guilford C. H.

Anderson, John                       Captain                                    Washington County

Anderson, John                       Lieutenant                               Washington County

Amask, Andrew                                                                        Botetourt County

Anderson, William                                                                    Kings Mountain

Amask, Matthew                      Wounded Guilford C. H.           Wounded Guilford C. H.

Armstrong, Andrew                  1st Lieut.                                  Under J. Neely, Jr.

Armstrong John                                                                       Botetourt County

Armstrong, George

Armstrong, Thomas                                                                 Botetourt County

Armstrong, William                                                                   Botetourt County

Arboghart, Adam                                                                      Botetourt County

Arbuckle, Thomas                                                                    Botetourt County

Argubrute, Jacob                                                                      Botetourt County

Arthur, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Ashworth, Joel                                                                         Montgomery County

Aston, William                                                                          Botetourt County

Aston, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Aston, George                                                                         Botetourt County

Aston, Charles                                                                         Botetourt County

Astin, William

Asberry, George                      Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Atkinson, John                         Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Ackland, Christopher               Proc. 1763                               Washington County

Ballah, John                                                                              Botetourt County

Banners, Peter                         Capt. Short's Co. Regulars       Botetourt County

Ballou, John

Bailey, Benjamin                       1st Lieut.                                  Under W. Bobbett

Bailey, William                                                                           Botetourt County

Bailey, Isham                                                                            Botetourt County

Bailey, John                                                                              Continental Line

Baird, John                               Captain                                    Botetourt County

Bailer, John                              Captain                                    Botetourt County

Barker, Charles

Barker, Edmund

Barker, Edward

Barker, Enoch

Barker, Henry

Barker, Joel

Barker, Thomas                                                                        Continental Line

Barnes, Alexander                    Captain

Barnett, Alexander                   Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Barnett, James                         Capt. Co. Regulars                   Botetourt County

Bartlett, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Baker, Evan                                                                              Fincastle County

Baker, Thomas                                                                         Botetourt County

Baker, Martin                                                                            Botetourt County

Baker, Samuel                                                                          Botetourt County

Ballard, Phillips                                                                          Botetourt County

Banks, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Backer, Edward                                                                        Washington County

Barbee, Thomas                       Col. 17th Va. Regiment

Barr, Philip                                                                                Botetourt County

Barnes, James

Barnett, Henry                                                                          Montgomery County

Batchelor, Peter                                                                       Botetourt County

Bates, John

Bayles, Christopher

Bayles, John

Bayles, Jessie

Beatty, Patrick

Beatty, William

Beatty, James

Beavers, Abraham

Barkley, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Beane, Robert                                                                          Kings Mountain

Beard, Richard                          Capt. Va. Regt. Capt. Campbell's Co.   

Best, Christopher                                                                    Botetourt County

Beattie, David                           Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Beattie, Francis                                                                        Kings Mountain

Beattie, John                            Ensign Killed                             Kings Mountain

Beattie, William                                                                         Kings Mountain

Benning, Benoni                       Wounded 3 times                    Kings Mountain

Berry, Bradley                           Died in Service

   Yellow Spring, Pa.                  4th Va. Regiment

Berry, James                                                                             Kings Mountain

Berry, James

Berry, John                               Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Berry, Thomas                          Wounded by Indians Sept. 4, 1776.

Berry, David

Berry, William

Bell, Robert, Sr.                                                                         Montgomery County

Bickley, Charles                                                                       Kings Mountain

Bird, William                                                                              Montgomery County

Bishop, Henry                                                                           Montgomery County

Bishop, Matthew                      Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Black, Joseph                           Lieut. Dyzart's Co.                   Kings Mountain

Blackburn, Arthur                                                                     Kings Mountain

Blackburn, John                                                                       Kings Mountain

Blackburn, Joseph                                                                    Kings Mountain

Blackburn, William                    Lieut. Killed                              Kings Mountain

Blackmore, John                                                                      Kings Mountain

Blackmore, William                   Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Blair, John Neal                                                                         Botetourt County

Blair, Samuel                             12th V. R. Sgt. Wounded.

    Died in service                     Botetourt County

Blake, Thomas

Bland, Jesse                                                                             Montgomery County

Blankenship, David

Bledsoe, Anthony                    Major

Blount, Nathaniel                                                                      Botetourt County

Boon, John                                                                              Botetourt County

Bobbett, William                                                                       Over part of Trigg's Co.

Bollar, John                              Captain

Bolling, Jarrett

Boran, Bazil                                                                              Kings Mountain

Bowen, Arthur                         Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Bowen, Arthur                         Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Bowen, Charles                                                                       Kings Mountain

Bowen, William                                                                         Washington County

Border, Henry                                                                           Recruited by Matthew Rhea

Bowles, Robert                                                                        Botetourt County

Bowman, Jacob                                                                        Botetourt County

Bowman, John                                                                         Botetourt County

Boyd, Robert                                                                            Botetourt County

Boyd, James                                                                             Botetourt County

Boon, Squire                                                                            Botetourt County

Bott, Frederick                                                                         Montgomery County

Boone, Jeremiah                                                                      Illinois Expedition

Boone, Benjamin

Bowen, Henry                                                                          Kings Mountain

Bowen, John                            Son of Rees B.                         Kings Mountain

Bowen, Rees                            Lieut. Killed                              Kings Mountain

Bowen, Robert                                                                         Kings Mountain

Bowen, William                         Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Bowman, Esaius                                                                       Kings Mountain

Boyls, Barney                           Sergeant                                  Botetourt County

Boyd, William

Boyd, Andrew                          Dyzart's Company                   Kings Mountain

Bowyer, John                           Lieut. Gilmore's Co.,                 Botetourt County

    Va. State Militia

Bowling, Jarrett

Bowen, Moses

Bogard, Abraham

Bowyer, Thomas                      Officer in Continental Line

Bowyer, William                        Lieut. Col.

Brown, Thomas                                                                        Botetourt County

Breckenridge, Alexander          Capt. Cont. Line                       Wash. County. Kings Mtn.

Breckenridge, George              12 years old                             Wash. County. Kings Mtn.

Breckenridge, John                                                                  Wash. County. Kings Mtn.

Brannan, Peter

Bright, Albertus                                                                        Under Trigg

Brooks, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Brown, Lewis                           Captain

Brown, Augustus                     Capt. Bluggs' Co. Regulars       Botetourt County

Brown, Low                                                                             Montgomery County

Brown, Michael                                                                         Kings Mountain

Brocas, William                                                                         Continental Line

Brown, Peter                            Ensign                                      Under H. Patton

Brown, Samuel                         Lieut.                                        Botetourt County

Browning, Enas

Brush, Enoch

Brumley, John                                                                          Botetourt County

Brush, Levi                               Ensign

Bryson, John                            2nd Lieut.                                 Under J. Henderson

Bryant, James

Bryant, William

Bryant, Joseph

Brook, George

Bradley, John

Brambridge, James                                                                   Botetourt County

Brady, Daniel                            Gilmore's Co. Va. St. Line         Botetourt County

Brown, Rice                              Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Brown, William                                                                          Botetourt County

Brundige, Solomon                                                                   Botetourt County

Broomless, Augustine

Bradley, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Bryans, William                                                                         Botetourt County

Burks, Samuel                                                                          Botetourt County

Burnsides, James                                                                     Botetourt County

Buchanan, Robert                    Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Buchanan, Samuel                                                                    Kings Mountain

Buchanan, John                        Captain                                    Battle Long Island Flats

Buchanan, William                     Lieut. 7th Va. Killed in action    Washington County

Buchanan, Robert, Sr.               Capt.

Buckner, William                                                                       Virginia Line

Bullen, William                          Private. Kings Mtn. wounded.   Washington County

Burke, John                              Captain                                    Botetourt County

Burney, William                                                                         Kings Mountain

Byrns, James                            Captain                                    Wounded Whitsells Mill

Buchanan, William                     Captain                                    Montgomery County

Buchanan, Andrew                   Captain

Buckhart, Henry                                                                       Washington County

Bullitt, Thomas                         Colonel

Bundy, Francis

Bundy. William

Bunvell, Thomas

Burton, Marshall                                                                       Montgomery County

Bush, JacobBushong, Jacob

Butt, Jacob                                                                               Botetourt County

Burke, WilliamBurke, John

Burney, Thomas                                                                       Botetourt County

Burwell, Matthew                                                                     Botetourt County

Breckenridge, Alexander          Captain

Breckenridge, Robert               Colonel                                    Botetourt County

Breckenridge, Robert                                                               Washington County

Breckenridge, James                                                                Botetourt County

Brumley, Thomas                     Proclamation of 1763              Washington County

Bustard, John                           Continental Line                      Botetourt County

Bustard, Isaac                           Continental Line                      Botetourt County

Buchanan, John                        Continental Line                      Botetourt County

Bougaw, Monshier                   Continental Line                      Botetourt County

Byrd, Reuben                           Guilford C. H.                           Botetourt County

Carpenter, Solomon                                                                Botetourt County

Carpenter, Jeremiah                                                                 Botetourt County

Carpenter, Thomas                                                                  Botetourt County

Canady, Thomas                                                                      Botetourt County

Carlton, James                                                                         Botetourt County

Calhoun, William                       Ensign                                      Under Buchanan

Campbell, Charles                    Ensign Kings Mountain             Under Buchanan

Campbell, David                                                                       Kings Mountain

Campbell, John                        Ensign                                      Morgan's Company

Campbell, John                        Commander Indian Spick, 1790-94

Campbell, John                        Capt. Battle of Long Island Flats, Kings Mtn.

Campbell, Robert                     Ensign.Wounded Long Island   Kings Mountain

Campbell, Patrick                     Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Campbell, William                     Colonel                                    Kings Mountain

Campbell, William, Jr.                Capt. Guilford C. H.                  Kings Mountain

Campbell, James                      Guilford C. H.                           Kings Mountain

Carmack, William

Campbell, John Jr.                    Enlisted at 18 years

Campbell, Hugh                                                                        Kings Mountain

Campbell, Samuel                     Lieut.

Campbell, William                     2nd Lieut.

Campbell, Arthur                      Lieut. Col.

Campbell, Isaac                        Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Campbell, John                        Colonel

Campbell, Robert M.                 Sergeant                                  Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia

    Botetourt County

Carson, David                                                                          Kings Mountain

Carson, John

Carswell, Andrew                                                                     Kings Mountain

Cartmill, Henry                          Lieut.                                        Under J. Cartmill

Cartmill, John                           Captain                                    In Logan's Old Co.

Cartmill, Thomas                      Captain

Casey, William                          Ensign

Cavanaugh, William

Cavanaugh, Charles

Chapman, John                        2nd Lieut.

Carney, Martin                                                                          Botetourt County

Caperton, Hugh                                                                        Botetourt County

Caldwell, Thomas                     Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Caldwell, John                                                                          Morgan's Co. in S. Car.

Carpenter, John                       Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Calbert, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Calbert, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Camper, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Canifax, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Cantuberry, Joseph                                                                 Montgomery County

Carbin, Edward                                                                         Botetourt County

Carvin, Richard

Carper, John                                                                            Montgomery County

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, Zepher                   Drummer

Carpenter, Joseph

Carr Richard

Carrigan, Patrick                                                                       Botetourt County

Carson, Robert

Carson, William C.

Carter, Charles

Carter, Dale

Carter, William

Carlisle, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Carlisle, Robert                                                                        Botetourt County

Caywood, Benny

Cassaday, Peter                                                                       Botetourt County

Calbert, James

Carmack, John

Caldwell, George                     Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Caldwell, Thomas

Cole, Thomas

Cole, William                                                                            Kings Mountain

Colley, Thomas                                                                        Kings Mountain

Collin, Moses                           Ensign

Collins, John                                                                            Botetourt County

Colvill, Andrew                         Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Colvill, James                           Colonel                                    Rev. Swords Infantry Cont.

Colvill, Joseph

Compton, Abraham                                                                  Botetourt County

Cornwell, Adam                                                                       Botetourt County

Cole, Hugh                               Died in Cont. Service

Cole, Hugh                                                                               Botetourt County

Coiler, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Coulter, John                           Lieutenant                               Washington County

Coiler, Moses                           Sergeant                                  Botetourt County

Cochran, William                                                                      Botetourt County

Collins, William                                                                         Botetourt County

Cook, George                                                                          Botetourt County

Cook, Henry                            2nd Va. Regt.

Conn, W. Y.                              North Carolina Militia

Cooper, James                                                                         Botetourt County

Cooper, Peter                          Capt. Bowyer's Co. Killed at Siege of Ninety-six

Cope, John                              Cont. Army                              Substitute for Mathias Harman

Conner, Lawrence                   Wounded 8th V. R. Wallace Company

Corry, James                            Ensign Killed                             Kings Mountain

Cowan, Andrew                                                                       Kings Mountain

Cowan, William                         Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Cox, John                                Capt. Wounded Whitsells         Kings Mountain


Cotter, William                         McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Cole, Zachary                          McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Colvitts, Joseph                       (S C)                                         Continental Service

Coulter, John                           Lieut.

Cole, James                             Colonel                                    Botetourt County

Conner, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Conner, Samuel

Coff, William                                                                            Botetourt County

Comer, Augustine                                                                    Montgomery County

Comer, John                                                                            Montgomery County

Compton, Rueben                                                                   Montgomery County

Cook, James                                                                            Montgomery County

Cook, Zachariah                                                                      Botetourt County

Cooper, Barnabas                                                                    Botetourt County

Courtner, Anthony                                                                  Botetourt County

Courtner, John                                                                        Botetourt County

Cox, John                                                                                Montgomery County

Conner, Patrick                        Recruited by Matthew Rhea

Conner, Lawrence                   Wounded                                 Botetourt County

Crawley, James                                                                        Botetourt County

Croley, Samuel                                                                         Botetourt County

Creed, Matthew                                                                       Botetourt County

Craig, John                               Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Crane, Aaron

Crane, James

Crank, John                             Proclamation 1763                   Washington County

Crawford, John                        Sergeant                                  Botetourt County

Cruly, James                             Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Crabtree, Jacob

Crabtree, James                       Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Craig, James                                                                             Kings Mountain

Craig, Robert                            Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Craig, Robert Jr.                                                                       Kings Mountain

Crawford, James                      1st Lieut. Guilford C. H.            Kings Mountain

Crawford, John                        Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Crawford, John R.

Crawford, Andrew                   2nd Lieut.                                 Under Draper

Crockett, Hugh                        Major

Crockett, John                         1st Lieut.                                  Under J. Montgomery

Crockett, Joseph                     Capt. Cont. Line                       Montgomery County

Caldwell, John                          Morgan's Co. in S. Car.

Carpenter, John                       Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Calbert, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Calbert, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Camper, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Canifax, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Cantuberry, Joseph                                                                 Montgomery County

Carbin. Edward                                                                         Botetourt County

Carlock, Conrad

Carlock, Hanchrise

Caroin, Richard

Carper, John                                                                            Montgomery County

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, Zepher                   Drummer

Carpenter, Joseph

Carr, Richard                                                                            Botetourt County

Carrigan, Patrick                                                                       Botetourt County

Carson, Robert

Carson, William

Carson, Charles C.

Carlisle, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Carlisle, Robert                                                                        Botetourt County

Caywood, Benny                                                                     Botetourt County

Cassaday, Peter                                                                       Botetourt County

Calbert, James

Carmack, John

Caldwell, George                     Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Caldwell, Thomas

Carroll, Joseph

Casey, William                          Ensign  Kings Mountain            Washington County

Caldwell, Alexander                 McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Cecil, William                                                                            Montgomery County

Cecil, Zachary                                                                          Montgomery County

Chapman, Richard                    Capt. Illinois Service                 Montgomery County

Chapman, John                        2nd Lieut.                                 Montgomery County

Chapman, William                                                                     Montgomery County

Christian, Gilbert                      Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Chaffin, Christopher                                                               Montgomery County

Chambers, Robert                                                                    Montgomery County

Chambers, Alex                        Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Chatton, Francis                                                                      Montgomery County

Chapman, Robert                     Proclamation 1763

Christian, Robert

Christian, William                      Colonel Continental Line         Botetourt County

Christian, Israel                        Col. Peachey's Co.                   Botetourt County

Clark, George                                                                          Virginia Militia

Clendennen, James                  Proclamation 1763                   Washington County

Cline, Andrew

Clayney, George

Cline, Nicholas                         Ensign

Cloyd, Joseph                          Captain Guilford C. H.              Montgomery Co., died 1833

Clifton, William                                                                         Botetourt County

Clark, Samuel                                                                           Montgomery County

Clarke, Stephen                                                                       Montgomery County

Clay, Michael                                                                            Washington County

Clency, George

Cline, John                                                                               Montgomery County

Cloyd, John                                                                              Montgomery County

Cloyd, Robert                                                                          Montgomery County

Cloyd, William                                                                           Montgomery County

Coalter, James

Cock, Charles                                                                          Kings Mountain

Cock, James                            1st Lieut.

Cock, James                                                                            Kings Mountain

Cock, William                           Capt. Battle Long Island Flats   Kings Mountain

Cosdirrey, Robert                                                                    Botetourt County

Cole, Joseph                                                                            Kings Mountain

Crockett, Walter                      Colonel                                    Continental Line

Crockett, William

Crockett, William                      Ensign

Crow, James                                                                            Kings Mountain

Crunk, William                                                                          Kings Mountain

Craig, William                            Dyzart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Crock, William

Crockett, Joseph                     Captain                                    Montgomery County

Cross, William                                                                          Botetourt County

Craig, David                                                                              Kings Mountain

Craig, John                               Wounded Whitsills Mill             Kings Mountain

Croddy, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Crook, Henry                                                                           Washington County

Cress, George                                                                         Botetourt County

Crease, Noah                           Illinois Service                          Capt. Montgomery's Co.

Crabtree, Abraham                                                                   Washington County

Craig, John                               Captain                                    Montgomery County

Crawford, William                                                                     Botetourt County

Currothers, John                     Lieut.                                        Morgan's Command in S.C.

Currothers, James                                                                   Morgan's Command in S.C.

Cunningham, Thomas                                                              Morgan's Command in S.C.

Cirley, James                            Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Curley, John                             Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Cunningham, James                                                                 Botetourt County

Craig, George                                                                           Botetourt County

Cuddy, James

Cuddy, John

Cunningham, Johnathan

Cunningham, William

Curry, James                            Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Cusick, John                            Dysart's Co.                             Wounded Kings Mountain

Cummings, George                                                                  Botetourt County

Cummings, George                                                                  Montgomery County

Cunningham, James                 McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Cummings, Rev. Charles           Cherokee Expedition               Washington County

Dack, (Doak) Joseph                2nd Lieut.                                 Under W. Ward

Daugherty, Michael                   Wounded Whitesells Mills

Davis, John                              Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Davis, Nathaniel                                                                       Kings Mountain

Davis, Robert                           Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Davis, Robert                           1st Lieut.                                  Under R. Buchanan

Davis, Samuel                                                                           Kings Mountain

Davis, William                           2nd Lieut.                                 Under J. Burns

Davidson, Daniel                      Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Davison, William                       Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Davenport, Claibourne            7th & 15th Va. Regiments

Darnell, David                           Wounded                                 Kings Mountain

Davenport, Joel                                                                       Botetourt County

Davenport, Thomas                                                                 Washington County

Davidson, John                                                                        Botetourt County

Davidson, James                      Illinois Service, Capt.

    Montgomery                        Montgomery County

Davis, James                            Captain                                    Washington County

Davis, John                              Captain                                    Washington County

Davis, Joseph Jr.                                                                      Montgomery County

Davis, Robert                                                                           Washington County

Davis, William                           Colonel                                    Kings Mountain

Day, Samuel                                                                             Botetourt County

Day, Francis                             Guilford C. H.

Dalton, Hugh                            Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Davis, Charles                                                                          Botetourt County

Davis, Robert                                                                           Botetourt County

Deal, Peter                                                                               Botetourt County

Dean, William                            2nd Lieut. Guilford C. H.           Botetourt County

Dean, B                                    Captain                                    Botetourt County

Dennison, Robert                                                                    Kings Mountain

Dennison, Joseph                                                                    Washington County

Denton, John                           Captain                                    Botetourt County

Dempsey, William                                                                     Botetourt County

DeMonts, Abraham                                                                  Botetourt County

Denniston, John                                                                      Botetourt County

Denison, James                        McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Dennis, John                            Ensign Kings Mountain             Botetourt County

Dickenson, Henry                                                                    Washington County

Doak, Samuel                           Ensign

Doak, William                           Captain

Dolberry, Lytton                      Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Donally, Andrew                      Major                                       Botetourt County

Donally, John                           Proclamation 1763

Doran, Alexander                     Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Doran, James                                                                           Kings Mountain

Dooley, Henry                          Proclamation 1763

Doran, Terrence                      9th & 1st Va. Regiments

Dorton, Moses                         Dysart's Co. Kings Mtn.            Horse killed Whitsill's Mill

Dorton, William                        Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Douglas, John                          Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Douglas, James                                                                        Kings Mountain

Douglas, Johnathan                 Lost eye pursuing Indians

Douglas, Johnathan                 Wounded accidentally              Kings Mountain

Downing, James                       1st Lieut.

Downs, James                                                                          Botetourt County

Dolsberry, Lyles                       Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Dobson, John                                                                          Botetourt County

Donnelly, Thomas                                                                    Botetourt Comity

Douglas, John                                                                          Washington County

Donnally, John                                                                         Botetourt County

Draper, John                            Captain

Dryden, Nathaniel                    Ensign Killed                             Kings Mountain

Dryden, William                                                                        Kings Mountain

Drumgold, Alexander                                                               Washington County

Duncan, Charles                                                                      Montgomery County

Duncan, John                           Captain                                    Continental Service

Duncan, William                        Capt. Lewis Rangers                Botetourt County

Dunlop, Ephriam                                                                       Washington County

Duff, Samuel                            Continental Line at Yorktown

Dunkin, John                            Prisoner in Canada

Dunn, Samuel                           Cont. Line at Yorktown

Duff, Samuel                            Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Dunn, John                                                                              Botetourt County

Duck, Samuel                                                                           Kings Mountain

Duncan, John                           Captain                                    Continental

Duncan, William

Dulin, James                                                                             Botetourt County

Dye, John                                                                                 Washington County

Dysart, James                           Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Drake, Joseph                                                                          Washington County

Dysart, James                           Captain Kings Mountain           Wounded. Washington Co.

Duttin, Adam                            Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Eager, John                                                                              Botetourt County

Eagnew, Thomas                                                                      Botetourt County

Earch, Samuel

Eakin, William

Early, Joseph                            Lieut.

Earn, CCC                                Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Eavons, CCC                            Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Edmiston, Andrew                    Capt. Killed                              Kings Mountain

Edgar, Thomas                                                                         Botetourt County

Eddings, David

Edmondson, John                                                                    Washington County

Edwards, Benjamin                                                                   Montgomery County

Edwards, John

Eddins, David                           Ensign                                      Under J. Martin

Edmiston, John                                                                        Kings Mountain

Edmiston, Robert Jr.                 Lieut. Wounded                       Kings Mountain

Edmiston, Robert Sr.                Lieut. Killed                              Kings Mountain

Edmiston, Samuel                     Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Edmiston, Thomas                                                                   Kings Mountain

Edmiston, ,William                     Colonel

Edmiston, William                     Major                                       Kings Mountain

Edmiston, William                     Capt. Killed                              Kings Mountain

Edmiston, Andrew                    Ensign Beattie's Co. Killed        Kings Mountain

Edmondson, Moses                 Killed                                        Kings Mountain

Edmondson, William                                                                 Continental

Edmondson, William                 Beattie's Co. Killed                   Kings Mountain

Edwards, Frederick                  Captain                                    Montgomery County

Edwards, John                                                                          Botetourt County

Ellison, James                                                                           Botetourt County

Ellison, Charles

Ellenburg, Peter                                                                        Botetourt County

Elkins, James                            Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Elliott, Robert                                                                           Montgomery County

Elliot, Robert

Elliot, John

Elliot, James                             Ensign Kings Mt.                       Washington County

Ellison, Charles                                                                        Montgomery County

Elder, Robert

Elliot, James                             Captain                                    Killed in service 1788

Ellis, Abraham                           Capt. Stewart's Co. Regulars    Botetourt County

Ely, William                                                                                Kings Mountain

Emmons, James                                                                        Montgomery County

Emmons, John                                                                          Montgomery County

England, John                                                                           Va. Continental

England, John                                                                           Washington County

Erwin, John                                                                              Botetourt County

Estill, Samuel                                                                            Botetourt County

Estill, Benjamin                         Proclamation 1763                   Kings Mountain

Estell, Wallace 2 V R                 1st Lieut. Guilford C. H.            Montgomery County

Epsey, James                                                                            Botetourt County

Epsey, Wiley                                                                             Botetourt County

Estis, Richard                            1st Lieut.                                  Under H. Gardiner

Evans, Andrew                                                                         Botetourt County

Evans, Thomas                         Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Evans, David                             Continental

Evans, David                                                                             Va. Line, Apl. 19, 1780

Evans, Evan                              Guilford C. H.                           Kings Mountain

Evans, Jessee                           Lieut.                                        Montgomery County

Evans, Samuel                                                                          Kings Mountain

Evans, Henry                                                                            Botetourt County

Evans, William                           McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Ewing, Samuel                          Capt.                                        Montgomery County

Ewing, John                              Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Ewing, William                           Sergeant Major                        Botetourt County

Ewing, George                          Guflford C. H.                          Montgomery County

Ewing, Alexander                      Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Ewing, Edward                          Corporal Killed at Bufords Defeat

Farmer, Mathias                                                                        Botetourt County

Farmer, Francis                         Proc. 1763

Fainter, Martin                                                                          Botetourt County

Fauber, Peter                                                                           Botetourt County

Faris, Thomas                                                                           Kings Mountain

Fender, Frederick                                                                     Botetourt County

Fenley, Robert                                                                         Botetourt County

Ferguson, James                                                                      Washington County

Ferguson, Robert                                                                     Montgomery County

Ferrall, John                                                                             Washington County

Ferguson, Samuel                     Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Ferguson, Samuel                     Ensign                                      Under J. Moore

Fisher, Isaac                                                                             Botetourt County

Fielder, Fennis                                                                          Montgomery County

Finder, Frederick                                                                      Botetourt County

Fisher, Frederick                      Private Kings Mt.                       Washington County

Fisher, Isaac                                                                             Montgomery County

Fix. Philip                                                                                  Montgomery County

Fields, William                                                                           Virginia Militia

Finnie, Christopher                                                                  Botetourt County

Finley, George                          Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain & Shawnee                                             Expedition

Finley, James                            Capt.                                        Vice J. Stevens

Finley, John                                                                              Wounded Long Island Flats

Fisher, Frederick                      Wounded                                 Kings Mountain

Fisher, John                             Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Fleming, William                        Colonel                                    Botetourt County

Fleshman, Moses                                                                     Botetourt County

Flint, Thomas                                                                           Botetourt County

Floyd, John                              Colonel                                    Montgomery County

Fleenor, Charles                                                                      Kings Mountain

Fleenor, Joel                                                                            Kings Mountain

Fleming, James                         Ensign                                      Under Hanley

Forehand, John                                                                        Botetourt County

Fortune, John                                                                          Botetourt County

Foster, James                                                                           Montgomery County

Foster, John                                                                             Montgomery County

Fowler, John                                                                            Montgomery County

Fowler, Joseph                                                                        Montgomery County

Forney, Peter                                                                           Washington County

Fork, William                                                                             Kings Mountain

Foster, Thomas                        1st Lieut.                                  Under Pierce

Fowler, William                         Ensign Killed. Died in Service    Kings Mountain

Fowler, James                          Kings Mtn. Noted scout Cont. Service Col. Wm. Russell Fort Blair.

Folley, John                              Gilmore's Company                 Va. State Militia, Botetourt County

Frazior, John                            Captain                                    Washington County

Frazor, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Fryer, John                                                                               Botetourt County

Freely, Robert

Frager, John

Francis, Henry                          Capt.                                        Montgomery County

Francis, Thomas                                                                       Kings Mountain

Frazer, Daniel                                                                           Kings Mountain

Frazer, John                                                                             Kings Mountain

Frazier, George                        1st Lieut.                                  Under J. Baird

Frazier, John                            Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Freeland, George                     Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Freeman, William                                                                      Virginia Line

Franklin, James                                                                         Botetourt County

Franklin, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Fradway, Aaron                        Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Frame, William                          Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Fream, David                            Botetourt County

Fullwood, William                                                                     Kings Mountain

Fulkerson, James                     Captain                                    Kings Mountain

Fulkerson, Richard                                                                   Kings Mountain

Fullin (or Pullin) CC                                                                   Botetourt County

Galloway, Robert,                     Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Galloway, David, Jr.                  Proclamation 1763                   Botetourt County

Galloway, David, Sr.                  Proclamation 1763                   Botetourt County

Galloway, Banjamin                                                                  Botetourt County

Gamble, Robert                        Captain                                    Botetourt County

Gamble, Thomas                                                                      Botetourt County

Gardner, John                                                                          Washington County

Garter, Nathaniel                                                                      Montgomery County

Gass, David                              Lieut.                                        Washington County

Galliher, Joel                            Horse killed in fight                  Kings Mountain

Galloway, John                         Captain

Gardiner, Henry                        Captain

Gardiner, Henson                     Captain for part of Cloyd's Co. on Walkers Creek

Garrison. William                      Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

George, William                                                                        Montgomery County

Gervis, James                           9th Va. Regt.

Getwood, James                      Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Grill, Prisly                                                                                Botetourt County

Gills, William

Gill, Edward Sr.

Gibson, Joseph

Gibson, George

Gibson, John

Gibson, Thomas

Gill, Samuel                               Captain

Gilliland, James                         Kings Mountain                        Va. Militia

Gillis, Thomas                           Ensign

Gibson, James                                                                          Washington County

Gibson, John                                                                            Washington County

Gillespie, William                       Illinois Service

    & McFarland's Co                 Washington & Montgomery

Gillenwater, John                                                                     Washington County

Gilliland, James                                                                         Washington County

Gilmore, James                                                                         Botetourt County

Gilmore, John                           Morgan's Command in S C       Botetourt County

Givens, George                                                                        Botetourt County

Gist, Nathaniel                          Ensign Kings Mtn. Killed            Washington County

Gist, John                                                                                 Washington County

Gilbert, Samuel

Gillespie, Robert

Gillispie, Thomas

Gilmore, James                         Killed                                        Kings Mountain

Gill, Samuel                               Capt. Continental Line             Botetourt County

Gilliam, John                             10th Va. Regt.                           Botetourt County

Ginn, Garnell                            Capt.                                        Montgomery County

Gist, Richard                                                                             Kings Mountain

Gist, Thomas                                                                            Kings Mountain

Given, James                                                                            Kings Mountain

Gilmore, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Gleaves, William                       Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Goodson, Thomas                                                                   Montgomery County

Goodson, William                                                                     Montgomery County

Gooding, William                      Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Gobble, Christian                                                                     Maryland Militia

Goff, Andrew                          Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Goff, William                                                                            Kings Mountain

Gordon, William                        2nd Lieut.

Grant, Peter                                                                             Washington County

Grass, Peter                                                                             Botetourt County

Graves, Rice                                                                             Botetourt County

Gray, David                                                                              Botetourt County

Gray, James                                                                              Botetourt County

Gray, John                                                                                Botetourt County

Gray, Robert                                                                            Botetourt County

Gray, William                                                                             Botetourt County

Griggs, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Green, William                          Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Gray, Alexander

Graham, James                                                                         Kings Mountain

Greer, William                                                                           Kings Mountain

Grier, John                                                                               Kings Mountain

Grimes, James                                                                          Kings Mountain

Graham, Benjamin

Grier, Robert                            Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Grier, Thomas                          Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Grills, Wm. J.                                                                             Botetourt County

Green, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Greenway, William                                                                    Washington County

Gregory, James                                                                        Botetourt County

Groessel, John                                                                         Montgomery County

Gross, Thomas                                                                        Washington County

Guillin, James M.                                                                       Botetourt County

Guilliford, Edward

Gwinn, Samuel                                                                         Botetourt County

Guilford, Edward

Guillion, Hugh                           Dysart's Co. Kings Mt.              Washington County

Gullock, Richard                       Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Hall, William                                                                               Washington County

Hancock, George                     Colonel                                    Montgomery County

Hand, Christopher                                                                    Montgomery County

Hand, Philip                                                                               Montgomery County

Hannon, Esom                                                                          Botetourt County

Hanson, John                                                                           Washington County

Hanson, Shadrack                    Killed at Bufords Defeat

Hanson, Thomas                                                                      Washington County

Harbison, David                                                                        Botetourt County

Harkreader. John                                                                      Montgomery County

Harman, Thomas                                                                      Montgomery County

Harman, John                                                                           Montgomery County

Harman, George                                                                       Montgomery County

Harrell, James                                                                           Washington County

Harris, John                                                                              Botetourt County

Harrison, James                                                                        Botetourt County

Harrison, Rueben                                                                     Botetourt County

Harrison, Thomas                     Captain                                    Botetourt County

Harris, James                                                                            Montgomery County

Hart, Nathaniel                                                                          Washington County

Hawkins, John                          Cont. Line Purchasing Agent    Botetourt County

Hawkins, Benjamin                   Captain                                    Botetourt County

Hays, John                                                                                Montgomery County

Hayslet, Thomas                                                                       Botetourt County

Harries, Griffin                                                                         Botetourt County

Hanson, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Hall, James                                Captain

Hall, Jessee                                                                              Kings Mountain

Hamilton, Alexander

Hamilton, Andre                       Captain

Hambleton, John                      Virginia Continental                  Botetourt County

Hamilton, Robert                                                                      Kings Mountain

Hamilton, William                      Captain

Hammonds, Abraham

Hampton, John

Hampkins, Uriah                       Ensign

Harkleroad, Henry                                                                    Kings Mountain

Harrell, Terry                                                                            Botetourt County

Harrell, Abram                                                                           Montgomery County

Harrell, Reuben                                                                         Kings Mountain

Harrell, John                                                                             Montgomery County

Harris, Nathaniel

Hatfield, Andrew                      Captain

Hays, John                                Captain                                    Head North Fork Holston River

Hays, Samuel                            Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Hayter, Israel                            Wounded                                 Kings Mountain

Hays, Charles                           Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Harris, Henry                             McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Hayton, John                            McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Handley, Robert

Handley, Christley                    Guilford C. H.                           Botetourt County

Handley, Samuel

Handley, William                        Guilford C. H.                           Botetourt County

Harris, John                              Gilmore's Co.                           Va. State Militia Botetourt County

Hall, James                                                                                Botetourt County

Haynes, Wm. H.                                                                         Botetourt County

Harris, Steven                                                                           Botetourt County

Haynes, John

Hammond, Philip                                                                       Botetourt County

Henderson, John                                                                      Botetourt County

Hendricks, Peter                                                                       Botetourt County

Heart, John                                                                               Montgomery County

Helley, Wm.

Helmick, John                                                                           Montgomery County

Helms, Leonard                                                                        Botetourt County

Hendricks, John                                                                       Washington County

Henry, William                                                                           Botetourt County

Henson, William                                                                        Montgomery County

Herbert, William                        Capt.                                        Montgomery County

Hewett, John                                                                            Botetourt County

Heliot, Solomon                       2nd Va. Regt.

Hemphill, Charles                                                                     Kings Mountain

Henderson, James                    Lieut. Col.

Henderson, John                      Capt. for part of Cox's Co.     Died 1813

Henderson, John                                                                      Kings Mountain

Henegar, Henry                         Private Killed                            Kings Mountain

Henegar, Jacob                         Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Henegar, John                                                                          Kings Mountain

Henry, Robert                                                                           Kings Mountain

Hensley, Samuel                                                                       Kings Mountain

Hedden, Thomas                                                                      Botetourt County

Henderson, Andrew                 Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Higgenbottom, Robert                                                              Kings Mountain

Hickman, Adam                                                                         Botetourt County

Hickenbotham, William                                                             Montgomery County

Hight, Henry                                                                              Botetourt County

Hinkle, Henry                                                                            Botetourt County

Hillan, James                                                                             Kings Mountain

Hilliard, James

Hinds, William                           2nd Va. Regt. Artillery

Hill, James                                 Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Higgings, Peter                                                                          Botetourt County

Higgenbottom, James               Dysart's Company                   Kings Mountain

Higgenbottom, Robert              Dysart's Company                   Kings Mountain

Howard, Henry                                                                         Botetourt County

Hooper, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Hopkins, George                      Guilford C. H.

Hobbs, Ezekiel

Hobbs, Thomas                                                                        Kings Mt. & Cherokee Expedition

Hagy, Peter                               Colonel

Hortenstine, Jacob                   Continental Line                      Pennsylvania

Houston, James                       Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Houston, John                         Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Houston, William                                                                      Kings Mountain

Hope, James                             McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Holston, Stephen                                                                     Botetourt County

Holston, Henry                                                                         Botetourt County

Hobbs, Alexander                                                                     Washington County

Hobbs, Richard                                                                         Washington County

Hogg, John                                                                               Montgomery County

Hogg, Richard                                                                           Montgomery County

Hogg, Samuel                                                                            Montgomery County

Hogg, Peter                                                                              Montgomery County

Hogg, William                                                                            Montgomery County

Holloway, James                                                                       Botetourt County

Holly, William

Horton, Samuel                                                                        Botetourt County

Horton, Thomas                                                                       Botetourt County

Howe, David                             Guilford C. H.                           Botetourt County

Howe, John                                                                              Montgomery County

Howell, Daniel, Sr.                                                                     Montgomery County

Howell, Daniel, Jr.                                                                     Montgomery County

Howell, Thomas                                                                       Botetourt County

Howell, Walter                                                                          Botetourt County

Howell, Thomas                       Gilmore's Co. Va. State Militia   Botetourt County

Howard, William                                                                        Kings Mountain

How, Daniel                              2nd Lieut.                                 Under H. Patton

Hull, Peter                                 Capt.

Hutchinson, George                                                                 Botetourt County

Hutchinson, Robert

Huffman, Rueben                                                                     Botetourt County

Hughes, David                                                                          Washington County

Hull, George                                                                             Botetourt County

Hull, Henry                                                                                Montgomery County

Hunter, Francis                                                                         Botetourt County

Hutcheson, William

Hutchison, William

Hutchinson, Robert

Hutchinson, John Sr.                                                                Montgomery County

Hutchinson, John Jr.                                                                 Montgomery County

Hutchinson, William                  Proclamation 1763

Huff, Samuel                                                                            Botetourt County

Hughes, Charles                       Recruited by Matthew Rhea

Hughey, Joseph

Hughey, James

Hutcheson, James                    2nd Lieut.                                 Under Smith

Hunt, Zachariah

Hunsucker, Abraham                                                                North Carolina Militia

Hundley, Samuel                                                                       Kings Mountain

Humphreys, Robert                                                                  Va. State Line

Humphreys, Uriah                                                                     Botetourt County

Hughes, Samuel

Hughes, Peter

Hughes, John                           Recruited by Lieut. Matthew Rhea

Hyce, Leonard                          Wounded                                 Kings Mountain

Hiscander, Joseph                    Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Inglis, David                              Ensign

Irby, Douglas                                                                            Botetourt County

Irby, William                                                                              Botetourt County

Irby, Joshua                                                                              Botetourt County

Irwin, John                                                                               Botetourt County

James, William                          Guilford C. H.                           Botetourt County

Jamison, John                          Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Jarrel, Solomon                                                                        Montgomery County

Jarvis, Field                                                                               Montgomery County

Jackson, Hugh                          McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Jenkins, Thomas                                                                      Kings Mountain

Jenkins, William                                                                        Kings Mountain

Jenkins, John                                                                           Kings Mountain

Jennings, Johnathan                                                                 Montgomery County

Johnson, Benjamin                                                                  Montgomery County

Johnson, Ezekiel                      Killed at Guilford C. H.              Botetourt County

Johnston, Peter                                                                       Lee's Legion

Johnston, Samuel                     Va. State Troops                      Kings Mountain

Johnston, James Sr.                 Proc. 1763. Preston's Co.        Montgomery County

Johnston, Peter                       Lieut.                                        Washington County

Johnston, Samuel                                                                     Washington County

Johnston, William                     Proc. 1763                               Botetourt County

Johnson, John                         Proc. 1763

Jones, Berryman                                                                      Botetourt County

Jones, Thomas                                                                         Botetourt County

Jones, John

Jones, Richard                          Gilmore's Va. State Militia         Botetourt County

Jones, Henry                            Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Johnston, John                        Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Johnston, John                        McFarland's Co.                        Kings Mountain

Jones, John                                                                              Botetourt County

John, Jones                                                                              Botetourt County

Johns, William                                                                           Botetourt County

Justice, Moses                         2nd Lieut.                                 Montgomery County

Kaywood, Berry                                                                       Illinois Expedition

Kaywood, Stephen                  Drummer

Keepso, James                         Sergeant                                  Kings Mountain

Keene, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Kelly, John

Kendrick, Solomon                                                                  Kings Mountain

Kennedy, John                                                                         Kings Mountain

Kennedy, Moses                      Va. Line Apl. 9, 1870

Kennedy, Robert                      Officer Troop of Horse

    Beattie's Co.                        Kings Mountain

Kerr, Adam                                                                               Kings Mountain

Kettering, Lawrence                 Ensign                                      Under R. Buchanan

Keys, James                             Lieut. Va. Militia                         Kings Mountain

Keith, Daniel                                                                            Botetourt County

Kelso, James                                                                            Botetourt County

Kennean, Andrew                                                                    Washington County

Kennedy, John                                                                         Washington County

Kennerly, Samuel                                                                     Botetourt County

Keys, James                             Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Keys, Robert                                                                            Washington County

Keys, Matthew                                                                         Washington County

Kennedy, Ezekiel                                                                     Washington County

Kelsey, John                                                                            Botetourt County

Keene, John                             Private Wounded                     Kings Mountain

Kincannon, Andrew                 Lieut.

Kincannon, Francis                   2nd Lieut.                                 Under W. Love

Kincannon, James                                                                    Kings Mountain

Kincannon, Matthew                Capt.                                        Kings Mountain

Kinkead, John                          Capt.                                        Kings Mountain

Kimerland, Jacob                                                                      Botetourt County

Kincaid, John                                                                            Washington County

King, James                                                                              Montgomery County

King, John                                                                                Montgomery County

Kinkead, John                          Capt.                                        Washington County

King, William                                                                             Montgomery County

Kinser, Michael                         Wounded at Guilford C. H.       Montgomery County

Kirkpatrick, Samuel                                                                  Montgomery County

Knox, James                             Capt.                                        Fincastle County

Kyles, Joseph                                                                           Botetourt County

Kyles, William                                                                           Botetourt County

Lackey. Dr. Thomas                                                                 Botetourt County

Laird, David                              Guilford C. H.

    Kings Mountain                    Montgomery County

Laird, James                             Ensign Killed                             Kings Mountain

Laird, John                               Color Sgt.                                 Kings Mountain

Latham, John                                                                            Kings Mountain

Laughlin, Peter                         Guilford C. H.                           Kings Mountain

Laughlin, James                        Guilford C. H.                           Kings Mountain

Lawson, William                                                                        Kings Mountain

Larken, John                                                                            Botetourt County

Lawrence, David                                                                      Botetourt County

Lawrence, Isaac                                                                       Botetourt County

Lawrence, Patrick                                                                     Botetourt County

Lapsly, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Leckie, William                                                                          Va. Militia

Leeper, James                          2nd Lieut.                                 Kings Mountain

Leonard, George                                                                      Kings Mountain

Leonard, Frederick                                                                   Kings Mountain

Leonard, Henry                        2nd Va. Regt.

Leonard, Robert                       2nd Va. Regt.

Lewis, Aaron                            Capt.                                        Kings Mountain

Lewis, Andrew                         1st Lieut.                                  Under J. Lewis

Lewis, John                              Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Lewis, John                              Ensign                                      Under J. Lewis

Lewis, Samuel                          Colonel

Lee, William                                                                              Montgomery County

Lammon, Jacob                                                                        Botetourt County

Lemmons, CCCC                     Proc. 1763                               Washington County

Lewis, Andrew                         General

Leatherdale, William                                                                 Botetourt County

Leatherdale, James

Leatherdale, William

Lewis, John                              Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Lewis, Daniel                            Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Lindsay, John

Litton, John                                                                              Kings Mountain

Litton, Solomon                       2nd Lieut.                                 Prisoner in Canada

Litton, Solomon                       Ensign

Livingston, David                                                                      Kings Mountain

Liley, William                                                                             Washington County

Liley, John                                                                                Washington County

Liley, Thomas                                                                           Washington County

Linn, John                                                                                Washington County

Linder, Daniel                                                                           Washington County

Linder, David                                                                            Washington County

Linder, Samuel                                                                          Washington County

Litteral, Richard                                                                        Botetourt County

Lively, Godrell                                                                          Montgomery County

Litton, Solomon                       Cont. Service

Liggott, John                            Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Love, Philip                               Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Lockart, William

Lockart, Patrick                        Major

Logan, James                                                                           Kings Mountain

Logan, John                                                                             Kings Mountain

Long, William

Looney, Peter

Looney, John                           Ensign

Looney, Peter                          Capt. Preston's Rangers           Botetourt County

Looney, John                           Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Looney, Moses                        Lieut.                                        Kings Mountain

Looney, Joseph                       Capt.                                        Guilford C. H.

Looney, Robert                        Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

Love, Robert                            1st Lieut.                                  Under J. Finley

Love, Robert                            State Militia                               Guilford C. H. etc.

Love, Thomas                          General

Love, Joseph                           Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Love, Thomas                          Guilford C. H.

Logan, Benj.                             Capt.                                        Washington County

Love, William                            Capt.

Love, William                            2nd Lieut.

Lovel, Markel                            Ensign                                      Under J. Hays

Lovel, William                           1st Lieut.

Low, Henry                               5th Md. Regt. 1776 and War 1812-'14

Logan, Hugh                             Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Logan, Benjamin                                                                      Washington County

Loving, William                                                                          Montgomery County

Lowry, Alexander                                                                     Washington County

Loyd, Joseph                                                                           Washington County

Lockhart, Thomas                    Corp. Gilmore's Co.

    Va. Militia                              Botetourt County

Logan, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Logan, James                                                                           Botetourt County

Logan, Hugh                                                                             Botetourt County

Lovelattley, Thomas                 Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Lowry, David                            Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Lowry, William                                                                          Kings Mountain

Lowry, John                             2nd Lieut.                                 Kings Mountain

Loyd, Thos. Sr.

Lowry, John                             Ensign

Lucas, James                                                                            Montgomery County

Lucas, Manuel                                                                          Montgomery County

Lucas, Joseph                                                                          Montgomery County

Lusk, William                                                                            Kings Mountain

Lucas, John                              Capt. Va. Militia                         Kings Mountain

Lyle, William                                                                              Botetourt County

Lynch, David                                                                            Washington County

Lynn, William                                                                            Montgomery County

Lyon, Humbertson                   Ensign Killed                             Kings Mountain

Lyle, John                                 Sgt. Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia     Botetourt County

Lyons, Williams                                                                         Botetourt County

Lyon, William                            7 V. R.                                       Kings Mountain

Lynn, Adam                                                                              Kings Mountain

Loyd, Dr. Thomas                     Proc. 1763 Preston's Co.         Botetourt County

Lockland, Corban                                                                    Botetourt County

Lockland, Alfred                                                                      Botetourt County

McDowell, Samuel                    Colonel                                    Guilford C. H.

McKnight, William                      Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McKnight, Robert                     Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McElyn, Nathaniel                     Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McCling, John                           Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McCling, Francis                       Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McCutchin, John                      Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McCutchin, James                    Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McCutchin, Samuel                   Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McGilleys, James                      Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McConnell, Andrew                                                                  Kings Mountain

McKinsey, Robert                     Recruited by Matthew Rhea

McAfee, James                                                                         Montgomery County

McAfee, Robert                                                                        Montgomery County

McAfee, William                                                                        Montgomery County

McAuley, Patrick                                                                       Washington County

McCall, Henry                                                                           Washington County

McCall, James                                                                           Washington County

McCarty, Robert                                                                       Washington County

McCarty, William                                                                       Washington County

McCarty, Charles                                                                      Washington County

McCauley, John                                                                        Botetourt County

McCauley, John                                                                        Washington County

McCauley, Campbell                                                                 Washington County

McCauley, James                                                                      Washington County

McCleland, Robert                                                                    Washington County

McClintock, William                  Badly wounded at

   Guilford C. H.                        Montgomery County

McClintock, William, Jr.             Wounded at Guilford C. H.

McClintock, John                                                                     Montgomery County

McClintock. Joseph                                                                  Montgomery County

McClung, Edward                                                                      Botetourt County

McClung, Samuel                                                                      Botetourt County

McClure, John                                                                          Botetourt County

McClure, William                                                                       Montgomery County

McClure, Alexander                                                                  Montgomery County

McClure, Andrew                                                                     Montgomery County

McClure, Samuel                                                                       Botetourt County

McConnell, James                                                                    Washington County

McConnell, William                                                                   Washington County

McConnell, Alexander                                                              Washington County

McConnell, Francis                                                                   Washington County

McCorkle, Andrew                                                                   Montgomery County

McCorkle, John                        Ensign, Gilmore's Co.               Montgomery County

   Killed at Battle of Cowpens

McCorkle, Robert                                                                     Montgomery County

McCormack, John                                                                    Washington County

McCormack, Alexander                                                            Botetourt County

McCraw, Francis                                                                       Montgomery County

McNeill, Hugh

MeNeil, Daniel                                                                          Botetourt County

McElhaney, Francis                                                                   Botetourt County

McArnold, William                     2nd Lieut.

McCauley, John                        Va. Line

McClelland, Abraham                Ensign Kings Mt.                       Washington County

McClenehan, William                 Lieut. Col.

McCrosky, John                       Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

McClure, William                       Va. Militia                                  Kings Mountain

McCulloch, John                       Va. Militia                                  Kings Mountain

McCulloch, Robert                   Wounded                                 Kings Mountain

McCulloch, Thomas                  Lieut. Commanded part of

   a Company     Killed              Kings Mountain

McCulloch, Thomas                  Killed                                        Kings Mountain

McCutcheon, John                                                                   Kings Mountain

McCutcheon, Samuel                                                               Kings Mountain

McCutcheon, William                                                                Kings Mountain

McDonald, Magnus                                                                   Kings Mountain

McEven, Alexander                   Surgeon                                   Rev. Service

McFerrin, John                          Ensign                                      Kings Mountain

McFerran, Samuel                     Ensign

McFerran, Rowland                   Captain

McFattin, Martin

McCullock, John                                                                       Washington County

McCullock, Thomas                                                                  Washington County

McCullock, Samuel                                                                   Washington County

McQuown, James                                                                     Botetourt County

McDonald, Alexander               Proc. 1763, Preston's Co.        Botetourt County

McDonald, Edward                                                                   Botetourt County

McDowell, Samuel                    Colonel                                    Botetourt County

McDowell, John                                                                        Botetourt County

McDowell, Robert                                                                    Botetourt County

McElhaney, John                                                                       Botetourt County

McFadden, John                                                                       Botetourt County

McFarland, Alexander                                                               Washington County

McFerrin, Martin                                                                        Botetourt County

McGavock, Hugh                                                                      Montgomery County

McGavock, James                     Proc. 1763

McGinnis, Andrew                                                                    Montgomery County

McGuire, James                                                                        Montgomery County

McGuire, William                                                                       Montgomery County

McKee, William                         Capt.                                        Botetourt County

McGlothlin, William                                                                   Botetourt County

McMullin, James                                                                        Botetourt County

McMullen, John                         Proc. 1763

McMullen, Edward                     Proc. 1763

McNeely, William                                                                       Montgomery County

McQuown, Joseph                                                                   Botetourt County

McReynolds, Thomas                                                               Botetourt County

McRoberts, Samuel                                                                   Botetourt County

McTear, William                                                                         Montgomery County

McGinnis, John                                                                         Botetourt County

McDonald, James                                                                     Botetourt County

McFarrin, Samuel

McQuown, James

McFarrin, William

McKenny, John

McFarland, William

McKinley, John

McLain, Thomas

McNutt, Alexander

McGlothlin, John

McConnell, Abram

McGlochlin, Charles

McCrosky, John

McMillen, Alexander

McMillen, William

McHenry, John

McFarland, Robert

McEwin, Alexander                   Surgeon

McKonkey, John                      Hanover Troops, Pa.

McMullin, Alexander                  Sergeant Dysart's Co.              Kings Mountain

McCroskey, James                   Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

McAlister, Joseph                     Sgt. Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia     Botetourt County

McClung, William                       Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

McNutt, Robert                         Sgt. Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia     Botetourt County

McNutt, Alexander                    Sgt. Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia     Botetourt County

McElwee, William                      Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

McElwee, James                       Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

McDonald, Magnus                   Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

McKey, Mackey Elias                 McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

McKee, William                         Lieut.                                        Botetourt County

MacCorkle, William                                                                   Botetourt County

McBride, Joseph                                                                       Botetourt County

McMullen, Edward

McMullen, John

McClure, Thomas                                                                     Botetourt County

McNeal, Peter                                                                           Botetourt County

McNeil, Hugh                             Drummer                                  Throckmorton's Regulars

McGee, John                                                                            Botetourt County

McClure, John                                                                          Botetourt County

McCalister, James                                                                     Botetourt County

Marks, John                                                                              Botetourt County

May, David

Madison, Thomas                     Capt. Battle Long Island Flats   Fincastle County

Madison, Rowland                    Capt.                                        Fincastle County

Madison, Humphrey

Madison, John                                                                          Fincastle County

Mahaffey, James                                                                      Montgomery County

Mann, John                                                                               Montgomery County

Mann, William                                                                            Montgomery County

Mann, Henry                                                                             Botetourt County

Mann, Thomas                                                                          Botetourt County

Mann, John                               Proc. 1763

Martin, John                                                                             Washington County

Martin, George                         Proc. 1763  Guilford C. H.        Montgomery County

Martin, Joseph                          Capt. Kings Mountain               Washington County

Mastin, Thomas                        Capt.                                        Washington County

Mawes, Joseph                                                                        Montgomery County

May, Richard                             Captain                                    Botetourt County

May, David                                                                                Botetourt County

Maynard, William                                                                       Montgomery County

Meacham, Elijah                                                                        Montgomery County

Meacham, Barnett                                                                    Montgomery County

Menter, Josiah

Meadows, Josiah                                                                      Montgomery. County

Meadows, Frances                                                                   Montgomery County

Meadows, Jacob                                                                      Montgomery County

Mears, Alexander                                                                     Montgomery County

Merritt, Samuel                                                                         Botetourt County

Max, Bazillell

Maize, Richard

Main, Tobias

Maxwell, Nathaniel

Maxwell, James                         Kings Mountain                        Washington County

Maxwell, Isaac                          Shelby's Co. Kings Mt.              Washington County

Maxwell, Thomas

Martin, William

Maxwell, George                      Lieut. Kings Mtn.                       Washington County

Marion, Samuel

Millam, Rush                                                                             Botetourt County

Miller, Daniel                                                                             Montgomery County

Miller, William                                                                            Botetourt County

Miller, Thomas

Miller, John                                                                               Botetourt County

Miller, Adam                                                                              Botetourt County

Miller, Francis                                                                           Botetourt County

Mills, John Jr.                                                                            Botetourt County

Mitchell, John                           Fifer                                         Montgomery County

Mills, John                                                                                Botetourt County

Millar, Robert                            Recruited by Matthew Rhea

Moffett, George                                                                      Montgomery County

Moffett, John                                                                           Montgomery County

Montague, Rice D.                                                                    Montgomery County

Montgomery, Alexander           Kings Mountain                        Washington County

Montgomery, James                 Capt.                                        Montgomery County

Montgomery, James                 Capt.                                        Washington County

Montgomery, John                   Colonel                                    Montgomery County

Montgomery, Alexander           Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Montgomery, Alexander, Jr.      Beattie's Co.                            Washington County

Montgomery, Michael                                                               Washington County

Montgomery, Richard                                                               Washington County

Montgomery, Samuel                Beattie's Co. Kings Mtn.           Washington County

Montgomery, Thomas                                                              Washington County

Montgomery, William                                                                Washington County

Montgomery, John                   Colonel Illinois Expedition       Montgomery County

Moodey, William                                                                       Botetourt County

Moore, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Moore, William                          Beattie's Co. Kings Mtn.           Washington County

Moore, Andrew                                                                        Montgomery County

Moore, Fleming                                                                        Botetourt County

Moore, James                                                                           Montgomery County

Moore, William                          Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Moore, William                          Lost leg at Kings Mountain       Washington County

Morgan, Charles                       Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Morris, John                             Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Morris, Thomas                        Captured at Bufords Defeat and died while a prisoner

Morgan, Charles                       Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Morris, William                                                                          Botetourt County

Morgan, Benjamin                                                                    Montgomery County

Mortimer, James                                                                       Montgomery County

Morrison, Michael                     Proc. 1763

Moser, John                                                                             Washington County

Murdock, John                                                                         Washington County

Moor, John

Mongle, Frederick

Mongle, Daniel

Mooney, James

Moore, Arthur

Moss, Matthew

Montgomery, Robert

Morgan, Robert

Moon, Abram                                                                           Botetourt County

Morgan, Thomas

Mobley, Francis

Morrow, Samuel

Moore, Robert                         Sgt. Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia     Botetourt County

Moris, Frank                             Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Montgomery, John                   Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Moores, Abraham

Moore, Hugh                                                                            Botetourt County

Mooney, Nicholas                                                                    Botetourt County

Moore, John                                                                             Botetourt County

Moore, William                          Guilford C. H.                           Botetourt County

Murphy, James                         Continental Line Pensioner

Muterspaw, Philip                                                                     Botetourt County

Murray, John                            Captain                                    Botetourt County

Muncy, Skidmore                      Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Muse, Thomas                          Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Muse, Richard                           Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Nail, Thomas                                                                            Botetourt County

Nave, Conrad

Nelson, John                                                                            Botetourt County

Neely, James                                                                            Botetourt County

Neely, William                                                                           Botetourt County

Neely, James                                                                            Botetourt County

Neel, William                             Ensign Kings Mtn.                     Washington County

Neil, William                              Capt.                                        Washington County

Neily, Alexander                                                                       Washington County

Nelson, John                                                                            Botetourt County

Nettle, Abraham                                                                       Montgomery County

Newell, James                                                                          Montgomery County

Newell, James Jr.                                                                      Montgomery County

Newell, Samuel                         Lieut. Kings Mtn. Wounded      Washington County

Neel, William                             Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Newland, Abram

Newland, John                         Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Newland, Isaac

Neely, Robert

Newell, Samuel Jr.                                                                     Washington County

Nicholas, James

Norris, John

O'Gullion, Hugh

O'Gullion, Barnett

Oney, Joseph

Owens, Robert

Owen, Robert                                                                          Botetourt County

Ormsbey, Daniel                                                                      Botetourt County

Outlaw, Alexander

Oxer, Samuel                            Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

O'Hair, Michael                                                                          Montgomery County

O'Harrell, John                          Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Parsinger, Jacob                                                                       Botetourt County

Pain, Joseph                                                                             Botetourt County

Parsons, John                                                                          Botetourt County

Patterson, Samuel                                                                    Montgomery County

Patterson, William                     Sgt., 9th Va. Regt.                     Montgomery County

Patton, Henry                           Capt.                                        Montgomery County

Paul, Edward                                                                             Botetourt County

Pauling, Henry                           Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Paxton, Samuel                         Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Paxton, John                            Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Pierce, Thomas                                                                        Botetourt County

Pearie, Edward                         Continental Line                      Wounded

Pierce, Edward                                                                         Botetourt County

Persinger, Jacob                                                                       Botetourt County

Peters, Christian                                                                      Montgomery County

Peters, George

Peters, John                                                                             Montgomery County

Peoples, John                          Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Pepper, Samuel

Pepper, Elisha                           Private Kings Mtn. Killed           Montgomery County

Perry, Solomon

Phipps, Benjamin                                                                      Montgomery County

Phipps, George                                                                        Montgomery County

Phillips, James                          Dysart's Co. Killed                   Kings Mountain

Phipps, Jacob                           Capt. Service                            Recruited by Matthew Rhea

Phillips, Samuel

Pippin, Robert                                                                          Washington County

Pipin, William                                                                             Washington County

Pirtle, George

Pitman, William

Pitman, Noah                            Continental Service

Pitts, Lewis

Piper, James

Plunkett, Thomas                                                                     Botetourt County

Plumpeys, John

Poage, William                                                                          Botetourt County

Pointer, Richard                        Negro                                       Botetourt County

Porterfield, Charles                                                                  Botetourt County

Poage, Robert

Porterfield, Robert                                                                   Botetourt County

Polly, James                              Guilford C. H.                           Botetourt County

Posey, Thomas                                                                        Botetourt County

Posey, William                                                                          Botetourt County

Preston, William                        Colonel                                    Montgomery County

Poston, William

Preston, James P.                     Colonel

Preston, Moses                                                                        Montgomery County

Preston, Robert                       (Washington County)               Montgomery County

Prewett, John                                                                           Montgomery County

Prewett, Solomon                                                                    Montgomery County

Price, Jacob                              Wounded Guilford C. H.           Botetourt County

Price, Thomas                          Lieut. Kings Mtn.                       Washington County

Price, Rees

Preston, Walter

Pryor, Joseph

Perrin, Joseph                                                                          Botetourt County

Poage, Thomas

Price, James

Puckett, Drury                          Sergeant 1758-'63

Purviance, William

Puckett, George                       Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Pryor, John                               Preston's Co. 1758                  Botetourt County

Prague.Robert                          Hogg's Rangers 1758

Quirk, Thomas                                                                         Washington County

Quirk, Edward                                                                          Washington County

Ralston, John                           Cont. Lined  Died in Service     Botetourt County

Ramsey, Joseph                                                                       Washington County

Robertson, James                    Captain                                    Montgomery County

Ramsey, Thomas                                                                      Washington County

Ramsey, John                                                                           Washington County

Rader, George

Ramsey, James                                                                         Washington County

Rader, Abraham

Ray, Joseph                                                                              Montgomery County

Reader, Nicholas                                                                      Montgomery County

Ramsey, Josiah                                                                         Washington County

Reader, Shadrack                                                                     Montgomery County

Ready, Dennis                                                                          Montgomery County

Reagan, William                                                                         Washington County

Reardon, John                                                                          Botetourt County

Reasor, John                                                                            Montgomery County

Reburn, John                            Cherokee Expedition               Montgomery County

Reburn, William                                                                         Montgomery County

Renhart, Daniel                                                                        Washington County

Rentfro, James                                                                         Botetourt County

Rentfro, James                                                                         Botetourt County

Reynolds, Bernard                                                                    Washington County

Reaborn, John

Reasor, Peter

Reamy, Daniel

Reed, Abraham                         Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Rhea, John                               Color Bearer at Battle of

    Brandywine & Kings Mtn.      Washington County

Rhea, Matthew                         Lieut. Va. Line                           Washington County

Rhea, Joseph Jr.                       8 V. R. Kings Mtn.                      Washington County

Rhea, David                              Kings Mtn.                                Washington County

Rhea, Robert                            Kings Mtn.                                Washington County

Rhea, Philip                                                                               Washington County

Reagh, John                                                                             Washington County

Reagh, Archie                                                                           Botetourt County

Richards, Edwards                                                                    Botetourt County

Richardson, Isaac                                                                     Botetourt County

Riffey, George                                                                         Botetourt County

Riley, Francis

Ritchey, William                                                                        Botetourt County

Richie, John                                                                              Montgomery County

Rice, Thomas                                                                           Montgomery County

Ritchie, Robert                                                                         Montgomery County

Riley, John

Ritchie, Samuel                                                                         Montgomery County

Roach, Johnathan                                                                    Montgomery County

Robertson, James                    10 VR Captain                          Montgomery County

Robertson, James                    Capt.                                        Washington County

Robinson, James                      Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Robinson, John                                                                        Botetourt County

Rogers, Benjamin                     Guilford C. H.

Rogers, James                                A       @   A

Rogers, David                                 A       @   A                            Montgomery County

Rogers, Joseph                              A       @   A

Rogers, John                                  A       @   A

Roger, Boiling                                                                           Montgomery County

Ross, Valentine                                                                        Washington County

Royall, William                                                                           Montgomery County

Rowland, Thomas                    Captain                                    Botetourt County

Rowland, James                       Col. Peachey's Co.                   Fincastle County

Robertson, Elijah

Robinson, David

Robinson, Julius

Roberts, David

Roy, Benjamin

Rose, Andrew

Roberts, James

Roberson, William

Rosebrough, William                 Ensign Kings Mtn.                     Washington County

Robertson, Thomas

Robinson, David                       Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Robinson, John                        Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Robinson, Moses

Rodgers, James                        Bowen's Co. Kings Mtn.

Romanie, Isaac                         McFarland's Co.                        Washington & Montgomery

Roseland, Thomas

Russell, Samuel Sr.                                                                    Botetourt County

Russell, Samuel Jr.                                                                    Botetourt County

Rust, John                                                                                Washington County

Rutledge, George                     Capt. Wm. Robinson's Co.       Botetourt County

Russell, Robert

Russell, Andrew                       Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Rylie, Daniel                                                                             Washington County

Russell, William Jr.                                                                     Kings Mountain

Russell, Wm. Colonel

Rutherford, John                     Guilford C. H.                           Montgomery County

Saunders, Stephen                   Captain                                    Montgomery County

Savage, Samuel                                                                         Botetourt County

Sayers, Robert                                                                         Montgomery County

Savage, Patrick                         Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Savage, John                            Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Sample, Benjamin                     Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Sample, John                            Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Sample, Elias                             Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Sawyers, John

Samples, Samuel                                                                       Botetourt County

Sedbury, Thomas                                                                     Washington County

Self, Thomas

Sevier, Vallentine

Scott, James

Scott, William                                                                            Botetourt County

Scott, John                               Died in Service 1778                Montgomery County

Scott, Samuel                                                                           Montgomery County

Scott, William                                                                            Montgomery County

Scott, Robert                                                                           Montgomery County

Scott, Obediah                                                                         Montgomery County

Scott, James                                                                             Montgomery County

Scott, Joseph                                                                           Montgomery County

Scott, Walter                                                                            Montgomery County

Shelby, Evan                             Colonel                                    Washington County

Shepherdson, David                                                                 Botetourt County

Sharp, Benjamin

Sharp, William

Shaw, James                             Ensign Kings Mtn.                     Washington County

Shote, Thomas

Shields, John

Shaffer, William

Sharp, Thomas

Sharp, William

Shaver, Michael

Shoatt, Emanuel

Shelby, James                           Capt. Battle L. I. Flats                Washington County

Shelby, Evan                             Colonel Kings Mtn.                   Washington County

Shelby, James

Shelby, John                             Capt. Kings Mtn.                       Washington County

Shelby, Isaac                            Capt. Kings Mtn.                       Washington County

Simpson, William                                                                       Botetourt County

Simpkins. Daniel                                                                       Botetourt County

Simly, Alexander

Simpkins, James                                                                       Botetourt County

Simpson, John                          Sergeant                                  Botetourt County

Simpson, Solomon

Simpkins, James                                                                       Montgomery County

Singleton, Manoah                                                                    Fincastle County

Sisir, John                                                                                 Botetourt County

Skillern, William                         Co. A. Breckenridge's Co.        Botetourt County

Skeggs, John                            Bowen's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Skellam, George                                                                       Botetourt County

Slaughter, George                    Col. 8th Va. Regt.

Skillern, William

Smith, Robert                                                                           Botetourt County

Smith, Abraham                                                                        Botetourt County

Smith, Daniel                            Major Kings Mtn.                      Washington County

Smith, Edward                                                                          Washington County

Smith, James                                                                            Washington County

Smith, Henry                                                                             Washington County

Smith, Henry                                                                             Botetourt County

Smith, H.                                   Capt.                                        Washington County

Smith, James                            Continental Line                      Montgomery County

Smith, James                                                                            Washington County

Smith, Peter                                                                              Montgomery County

Smithers, John                                                                         Fincastle County

Smithers, Gabriel

Smithers, Steven                                                                      Fincastle County

Smith, Henry

Smith, William                           Cont. Line                                Montgomery County

Smith, Jonas

Smith, William                           Col.                                          Continental Army

Smithers, William                      Cont. Service Kings Mtn.          Longhunter 835 Pen 3

     Botetourt County

Smith, John                              Col. Proc. 1763                        Prisoner in Canada 1758

     Botetourt County

Smith, John

Smith, James                            Gilmore's Co. Va. Regt.             Botetourt County

Smith, Daniel

Smith, Francis                           Major

Snodgrass, William

Snodgrass, James                     Lieut. Kings Mtn.                       Washington County

Snoddy, John

Spiller, William                                                                           Montgomery County

Spratt, Thomas                                                                         Botetourt County

Sprowl, Samuel                                                                         Washington County

Spiars, John

Span, Henry

Stafford, David                                                                        Montgomery County

Stafford, William                                                                       Montgomery County

Staunton, William                      Capt.                                        Botetourt County

Staunton, Richard                     Sgt. 1758-'63                            Botetourt County

Starnes, Jacob                                                                          Washington County

Starkey, John                                                                           Botetourt County

Stuart, John

Stewart, James                         Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Stovall, George                        Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Stewart, Robert                        Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Stewart, Alexander                   Gilmore's Co. Va. Militia            Botetourt County

Stuart, Samuel                          Dysart's Co.                             Kings Mountain

Stovall, Barthlemew                                                                  Kings Mountain

Stuart, William

Statzer, Martin

Stein, Leonard

Stewart. Walter

Steward, John                          Wounded at Point Pleasant

St. Lawrence, Patrick

Starkey, Joseph                                                                       Botetourt County

Steel, William                                                                            Washington County

Steel, Robert

Steel, John                                                                               Washington County

Steffey, Peter                                                                          Montgomery County

Stephens, Peter                       Capt.                                        Montgomery County

Stuart, Alexander                     Major

Stratton, Isaac                                                                          Montgomery County

Sword, Michael                                                                         Washington County

Sykes, John                                                                              Washington County

Swoop, Joseph Jr.                                                                    Botetourt County

Stoner, John                                                                            Botetourt County

Summers, Paul

Summers, John                         5 V R                                        Botetourt County

Summers, Charles                                                                    Botetourt County

Summers, John                         Settled in Augusta County       Botetourt County

Summers, George                    WAR 37-53                               Botetourt County

Summers, Andrew                    Battle Point Pleasant                Botetourt County

     Tradition in the family of Andrew Summers says he was a man of great physical strength and slew an Indian chief named Sunshine in single combat at the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Sutton, William                         Continental Line

Tadlock, John                                                                          Botetourt County

Talbot, John                                                                             Washington County

Talbot, William                                                                          Washington County

Talbot, James                                                                           Washington County

Tate, John                                                                                Montgomery County

Tate, David Jr.                          Cont. Line                                Montgomery County

Taylor, Charles                                                                         Montgomery County

Taylor, William                                                                          Botetourt County

Taylor, William                          Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Taylor, James                           Beattie's Co.                            Kings Mountain

Taylor, William                          Sergeant                                  Botetourt County

Taylor, Shelton                         Sergeant                                  Botetourt County

Taylor, John                             Capt. Dickerson's Co.

Teany, Daniel                                                                           Montgomery County

Teater, George                                                                        Washington County

Teater, Samuel                                                                         Washington County

Teasy, William                                                                           Botetourt County

Thompson, Alexander                                                              Botetourt County

Thompson, Fleming                                                                  Botetourt County

Thompson, James                    Capt. Battle L. I. Flats                Washington County

Thompson, John                                                                      Montgomery County

Thompson, William                                                                   Washington County

Thompson, James                    Recruited by Lieut. Matthew Rhea

Trigg, Daniel                                                                             Montgomery County

Trigg, John                                                                               Montgomery County

Trigg, Stephen                                                                          Montgomery County

Trigg, Abram                                                                             Montgomery County

Trimble, James                                                                         Washington County

Trimble, Robert                        Dysart's Co. Kings Mtn.            Washington County

Trimble, Thomas                                                                      Washington County

Trimble, William                                                                        Washington County

Trimble, Richard                                                                       Montgomery County

Trimble, Isaac                                                                           Botetourt County

Trumbull, Isaac                                                                         Botetourt County

Titus, Joseph

Torrence, Andrew<