Pension Application of Joseph Anderson: S37676

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


Virginia towit

            At a Court held for the County of Giles this 29th day of June in the year of Christ 1819 personally appeared before the Court Joseph Anderson aged Sixty Seven years Resident in the County of Giles and state of virginia who being sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provisions made by the late act of congress Intitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and navel service of the united states in the Revolutionary war  that he the said Joseph Anderson inlisted for the term of two years on the [blank] day of march in the year of 1776 In Botetourt County in the state of virginia in the Company commanded by Captain Thomas Posey and attached to the 7th Regiment commanded by — [William] Dangerfield in the brigade commanded by Genl. woodford [William Woodford] in the line of the state of Virginia on Continental Establishment, that he continued to sarve in that Corps or in the sarvice of the united states untill march one thousand seven hundred and Seventy Eight when he was discharged from sarvice at Valley forge in the State of pennsylvania, that he the said Joseph Anderson was at the battle & taking of Burgoin at the forks of Saritoga [sic: surrender of Gen. Burgoyne at Saratoga NY, 17 Oct 1777] and in several skirmishes and that he is in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of his Country for support  the said Joseph Anderson produced In Court John Hackett who decleared on oath that the services stated in this declaration for a pension were performed to the Knowledge of him the said John Hackett the witness who thus deposeth and the said Joseph Anderson further declears that he has lost his discharge which he Rec’d at Valley forge, and the Court do certify that it appears to their satisfaction that the said Joseph Anderson did sarve in the Revolutionary war as stated in the preceeding declaration against the Common Enamy for the term of two years at one time on Continental Establishment and the Court now transmit the proceeding & testimony taken & had before them to the Secretary for the department of war persuant to the directions of the aforementioned act of congress  the Court further Certify that they are satisfied that he needs the assistance of his Country for his Support


Virginia  Giles County towit

            On this 30th day of may 1821 personally appeared in open court for the County of Giles being a court of record for the said County, because it has power to fine & imprison and proceeds according to the course of the common law with a Jurisdiction unlimitted in point of amount keeping a record of its proceeding and has been solemnly adjudged to be a court of record by the superior tribunals of this State  Joseph Anderson aged Sixty nine years resident in the County of Giles in the State of virginia who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he sarved in the revolutionary war two years as follows to wit, that he inlisted in march in the year 1776 under Captain Thomas Posey in the revolutionary war in the 7th Regiment Commanded by Colo Dangerfield in Genl. woodfords brigade Virginia line and that he sarved in the revolutionary two years and was discharged in march 1778 at valey forge by Genl. woodford which discharge he has not now in his possession and that he was at the taking of Burgoin and at the battle of Scallawag Swamp and in Several Skirmishes and he does Solemnly Swore that he was a resident Citizen of the united states on the 18th day of march 1818 and that he has not since that time by Gift Sale or any manner disposed of his property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring himself within the provisions of an act of congress intitled an act to provide for certain persons ingaged in the Land & navel service of the revolution war passed on the 18th day of march 1818 and that he has not nor has any person in trust for him any property or Securities contacts or debts due to him nor has he any income other then what is contained in the Schedule hereto annexed and by him subscribed towit

one old mare  two Cows & calves & two two years old  ten head of old sheep of inferior quality & five lambs  five old hogs & five piggs  his occupation was a house carpender while he had health & strength to labour but now he is old and infirm and not able to support himself by Labour. he has no family only a wife upwards of Sixty years of age and that he made a former declaration of his services on the 29th day of June 1819 and obtained a pension warrant or sertificate for the same No 15724 and Rec’d $65 25 Cents of Pension money  Sworn to and declared on this 30th day of may 1821 and the Court are of opinion that the total amount in value of the property Eschebetted in the aforesaid Schedule is Seventy dollars Seventy five cents


                                                New Castle Va  Jany 17th 1852[?]

Dear Sir

            The children of Joseph Anderson Dcd, who resided in this vicinity, think that they are intitled to a pension which their father was drawing at the time of his death which occured about the year 1827 or 8. It is represented to me that the said Joseph Anderson was a soldier of the Revolution, and was disabled by a wound which he received in the line of his duty during that war. I understand that he was drawing a pension for his services at the time of his death. I wish to know if his children are entitled to any thing upon the grounds of his Revolutionary Services or not. You will oblige me by answering this communication as soon as practicable. The widow of Andrews died within two or three years after his death. My address is New Castle  Craig Co Virginia                Respectfully     Joseph W. Holt