Pension Application of Joseph Wood: S16583

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Ky.  Garrard County Sct

On this 20th day of August 1832 personally appeared before the County Court of Garrard County, Joseph Wood a resident of said County aged about 87 years who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress pass’d 7th June 1832.

That he was raised in the County of Bedford state of Virginia. That he went to the state of New Jersey he believes in the year of [blank] and in that state shortly after he got there at a place called Minilsicks [Middlesex?] Court House he enlisted with Capn Segon [James Chevalier de Segond] in the Regular Service in the war of the Revolution for two years. He does not know to what Regiment he was attached, but he knows his Gel was by the name of Pulaski [Gen. Kazimierz Pulaski] and he thinks his Col. was by the name Corwatch or Colwatts [Michael de Kowatch]. He was of the infantry. That shortly after his enlistment, he was marched to a place called Egg Harbor where we had a little engagement with the British forces [Little Egg Harbor NJ, 14 Oct 1778], some few killed and wounded on each side. From that place we were marched to a Fort on the Delaware River and remained there during the winter. From that point we were taken to the South, and he was in the battle at siege of Savanah [sic: Savannah GA, 24 Sep - 19 Oct 1779] when the British kept possession of it, having killed many of our men. Pulaski was killed there [mortally wounded 9 Oct, died 11 Oct] and many of the French also kill’d. After that battle he was marched to Augusta at which place he was afterwards discharged having served out his time faithfully. His discharge was handed to him by the very same Capn who enlisted him. His discharge has long since been lost, and he knows not a single human being by whom he can prove his services  after the expiration of his term of enlistment he returned to the County of Bedford in Virginia, and remained there for some time, and then was engaged in the Militia Service of the U. States in the following manner. He was drafted in the County of Bedford in the state of Virginia for three months, and was attached to Capn Mc [sic] Company – his Col. was by the name of [Francis] Taylor, and we were stationed in the County of Albermale [sic: Albemarle] in the state of Virginia until the time expired, and there rec’d a discharge, handed to me by my Capn, which is also lost. He has no written evidence of his services whatever. Shortly after the last tour was performed, he volunteered in the County of Bedford state of Virginia, under Capn Thomas Arthur  his Col. was by the name of [Charles] Lynch for three months, and was marched to Fredericksburg and there joined Gel Lawson [Gen. Robert Lawson’s] Troops. He was again discharged having faithfully performed his duty. He remained a considerable time afterwards at home and was again drafted or volunteered, he is not entirely certain which, under Capn Clemens [possibly Alexander Cummins], and Maj’r. [John] Ward for six months. He was marched to Salsborough [sic: Salisbury] in North Carolina, where he remained some time, and was then ordered on to the Seige of Ninety six [Ninety-Six SC, 22 May - 19 Jun 1781], and there joined Gel. Greens [sic: Gen. Nathanael Greene’s] army. He was afterwards marched to the High Hills of Santee and remained there for some time. Afterwards we were marched to the Eautau Springs where we had a general engagement [sic: Battle of Eutaw Springs SC: 8 Sep 1781], and shortly afterwards, he was again discharged having faithfully performed his duty. He knows of no person by whom he can establish his services. He understands Thomas Arthur who was in the case referd his Capn, is still alive, but under about eighty miles distant, and is too infirm in body & mind to be called upon as witness.

            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

            Sworn to & subscribed in open court                          [signed] Jos. Wood


NOTE: A paper in the file states that Wood died 5 March 1836.